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Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Polluting the air to save the planet

MIT Technology Review reported, "A startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate.

"Make Sunsets is already attempting to earn revenue for geoengineering, a move likely to provoke widespread criticism."

The story said, "A startup claims it has launched weather balloons that may have released reflective sulfur particles in the stratosphere, potentially crossing a controversial barrier in the field of solar geoengineering.

"Geoengineering refers to deliberate efforts to manipulate the climate by reflecting more sunlight back into space, mimicking a natural process that occurs in the aftermath of large volcanic eruptions. In theory, spraying sulfur and similar particles in sufficient quantities could potentially ease global warming.

"It’s not technically difficult to release such compounds into the stratosphere. But scientists have mostly (though not entirely) refrained from carrying out even small-scale outdoor experiments. And it’s not clear that any have yet injected materials into that specific layer of the atmosphere in the context of geoengineering-related research."

Friends, we have gone full circle on environmentalism, a wacky religion that would throw virgins into volcanos if it could find any.

As readers know, my wife and I moved to Poca, West Virginia, because it is home of the Dots. It also sits across the river from the 10th largest coal-fired electric power plant in the nation. This means cheap electricity and lower property taxes.

It also means pollution. For the last 50 years, the EPA has been after coal plants to reduce emissions of real health hazards (sulfur dioxide) and imaginary ones (carbon dioxide).

Appalachian Power, which owns the plant, recently spent a billion bucks on three scrubbers in 2009.

The company said, "The scrubbers, also known as flue gas desulfurization units, will reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by as much as 98%."

I want to make this clear: Burning coal does pollute the air. We should minimize the damage. It is a trade-off.

Now comes some environmentalist company that plans to make money by deliberately polluting the air to make sunsets (hence its name, Make Sunsets) and it gets praised by environmentalists. 

The company is following the money.

The Guardian reported, "As global heating escalates, the US government has set out a plan to further study the controversial and seemingly sci-fi notion of deflecting the sun’s rays before they hit Earth. But a growing group of scientists denounces any steps towards what is known as solar geoengineering.

"The White House has set into motion a five-year outline for research into 'climate interventions.' Those include methods such as sending a phalanx of planes to spray reflective particles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in order to block incoming sunlight from adding to rising temperatures.

"The work is required by Congress. It is 'not new research, but a report that highlights some of the key knowledge gaps and recommendations of priority topics for relevant research,' said a spokesperson for the White House’s office of science and technology policy, adding Joe Biden’s administration wants 'effective and responsible CO2 removal' as well as deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions."

In summation, the government wants to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide which is not a pollutant and increase emissions of sulfur dioxide, which is a pollutant.

It makes no sense and if you object to the craziness, you are a science denier.


This week's Substack column is "The year of the fascists."



  1. Law firms can practically smell the money from the coming suits.

  2. Replies
    1. Very terrible idea. If they screw it up, and they will, they will start an ice age. They are still talking about drilling into Yellowstone to stop a volcanic eruption on and off..

      Both are extraordinarily stupid. Right now there are volcanic releases going on around the fire ring. (22 in this year alone)(

      These have been minor so far because of that we have not had the massive cooling that happens with big one. You cant control the pollutants or where they will go. What happened to the acid rain that caused all the issues in the Smokies? Plus we are heading into a sun cycle that has very little sunspots. The earth will start the cooling again that had everyone worried about a mini ice age in the 70s. Cold kills way more than heat and quicker.

  3. Replies
    1. Amen, stupid is as stupid does too.

    2. How come the name Solyndra comes to mind???

    3. Solyndra was the only one the media covered, I think there were several that failed.

    4. MIT = government grants = moronic ideas

    5. I think MIT just reported on it in their magazine. Otherwise, they weren't involved.

  4. Sounds like a bill gates idea.
    Wouldn't surprise me if he was funding it.

    1. Yup with a little backing from George Soros

    2. We need to neutralize the scientists to save humanity. From gun powder to nuclear weapons to biological warfare and now attacks on our biosphere, these mentally ill individuals have been working full time to end life as we know it. It's time to ban 'science' and its adherents.

  5. will Gore-Al be launched into space when planet explodes

  6. We must destroy the earth to save the earth is by far the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Really starting to look like the extinction of humanity may be a good thing. People are just too dumb to survive. BTW, there is no global warming otherwise they'd still call it global warming instead of the generic term, climate change.

  7. Question for liberals, if this sulfur reflects the heat from the sun away from earth, where is it going? Are we causing lunar warming? If so, what effects will a super heated moon cause?
    A worse possibility, what if that heat is reflected back to the sun causing it to become warmer, will this then cause increased global warming?
    Or suppose it is reflected to mars making it uninhabitable? Better hope the martians choose to live on Saturn.

    1. If this isn't sarcasm, we are all now stupider for having read this. If it is sarcasm, well done!

  8. No licensing process to release the particles? No fees levied? No review by Federal or State EPA? No review by county commissions? Dog catcher? No environmental group suing to prevent the activity? That's how a lot of stuff has been delayed or killed.

    I have long thought that had we expanded scrubbing technology research, the harmful emissions would now be reduced by more than 98%.

  9. "earn revenue for geo-engineering" - Government funding, and some donations from liberal activists. Sadly, the amount of $$ they can get is truly unlimited here.

    They haven't the slightest clue what they are doing. The fact that they imagine CO2 has more than ZERO effect on global temperatures proves it. If they're allowed to do this on a large enough scale, essentially blocking out the sun by replicating the effects of a massive volcanic eruption, they could replicate what happened in the year 535 - the year without the sun (due to volcanic eruption).

    Worldwide famine due to crop failures.

    1. The complete lack of informed consent of the human population of earth, or accountability for this experiment, suggests that this start-up be immediately shut down and its founders used to decorate the closest lightpole of telephone pole.

  10. I remember when nobody on the east of Cleveland, Ohio bought a white car. We're doing pretty good these days.

    As for these sunset people - charge them with reckless pollution of our air, now.

  11. The US, UN, et-al have been doing it for years as a proof-of-concept formerly known as... 'chemtrails'.

    Observant humans --quickly labeled as conspiracy theorists by MSM & Gov't-- have photographed these experiments overhead for the past 20 years. Of course, much online evidence has been scrubbed.

    This is merely an 'official' endorsement of such activity and a PR effort to normalize "climate modification".

    I would also point out the USAF has had a mission statement to "own the weather by 2025". Capish?