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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Groomer is the word of the year

CNN proclaimed, "’s word of the year is ‘woman.’"

That's a pretty neat trick considering Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court told Congress she could not define what a woman is. The Biden administration is loaded with geniuses.

Meriam-Webster chose gaslighting as its word of the year. It defined the word as "the act or practice of grossly misleading someone especially for one’s own advantage."

The word in that connotation comes from Gaslight, a play from 84 years ago that was made into a movie.

Oxford chose as its word of the year goblin mode. They aren't so good at math are they? Oxford defined goblin mode as "a type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations."

Sounds like a typical day for a Gen Z.

They are all wrong.

Groomer is the word of the year because it serves as the dividing line between the sane who live in this country and the insane people who run its government.

A groomer grooms and the third definition of grooming says "the action of attempting to form a relationship with a child or young person, with the intention of sexually assaulting them or inducing them to commit an illegal act such as selling drugs or joining a terrorist organization."

Most pedophiles are heterosexuals. Many are in occupations or activities that involve children. The recent rise of sexualization in schools -- particularly in grades kindergarten to third-grade -- that has alarmed many parents.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis championed the Parental Rights in Education, which bans teachers and others from talking about sex in grades kindergarten to third-grade and allows only age-appropriate discussions beyond that.

The American Library Association has for years promoted LGBT books aimed at children. Book publishers have a steady supply of those titles. The association gave its book-of-the-year award in 2020 to Gender Queer, a book that depicted homosexual sex among children both in words and in pictures. In the previous century, authorities would have taken action against such child pornography.

Parents around the country have called for the book to be kept out of the hands of children. Conservatives have complained and fought back against the promotion of LGBT literature and lifestyles in the classroom, and rightly so.

On top of that, schools are promoting transgendering with some school officials keeping secrets with children over their "gender identity." Keeping secrets with children is part of the grooming process.

There has been a liberal backlash against calling the groomers by that word.

R.L. Stollar wrote on April 9, "I Have a Master’s in Child Protection. Here is Why You Shouldn’t Abuse the Word Grooming."

Stollar's self-description is "a child liberation theologian and an advocate for children and abuse survivors."

Stollar wrote, "When conservatives misuse and abuse this word, they are doing several things:

"First, they are muddying the meaning of the word. When grooming can be applied to everything from sex education to theology to being queer to critical race theory to what it actually means (sexual predation techniques), it means everything and thus nothing at the same time. This renders the word useless. Children will grow up without being able to identify the signs of grooming, because adults will be telling them grooming is things it is not.

"Second, they are weaponizing the word. Let us be clear about this: many right-wing individuals are weaponizing the word grooming against queer people specifically. This is not new. Conservatives have a long and ugly history of accusing queer people of being sexual predators—even though the average child molester is a religious man in a heterosexual marriage. Indeed, 96 percent of the perpetrators of child sexual abuse identify as heterosexual.

"What is new is that conservatives are now emboldened to weaponize the word against anyone who disagrees with them on anything. This is particularly dangerous because of the first reason we discussed: it renders the word useless in the very real and pressing fight against child sexual abuse.

"Third, they are enabling and empowering child molesters. Child molesters want exactly what conservatives are doing: for children to be unable to identify what grooming is, for children to not receive sex education, for children to not know about their bodies, and for children to stay quiet if they are queer or different in ways conservatives disapprove of. Child molesters use each of those to their advantage and conservatives are freely giving them every tool they need just to spite liberals and progressives.

"Fourth, they are encouraging children to fear helpers like child protection professionals, whether that’s the public school teacher in charge of sex education or the social worker giving a presentation on body safety at church. This is something conservative evangelicals in particular are very familiar with, as they have long promoted myths about helping professionals. When children grow up fearful of Child Protective Services or mandatory reporters or their bodies or their sexuality, they are perfect victims for child predators."

So the argument is that by calling out groomers we are somehow weaponizing the word and making it easier for groomers to groom.

But Stollar does not own the word. And the word does not apply strictly to homosexuals. As I said, most groomers are heterosexual.

The word is powerful because it calls out what is behind this wave of sexualizing very young children. And that is why liberals do not want us to use it.

Too darned bad.


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  2. wrong again. most pedophiles are homosexuals or as I call then anysexuals. They are sodomizes and pervents. and yes most of them will initiate contact with same sex children first. you are wrong and so are your sources.

    1. In the broadest term, "most child abusers" are indeed heterosexual... but that leaves out *several* very important things. First is that heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals something like 20:1, so those homosexuals would have to be working HARD to achieve "most". Second, "child abuser" techinically includes a whole lot of stuff that we aren't talking about here - a 22YO having a sexual relationship with a 15YO that he met *AT A BAR* who got in with a fake ID technically counts, as one of the most egregious and ridiculous examples.

      But in terms of what we are talking about (sexualization of prepubescent children), homosexuals are **HIGHLY** over represented. Their rate of committing this crime is **much** higher than the general population.

    2. I agree that most pedophiles are indeed heterosexuals, however ON A PER CAPITA BASIS, there are far more homosexual pedophiles than heterosexual ones.

      It was only a few years ago that British homosexual groups tried to get Parliament to enact a law lowering the age of sexual consent to 14.

  3. Deplorable California Refugee in IdahoDecember 14, 2022 at 3:15 PM

    Who are the publishers of these grooming books that leftist teachers, school boards and librarians love so much? Do they actually sell more of these than other books? Where is the money coming from? Are they receiving subsidies from the feds, or Soros or ??? Just like the huge advances they pay to Clintons, Obamas, Marlkels, etc, for books that don’t sell, it seems like an investigation of publishers is overdue.

    1. I would wager that all money trails lead to Soros.

    2. Conservative anti semite betas live in perpetual fear of a 92-year-old man.

    3. Oh my.

      A gee orgy sore ass fanboy.......


    4. I'm Jewish, my grandsons attend an orthodox Yeshiva, my daughter is moving to Israel, and I have no problem saying that George Soros is an evil influence on American politics. I'm pretty sure that the guy playing the "anti semite" card hasn't been inside a synagogue since his Bar Mitzvah, if he is even Jewish.

  4. I clicked over to Stollar’s article and read it. Then I started clicking on the hyperlinks in the article to check the statistic’s source material. I kept getting “page not found” errors.

    Red flag.


  5. Just yesterday our own WH welcomed transgenders to the oval office to highlight and celebrate the new marriage rights law, that eventually will be used to force national Christian/Muslim religions who condemn perversion to suffer and will result in outright persecution.
    How much longer can the big guy upstairs continue to restrain punishment?
    Some days a normal citizen looks around and asks "Where the hell is the country my folks and I grew up in"? Madness! All the while with NO ONE fighting back in DC!
    This is where we are today.

    1. (Sorry. I mistakenly posted before I had finished). . How right you are! NY has forced the premiere Orthodox Jewish institution of higher learning in the United States to recognize a LGBTQ club. In dissenting from denial of a stay from the order, four justices of the Supreme Court wrote: “Does the First Amendment permit a State to force a Jewish school to instruct its students in accordance with an interpretation of Torah that the school, after careful study, has concluded is incorrect? The answer to that question is surely “no.” The First Amendment guarantees the right to the free exercise of religion, and if that provision means anything, it prohibits a State from enforcing its own preferred interpretation of Holy Scripture. Yet that is exactly what New York has done in this case, and it is disappointing that a majority of this Court refuses to provide relief.”
      The case is Yeshiva University v. YU Pride Alliance No. 22A184.
      I link the full opinion and call attention to Justice Alito’s dissent, joined by Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, and Barrett.

    2. DC sucks. And the court ruling against Yeshiva University was a disgrace.

    3. Is there a heterosexual club ? Probably not. The pervs biggest problem is that they want to shove their deviance down everybody's throat . That will never make their goals attainable .

  6. The word groomer should be used as often and as necessary as needed to point out the sexualization of children. It's not for liberals to decide when and how this word can be used. Frankly, I am saddened and shocked at what we are finding out about the sexualization of children. It is child abuse.

    1. Exactly. And where are the major churches or any national politicians fighting back? Where is any resistance to the perversion of natural law and morality to be found?
      How is our society any different (at least on some scale), of sodom and gomorrah?

  7. In absolute numbers there may be more heterosexual pedophiles because the heterosexual population is 10 times bigger than homosexual. But as a percentage of the cohort, I'm certain a greater percentage of gay men seek sex with young boys and it's the gay men who are most vocal about "normalizing" sex with children.

    1. Is conservative icon Dennis Hastert a member?

    2. The heterosexual population is over THIRTY TIMES the homosexual population. The rest of your point is well taken. Heterosexual pedophiles know they will get in trouble!

  8. Stollar's reasoning amounts to a lot of nothing . It's a lefty ( Democrat ) way of covering for the perverts . Same old drivel and lies designed to distort reality .

  9. Projection


    The tactic the party of Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore, Josh Duggar, Ted Nugent, George Nader, Mark Foley, James Woods, Trump, Matt Gaetz, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tim Nolan and Lauren Qbert’s husband uses to accuse others of their own sickness.

    1. There go those Cheeto colored spit wads again. From the troll behind the dumpster.
      What a waste of oxygen. Truly the oxygen would be better utilized as rust.

    2. Why are you mad at conservative sickness being criticized? Why do you like perverts so much?

    3. Logical phallacies which spill out of you like a drooling garbage eating cur annoy me. The English language is a wonderful tool with which to create art. It can be used like a scalpel. Or like a rotten stick that shatters.
      Your misuse of it in your pompous verbosity indicates a desire to force others to notice you in your tantrumic squalling for attention. You don't convey any sort of art or knowledge in your rants. You have the artistic ability of that cur raising his leg at a dumpster, and instead dribbling down his own leg.
      I blame your parents for not smacking you when needed.
      They were no doubt spineless worms.

    4. Dick says, Very nice Jael... That couldn't have been said better! Hat Tip to Jael...

    5. Jay ill is annoyed.

      Sufficiently annoyed to break the dogma protocols.

      Slick dick is surely slick.

      By replying to jay ill, dick sticks to the dogma protocols.

      Good boy, dick.

      As for this any mouse bait, hook and land sportster, well, as jay ill is one of the easy peasy to bait, no cookie for you.

      This one wonders just how many breakings of dogma protocols will jay ill be credited for, until jay ill is booted from the dogma club of shunners......

      Or is jay ill one of the specials.......

    6. Ok groomer.

    7. I'm not one that allows others to load their faulty buggy software into my CPU. I'm self directed.
      Try this on for thought.
      The conditions of a solitary bird are five
      The first that it flies to the highest point
      The second, that it doesn't suffer for company, not even of it's own kind
      The third, that it aims its beak at the skies
      The fourth, that it does not have a definite color
      The fifth, that it sings very softly
      -San Juan de la Cruz, Dichos de Luz y Amor

    8. Everyone is, to the extent allowed by physics, self directed.

      Every one.

      The equation:

      Yes = you agree.

      No = you do not agree.

      Neither definitive yes, nor definitive no = tentative either default to no or default to yes.

      Defaulting to no = remains yet to be definitive, thus, remains tentative no.

      Defaulting to yes = either self defined yes, or self defined no, or default to tentative no, or try tentative yes again.

      Everyone is self directed.

      You agree with another who is not, by definition, you, you choose yes, definitive.

      You do not agree with another, who, by definition, is not you, you choose no, definitive.

      Every single one is self directed.

      Try to be honest.

  10. "When grooming can be applied to everything from sex education to theology to being queer to critical race theory to what it actually means (sexual predation techniques), it means everything and thus nothing at the same time."

    Now do racist, fascist, and nazi.

  11. "Grooming" has been taking place in public schools for generations. It started with "sex education", a "subject" that was best left to parents and the religiously affiliated. Why, after thousands of years of kids not needing to know the micros of sex was it necessary to
    "teach" it year after year? Something that was "taught" in years gone by in a matter of minutes? Not years? It is GROOMING. And it laid the groundwork for the filth we see now. The aim of sex Ed was desensitization, the disruption of the parental authority, the questioning of religious teachings and on and on. Sex education was Marxist strategy for Marxist results. Once you opened the door it was only a matter of time before the door was not longer an obstacle. Or even now exists.

  12. Children should be taught one thing in regards to sex. Run.

  13. "First, they are muddying the meaning of the word. When grooming can be applied to everything from sex education to theology to being queer to critical race theory to what it actually means (sexual predation techniques)"

    "sexual predation techiniques" IS WHAT THEY ARE REFERRING TO.

    The one lying and using verbiage incorrectly is someone like her, trying to get so many horrible acts not included in "sexual predation techniques" because she can come up with some other name for it... that doesn't magically make it not a "sexual predation technique".

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