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Monday, January 23, 2023

Highlights of the News January 23

Today's Substack column, "So irrelevant they won't stop talking about him," is open to all subscribers and readers. Please enjoy it.

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Nancy Pelosi reportedly summons priests to exorcise home of evil spirits."

But her husband Paul still refuses to leave. 

ITEM 2: NYT reported, "When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know.

"Educators are facing wrenching new tensions over whether they should tell parents when students socially transition at school."

Losing a lawsuit or two and having a couple of teachers go to prison will unwrench those tensions quickly.

ITEM 3: The New Statesman reported, "Germany has become the roadblock at the heart of Europe.

"Berlin is consciously and deliberately stalling on sending Kyiv battle tanks."

Germans remember what happened to them the last time they sent tanks to the Eastern Front.

ITEM 4: The San Francisco Chronicle whined, "The San Francisco Inquirer looks like local news. Here's why politicians are furious with the site."

Spoiler alert: The pols don't like it because it runs stories the San Fran Chron won't touch.

ITEM 5: CNBC reported, "Federal prosecutors seized nearly $700 million in cash and assets connected to Sam Bankman-Fried, primarily in the form of Robinhood shares that were owned by the FTX founder, a court filing revealed Friday."

He took that Robin Hood thing too far.

By the way, Robin Hood did not take from the rich and give to the poor. He returned taxes to the middle class. The Sheriff of Nottingham was a crook.

ITEM 6: The Daily Beast reported, "Pregnant WNBA star Dearica Hamby was traded Saturday from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and responded with a scathing Instagram post saying she was 'lied to, bullied, manipulated, and discriminated against.'"

The message is clear: if you want to stay in the league, you gotta abort.

Of course, for most WNBA players, that's never an issue.

ITEM 7: The Telegraph reported, "FBI finds more classified files in President Joe Biden’s home."

They keep finding state secrets everywhere this guy goes. I won't be surprised if they find them in his bathroom, his basement and the shower he uses with his daughter.

The only place you likely won't find them is at his desk in the Oval Office.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. With Biden, our chain is a wet noodle.

ITEM 8: AP reported, "Hawaii surf contest The Eddie returns with women competing alongside men for the first time."

Gidget versus Moondoggie. Equality has arrived.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: "Alec Baldwin Baffled That He, Not The Gun, Will Be Charged With Manslaughter."

The Babylon Bee has to up its game.

And yes, the headlined story is serious. Welcome to 2023.

ITEM 9: Brendon Leslie, Editor-in-Chief of Florida's Voice, tweeted on Saturday, "Hearing VP Kamala Harris’ Pro-Choice  March in Tallahassee tomorrow is falling apart.

"Both the Capitol and FSU turned her away, now she’s doing it at a private residence. On top of all that, it’s a 90% chance of rain all day.

"This is what you get for being baby killers."

Given all the crap Tony Dungy, NFL commentator and former Super Bowl winning coach, took for attending the March for Life, there is a little Dungenfreude in this Walk of Death for Kamala.

ITEM 10: Sci Tech Daily reported, "The FDA Failed -- Banning Fruity Flavors Did Not Stop Vaping."

The story said the ban even led people back to smoking cigarettes.

Remember, there are two ways of doing things, the right way and the government's way.

ITEM 11: The Charlottesville Daily Progress reported, "The University of Virginia renames ROTC building to honor John Warner."

The story said, "John Warner was a career public servant. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1945 at the age of 17 and volunteered for military service in the Marine Corps during the Korean War.

"After returning to the States, he earned his law degree at UVa and went on to become assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia."

Eventually he served as Secretary of the Navy and five terms as a senator. And he married Elizabeth Taylor in 1976.

The name change comes as Virginia dumps homages to Confederate soldiers and sailors. He replaces one who was not an alumnus. Good.

ITEM 12: Bill Maher threw conservatives a bone this week and the usual suspects clapped like seals. Captain Obvious said Biden was "very shady."

Then Maher unloaded his lie.

Via Breitbart, "Trump, when he got caught with documents, he said, I’m not going to turn them over. He didn’t cooperate. Biden cooperated. But the fact that Hunter Biden was in the house is all a conspiracy theorist needs to know. I don’t think Hunter Biden knew about the documents in the house. That’s not what he cared about."

But Trump cooperated. He tried to negotiate with the National Archive over which set of souvenirs from his presidency belonged to whom. The FBI raid was an over-the-top abuse of power. Maher cheered the FBI on.

And you had better be sure that Hunter cared about those documents. That's what he peddled to pay for his hookers and blow.

This is how Maher operates. He says something small that conservatives want to hear before unloading his bullshit.


You do great things every day. I just write about them.

He arrived safely, by the way.

ITEM 13: Breitbart reported, "Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) would not deny possibly running for president in 2024 as a Democrat or a member of another party Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press."

He is toast in West Virginia. Why not see the country and rake in millions from Egg McMuffin supporters? Maybe Bill Kristol can be his veep in his imaginary presidency.

ITEM 14Bob Hoge reported, "More Language Insanity as Museums Ban the Word 'Mummy' to Protect the Feelings of Dead Ancient Egyptians."

The substitute is "mummified person."

It was thought up by a dumbified person.

ITEM 15: DW reported, "Driver shakes off German police in high-speed car chase.

"A driver was able to elude authorities after a high-speed chase in southern Germany reached speeds of 'well over 250 kilometers per hour' and involved 41 police cars as well as a helicopter."

This allowed Cledus "The Snowman" Snow to deliver Coors to Stuttgart.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "Far-left protesters rioted in downtown Atlanta on Saturday evening, lighting a police car on fire and breaking business windows.

"The protest reportedly began as a 'mostly peaceful' demonstration in response to the death of 26-year-old activist Manuel Teran, who was killed during a police sweep on Wednesday 'in what the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said was an exchange of gunfire with police that wounded a state trooper,' according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The trooper remains unidentified and is reportedly in stable condition after being taken to a hospital for surgery."

There was a time when an enraged people would stand up to the Antifa fascists. That time passed 50 years ago.

ITEM 17: The Washington Examiner reported, "The media’s startling change in the last week when it comes to coverage of President Joe Biden’s classified documents case shows they don’t want him to run again in 2024, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)."


Except it is the deep state that wants him out. The DC/Manhattan media just says what it is told to say.

ITEM 18: Post Millennial reported, "The son of Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine M. Clark was reportedly arrested during an Antifa riot in Boston, Massachusetts after allegedly vandalizing personal property and charged with assaulting an officer while resisting arrest Saturday night."

Clark claims her son is a woman.

He is 23.

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Looks like I eventually will have to shift Highlights of the News back to Substack.

Sign up for the free subscription just in case. That way you will be among the first to know they shut me down and I moved.

Meanwhile, I am staying until they kick me out.


  1. Item 3: That's just downright mean! Lol

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  2. #1--Since the exorcism, Pelosi has not been seen.

  3. Germans have also been dealing with Russians and Putin in mutually beneficial ways for thirty years, so they known the cover story of evil Putin and cherubic Ukraine is just so much unmitigated and unexpurgated horse, ummm, droppings

    But hey what would they know?

  4. #1: the Archdiocese of San Fran denies that Pelosi called for an 'exorcism' of her home. So either way, Paul could remain.

    1. It wasn't done through her home diocese I believe. Indiana did it. Hope they didn't bring any Pelosi cooties back with them.

    2. The only thing I have read is that Pelosi has summoned priests. I have seen nothing to indicate the priests were Catholic.

    3. I would say Voodoo, James. But that would be the priests Nasty would call in to cast evil spells, not cast out spells.

  5. #1. For some reason, I read that as House instead of home and my first thought was no more democrats in Congress.

  6. 4 - I expect an FBI raid on the SF Inquirer in the near future.

    A 5 minute clip of the balls to the wall carnage at The Eddie contest in Wiamea Bay on Oahu this last weekend. Remember, a cubic square yard of water weighs almost a ton. Multiply that ton by thousands of other tons all moving at 30 miles an hour. A linebacker doesn't even register when compared. Guaranteed it will pucker your ass sitting in the takeoff zone watching one of those monsters heading your way. Big waves arent measured in feet but in increments of fear.

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I kept humming "this is my wave baby...I'll break your face"

    2. Had an old USFS buddy move to Hawaii working the Hilo nat'l forest. he was in 7th Heaven.

  8. 9 - I can hear the Ho VP leading the march now. “2,4,6,8, who do we decapitate. Cackle cackle cackle”.

  9. Item 18: Good old Massachusetts where the moonbats reign supreme.

  10. Don read your substack on DJT, you re a heck of a writer . thanks

    1. Thanks. Sign up for the free subscription. I plan to do a freebie like today once a week

  11. That's how I was eventually banned from Youtube although they cited videos over a year old that had very few views. I suspect it was just because I was less that 10 subscribers away from being able to monetize the channel and we can't have conservatives doing that.

  12. The SF Inquirer is about applying pressure to get the tribe recognized by the Feds.

    And once recognized you have gambling money.

    And probably there is money funding opposition to them, probably either Reno or another tribe. I would not be surprised if another gambling group got them dis recognized 40 years ago.

  13. Reader post.
    this is the Country I live in. Cabbage Hill/ Deadman's pass is one of the worst areas for winter weather in the USA . Wrecks being very common due to the steep grade. Deadman's pass lives up to the name,
    sometimes closed for hours or days. From the times of the Oregon Trail to the present . UP railroad has snowplows based on both sides of the pass.

  14. BTW got some of my posting issues sorted out. still cna't get into substack as it says I'm registred but Gargle won't let me open it

  15. #13 Joe Manchin's had his eyes on the presidency for years and I think his chances of success rank up there with say, Larry Hogan's. I believe he knows his future in WV are bleak and maybe now has his sights on even bigger things. He has made several statements in the past indicating his dislike of the Constitution. In the past has disparaged the due process clause of the 5th Amendment and more recently criticized the 1st Amendment and citizen journalism. He made that remark at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. Perhaps if his presidential campaign doesn't fly he can move to something internationally. Klaus Schwab can probably fix him up with something.

  16. It costs less than a hundred dollars a year to own a website. You have total control. With enough traffic an Adsense account would be a cinch. You could start a free wordpress domain the same way you did this one. Quite being a cheapskate. Of course some folks know about ad free browsers. Nobody wants to see the ads anymore because they're ugly.

    1. Thanks. Adsense is the problem

    2. Not on a private website owned and controlled by your servers. It works just fine.

  17. Item 17: I have a feeling that the search for classified Biden documents has two purposes. The first is obviously they want him gone. I believe the second goal is to remove incriminating evidence on other big name Democrats. He has to have dirt on a lot of people but if the hard evidence is gone, it will be his word against theirs. His word ain't worth much.... His ability to blackmail Obama et al will be gone.

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