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Friday, January 13, 2023

Oh look. Ukraine is hurting U.S. defenses

Propping up the racketeer-influenced corrupt government of Ukraine has a price to pay larger than the $100 billion in aid the USA provided (more than we spent on food stamps last year). The weapons and ammo Zelensky gets to prove his manhood against Putin adversely affect readiness for the U.S. military, according to Admiral Daryl Caudle.

He is the Navy Fleet Forces commander. 

He chewed out defense suppliers at the Surface Navy Association Symposium in Arlington, Virginia.

Admiral Caudle said, "I am not forgiving the fact you’re not delivering the ordnance we need. OK?  I’m just not. This stuff about COVID this, parts, you know, supply chain this — I just don’t really care. I mean, we all got a tough job."

(Based just on that statement, I like this guy.)

Caudle said, "I need SM-6 [missiles] delivered on time. I need more Mark 48 torpedoes delivered on time. We’re talking about war-fighting, national security, and going against a competitor here and a potential adversary [China] that is like nothing we’ve ever seen. We can’t be dilly-dallying around with these deliveries."

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro blamed Ukraine.

He said, "If the conflict does go on for another six months to another year, it certainly continues to stress the supply chain in ways that are challenging.

"It’s obvious that these companies have a substantial pipeline for the future. They now need to invest in their people — again, their workforce — as well as the capital investments that they have to make within their own companies to get their production rates up."

But the Biden administration and Congress are the reason the Ukraine war drags on. They keep sending Zelensky money and supplies and training, which means he has no incentive to meet with Putin and end this war.

War may be hell, but the devil profits from it. I am not implying Putin and Zelensky are the devil. I am stating it as a fact.

Our participation in their war makes America less secure.

And some dumbass congressman said we should put a bust of Zelensky in the Capitol?

I know how to stop that. Spread the rumor that Zelensky owned slaves.


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