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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Journos leave Twitter and invade Mastodon. Hilarity ensues

In protest of Elon Musk's promise to introduce free speech to Twitter, hundreds of journalists fled to what they thought was a similar service called Mastodon. But Mastodon is not a worldwide showcase of their work to millions of people. It is a village of little houses who talk among themselves. We used to call this conversation.

The journos are intruders trying to turn Mastodon into Twitter.

The volunteer moderators who set up their little houses are paid largely through donations. They are in it for the pleasure. The influx of Twitter quitters has ramped up traffic but also caused a lot of headaches.

A moderator in Netherlands named Stux posted, "What's it with people reporting every single person they don't like.. :amaze: 

"Please, stop with that.

"This is not #Twitter. Please use features like mute or block if you don't like people but stop reporting otherwise I'll start banning people who keep reporting for nothing.

"I'm trying to keep things running with so many new people and it's such a waste of time to hear whatever you don't like.

"Otherwise go waste Elon's time, not mine."'


They did not use block or mute on Twitter. Why would they on Mastodon. They have the right to censor anyone who disagrees with them, right?

This rudeness and crybullying are not limited to journos or (I hope) Americans but journos are the worst because they should support free speech and have thicker hides. 

They are colonists trying to take over an existing social media site. But Mastodon is not an alternative to Twitter. Gab, Parler and GETTR are. Instead of moving to those places, which are Twitter-like, journos invaded Mastodon, which isn't.

To his credit, rather than take over someone else's Mastodon hut, Adam Davidson of NPR started his own called He said the blue-checked crowd resented most that soon for $8 a month anyone on Twitter will get a blue check

He said in a softball interview, "In a very short period of time, a bunch of us accepted that a) the existence of that blue check is good, b) it’s gone — whatever happens with Twitter, we’re never going to be able to fully trust it — and c) a realization that we in journalism had just outsourced that whole process, that whole decision-making, to whoever happened to work at Twitter. As a profession, we didn’t think, or at least I wasn’t part of any larger conversations, about the verification process. We just trusted that there was some office at Twitter that was making the right calls.

"We realized there’s a need for some kind of verification of journalists and that if we could control it, that would be really cool. I was part of these conversations about setting up a journalism server, and it was going on and on. People were listing more and more reasons to be worried and more and more things that had to happen before we set up a journalism server. I can be impulsive, and I was just like, screw it, I’m just gonna do it and then we’ll face all the problems. So I did it, and then we did face all the problems."


They need steenking badges.

The interviewer asked Davidson, "Can you talk about the debate over content warnings? This is something that was really surprising to me, the idea that everything we write about basically needs a content warning."

Davidson said, "Among journalists, this is the single most controversial and misunderstood issue. We’re not mandating content warnings.

"I think I’ve kind of had every single opinion that one can have about this. My first response, which I think is most journalists’ first response, was, 'Who are these precious snowflakes?' Then a bunch of people said, 'No, that’s not how to think about it; it’s really just the subject line of an email,' and if I had the right to send you an email where you had to see the whole thing, that’d be kind of annoying.

"But then a lot of people in the BIPOC community said, 'The way this is being used on Mastodon is often to shield White people from racism and homophobia and other issues.' And so I’m very sympathetic to that as well."

This weekend, Orchard Park, New York, suffered 77 inches of snow. Davidson apparently had even more snowflakes.

The New York Times tried to polish this turd with a story, "Chaos on Twitter Leads a Group of Journalists to Start an Alternative."

The story said, "On Nov. 18, the journalist Mike Pesca, who hosts the popular news podcast The Gist, posted a link to a New York Times story about health concerns associated with the puberty-blocking drugs sometimes prescribed to transgender youths, writing, 'This seemed like careful, thorough reporting.'

"In response, Parker Molloy, a journalist who writes the Substack newsletter The Present Age, accused Mr. Pesca of anti-trans bigotry, and then posted angrily at Mr. Davidson for not removing the post."


Molloy wanted Pesca banned for praising an NYT story.

And he was!

The story said, "On Saturday, suspended Mr. Pesca, who was informed via a text message from Mr. Davidson, a longtime friend. (The two are currently writing an exchange of letters hosted on Substack, about the nature of cancel culture.) According to Mr. Pesca, Mr. Davidson told him he had been suspended for referring to Ms. Molloy as an activist, which was dismissive. The suspension 'seemed arbitrary and ad hoc,' Mr. Pesca said in an interview; Ms. Molloy didn’t respond to a message seeking comment."

Ah but there was a happy ending. The story also said, "Also on Saturday, Ms. Molloy appeared on a different Mastodon server, and announced that she, too, had been suspended from for her posts."

The real last laugh goes to someone besides Pesca.

Fox reported, "Elon Musk cheers woke journalist migration from Twitter: ‘Judgy hall monitors stay on other platforms.’"

As N8 Ag (Nate Silver) said, "Mastodon seems like a honeytrap for hall-monitor personality types. Honestly if Elon gets all the hall monitors to migrate to Mastodon that might be his greatest contribution toward the betterment of humanity."

Oh it is a hoot.

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Also, if you have read "Thank the Lord for the Pilgrims," I thank you.


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  2. As they used to say in my business "You can't shine shit". How true it was and still is.

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  3. Is it accurate that newspapers & media evaluate their "journalists" on success of their Twitter "engagement?" If so then that's why the industry and "profession" is in a tizzy. With the US in Recession not many jobs available in the media biz.

  4. Some days, my irony compass spins around like I'm sitting on a 400 ton meteorite.

    1. @Jael LOL!! That's gonna go "meme" and get stolen - it's just too good. ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Some of the best news I've read in a while.
    -dch Australia

  6. You need to understand, It is the fascist lefts/demoncrats/snowflakes absolute right to shut down anything they personally don't like. And most producers, who were formally known as reporters/journalists, belong to those groups.
    EN2 SS

  7. So this is about Kareny hall monitors and not journalists, right? No wonder most of the public doesn't read them or watch them.

    1. I tend to think of these "journalists" as comediennes since are so funny.

    2. I can just see each one shouting but MY sources are better. My story is right, yours is wrong. Rather than like having a conversation.

  8. Mastodon as in tarpit bait? 2DC

  9. Folks, can we call them what they are?
    They Are URINALISTS! I coined the term decades ago and I'm still surprised it hasn't stuck.
    They pee on everything good while pushing their Marxist agenda.
    And they wonder we no longer pay them any attention.

  10. I've been a tech journalist for more than 20 years.

    I joined on a friday night and was affected. Less than 12 hours later my membership was canceled.

    No explanation given. I appealed per their process and have gotten no response.

    I've asked Adam Davidson directly, no response.

    I never even got a chance to post

    1. Tragic. Imagine that --- being thrown out of a good place not to be.

  11. Best as I recall, mastadons are extinct. Soon, the Karen journalists and the platform itself will be as well.

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  12. Adam Davidson and Jeff Zucker: Separated at birth!

    (Warning: You must have a strong stomach to see this)

  13. "This weekend, Orchard Park, New York, suffered 77 inches of snow. Davidson apparently had even more snowflakes."

    Don, you've just made the Frasier Crane writers envious.

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