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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Highlights of the News January 25

ITEM 1: Revolver reported, "Trump maintains commanding lead in primary poll with 55 percent support… DeSantis at 29 percent… Nikki Haley at 3 percent…"

Emerson College poll.

ITEM 2: Breitbart reported, "Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson posted a series of videos that she claims prove an American Airlines flight attendant harassed her. Still, the way her fellow passengers cheered during her removal from the flight seems to show few agreed with her complaints.

"The embattled Olympian posted her video to Instagram in which she immediately accused a flight attendant of harassing her when he walked by and let her know it was time to turn electronic items off because the plane was preparing to take off."

Nobody wants your drama holding up their flight.

ITEM 3: AFP reported, "Top scientists and security experts moved the Doomsday Clock forward on Tuesday to just 90 seconds to midnight -– signaling an increased risk to humanity's survival from the nuclear shadow over the Ukraine conflict and the growing climate crisis."

Climate crisis?

OK, who gave carbon dioxide the atomic bomb?

ITEM 4: Michael Tracey tweeted, "Sens. Blumenthal, Graham, and Whitehouse just visited Ukraine. Blumenthal declared: 'Today it is Ukraine, but tomorrow it will be us, if we do not stop Putin now.'

"It's too bad there's no longer any taboo against crazy pro-war rhetoric, otherwise this might be seen as a violation."

They call them hawks because they are always hawking war.


I want them all!

ITEM 5: BBC reported, "Classified documents found at Mike Pence's home."

Two months ago, Pence told David Muir of ABC that he had no classified documents in his home.

Muir: "Did you take any classified documents with you from the White House?"

Pence: "I did not."

Muir: "Do you see any reason for anyone to take classified docs from the White House."

Pence: "There would be no reason."

Apparently secret documents are like holy water: everybody takes some.

ITEM 6: The Daily Mail reported, "Republicans declare war on 'Maserati Manchin' after he spent a week in Davos and it was revealed he has racked up a $1 million fine-dining bill."

Good to know that he didn't sell out West Virginia for a measly 30 pieces of silver.

ITEM 7: Via the Daily Caller, Lindsey Graham said, "I've known President Biden for a long time...I'd be shocked if there's anything sinister here."

I hope he is shocked.

About 50,000 volts should do the trick.

ITEM 8: Trending Politics reported, "On Tuesday, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation that would forbid members of Congress, and their family members, from trading individual stocks."

We do not need new laws. We need the existing laws against insider trading to be enforced.

ITEM 9Vice declared, "Earth’s Core Has Stopped and May Be Reversing Direction, Study Says."

Isaac Newton would like a word with you.

Just as soon as he finishes laughing.

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "Mark Hamill facing cancel culture wrath for liking 'transphobic' JK Rowling tweet."

The Trumpenfreude is strong with this one.

ITEM 11: PJ Media reported, "Norwegian Study Will Determine if White Paint Is Racist."

I expect the final report to be a whitewash.

ITEM 12: NYT reported, "Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday unilaterally exiled Representatives Adam B. Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee, making good on a longstanding threat to expel the California Democrats in his first major act of partisan retribution since taking the majority.

"The move was a much-anticipated tit-for-tat after Democrats, then in the majority, voted in 2021 to eject two Republicans, Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona, from congressional committees for internet posts that advocated violence against their political enemies."

Don't want none, don't start none.

ITEM 13: The National File reported, "Pope Benedict XVI Publishes Posthumous Book, Says Some Seminaries Have Homosexuality, Pornography Problems

"Benedict reportedly criticized progressive aspects of modern-day Catholicism and claimed various seminaries are accepting of pornography usage and homosexual relations, which contrasts with basic Catholic teaching."

The Church has weathered tough storms in the past. As a Protestant -- EUB -- I pray for Catholics because their saints are my saints too.

ITEM 14: NYT said, "California has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country, including various bans on assault-style weapons and other measures meant to keep firearms out of the hands of people who might use them to harm themselves or others.

"Last year, in response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, state lawmakers — urged by Gov. Gavin Newsom, an outspoken critic of gun policies in Republican-led states and at the federal level — approved a barrage of new measures.

"Yet as the body count from mass shootings continues to pile up in the nation’s most populous state, many Californians are left asking: Why? And how?"

Obviously, gun laws don't work.

We cannot prevent crime. We can only enforce laws. Right now, California refuses to enforce immigration laws, theft laws, pissing in the streets laws and drug laws.

ITEM 15: Fox reported, "California lawmakers are pushing legislation that would impose a new tax on the state's wealthiest residents — even if they've already moved to another part of the country."

First the state should try a 100% tax on anything above their salaries for all elected officials and see how much money that brings in.

ITEM 16: The Daily Mail reported, "Atlanta Antifa terror suspect worked as a production assistant for CNN and is daughter of UK Foreign Office consultant and New Jersey-based Chinese pharma tycoon

"Teresa Yue Shen, 31, was one of seven activists arrested in Atlanta last week."

This is CNN.

ITEM 17: Slay reported, "King Charles’ Crown Estate Files Lawsuit against Elon Musk and Twitter over Alleged Unpaid London Rent."

Twit doesn't like Twitter.

ITEM 18: Speaking of twits, Keith Olbermann is mad at M&M's for changing its marketing plan.

The company dumped the plan because it did not work.

Besides, LGBT already has Skittles. Taste the rainbow and leave M&M's alone.

ITEM 19: City Life reported, "Philly Is So Desperate for Lifeguards That It’s Recruiting People Who Can’t Swim."

It's just as well. As Senator Fetterman's wife said, "swimming in America is very racist."

Let those honkies drown.

FINALLY, today's column at Your Daily Don Surber is "Maserati Manchin's next grift."

It begins:

I am a West Virginian. I am not now nor have I ever been a supporter of Joe Manchin. Over the decades, I did not vote for him for secretary of state, governor or senator.

But I must salute his unapologetic abuse of campaign finance laws. He is living large on other people’s money. He owns a yacht and a Maserati, and racked up $1 million in fine-dining bills as he lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous — and he just may run for president next year. That’s where the big money is.

Just ask Democrat Martin O'Malley. He served two terms as governor of Maryland and then ran for president in 2016. Scoff all you want but he raised and spent $5,706,888, which placed him between Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham in raising money. Presidential elections are now a multi-billion-dollar industry. Everybody who runs and loses the election can be a winner when it comes to money because they can spend the money pretty much as they please.

Political campaigning is a lot like what Woody Allen said about crime: “I think crime pays. The hours are good, you travel a lot.”

Allen said that in his movie Take the Money and Run. In presidential politics, it is run and take the money. A presidential campaign would save Manchin because he might not get re-elected to the Senate next year.

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  1. Item 4: Of course these Uniparty operatives are wrong in their assessment Russia's capability to attack the U.S., just as the Intel Community was wrong about the Soviet Union. The latter was shown to be a paper tiger after the Soviet Union went kaput.

    1. You are half right. The Soviet Union collapsed from its internal contradictions .. just as the the containment theory, put forward by George Kennan said it would. For a very long time, they were extremely dangerous. But we then surpassed them in the 1980's. At that point they became the basket case you are talking about

      Meanwhile, in the Mid Nineties, Kennan said "Russia is no longer a threat, ergo there is no longer a need for NATO" So, when you are in agreement with Kennan, you are right. When you're not..

    2. The problem is that while Russia may be losing, they still have nukes. Will they use them to prevent a complete failure?
      When Russia invaded Ukraine, they thought they had already won.

    3. I question the viability of their nukes. If it's anything like the rest of their army and weapons, it's questionablae.

    4. Blumenthal, Graham, Whitehouse. I'm spending a few minutes lining them up with Moe, Larry, and Curly. This is what our democracy produces. *sigh*

    5. Graham is especially pathetic.

    6. The UniParty's pronouncements and claims are for their benefit only. It's not about what voters want.

  2. "... claimed various seminaries are accepting of pornography usage and homosexual relations, which contrasts with basic Catholic teaching."

    Contrasts? Conflicts or is prohibited by are much more accurate.

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  3. Love this logic* .... If we dont stop these incompetent Russians who are taking over a year to annex about 25,000 sq miles of territory in their own backyard inhabited by people who want to rejoin Russia ... next thing you know, they'll use their nonexistent surface Navy to ferry the 10 million troops they would probably need to conquer the 3 million sq miles of the continental US

    I swear, if I had said something that stupid in my first grade Social Studies class, the nuns would have rapped my knuckles with a ruler until they bled

    *(Not really, actually I hate it)

    1. The Admiral Gorshkov, armed with nuclear missiles deemed unstoppable, is sailing toward the United States. Their missles have a range of just under 1000 miles. They carry a 20kt nuclear warhead.

  4. 4 - Blumenthal now claims to have fought in the Ukraine. White House is as big a bullshitter as there is in Congress. Graham never met a conflict he didn’t want to escalate into a world war. What a trio.

  5. Guns - Personally, I would like to see the US at about 75%

    1. I would like to see Canada get to 5% or 10%. Unlikely now.

  6. 5 - I was more shocked at the size of this career politicians house. They should hide their graft a little better.

  7. 9 - say scientists from the University of Peking. Very reliable sources.

    It’s all about the money as the article finishes with “The next steps are “to build quantitative models of the physical mechanisms on the multi-decadal oscillation system” and “to monitor how the rotation changes in the future,” Yang and Song said.”

  8. 12 - of course, for the NYT, it has nothing to do with Swallow-well’s affair with a Chinese spy or Schiff’s lying about what the intelligence showed about PDJT and the Russian BS.

    1. McCarthy is doing well, predominantly as Don pointed out because there was no red wave in 2022 so he must placate the house freedom caucus members. Had there been a wave of Republicans he would do as he damn well pleased.
      Unfortunately he has two years minimum to disappoint us and mist certainly will

    2. McCarthy is being forced to do well. How long will that last?

  9. Nothing demonstrates the degeneration of American black culture then this Shackari she-creature. I'm a bit of a fan of track and field, and I recall an interview with this SK female, who started carrying on like a foul mouthed child

    Meanwhile, two Jamaican double-gold medalists, both of whom are wives and mothers, walked past her in the background and they both carried themselves with utmost dignity. The contrast could not have been more damning

  10. 18 - Love Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick. Thanks for reminding me Keith.

    1. That might be the only productive thing ever to come out of his foul mouth !

  11. 19 - Maybe they will also hire driver’s ed teachers who can’t drive

  12. Wow... I'm back.... didn't do anything different... okie dokie ... so #5... all of this is to soften the blow for Biden... as vice presidents do not have declassification powers as President Trump did - which this entire doc case rests on... I think they planted those docs on Pence. DOJ knows it now cannot indict Trump without some action on Biden... but they want to ease Biden out... but it is dicey now... if they get rid of Biden and Harris ... guess who is now President? McCarthy.

    1. I don't understand this documents thing with Pence at all. Who stands to lose or benefit? How does this affect Biden? I guess that is what we should be looking at. It all smells.

  13. Item 2: Is she really an Olympian and Olympic Sprinter if she never made it to the Olympics? Seems like "misinformation" from the main stream media. Or would this be "disinformation"? The left's rules on this stuff are confusing.

    1. The rules are supposed to be confusing because the left changes them as needed.

  14. #5- Mike Pence -- What a loser. Go home and clean your closets again for classified documents.

  15. #3 -- The growing climate crisis? Not one of these climate doom predictions, which started in the mid-1960s, has ever come true. It's only a "crisis" because they say it's a crisis. When they starting acting like it's a crisis in their personal lives and habits, then I might pay attention.

  16. #19 -- As a former lifeguard and swimming instructor for many years this is frightening and will lead to drowings.

  17. #1 -- re: Trump in the lead. Nikki Haley is never going to be president and neither is Mike Pence. DeSantis for 2028.

  18. 3 - "the growing climate crisis"
    We won't be safe until anyone who repeats that nonsense is considered a deranged lunatic by polite society.

    5 - Mike Pence should be prosecuted and thrown in jail for the maximum sentence. The man is a total fraud, pretending to be a religious person while blatantly violating the law and jeopardizing America's national security. He's also a proven liar based on the quote above. He should be thrown in jail for the rest of his disgusting, duplicitous life.

    The same with Biden.

    Trump was president and can declassify whatever he wants so he's clearly innocent of any trumped up (pun intended!) charges about classified documents.

    7 - Its sad that South Carolinians keep electing Lindsey Graham when he keeps telling them he's a Democrat. Do better Gamecocks.

    8 - "We do not need new laws. We need the existing laws against insider trading to be enforced."

    Exactly but that's not what Republicans are there for. They're just supposed to showboat a little and then lose with dignity. They don't actually do anything. The only reason to vote for them is to prevent a Democrat from obtaining power but even that rationale is losing substance.

    9 - Earth’s Core Has Stopped. I remember that. I was walking when all of a sudden I fell forward. I had about ten beers that morning but I'm pretty sure it was from the earth stopping short. Weird that there was no other effect after that although I did have a nasty headache for a few days.

    11 - I really hope white paint turns out to be racist against Norwegians. I hate those assholes.

    13 - Today's organized religion including The Church is a sham, a faint reflection of the original purpose of St. Peter's mission with Leftists walking around in religion's skinsuit. This Pope is a truly abhorrent man.

    18 - Its fascist to think candy shouldn't promote gender dysphoria? Keith Olberman is one bizarre freak. I guess its good that these crazies waste most of their time on Twitter instead of having to encounter them in the real world.

  19. #8 -- Yes, how about enforcing existing laws. What a novel concept!

  20. #13--We don't call him Red Francis for nothing.

  21. #13 - Seminaries and the priesthood -- My French Quebecois husband has always said that the priesthood back in his day was a home for gay men to live their lives. He claims this was very well known in local parishes, where these priests would harass married women to have as many children as possible.

    1. Don't know if he was joking or not, but former Philippines President Duterte said that 98% of the priests in his country are gay.

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  23. #18: BLTGQ instead of LGBTQ. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato with Greasy Queso) How'd that get ensconced? It ain't NATO, darling.

  24. 6. $1,000,00? Did he treat everyone there? Does anyone think he's a fiscal conservative?