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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Only 55% say election was legit

Reuters tried to spin its post-election poll, but buried in Paragraph 10 was the truth: Only "55% of adults in the United States said they believed the Nov. 3 presidential election was legitimate and accurate, which is down 7 points from a similar poll that ran shortly after the 2016 election. The 28% who said they thought the election was 'the result of illegal voting or election rigging' is up 12 points from four years ago."

How to rein in Big Tech

Stephen Kruiser has had it with Senate hearings into Big Tech censorship of conservatives. Most of us have and his description of the situation cannot be beat.

House Democrats learned nothing from the election

In response to an electorate that almost turned the House back to Republicans, House Democrats raised the minimum age for their top 3 posts to 80.

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president. Lin Wood is his lawyer. Sidney Powell too. And the man who brought down the mafia, Rudy Giuliani. We will be OK.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

What happens when you run out of other people's money

She could not save her homeland. Now Republican Congresswoman-elect Victoria Spartz is working to save her adopted country.

Margaret Thatcher once said, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

Trump would rather have peace than a Nobel prize

Warmongering Obama shelled Libya for no darned reason at all. This killed its leader, which ignited a civil war and sparked a flood of refugees taking over Italy. He received a Nobel Peace Prize.

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

Monday, November 16, 2020

NR likes being a chump

James B. Meigs has a brilliant essay at City Journal called simply, The Chump Effect. His argument is that those who play by the rules are played as chumps by the politicians who reward those who break the rules. 

Impeachment backfired on Nancy

Charlie Cook, Larry Sabato, and the rest of the cable news experts on American elections all agreed. Democrats would add 10, 15, and maybe even 20 seats to their majority. 

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Obama didn't concede, he resisted

To know where we are, we must remember where we were. Two weeks after the election in 2016 -- which was a clean victory for President Donald John Trump -- Democrats were in denial.

Katy Perry faces truth squad for having Republican relatives

AOC's Truth and Reconciliation Commission has added buxom singer Katy Perry to its list of who is naughty and not nice, as she revealed she has Republican relatives she still talks to.

This is a possible collaboration with the enemies of Der Staat. 

Judge threw out PA election in 1994 over fraud

Some say that President Donald John Trump cannot get the courts to stop the steal, but it has been done before.

In Pennsylvania.

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Don't blow off AOC

One of the things I try not to do is make the same mistake the other side made. The Establishment blew off Donald John Trump only to watch with jaw agape as he was sworn into office on January 20, 2017.

Hispanics kept Texas red

On October 29, Time published, "Yes, Texas Could Go Blue This Year. Here's What We Know About Biden's Chances — and What We Don't." 

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

CNN breezes past Fox News

Tuesday night saw Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham finish in the top 5 of all cable TV shows as conservatives stand by them. But the rest of the Fox News schedule trailed. CNN held 12 of the top 17 shows on cable all day, according to Show Buzz Daily.

Peacemonger-in-chief scares DC

In the Bible, blessed are the peacemakers.

In DC, they are cursed.

Highlights of the News

Donald John Trump is still our president.