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Thursday, December 08, 2022

The Republican future is in -- New York City?

If you write that the Republican Party is too white and doomed because of changing demographics, you will be praised no end by the media.

If you call it the Great Replacement, you will be condemned as racist, xenophobic and maybe even Islamophobic.

But I think no matter what you call it -- demographics or replacement -- you are wrong.

My belief is that immigration favors neither party because most people come to America to be Americans and not what they were in their old country.

A New York magazine piece confirms my hypothesis. New York City is beginning to see the rumblings of a Republican Party. Crime and covid restrictions are taking a toll on Democrats. 

Ross Barkan wrote, "Ari Kagan, a little-known city councilmember from Brooklyn, stood on the steps of City Hall and made a startling announcement: He was becoming, in deep-blue New York, a Republican."

The move may save Kagan's political career.

Barkan wrote, "In significant swaths of Brooklyn and Queens, Republican voting is growing organically, driven less by reactionary white people looking longingly to the suburbs — a coalition that helped elect Rudy Giuliani twice in the 1990s — and more by communities of recent immigrants and Orthodox Jews. Some of these voters are conservatives who no longer wish to support Democrats at any level of government after spending years ticket-splitting. 

"Zeldin ran up large margins in Chinese-speaking Brooklyn neighborhoods and, like other recent Republicans, dominated in Russian-speaking and Orthodox Jewish parts of Brooklyn and Queens. (Kagan, who is Jewish, emigrated from the Soviet Union.) Party affiliation is beginning to matter more than racial or ethnic identity in city voting: A white Republican with scant resources nearly defeated an Asian American Democrat for an Asian-plurality Brooklyn legislative seat last month. And it may have been liberal white voters, not Asian Americans, who saved her.

"What unites immigrants from East Asia and Russia as well as Yiddish-speaking Hasidic Jews and the comparatively less strict Orthodox Jews? Fear of rising crime. Zeldin campaigned aggressively on funding police and turning back criminal-justice reforms passed in Albany."

I love this next part where Barkan denies what is so obvious that I can see it from Poca, West Virginia.

He wrote, "While the links between the partial end of cash bail and New York’s crime spike are nebulous, Democrats have paid an electoral price for lacking a compelling counternarrative. The surge in hate crimes against ethnic Asians and Jews has put both communities on edge. These days, law-and-order rhetoric is a much easier sell — as is the idea of giving the city more power to take potentially dangerous people off the streets."

Um, the Republican anti-crime message is literally beat into the heads of Asians and Jews in New York. For all its talk about diversity, New York is a cluster of fiefdoms in which you and your kind had better stick to your neighborhoods. The South integrated. NYC hasn't.

Barkan wrote, "Ron Kim, a progressive lawmaker whose parents immigrated to Queens from South Korea, recently came out in favor of Adams’s controversial directive to expand the scope of who can be involuntarily taken to a hospital. Kim cited his conversations with the parents of Michelle Go, the 40-year-old Asian American woman shoved to her death on the subway tracks by a man with schizophrenia."

I've never been shoved to my death in front of a subway train, but I am pretty sure my pain would not be alleviated by the knowledge that my killer was schizophrenic. If anything, I would be even more pissed knowing that City Hall allowed the man to roam the streets free without medication.

Getting beaten because you are Jewish or you are Asian does not endear one to the party in power and in New York City that has been the Democrat Party.

The Republican base is largely white but the Democrat base is black. Few people say that out loud, but it is true. The South Carolina primary decided the last three Democrat presidential nominees -- Obama, Hillary and Biden. That primary is dominated by black voters.

The rest of the races and ethnic groups are up for grabs. They lean Democrat now, but as we have seen in New York City, they are not tethered to that party.


  1. I don't know why anyone should be tethered to any party, especially ethnic groups being expected to support certain parties. Vote for the party that is meeting your needs. If New Yorkers are genuinely sick of crime, they will probably gravitate to the Republicans. If not, they're going to get more of it. I am still mystified as to why so many black voters remain wedded to the Democratic Party. They brought us Joe Biden in the SC primary and the rest is history.

    1. It is a very sad phenomenon. Only one group of people have spokesmen - and they are the worst of the worst. Reverends both. Jackson and Sharpton. A young one, Crump, is learning the trade.

    2. It's been a little less than 60 years since the Civil Right Act. Look up the number of Republicans in Congress from the South in 1925. The Democrats have a long history of using racial fear and hatred to divide and exploit the working class. They used to tell white people, "Only we can save your precious daughters from the Negro!" (They brushed that one off and brought it back just for Herschel Walker). Now it's "Only we can save you from the white supremacists!"

      If you look at history, this kind of irrational self-destructive loyalty us not at all rare. The Founders did their best to protect human nature from itself but no human thing works perfectly.

    3. This world is designed, created and maintained az the perfection of imperfection.

      Said perfectly imperfect being the species human.

      Remember, even founders, composers of our Constitution, stated their efforts as - to form a more perfect union- , being as anything truly perfect is not to be found anywhere.

      And the perfection of imperfection is exqusitely found in the abundant varities of the definition of perfect.

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  2. Deplorable California Refugee in IdahoDecember 8, 2022 at 3:55 PM

    While true, does it really matter? Democrats are proudly and openly stealing elections, the media covers for them, RINOs look the other way and the courts punt. The democrats will continue expanding this down ballot. We no longer have representative government, we have show elections to distract the masses. I predict the margin of cheating will continue to run ahead of any trend toward Republicans among the electorate.

    1. I totally see your points, Deplorable. I'm just trying to be more optimistic than usual.

    2. First it was don't count republican votes, then it was flip republican votes and finally in Arizona it was don't let Republicans vote, but if they do flip them.

    3. Deplorable California Refugee in IdahoDecember 8, 2022 at 6:01 PM

      I understand LuAnn, I want to be optimistic too, if for no other reason but for my grandkids. I need to be “in the moment” to play with them and appreciate the joy they bring me. But when I think about their future and the country we are leaving them I am nauseated, angry and sad. And I feel helpless to do anything about it. I look at my framed replica of the Declaration, the signers of which pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor and ask myself “what have I done?” and “what can I do?” I don’t have good answers, open to suggestions.

    4. “does it really matter?” Probably not, for the reasons you highlight. So a few more folks get upset with the rampant street crime that’s blessed by the Ds in power. A few more refugees start voting R. More people start attending the R candidate’s rallies. So what? That just means the blacks will stuff more manufactured ballots in drop boxes at midnight. Poll workers will scan the D pile one extra time. An extra U-Haul full of D ballots will suddenly appear at 3 am. There is no solution short of revolution.

    5. The margin of cheating will always be whatever is needed to defeat the republican candidate. Unless they get rid of early and mail in voting nothing will change.

    6. In Michigan we have same day registration. Democrats went to every college and university rounding up students to vote. Some lines to vote were reported to be six hours long and they waited. I have to wonder what was the incentive.

    7. "In Michigan we have same day registration. Democrats went to every college and university rounding up students to vote. Some lines to vote were reported to be six hours long and they waited. I have to wonder what was the incentive."

      Waiting in line for a few hours is hook up opportunity.

      If you had observed any of these lines of college students, you would have seen abundant presence of smartass phones, all being used to share the virtue preenings, plus abundant chit chatting amongst the yougins looking for a hook up.

      I trust that you need no definitions of what a hook up is.

    8. "I don’t have good answers, open to suggestions."

      Worry until your last breath.

      Then, after, you may find that Alfred E. Neuman had it right all along.

  3. "...most people come to America to be Americans and not what they were in their old country."

    I dunno. My sister-in-law's mother came to El Paso from Mexico in the late 40s and did not speak a word of English when she died in 2020.


    1. And your point is?

      So, your sister-in-law's mother?

      Would that be your mother-in-law?

      And what gives you the impression that she did not understand english?

      Just because she never spoke a word of english with you present?

      And, what, pray tell, requires anyone to speak, as their primary language, a language that is not their first learned language?

    2. And here you are, violating your pledge to shun all posts by the anonymous.

      Just how weak of will are you?

    3. Don’s blog has become a cesspool. Long-time readers are leaving, and the rational commenters who are left are being overwhelmed by the flotsam and jetsam of what appears to be ONE brain-dead person who spends HOURS here posting cutesy, profane, and repulsive replies to serious comments. Because Don refuses to police this ONE troll, I foresee the demise of Don’s Blogspot blog. It’s good that he has moved to Substack, where commenters have to register with an email address.

    4. Now hold on, Anon 7:05 PM. I don't think I"ve been that cutesy, profane, and repulsive!!! I could be wrong...Police me Surber!

    5. "Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
      I fell in love with a Mexican girl"...Nah, she spoke english.

    6. Dick!!!

      You're back!!!!

      The crowds await thee on another previous article's comment thread....

    7. "Don’s blog has become a cesspool."

      Nope. You are anonymous, thus, you are shunned.

      "Long-time readers are leaving, and the rational commenters who are left are being overwhelmed by the flotsam and jetsam of what appears to be ONE brain-dead person who spends HOURS here posting cutesy, profane, and repulsive replies to serious comments."

      Nope. You are anonymous, thus you are double shunned.

      "Because Don refuses to police this ONE troll, I foresee the demise of Don’s Blogspot blog."

      Nope. You are anonymous, thus you are triple shunned.

      "It’s good that he has moved to Substack, where commenters have to register with an email address"

      Yep. Could it be that Don appreciates the acceleration inducement being provided by a shunned anonymous commenter?

      And you are now also quadruply shunned, for posting as anonymous.

    8. "agree 💯"

      You were not content with a quadruple shunning.

      You just had to post this blantant approval of your previously posted as anonymous shunned comment.

      You must enjoy being shunned.

    9. Being American, from the pov of all immigrants, is defined by our Constitution.

      Lawfully or unlawfully here, all but the criminals want what all but the home grown criminals want: opportunities to provide for and protect their families.

      This assimilate to speaking english is only a practical requirement/neccessity.

      And many, to most, immigrants speaking their first language do so whenever speaking english is not needed for these practical reasons.

      Move to any country where english is not the primary language and see how practical learning to speak that nation's language is.

      Also, see how often you speak that second language when there is no practical need to do so.

      This snobbery concerning the english language only, everywhere, at all times, is assinine.

      If you are paranoid about what is being said, in a language not english, learn enough of that language to understand what is being said, never speak it, and listen whenever it is spoken in your presence.

      You may find that no one even knows you are there.

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  4. All coming here, lawfully or unlawfully, yearn to be somewhere not as the where they come from.

    Being an American does not innately require one to be just like every other American.

    Only in those traits common to being an American matter.

    Read our Constituion.

    You might get a clue.

  5. I live in Ground Zero of this article, so to speak, a section of Queens that is predominately Asian and Italian-American. (I am neither.) It's more than just people changing their minds but organization as well. The Republican clubs in Queens engage in outreach and they seek to win, one election at a time. Last year, we flipped a city council seat. This year, we flipped a congressional seat. Yes, we've had it with crime and with the squandering of our tax dollars. And yes, we maintain our optimism, because without it, what's the point of living?

  6. Only one way to take back the USA and we all know that's not happening.So just lay low and deal with it. Uni-party forever!

  7. This prediction brought to you by Wrong Way “37 States” Don, the guy who most recently thought the NY GOP gubernatorial candidate, who lost in a landslide, was going to win.

  8. More Schadenfreude NowDecember 9, 2022 at 12:48 AM

    Have you ever heard a Muzzein chant the Islamic call to prayer? You will! Muslims will become the American majority. It's a simple matter of time. All the other identity politics components use birth control to varying significantly can't degrees. Muslims don't not.
    Criminals be advised: Sharia Justice will bring an end to your evil rampage.

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