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Friday, January 20, 2023

Highlights of the News January 20

Two years ago today, Biden took the presidency and ended 231 years of a constitutional republic.

ITEM 1: The Catholic News Agency reported, "A drunken thief was injured after falling on the sword of a statue of St. Michael the Archangel that he was trying to steal from a church in Monterrey, Mexico.

"Local media reported that during the early hours of Jan. 14, Carlos Alonso, 32, allegedly went to the Christ the King Parish in downtown Monterrey to rob the church.

"In the darkness, Alonso reportedly jumped over the fence in front of the church entrance, broke a glass door, and entered the church.

"While trying to flee with a statue of St. Michael the Archangel, the alleged thief tripped and fell on the angel’s sword, seriously injuring his neck."

The story ended, "The statue of St. Michael the Archangel was unharmed."

Thank God.

ITEM 2: The Federalist reported, "In August 2021, by concealing a teen’s newly asserted transgender identity from her parents, Virginia’s Appomattox County High School participated in a chain of events that led to that girl falling into the hands of sexual predators not once, but twice.

"When the FBI found Sage (last name of the family withheld for privacy) in Maryland, where she was victimized by a sexual predator, a judge refused to return her to her parents on the grounds they were abusing her in not affirming her as male. Housed in the boys’ quarters of a children’s home away from her parents, she told her mother, she was assaulted again. The girl soon fled, then was brutally sex-trafficked again until her rescue in Texas by law enforcement.

"Sage’s Law, or the Child Protection Act, is being introduced this week in the Virginia House of Delegates by Delegate Dave LaRock in honor of this young teen from Appomattox County, Virginia. Sage hopes sharing her story will help protect others from the abuse she suffered at the hands of predators, precipitated in part by the very institutions that should have protected her."

The pedos are turning America into Thailand.

ITEM 3: Just the News reported, "House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Thursday ended pandemic-era proxy voting, delivering on a promise to require chamber members to vote in person."

What next? Voter ID?

ITEM 4: The Hill reported, "Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is bracing for a challenging reelection bid as she vies to remain the city’s top executive against eight other candidates in next month’s election."

This is a golden opportunity by rich Democrats to own City Hall for 4 years by donating money and saving her mayoralty.

Of course, rich Democrats have owned City Hall for 92 years since the last Republican mayor left office in 1931. And he was a crook, too.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "The United States reached its debt ceiling of $31.38 trillion on Thursday, forcing the Treasury Department to implement 'extraordinary measures' to avoid defaulting on bonds."

None of those measures include reducing spending, which would truly be extraordinary.

ITEM 6: AP reported, "West Virginia's Republican-dominated House passed a proposal to reduce the state's personal income tax by 50% Wednesday, rejecting a call by Democrats to drop the tax entirely for the lowest earners in one of the poorest U.S. states.

"Gov. Jim Justice's tax cut plan passed the House of Delegates 94-2 with four members not voting. It now heads to the Senate, where legislative leadership has clashed with Justice over proposals to cut taxes for nearly two years."

Democrats slapped those taxes on when they controlled the Legislature from 1930 to 2014. Talk to the hand.

ITEM 7: The local newspaper whined that this will reduce spending.

West Virginia is 7th in state spending per capita at $10,334 a year, well above the national average of $6,906.

West Virginia is last in per capita income at $48,192.

Thank goodness, smart politicians ignore newspaper editorials.

ITEM 8: Breitbart reported, "Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has formally been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting on the set of the movie Rust.

"Alec Baldwin and the movie’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, will both face criminal charges for the October 21, 2021 shooting of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the Santa Fe District Attorney announced Thursday."

I hope he gets prison time for his error because she got the death penalty for it.

ITEM 9: I answer the Conan the Barbarian question.

And I am 100% right as always.

ITEM 10: Chicks on the Right reported, "San Diego Is Going To Require Homes Currently Using Gas Stoves To Pay $30,000 To Convert To Electric By 2033."

Now you are cooking with gas was a phrase that meant you are doing it right.

California is doing the opposite.

By the way, not only will people sweat and be unable to drive away during rolling blackouts, they will starve.

ITEM 11: Fox reported, "Davos speaker calls for one billion people to 'stop eating meat' for 'innovation' and the environment."

India says, it is done.

And just like that, we defeated climate change. Now to junk all those electric cars.

ITEM 12: The Jewish Press reported, "Ben Gvir Stops Cops from Seizing Gun of Jewish Farmer Who Defended Himself."

Ben Gvir is Israel's National Security Minister. Arm more citizens to defend your country.

ITEM 13: Breitbart reported, "DuckDuckGo, the search engine that bills itself as a privacy-centered alternative to Google, but appears to censor conservative news to an even greater degree than its giant competitor, has been dinged by a privacy ratings service for lacking transparency."

Try Brave.

ITEM 14: Joe is going down.

Cutting the state income tax will help Governor Justice.

ITEM 15: Red State reported, "Coverup: The Paul Pelosi Story Has Been so Thoroughly Muzzled, News Outlets Now Sue to Get Information."

I told you. We will never be told the real story.

The SFPD, the FBI and the Capitol Police only tell the press what they want to hear. And right now, all they want is silence.

ITEM 16: The Supreme Court alleged that it cannot determine who leaked the Dobbs case verdict.

They may as well be singing Who Stole The Kishka?

Law professor Jonathan Turley tweeted, "The Supreme Court's report indicates that they cannot isolate the culprit among the over 80 possible suspects for the Dobbs leak. It is an admission that is almost as chilling as the leak itself..."

By the way, Yosef stole the keeshka because he was the one who brought it back.

Chief Justice Yosef Roberts.

ITEM 17: The LA Times reported, "After pummeling, scientists say California storms were more hype than climate change."

That makes sense.

Which is why so many people were surprised to read that in that particular paper.

ITEM 18: Breitbart reported, "New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is pleading with President Joe Biden to “fairly distribute” illegal immigration released into the United States across all cities and towns."

Let's see, there are 8 million New Yorkers divided by 328 million Americans times 12 million illegal aliens, which means 292,682.

He cannot handle 40,000!

ITEM 19Sundance reported, "During Remarks at World Economic Forum FBI Director Chris Wray Talks About Success in Combatting Pre-Criminal Activity."

Like I always say, the only crimes the FBI solves are the ones it commits.

FINALLY, today's Substack column is "Democrats take Biden down."


  1. Gotta work on your thick German accent, Don

    "To crawsh you enemies. To see dem driven beFO-AH you. To HEE-ah da lemon-TAY-shuns of dey WEE-men."

    Part of the hilarity of that quote stems from the laughably amateurish way AH-nold delivered it in da MOO-vie

    1. Lennie, every time I read your comment, I see Sen Kennedy from LA and hear his voice and start laughing again. Came back for just your comment to laugh. It got cold and wintery again.

  2. Item 3 - I believe there are real Constitutional questions about Pelosi use of proxy votes.
    A real Republican opposition party would push this and try to nullify any law passed by such measures. But instead we have a uniparty

  3. 4 - if mayor beetlejuice wins, the fix was in. Actually, for whoever wins, the fix was in.

  4. 5 - talk about Groundhog Day. Here we go again.

  5. 7 - Mississippi is still last at $44.796. Ranked 51st. DC is in the list and ranked #1 due to the criminals in the federal government.

  6. 8 - shocked he was charged. He pulled the trigger. Guilty.

    1. I was shocked too. Hope the jury does right by the lady and sends him to jail.

  7. 10 - $30K? Outrageous, along with the law. Someone is taking in a lot of graft.

    1. Probably, everything around here was set up to handle both gas and electric. Been like that for at least 25 yrs and I am in flyover. soooo the fact they want 30K for someone to plug and seal a gas line and electrician to hook an electric up is crazy. Shouldnt cost more than $200-300

    2. Of course they will still starve because of rolling blackouts and no electricity.

    3. The organized crime of government is alive and well in CA.

  8. Re: Item #10. One of the climate crazies stated that "they" (whoever that is) must plant one trillion trees by 2030 to help with the climate crisis. Hmmm. That comes to just over 16.3 million trees PER HOUR for the next seven years. These people are insane liars.

    1. It’s a game of can you top this. The lies get bigger and bolder.

    2. Plus the leftists lost their minds when Trump planted a couple million to help w climate change. Then we heard how trees were bad except the rain forest.

    3. Meanwhile these are the same people that advocate solar panel farms and windmills all over the world causing the demise millions of birds.

    4. Allegedly educated Americans who cannot do simple arithmetic.

    5. The solar panels make me puke. The acres and acres of flat horizontal panels destroying all vegetable growth. You know...plants...which convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Liberals are the definition of stupid. You want a solar panel on your rooftop so you can power the nightlight in the bathroom (on a post-sunny day)? knock yourself out.

  9. 16 - add them to the list of compromised gubment entities.

  10. #6 Manchin doesn't seem too concerned about his low polling. He jetted across to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum with the other elites. Maybe he has something else up his sleeve.

  11. #15 -- I lived in SF Bay Area for 30 years, and here's what I don't understand about the Paul Pelosi cover-up.

    SF Police took Pelosi to SF General for medical treatment, which is on the other side of SF. Also General is where police take OD'ed drug addicts & beat-up prostitutes in the Tenderloin for emergency services. Pelosis live in Pacific Heights which is the best neighborhood in the City, which means it has the best SF hospitals within < 1 mile.

    Makes no sense to me.