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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Media begins squirming over Biden

After the midterms, the opposition party took over the House intent on bringing down the president.

The press rejoiced.

You could almost see the foaming of the mouth of Greg Sargent of the Washington Post as he wrote, on January 14, 2019, "Two new blockbuster scoops about President Donald Trump’s relations with Russia — combined with fresh signs that Trump will drag out the government shutdown indefinitely — should renew our focus on the quiet but critical role that Mitch McConnell has played in enabling the damage that Trump is doing to the country on so many fronts."

What were those scoops?

Sargent wrote, "The New York Times reports that after Trump fired former FBI director James Comey, FBI officials began an investigation into whether he'd been working for Russian interests. The concern was that, in obstructing the FBI's inquiry, Trump might have made it harder to determine what Russia had done during the election — thus helping Russia skirt accountability for an attack on U.S. democracy.

"As the FBI general counsel at the time bluntly put it, a crucial theoretical question was whether 'the president of the United States fired Jim Comey at the behest of Russia,' impairing an effort to determine the scope of a "threat to national security."

"Meanwhile, The Post reports that Trump has gone to great lengths to conceal his private discussions with Russian president Vladimir Putin from even his own advisers. The result: 'there is no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump's face-to-face interactions with the Russian leader at five locations over the past two years.'"

There was nothing to either story.

They were scoops of shit that the Washington Post and New York Times heartily fed their subscribers.

Meanwhile, NYT reported, "When they won the majority last year, House Democrats promised a barrage of investigations into President Trump and those around him. It now looks more like a continuous bombardment."

The list included:

  • Possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by the president
  • Hush money payments and security clearance irregularities, among others
  • Russian election interference and other potential foreign influences over President Trump
  • Tax returns, tax returns, tax returns
  • Trump’s meetings with Vladimir Putin

Nothing came of any of this. No indictments. No legislation. Not even an impeachment. The impeachments were for silly stuff that happened later.

Times were good. Trump made the economy strong and kept us out of more wars. The press was free to indulge in its dreams of making history.

Now eggs are $8 a dozen at Piggly Wiggly and Putin's invaded Ukraine. Republicans control the House and they are ready to look at Hunter's laptop and into Biden's presidency.

The press is alarmed.

AP wrote, "House Republicans on Wednesday opened their long-promised investigation into President Joe Biden and his family, wielding the power of their new majority to demand information from the Treasury Department and former Twitter executives as they laid the groundwork for public hearings."

Oh no. They are demanding information!



And AP warned the public, "The Republican-led committee sent a series of letters requesting financial information from the Treasury Department about financial transactions by members of the Biden family that were flagged as suspicious activity. Those reports are routine, with larger financial transactions automatically flagged to the government, and are not evidence on their own of misconduct.

"Lawmakers also requested testimony from multiple former Twitter executives who were involved in the company’s handling of an October 2020 story from the New York Post about Hunter Biden, the president’s younger son. Republicans say that story was suppressed for political reasons.

"Moving quickly after taking control of the House, Republicans are setting up a messy, politically explosive showdown with the White House that could delve deeply into the affairs of the president’s family and shape the contours of the 2024 race for the White House."

What word is missing from those three paragraphs?


When AP finally got around to mentioning the ap-lay op-tay, it was in Paragraph 10, when AP said, "GOP investigations into the Biden family are nothing new. Republican lawmakers and their staff have been analyzing messages and financial transactions found on a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden for the past year."

Nothing new so nothing to see here. Move along.

But for nothing to see, the press sure is providing a big cover over this story.

NYT reported, "With Washington in a state of divided government, newly empowered House Republicans are all but certain to be unable to enact their legislative agenda into law. Instead, they have made it clear that their primary mission in the 118th Congress will be investigating the Biden administration, including inquiries they say could lead to the potential impeachment of President Biden and several cabinet members."

Contrast to that lead I quoted from the story four years earlier, "When they won the majority last year, House Democrats promised a barrage of investigations into President Trump and those around him. It now looks more like a continuous bombardment."

This time the list of investigations are

  • The ‘Weaponization’ of Government
  • Biden Family Businesses
  • Origins of the Covid Pandemic
  • China Competitiveness
  • The Withdrawal From Afghanistan
  • Border Enforcement
  • Treatment of Jan. 6 Defendants

This time the press coverage is not on the target of the investigations but the investigations themselves. That is because the press knows the investigations of real events, not imaginary events dreamed up by Hillary's opposition research team that could find nothing worse than Trump saying "pussy" in a private conversation to Billy Bush in 2005.

The press knows the laptop, the origin of covid and the surrender of Afghanistan are real. They worry that Republicans might actually have something. The press worries that they might actually do something with it.


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  1. It might benefit the Lefties in Congress to cooperate with the GOP in passing some of their legislative package. That is if they want to provide cover for Brandon and Hunter.

    1. It might benefit the leftists in congress to pull their heads out of each others asses and try to lie their way back into office in the next election. Oh, wait, that's all leftists do, lie their asses off. Nevermind.

  2. The Republican investigators should also target the media itself for acting as Democrat propagandists and depriving news consumers of protection from newsroom falsifications.

    1. That's one way to get the Leftists and Mainstream Media care about the First Amendment again.

  3. Nice to see all this talk about "investigations", lord knows its way past time. But how much of this will be window dressing?? Wake us up when actual INDICTMENTS and prosecutions start happening. Until then we are all from Missiouri, the show me state before we vote for more freaking GOP house members! Mccarthy, this means YOU!

    1. I'm wondering if Gaetz will force the issue, because he will be willing to call for another vote. Interesting times.

    2. I will think window dressing until proven otherwise.

  4. mitch the bitch will contend he supported the omnibus bill so the house could focus more on the investigations.

  5. I say that the bus is ready and the wheels are rolling.

  6. "This time the press coverage is not on the target of the investigations but the investigations themselves."

    This reminds me of a saying I see from time to time. Paraphrasing "When Republicans screw up, that's the story. When Democrats screw up, the Republican's reaction is the story."