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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Praising Garland for ignoring a law Biden co-wrote

The Washington Post reported, "U.S. attorney general moves to end sentencing disparities on crack, powder cocaine.

"Justice Dept. aims to reverse decades of policy that critics say disproportionately targeted black communities by treating crack users more punitively."

This sounds noble. Equal justice is an American institution.

But down in Paragraph 7, WaPo said, "Joe Biden, then a U.S. senator from Delaware, crafted the 1986 crime bill that initially set a 100-to-1 ratio between powder and crack cocaine to trigger mandatory minimum sentences. The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 reduced the ratio to 18-to-1. The Biden administration endorsed the Equal Act last year."

Not mentioned in the story is the nation's most notorious crackhead, Hunter Biden.

So Biden, the father, pushed a law in 1986 that WaPo and other media outlets declared is racist and he waited until last year -- 35 years later -- to try to fix it.

In its report, the New York Times blamed Republicans for the crackhead law staying on the books. That was in Paragraph 5.

Way down in Paragraph 9, NYT admitted, "Mr. Garland, a former federal prosecutor, brushed aside the original justification for the harsh crack sentences, which Mr. Biden embraced as a senator: that crack should be treated differently because it is a more addictive drug in smaller amounts."

NYT failed to mention that Biden co-authored the law. There is a lot of convenient amnesia going around in Washington. In a 14-paragraph story covering 555 words, AP didn't mention Biden at all.

During a hearing on the attorney general's appointment last year, Senator Cory Booker had demanded that Merrick Garland back the Equal Act. Black Democrat politicians have for 35 years denounced the 1986 law that Biden and Strom Thurmond wrote.

But a curious thing happened in 2008. Barack Obama chose the author of the crack law as his running mate. Had Obama died in office, the author of this law that "disproportionately targeted Black communities by treating crack users more punitively" would have been president.

And an even more curious thing happened a dozen years later when Jim Clyburn, the highest ranking black man in Congress, got black voters in his home state of South Carolina to give Biden that state's crucial presidential primary. It's as if Biden's work with one of the opponents to the 1964 Civil Rights Act to pass the crack act did not matter to Clyburn. His complaints were all for show.

The general election featured the man who imposed long sentences for crackheads versus President Donald John Trump, the man who pushed Congress to pass the First Step Act, which was aimed at undoing the damage from Biden's crackhead law.

Clyburn and company overwhelmingly supported the co-author of the crackhead law.

It's as if the crackhead law didn't really matter to Booker, Clyburn and the rest. It's as if they just used it as a cudgel to push black people from voting for Trump.

Indeed, blacktivists are praising Garland while ignoring that his boss wrote the law they claim they oppose.

Maya Wiley, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said, "This is a big win and a historic step in the right direction toward eliminating the unjust disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing. The crack/powder disparity created a harmful and racially discriminatory sentencing scheme that continues to target and criminalize Black and Brown communities. We commend Attorney General Garland for addressing this wrong, and we are proud to support him."

Wiley did not mention Biden in her press release.

Well, I suppose this makes sense because it is hard to fight for equality if there is no inequality. Biden provided that, didn't he?

It gave black leaders decades to rally black people against Republicans while not holding Biden or any Democrat accountable for supporting this law, which was approved by a Democrat House.


This week's Substack column is, "The dummy who invented the artificial heart."

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  1. Perfect example of the corrupt national press refusing to point out any of this out during 2020 "campaign", or again during the most recent mid terms. Also where were the republican talking points on these facts??
    MIA of course during their campaigns....
    Facts such as these should have been highlighted over and over by candidates that supposedly were for fair sentencing and accountablility. Mentioning this topic during televised debates would have force marxist press to at least cover it.

    Just another example of how things in USA get totally bass ackwards.

    1. Where were the repubelicans? Helping the demoncrats get rid of President Trump and destroy this nation, while padding their pockets. Evil.

    2. Gotta agree with both of y’all. The press sucks. The republicans suck.

  2. Well now, don.

    Apparently you do see that we, and MAGATrump 2024, are a full year away from that pesky republican party primary, the one that all these early dump trump boo birds are pecking about.

    So, during this full year, as the MAGATrump Train is beginning to roll, again, these thoroughly researched articles, detailing the ugly contrast, between the fugly uniparty and MAGATrump, will be a delight to behold.

    Because, as compent, authentic journalists well know, our current predicament of being pissed on by the bimbo biden extension of the obamanation phase of the uniparty attempts to obliterate our Constitutional Republic, is merely the continuation of a decades long effort to do so.

    Sequence and Timing and Content.

    MAGATrump 2024.

  3. Now we have meth and fentynl. My friend who works as a manager for a local grocery store found a package of meth in the bathroom. Shut the place down . They even know who did it. But, you get away with it in Oregon.

  4. Why go soft on the people who are destroying our society? The people who deal drugs should be sentenced to death. Indonesia has it right.
    Our judicial system is a disaster. We need to end probation. First time offenders who don't merit prison should be horse whipped. Give them twenty lashes and the certain knowledge that the second conviction will be much worse.
    There are many times when sending someone to criminal university is counter productive. Other times it's an absolute must.
    Life sentences are a waste. If we cannot adequately punish someone with twenty years or less, or guarantee they won't be a threat to society, then teach them the Oklahoma air dance made popular by Roy Bean.

    1. Well, jer, you got dibs on the whip cracker job, cracking that whip on the transgressors; only thing is, to get the position, you've got to apply in person.

      And the human resources office is located in.......

      Well, you get three guesses, and the first two don't count....

    2. Well well well, our shit for brains resident libturd had to chime in. I'd gladly take the job, but only if I get to practice on you.

    3. Oh, jer, you need no practice, you're a natural......

      When you do take the job, you'll fit right in.....

    4. And I get irked every time they say, “disproportionately affects black and brown people.” Well, if you’re black and/or brown selling crack and get caught, how the hell does that have anything to do with “disproportionate”? Do the crime- Do the time.

  5. Your well researched column Mr Surber reminds me of articles I used to read in "The Telegraph" many many years ago on the way to work on the London underground. It continued when I moved my family to Australia in 1973 with reading "The Australian".
    To think all those columns got produced from a two fingered typewriting draft onto a Lead composited block for printing. Word processor's were an editor's dream then.
    Its very hard to find good factual columns now.
    They 'all TV styled dot heading stuff.
    Ah, a front veranda day whittling moment in the warm Aussie sun.

  6. Today's substack was awesome. Thanks Don.

  7. Starting with Janet Reno, there is some stiff competition for worst attorney general ever. Garland is my choice, and in just over two years of disservice.


    Apparently, they did not look anywhere within the boundaries of the district of columbia.....

  9. Cocaine, powder or crystal, will destroy your heart. Snort enough powder and your nasal passages will be full of holes. Smoke dope and you will get COPD or worse. And the damage it does to the blood vessels will also give you CHF in the end. So you want to ruin your life here on Earth, go right ahead. Just dont come crying to me for health care or even a grave stone. As far as the laws, they are worthless. Murder has been against the law since the dawn of time and just look at all the big cities.

  10. Well, gee...If you don't use or sell crack cocaine, what's the problem? Seems simple enough.

  11. As was pointed out previously, Indonesia and Malaysia do not suffer drug traffickers very well. I'm visiting Kuala Lumpur as I write this.
    The streets here do not teem with tent dwelling homeless drug abusers. Don't mess with the police and they won't mess with you. As for actual disadvantages based on race, it; is definitely easier being a Muslim here than a non Muslim. But the Chinese and the Indians have plenty of opportunity for a good life here, as well. Race obsessed America has become a cavalcade of clownery and a complete shitshow. That Americans allowed this to happen to their formerly wonderful nation is a shameful disgrace.

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