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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

McCarthy couldn't lead flies to a pile of manure

Communist Hakeem Jeffries is poised to become the first black Speaker of the House because Republicans are run by cowards and morons.

Despite a 222-213 majority -- the same that Nancy enjoyed the past two years -- Kevin McCarthy does not have the votes to be House Speaker because conservatives don't trust him. Instead of replacing him with Steve Scalise or someone else who is less untrustworthy, the Brainiacs running the party insist on McCarthy's way or the highway.


See ya.

I am supposed to care. In a way, I do. After all, it is a bad thing to cede control to Democrats of the House agenda, voting schedule and committee chairmanships.

But in a larger way, I don't care because conservatives keep giving the party the House and the party keeps giving us the finger. 12 Republican senators just passed the Bake My Cake bill which strips Christians, Muslims and others of their right to believe gay marriages are wrong. This vote is only the latest act of treachery by congressional Republicans.

By winning the 2010 election, the Tea Party made John Boehner speaker. He never forgave them. He liked being minority leader because he got the same money without having to do as much work.

Paul Ryan resented Trump supporters and quit Congress, which helped Nancy Pelosi return to power.

McCarthy is in trouble because conservatives are tired of winning the House only to lose the war.

He warned, "If we play games on the floor, the Democrats could end up picking who the speaker is."

I agree. He should quit playing this game. He needs to agree with the Freedom Caucus on a new leader and work to get that candidate the votes needed to make him speaker.

That is the only acceptable solution.

The Washington Post reported, "McCarthy’s allies have referenced this worst-case scenario before. The idea is that if McCarthy can’t get the votes and there isn’t a ready alternative, moderate Republicans could band together with Democrats to fill the void.

"It’s a rather fanciful hypothetical meant to persuade the caucus to unite behind McCarthy. But that fact that McCarthy felt the need to lodge this warning shot would seem to say plenty about how imperiled he views his ascent as being.

"And that doesn’t come out of nowhere. McCarthy was passed over once before for House speaker, back in 2015, amid a revolt from the party’s right wing. And so far at least five House Republicans have signaled they’re opposing McCarthy for speaker. Given the GOP is likely to have a 222-213 majority, that means McCarthy could be just shy of the majority of votes he needs on Jan. 3 to become speaker."

Ace at Ace of Spades reported McCarthy lacks 20 votes.

Ace wrote, "F**k him. If the Freedom Caucus doesn't get its concessions, then I don't care if there's a Republican speaker at all.

"McCarthy wants to keep the power to ram through the Establishment/moderate legislation worked out in back rooms and blocking any conservatives from offering alternatives. Again, f*** him.

"I'm tired of Potemkin Democracy, where democracy is scripted by (c*ck) writers in the back room and then play acted on the stage."

One thing about Speaker Hakeem Jeffries, he will end the charade. We will go full-blown communist. Bill Kristol will be happy.

McCarthy is flailing. He whined on Newsmax TV, "We got five more weeks. We're working through our conference rules today. We want to make sure that everybody has input, but we have to speak as one voice. We will only be successful if we work together, or we'll lose individually.

"This is very fragile that we are the only stopgap for this Biden administration. If we don't do this, right, the Democrats can take the majority. If we play games on the floor, the Democrats can end up picking who the speaker is. So I think at the end of the day, calmer heads will prevail."

The real stop to a Biden administration was fighting to overturn the 2020 election in which Democrats ran roughshod of election laws and harvested ballots in key states, disenfranchising the majority that supported Trump in those states.

McCarthy and the rest did not care about Trump or his supporters.

Why should we care about them?

They are mocking us.

The Washington Examiner reported, "Some centrist lawmakers have floated the idea of nominating someone like outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) or former Rep. Justin Amash, who left the GOP and is now a Libertarian Party member. The speaker does not technically have to be a member of the House, though anyone other than a sitting member securing the majority of the House vote is highly unlikely."

So maybe the plan is to give the House to Democrats and blame conservatives.


Breitbart reported that Republicans are compromising not with conservatives but with Democrats.

The news service said, "Several top conservatives are warning that if House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House, does not win the speakership election on the floor of the House on Jan. 3, 2023, a doomsday scenario could emerge where Democrats undercut GOP power.

"In such a scenario, concerns are rising that so-called moderate—or establishment Republicans—are willing to band together to make a deal with the Democrats to elect a moderate Republican as speaker with Democrat votes in exchange for a House rules change that hands the incoming Democrat minority significant power over how subpoenas can be issued."

So the deal is the Trump witch hunts will continue and the J6 protesters will be imprisoned like Soviet dissidents.

The bogeyman is that we cannot form a third party because that will only elect a Democrat president.

We already have a Democrat president.

This falls on McCarthy, who has shown no leadership skills. He's a lieutenant -- a butter bar -- at a time when we need a general. As I said, he couldn't lead flies to a pile of manure. Conservatives must play hardball and force him to step down. Stopping him from becoming speaker will spare the Republican Party and the country a lot of grief.


  1. Well said, Don. If his speakership is so critical, he has the power to get elected. Just give the Freedom Caucus the requests they asked for in how the House will be run, and he's got it. Instead, he's running around blaming them for his lack of votes. I'm with you-no sympathy with these RHINO's.

    1. Why do we have to cave to these left leaning crackpot Trumpsters and his BigPharma agenda.

      DeSantis 2024!

    2. Yeah, I agree with Ace. F**k 'em all. McCarthy and McConnell threw a dozen or more GOP races which would have given the GOP a 20 to 30 seat majority in the House, and 54 or 55 seats to hold the Senate. They are like the kid complaining about being an orphan child, just after he murdered his parents.

      I know that MTG means well, but IMHO as a lifetime Republican voter, just burn it all down. To hell with the GOP establishment, which has been saying "Hey, it's our way or the highway", or more accurately, ".... the Democrat controlled country way". They've been doing this since at least the 1970's.

      Funny, but I don't recall Nancy having this kind of problem holder her Democrat's together, despite a slim majority. Are there any Democrats (not named Tulsi) who have abandoned their party leadership, threatening control of a Democrat House? Never happens, but there are "Jumping Jim Jeffords" all over the GOP, dozens of them. They are crying, sniffing types like Lindsay Graham at election time, "send me your money, please, the Democrats are outspending me, the (liberal GOP) judges are at risk!!", and after the election, smug cultural leftists, voting against the GOP electorates intentions, over and over and over again.

      Just BURN IT ALL DOWN. Start over with a new party, a MAGA party, or whatever it takes. A 20 year path through the political wilderness can't be worse that what the dishonest GOP establishment has delivered. It's not just that Marriage act B.S., but EVERY Democrat leftist outrage in this country, as been DELIVERED TO THIS COUNTRY, WITH THE ACQUIESCE if not the direct support. of the GOP-e.

      Don't ever trust another f**king word from a GOP elected politician. Any (such as MTG and the rest of the Freedom caucus) who want to maintain any shred of integrity, need to leave the party in mass, and start a third party.

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    4. "Why do we have to cave to these left leaning crackpot Trumpsters and his BigPharma agenda."

      Because the people in Congress that YOU are supporting are Democrats and always cave to whatever the left wants....YOU are the problem. Big Pharma loves you Democrat lite's...

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. With McCarthy listening to Pillow talk from Frank Luntz for years, how can any conservative trust his word?

  2. McCarthy WOULD be a Democrat Speaker. Or more precisely, a Uni-Party Speaker.

    They all traded the Senate for the House because they knew McCarthy would run the Same Old Grift on America.

    Your day is done, dinosaurs, and you don't even know it.

    1. pretty much, the whining is showing his true colors. Kick them all to the curb.

    2. Yes, McCarthy would be the Uni-Party speaker.

    3. At this point, Republicans do not deserve to win.

    4. yep.. I concur. The midterms were obviously rigged beforehand. I am thinking McConnell made a deal to stay minority in the Senate (for reasons stated above) in return for a House just 'majority' enough to make it look good. Elections are no longer valid.

  3. Also have to remember, and no one brings this up, the SOTH is also 3rd in line to be POTUS - and potential VP if something happens to current POTUS.

    1. Yep, this is critical. Not to be trifled with. Considering the fact that
      The dem leadership is awful. We should be looking for a General, indeed. 2DC

    2. What generals? When there's only cowards.

    3. Draft Trump for Speaker, then Arkancide Biden and Harris. Problem solved! AND he gets to run for Prez in 2024, because his fill-in term will be a few weeks less than 2 years.

    4. I like the cut of your jib, Anonymous.

    5. Yes. But the SOTH does not assume the office of VP if POTUS is no more.

  4. Great column, Don. I was swearing the whole time I was reading it. I know it's a rhetorical question, but what the #$5* is wrong with these people? Voters make their choices and then they get this? At this point, I don't even know if it matters anymore. You're right Don: It's fine. See ya. Whatever.

    1. They are frauds.

      As is common amongst politicians, regardless of political party affiliation.

      You may not have noticed this, being canadian, because your entire governmsnt system is designed to flim flam the canadian voters, with the illusion of a having a democracy, rendered impotent by the muliplicity of political parties/factions with the parlament format.

      Divide, no need to conquer, just rule over.

    2. Yes, I already know that. I live here. It's impossible not to see.

  5. Deplorable California Refugee in IdahoNovember 30, 2022 at 11:41 AM

    The choice is between heading off the cliff at warp speed (democrats), or heading off the cliff at freeway speed (republicans). Reagan couldn’t or wouldn’t change the direction, Donald Trump is the only one in my lifetime who actually tried to turn it around. The deep/administrative state/ruling class attacked him like an immune response to Covid. They will never let anyone who threatens them anywhere near the White House again, the votes will continue being counted until Trump loses. Elections are used to peaceably resolve issues and live together, but implicit in this concept is that elections must be fair, and they aren’t. I’m 64 years old, so I’m kind of hoping for the slower trip off the cliff, but only in a selfish way for my own remaining years, my kids and grandkids are going to suffer. The chance to peacefully restore the republic is gone, so there will be either civil war or oppression.

  6. Ace, as usual, is right. And you are, too.

  7. This is pretty much why I hate Democrats and despise Republicans.

  8. This, don, is how Trump does it.

    USE the leverage you got.

    Like a crowbar shoved up their ass.

    These 'moderate republicans' are no republican at all, let alone MAGA Republicans.

    Merely, as was said, uniparty eunics.



    Flim flam flammers.

    And Trump has exposed them all.

    And is still exposing them, just by his existence.

    Backed by True American Spirits of MAGA.

    If I read your article accurately, ALL the rule changes presented by the MAGA coalition must be adopted.

    And a MAGA agreed to Speaker must be chosen.

    And THEN we shall see who is, and is not, a True American MAGA Republican, amongst the many wimpy pretenders filling that 222 quantiy of congressional majority.

  9. Stopping him from becoming speaker will spare the Republican Party and the country a lot of grief.

    I just love your sense of humor, Don, like that will ever happen.

  10. Well, since the Speaker doesn't need to be a member of the House, how about Sarah Palin? Or since Keri Lakes doesn't officially have a job now, how about her? Lots of great talent out there?

  11. Many here are not google approved.
    Intentionally. That's what opens the rolls, thank you Mr. Surber.
    Trump saw out on the horizon the tsunami of fjb voters, he paddled out side the normal lineup, and rode it into the oval office. We're talking about the majority, characterized by those that couldn't stomach either of the thimbledicks usually available, and tended to feel their vote shouldn't be based on the lesser of two evils. They wanted to vote FOR something.

  12. " others of their right to believe gay marriages are wrong." By others, I hope you mean orthodox Jews. We are just as opposed to gay marriage as the others are. And there is also a civil war raging within the Jewish community on this issue.

  13. This situation beckons an elegant tactic.

    Let's all become NeverKeviners!!!

    We can publish a bi-monthly missive titled The Rino Reviewer.

    We can rate the rinos on a scale of -1 thru -10, with a recommendation for each that varies from:

    -1 thru -3 = primary their asses

    -4 thru -7 = tar and feathers monthly for a year

    -8 thru -10 = deported to the submerged island paradise of...... Kooka Munga

    With Twitter being a free speech zone now, the newly spawned Rino Reviewer could become as well known and respected as, say, Breitbart!!!

  14. even funnier is rino s saying that if we cant get mccarthy in we should let a centerist like Jeffries be speaker....jeffries a centerist? come on man

    1. Totally not what I said, but carry on

    2. The rinos are playing chicken with the MAGA Republicans, the interloping new bloods.

      The dozen ultra rinos, uniparty swine, are not the only rinos, the weak small r republicans are also complicit with compromising essential MAGA Republican principles for very meager gains, if any.

      Thus, kevin mac cee is their touted ringmasterbator.

      The ones, who are many, who fail to use evety bit of leverage to thwart the uniparty, show they are also uniparty.

      Trump knows how to use every single mm on the crowbar of leverage.

      Including how to play the chicken game.

      There are only 2 options to play in the game of chicken:

      The opponent vears off or kaboom, head on smash up.

      That is how you get THEM to compromise.

      These are not the days to walk softly and carry a big stick.

      These are the days to talk loudly and whack the shit out of the swampers' uniparty.

      Trump knows this.

      MAGA knows this.

      And, it seems, surber knows this.

      It is up to the rest of the pompous conservatives to know this.

      Especially the abundant karens spread widely within the republican party and it's voters.

  15. Agree with Ace. Fuck Kevin McCarthy. And I haven’t said Duck Joe Biden in a while, so fuck him.

  16. One good thing about our one party system; it's easy to tell who the bad guys are. If they're in D. C., they're definitely the bad guys!

    1. You're on a roll here today, dick, old buddy, old buddy of....someone......


      Go ahead.



    2. I think the Schlongmaster knows a joke when he sees it. I'll try to include you next time.

    3. The pair of you just passed up the clincher.

      So sad you both petered out......

      At least you have each other.......

      (Now, dummies, say Yes, then, Absolutely...... Ya know, like you know how to tag team.....)

  17. Effin'-A right, Don!

  18. Donny Boy, brother veteran, you are spot on here. On Fire!

    It is the Republican National CORPORATION that matters, not you or I. Money. Big Donors. Oh, and Mitch is married to a CCP shipping/shipbuilding bidness. Never forget.

    I am almost grabbing popcorn to the complete failure of the GOP to win anything in the next few years and we will not allow them to blame Trump - he just endorsed 235 candidates and 219 won(93%) - they are the ones that withheld MILLIONs from the PACs Trump filled with cash to vote for democrats(Kelly and Murkowski). Have fun GOPe...

  19. The republican party left us for dead in 2020. Burn them all the way down to the ground. We no longer have anything to lose starting a new party. Create the America First party or the MAGA party or whatever the real patriots want to call it. Republicans need to be dumped for fricking good, they are a pox upon us all.

  20. In order to reverse or even attempt to reverse the devastation caused by these Democrat socialist programs, policies, plundering of the US economy, one has to be willing to be the “bad guy”, the one who’s going to appear cruel and mean if any semblance of balance is to be produced. That’s just the first step.

    The second is that it will take decades to right this ship of state in its current state of ruination, and with the constant change in parties of power, it cannot be accomplished, as that will only create further disruption and destruction. The economy needs assurances, and much like the oil companies today cannot invest in the future, which is their entire business model, because of this constant swing back and forth, how can we ever even get on a path to restoration?

    House Republicans may have the majority this cycle but they hardly inspire confidence as willing to be the “bad guy”, who’d be willing to reverse course on decades of Democrat profligacy. They’ve even been party to it in many cases. And there’s no guarantee whatsoever that they’d be in power long enough to see it through, as the people, who may think they want things to get better, will whine and cry when their pet handout gets touched.

    Don’t see much hope on the horizon. Sorry.

  21. AMEN, Mr Don, AMEN!!!

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