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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Bidenomics leads to NYT strike

Barring some miracle, the staff of the New York Times will go on strike for 24 hours on Thursday. Its elitist readers may be denied their sanitized version of the world.

Writing in New York magazine, Shawn McCreesh moaned, "Picture it: a full day without the New York Times. No one covering the tumult in Guangzhou or inside Buckingham Palace or what our president is saying. From midnight to midnight, no reporting, no filing stories, no podcasting, no comment moderating, and definitely no responding to editors’ queries. There would be no live briefings. (You’d be shocked at how many people it takes to produce one of those things.)"

Notice, the city of New York is not mentioned in that paragraph.

For me, a day without the New York Times will be normal. I peek at a story here and there, and occasionally write about something NYT has written, but it is largely a lying sack that promoted Russiagate and other lies about Donald Trump.

But now NYT and the rest of the media reap what they sowed.


He's boring and he's bringing the economy down.

Readers could not get enough of Donald Trump. Biden? He's a pathetic Liar in Winter who should be repenting as he nears his death bed but continues his wicked ways instead. He is difficult to write about because he is so uninteresting.

I am not alone in my boredom. Let me give you an example. Trump had Thanksgiving dinner with Kanye West. People cannot stop talking about it. Biden had his first state dinner with the president of France and no one much cares. Even in Paris they still are talking about Kanye.

Losing Trump as president cost the media dearly.

McCreesh wrote, "This winter is shaping up to be a frosty one for everyone in the media as the economy teeters on the edge of a recession. On Monday, Bob Iger said he isn’t lifting Disney’s hiring freeze. On Tuesday, James Dolan sent a memo to his employees at AMC Networks about a coming 'large-scale layoff.' On Wednesday, Chris Licht cut the cord on more CNN employees, and there were layoffs at CBS Studios, too. That same day, Sally Buzbee killed the Washington Post’s Sunday magazine, citing 'economic headwinds.' On Thursday, there were cuts at Gannett. Penguin Random House is expected to have layoffs in January, and the HarperCollins strike is getting ugly." 

Since he wrote that 24 hours ago, the Washington Post laid off Sarah Kaufman, its full-time dance critic; Gannett laid off 200 employees; and SiriusXM is about to lay off an undisclosed number of its 5,950 employees as sales fall.

Axios reported, "In a letter sent to management Friday, the NewsGuild of New York reiterated its demands to management, and conveyed a level of frustration over the drawn-out talks.

"'We have spent more than 120 hours across 40 bargaining sessions exchanging and amending dozens of proposals,' the letter states.

"'We have listened carefully to management’s positions and concerns and have made countless revisions to address them. In return, we have been lectured about the dire economic future the company faces - even as the company tells Wall Street about a successful corporation that can afford to pay millions in salaries and benefits to its top executives.'

"The letter, sent to the Times' publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, and its president and CEO, Meredith Kopit Levien, listed key demands, including a new raise structure, keeping pension plan policies intact and changes to performance evaluations."

NYT staffers have gone without a raise for two years. In that time, inflation has eaten 12.2% of the value of that paycheck. What looks like $8 today is worth $7 in 2020 dollars -- you know, when Trump was president.


My weekly column on Substack just posted, "Republicans can't win without Trump supporters."

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  1. You can't afford useless Gender Studies employees in a Biden economy. Learn to live in cardboard boxes, bitches.

    "Picture it: a full day without the New York Times"
    Mmm, looks like heaven here on earth.

    1. Is there anything we can do to prolong the strike?

    2. Ignoring them and not paying to read their lies seems to have worked so far, so more of that couldn't hurt. And its easy too!

    3. I am disappointed. When I first heard about the strike, I thought it would go on until demands were met. Too bad. It’s like a 6 hour hunger strike.

    4. "Is there anything we can do to prolong the strike?" Yes. Get a FanDuel account and bet on the strike being averted (it works almost every time, the latest being betting on USC vs Utah last night).

    5. The twits on The View should go on a hunger strike (Whoopie Wedgie's cohorts doing it as a sympathy gesture).

    6. The best solution is solidarity
      I myself look forward to wapo, latimes, cbsnbcabc joining in-
      To prove they care.
      That would be so gigglicious.

    7. Mike Bloomberg's news company has the same union as WaPo. Maybe they will all go out on strike in support!

      One can dream.

  2. I’m rooting for both sides to lose. Popcorn please.

  3. Random Duckess: No worries. There are plenty of other jobs. US employers added 263K jobs in November.
    Everyone is doing just fine. Unemployment low, job rate participation stable. It’s all good.
    The economy is booming. All these people who are being laid off right before the holidays should have no problem finding another job.

  4. Very good substack, Don. Sums things up nicely.

    Just one thing, "I fell for it. Then I considered who I was agreeing with. Yikes!"

    Told ya so! You never want to be on the same side as Team RINO.

  5. You have to hand it to these lefties; they have their principles and stand by them, even to the death of their beloved newspapers and media. They can't believe that there are people who don't buy their brand of hogwash. They could save themselves by going conservative, but by golly, they would rather go down the toilet than face up to the reality, that conservatism sells and liberalism doesn't. What would the few elitist snobs who read the Times et al. do, if they ceased publication. Get out the fainting couches!

    1. Please place couches next to pre-dug, open graves so it will be easy to roll them over into their self-generated abyss.

    2. They wouldn't have to even go conservative. Just being fair, evenhanded, and quit carrying water for the authoritarian Left would be a huge improvement.

  6. NOOOO! Not XM!!! I love Ranger Doug's Classics Cowboy Corral!


  7. "and the HarperCollins strike is getting ugly" -- hey, thanks. Hadn't heard a word about this. AMAZING that I haven't. Anyway, great news. The MSM deserves to have their noses rubbed in the mess they created until they're housebroken. Although it never impacts the top players, who almost always retired with tons of cash after treating their employees like sh*t. The Clintons and The Bushes, etc. come and go (anyone remember who the Kennedys were?), but the Sulzbergers are the post-atomic war cockroaches of America --- never to perish.

  8. XM might fire hundreds, but your XM bill will never go down.

    1. I used to have XM. Every year I would threaten to drop it, and they would drop the price bigtime.

    2. I enjoy their free 3-month trials when I get a new vehicle. But I never feel compelled to extend the subscription. They think they are worth far more than I'm willing to pay.

  9. The hid the ball eg inflation and recession. I suppose they bought their own narratives. A quibble: Trumps meeting with Ye and company does nothing to bring Republicans together and closes the door further to independents etc.

  10. Double their pay and benefits so they can all be fired in half the time.