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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Judge junks lawsuit against Trump

New York trial judge Robert R. Reed tossed Mary Trump's lawsuit against her uncles Donald and Robert Trump. The lawsuit was filed just before the 2020 election and had little merit, the New York Times was forced to report.

NYT said, "Former President Donald J. Trump won a legal battle against his niece Mary L. Trump this week, when a New York judge dismissed Ms. Trump’s lawsuit claiming he and other relatives had cheated her out of tens of millions of dollars in inheritance.

"Ms. Trump filed the lawsuit in September 2020 in State Supreme Court [a lower court in New York] in Manhattan. She accused Mr. Trump, his sister, Maryanne Trump, and their brother, Robert Trump, of fraud and civil conspiracy, seeking to recover the money she said she was denied.

"In a decision signed Monday, the judge, Robert R. Reed, said Ms. Trump’s claims were barred because of a settlement agreement she signed with her family in 2001."

The story by the Times was heavy in allegations by the niece, light in objectivity.

Big surprise, right?

NYT said, "The lawsuit arose from a real estate portfolio left to Ms. Trump by her father, Fred Trump Jr., the president’s older brother, who died of an alcohol-induced heart attack in 1981, when Ms. Trump was 16 years old.

"The portfolio included a stake in the family real estate business, including nearly 1.8 million square feet of Trump family real estate in Brooklyn and part of a property partnership.

"According to Mary Trump, in the 1980s and 1990s, as her grandfather Fred Trump — the family patriarch — descended into dementia, Donald Trump and his siblings took control of the family business, including the entities in which Ms. Trump had inherited interests.

"Between 1981 and 2001, Ms. Trump said in her lawsuit, Mr. Trump and his siblings siphoned millions of dollars from the businesses by taking 'exorbitant management fees, consulting fees, and salaries' from the companies she had a stake in, and by issuing loans to themselves from businesses she controlled that 'included no terms of repayment.'"

Way down at the bottom of the story, NYT said, "Ms. Trump also said that she signed the 2001 agreement under duress, after her aunt and uncles withdrew health insurance from her sick nephew and made other threats.

"But the judge held that because there was no fraud involved in the signing of that agreement, Ms. Trump cannot challenge the terms of the settlement on the basis that she was improperly led to sign it." 

She was 36 when she made the settlement.


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  1. The establishment has terminal TDS and has a very willing press to bellow all alleged derogatory news at ultra sound levels, especially prior to any election. The lo-fo voters never are told the truth so they go through life thinking about all these negative droppings without realizing it is so much bird doo.

  2. It was a good article Don. I heartily recommend reading it - and then getting CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters and read that.

  3. The election is over. NOW the court rules in PDJT’s favor. NOW, the Washington Compost admits the FBI raid on PDJT was no sense. Of course.

    1. Not to mention the court decisions about the student loan vote-buying scheme.

    2. They've thrown a lot of BS missiles at the Trumpster and nothing has hit. Like the Russians, you'd think they'd be running low on ammo by now. I wonder what they'll come up with next??

  4. The myriad lawsuits and legal assaults again Trump are part of the lefts strategy against him.... it's called lawfare. A form of legal warfare designed to keep him busy...and bankrupt him. The suits don't have to succeed, they were never intended to. They are filed for the sole purpose of harassment and to cost him money. The costs of filing and prosecuting them are paid for from diverted campaign donations and malignant leftist donors.

  5. It's time to move on from feigned admiration for Trump, Don. You dumped him, now be man enough to walk away. Your transparent attempts to regain credibility are undignified.

    1. Your whine has a grating nasal tone to it....even in print.
      Like a bimetal blade in an old pallet.

  6. One frivolous lawsuit dropped, three hundred and sixty four frivolous lawsuits to go.

    1. I am waiting for the NY state ones to dropped. They were pretty blatant political lawsuits by the elected prosecutor.

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