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Monday, November 28, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: A faithful reader is sending me the New York Post's Trump Rant du Jour. This weekend's included, "Trump puts his ego before everything."

His ego gave us an embassy in Jerusalem, the lowest unemployment in 50 years, energy independence for the first time in 50 years, no new wars and no Hillary.

There is a bunch of other stuff, too. I just picked the first five I could think of on the fly.

My point is, his ego is better than any other president since Reagan.

Ego/Mean Tweets 2024.

ITEM 2: WND reported, "A legal team that works with the Institute for Justice is telling the federal government it should not launch another new program to spy on truckers.

"The New York Times reported just months ago that commercial truckers already are subject to a long list of government monitors, making 'long-haul truckers …. some of the most closely monitored workers in the world.'

"They are required to keep log books of their time and travels, their companies watch them every day, their companies' customers report every delivery – or not."

Long-haul truckers are largely independent. Fascists hate independence. 

Farmers are next.

ITEM 3: Fox reported, "Abraham Lincoln statue vandalized in Chicago. The vandals wrote 'COLONIZER' and 'LAND BACK' on the statue."

Today's college graduates are indoctrinated sheep with sheepskins.

None of them or their professors are worthy of licking Lincoln's boots. They hate Lincoln because he proves wrong their talking point that the Civil War was not about slavery and that blacks used it to liberate themselves on Juneteenth.

He literally gave his life to freeing slaves.

ITEM 4: Dana Millbank of the Washington Post complained about the land he bought to get back to nature. He said he was shocked to learn it is 95% brush.

A reader wrote, "Yeah, back in colonial days (and stretching back in time) clearing land was a big deal, Dana. Whole forests had to be cleared in order to farm. Trees cut down (lumber) tree stumps burned (bonfires) and then yes, weeds plowed or pulled, year in and year out. Which grow faster than trees.

" Land clearing for cultivation was a great civilizational achievement, taking organized effort and stupendous manpower. Probably more effort than building the pyramids.

"If just anybody could do it, without pesticides, the Indians would have turned North America into a tobacco, eggplant, tomato, corn, and marijuana plantation."

The real money was in cotton.

ITEM 5: CNN said, "Daylight Saving Time sheds light on lack of sleep’s disproportionate impact in communities of color."

Old: Everyone I hate is Hitler.

New: Everything I oppose has a disproportionate impact in communities of color.

ITEM 6: The Daily Wire reported, "Over the last month, VERS, a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen has experienced four separate incidents of an individual throwing bricks through its windows.

"Immediately, New York leftists declared it was evidence of something sinister."

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine tweeted, "The epidemic of anti-LGBTQ+ violence is national. A well-known gay bar on Manhattan’s west side has been attacked repeatedly in recent weeks. We can not stand for this."

The story continued, "The suspect currently in custody for the attacks is 34-year-old Sean Kuilan. Kuilan is not being charged with a hate crime. Why not? Well, he’s gay."

I am about as surprised as Captain Louis Renault was when he learned there was gambling going on at Rick's casino.

ITEM 7: Popular Science reported, "Despite pushback, NASA won’t rename the James Webb Space Telescope. LGBTQI+ scientists and astronomers have protested the name."

LGBTQI+ scientists.

Are these the same guys who deny that chromosomes determine your sex?

ITEM 8: The Detroit Free Press reported, "Wayne County Judge Demetria Brue is facing scrutiny — and a formal complaint — over her alleged misconduct in a Mackinac Island bike shop.

"The Judicial Tenure Commission filed a public complaint against Brue, a judge in the 36th District Court, alleging professional misconduct."

Brue allegedly tore up a receipt and said, "You assaulted me. Did you just assault me? You took my receipt and tore it up. I want the police. Now we need the police. I am going to call them. You snatched my receipt and threw it away and grabbed my hand and you hurt me. 

"You touched my hand with force and violence. I am a female. I am a judge. I am here for a conference and you ... I am an African American female. That was racist, and it was disrespectful and it was violent."

Security footage said otherwise. Oops. There goes the judge. There goes the judge.

ITEM 9: The Daily Wire reported, "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a $3.5 million drug treatment Tuesday, the most expensive drug in the world.

"Hemgenix, manufactured by CSL Behring, is the first gene therapy that treats adults with hemophilia B, a genetic bleeding disorder resulting in insufficient levels of a protein called Factor IX that is needed to stop bleeding. Those with severe hemophilia B are required to have regular infusions, but the new multi-million dollar gene therapy is a single-dose IV infusion, carrying a gene for blood clotting Factor IX."

Miracles ain't cheap.

ITEM 10: In Red China, the army uses tanks against protesters.

They protest anyway.

What is our excuse?

ITEM 11: Just the News reported, "The House Republican leadership has rejected 6 out of the 8 House Freedom Caucus rules changes that have been considered so far, Just the News has learned.

"The amendments that failed included a requirement that spending bills must pass before the fiscal year officially begins on Oct. 1. If not, other legislation would not be able to be considered on the floor. An amendment that would ensure all members of the Republican Conference are able to participate in conference meetings was rejected, and a rule change to allow one member, with the support of 25 others, to request having one Republican staffer admitted to conference meetings also failed.

"In addition, House GOP leadership rejected an amendment that would have allowed committee members to elect their own chairmen."

McCarthy overlooked one inconvenient detail. He's not speaker yet.

ITEM 12: The Daily Wire reported, "Lower-level Russian parliamentarians unanimously passed a law Thursday that would ban the distribution of materials promoting homosexuality, pedophilia, and gender reassignment."

Disney hardest hit.

ITEM 13: Reader: Don, can you give an example of a self-own?

As a matter of fact, I can...

Isn't that the point of grooming?

ITEM 14: Fox reported, "Chicago woman with concealed-carry license foils attempted carjacking by shooting man in head."

He's in critical condition.

Pray for him. We want him to stand trial -- and name his three accomplices.

ITEM 15: Post Millennial reported, "CEO of trans activist group Mermaids resigns after board member ousted over pedophile advocacy

"Susie Green's resignation comes as Mermaids has been under mass public scrutiny for pushing gender ideology on children, and attempting to silence those they disagree with."

Groomers Inc.

ITEM 16: Just the News reported, "Democrats and immigration activists have long claimed that amnesty for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children wouldn't include young people with a criminal history, but many of the juvenile beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program were affiliated with gangs and had arrest records when granted the program's benefits, according to a new report.

"George Fishman of the Center for Immigration Studies this week released a report highlighting how many criminal immigrant youths qualify for DACA but face few consequences."

Democrats have always liked gangbangers. What party do you think those judges belonged to whom Don Corleone bought off? 


FINALLY, many readers disagree with my Substack column this week.

Maybe I am too optimistic.


  1. ITEM 1 Trump has an ego. So what.
    I'm with you, Don, Ego/Mean Tweets 2024!

    1. The practical result is that it keeps him out of the Oval Office. We can talk with nostalgia about his accomplishments, but he can accomplish nothing more if he isn’t re-elected.

    2. That is illogical. If he gets the nomination I will vote for him. Just because you don't think Trump can win doesn’t mean you don't support the nominee. I want a person with backbone and if that means an ego comes along with it, okay.

    3. And just because you may not think that Trump can win, doesn't mean that you do not vote for Trump to BE the nominee.


      Backbone: MEGA MAGA level.

      All others barely have a spine.

    4. Of course, you'd support him if he won the nomination. I intend to, even though I see no path to his victory in the general. I'll still pull the lever for him - unlike those Trump supporters in Western PA who wouldn't pull it for Oz, even when their guy asked them to. Trump, by declaring now, has more than likely given the WH to the dems in 2024, because he has no path to win the states he needs, and anyone other than Trump will lose enough Trump supporters to have the same problem. We must wait til 28.

    5. Anon - there is little that would compel me to support Trump in the primary at this point. I have no faith in his organizational ability to fix the problems that make his path to victory in general nigh impossible - unless you've got some insight into how he wins any of these states. As such, I need his exit as soon as possible to give another nominee a chance to actually win, probably in 28. Trump did wonderful things. He has done his work. Time for someone else. Someone who may have a chance.

    6. Find me a politician without an ego. Combine that with a backbone of steel and the ability to demolish the liberal media and you get PDJT.

    7. Here’s a hypothetical, courtesy TownHall: Let’s suppose Trump grades out near 100% in America First policy. And let’s then suppose primary candidate #2 only grades out at 70-85% America First. Candidate #2 is popular and appears to be electable; DJT, not so much. Whom do we support? Would we rather have 70-85% America First with better electability, or throw the dice and risk unelectability to support 100% America First, realizing that if 100% loses, we get 0% for another four years?

      If it becomes obvious that Mr. Trump, for whatever reason, isn’t electable, should we throw away the election by giving him the nomination anyway? Not. The country is far more important than any one person. We must win in 2024. Can the country even survive four more years of Joe Biden?

    8. ALL presidents and wanna-be presidents have egos. It's not a bad thing.

    9. "courtesy of town hall"?


      Those feckless uniparty hacks?

      You enjoy the benefits, as do all Americans, of those who wrote our Contitution, and formed our Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States, who, we may surmise, did not follow the advice of their own 'town hall' quality hacks.

      No balls, no nation.


      Fucking quoting townhall putzrags.

    10. I have read the NY Post (mostly) daily for about 60 years. And now I have quit them, and consider that newspaper to be garbage, like the NY Daily News or the NY Slimes.
      After hyping the "Red Tsunami" for weeks, the Post turned on a dime to blame the midterm election disappointment entirely on Trump....not on RINO McConnell or the election cheating Democrats. The abrupt change in the Post was orchestrated media-wide and planned

    11. Everyone has an ego.

      And for those who are bothered, irritated, vexed, discomboobalated, disturbed, offended, etc., by Trump, a humble opinion is here offered:

      Get over yourselves.

      And another:

      Look into a mirror.

      And yet another:

      Envy/jealousy never results in anything good.

      Trump has walked through fire for you.

      Trump is still walking through fire for you.

      Trump is tempered by the fire, and is still walking through the fire.

      For you.

      And you speak of percentages of probabilities?

      You fucking weasles.......

    12. Black JEM: You have brought up a point that the OnlyTrump folks never address, HOW does Trump win the states he needs to become president? What is his path to 270 electoral votes? Is it through Pennsylvania, which just elected John freaking Fetterman to the US Senate? Is it through Michigan and Wisconsin, which just reelected their Covid-fanatic governors to a second term? Is Trump supposed to retake Arizona — the land of the McCain voter — when Kari Lake couldn’t? Is Georgia going to go all-in for the former president after he made war with their popular GOP governor? Are single females and Gen Z voters, who proved they’ll vote for Democrats even with an unpopular Democratic president, a tanking economy, and Trump not on the ballot, going to suddenly change their minds and go full-MAGA? Get real.

      There doesn’t seem to be a lot of discernment and strategic thinking among the OnlyTrumpers. Every post is just a pep rally for Team Trump.

    13. we CAN'T win in 2024. national elections are even easier to cheat than state elections. the red wave didn't pan out b/c THEY get to count the "votes". until that changes, we lose.

    14. Hey one-word-paragraph guy. Cool rant about quoting TownHall, complete with a naughty word. (Fucking this and fucking that is about as high a level of discourse as you’re capable of.)

      So how about answering the hypothetical: Do you support 100% America First with low electability or 70-85% America First with high electability?

    15. Hey, troll, masking itself as anonymous, what is this 'high electability' you speak of?

      It is fantasy.

      And this 'low electibilty' you say is Trump?

      Predictable uniparty babble.

      As for the lovely word, 'fuck', in all it's abundant forms, see George Carlin......

    16. For those who don't think Trump can win the swing states but another candidate can because they don't have his baggage, you need to get a grip on reality. The dems will cheat the same way there as the last time no matter who the candidate is. And unless that is stopped, no one will beat them. Trump is our best bet as he has had to deal with it up close and personal once already. Desantis, not so much.

    17. George Carlin said, “Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that 50% of them are more stupid than that!”








    18. And yet, I honor George Carlin with the abundancy of utilizing the various forms of the word he found most delightful......

      You fucking fuckhead, you.......

      You did not listen to Carlin audio bit on the word 'fuck', did you, fuckbrain?

    19. "Trump is our best bet as he has had to deal with it up close and personal once already. Desantis, not so much."

      Twice. And twice he failed to deal with it. What gives you pause to think he will finally get it right?

      Again, I am asking Trump supporters for 24 - how does he win the general? I would love an explanation of how. I sincerely do not see it. And no one has bothered to detail his victory path.

      As to 22 being all Trump's fault - that is silly. He shares in the blame, as does McConnell, as do states who won't police their elections. I'm sure we could find a few others. It was a team effort.

    20. Bob says —
      Ego and mean tweets over corrupt lifelong politicians

    21. And still no answer to the question. I guess “fuck” is about all your little mind can comprehend. At least George Carlin made money saying it. You don’t. You’re just running around like a dorky school kid saying it to try to look cool.

    22. Bob says —
      Trump now! More than ever.

    23. What question would that be, troll masking itself as anonymous?

      And you still did not listen to the Carlin audio bit on the word 'fuck'.

      What you scared of?

    24. I'll go with ego and mean tweets any day, which means Trump. However, I don't know if Trump or any Republican, including DeSantis, can win in 2024 unless the Rs smarten up and get with the mail-in and ballot harvesting programs that are already in place. As much as I would like to see Trump re-elected, I don't think he will be allowed to win.

    25. And Bob says, “Gimme a T. Gimme a R. Gimme a U. Gimme an M. Gimme a P. Whaddya got? TRUMP! Yay Trump. Beat Biden.” (Well maybe this time will be better than ‘20 and ‘22.)

    26. The lovely jem.

      Who do you honestly think can be elected ?

      There is no one, not one, who can do what Trump did.

      And for you to describe 2020 as Trump losing, and add to your duplicity claiming Trump 'shares' in the blame for the 2022 flimflam, is, or should be, not possible for your claimed, or, rather, implied, genuine MAGA sensibilities.

      How about you show me the path to victory for anyone republican?

      Go ahead, jem with brains so big, describe that path to victory you tout that Trump cannot possibly achieve.


    27. I guess Don has figured out that to hit the magic 100 comments mark, all he has to do is lead the Highlights with Trump. Quantity over quality.





    32. You're having fun, lobo, that's good.

      That is the most delightful aspect of blog commenting.

      As for blog commenting resulting in helping others to improve their ability to think, well, the following equation defines this:

      Agree with = already know and like/approve

      Disagree with = already know, dislike/disapprove and, thus, disregard

      So, say or do not say, it makes no difference.

      Thus, have some fun.

    33. I'm always having fun Anon. And I think there are people who may be caused to think by asking questions. At the very least maybe they'll look into things a bit. Not the people who comment here, we've already made up our minds, but there are many people who read but do not comment, at least based upon the website traffic statistics.

    34. Hey, Anon, you are the one trumpeting it. You tell me how he wins. I've asked. You won't give. He's failed the last two times - while it is unfair to blame 22 on him alone, his candidates did underperform in the general.

      So, Don thanks you for pushing his comments this high. But you are completely unserious. And you have zero idea or knowledge or clue on how Trump can win in 24. Until you give, I guess there is no point in engaging.

    35. So, jemmy, you do not know how anyone republican has a path to the presidency, do you?

      But you do know that Trump does not?

      How you figure that is possible, hmmmm?

      To know what is not possible and to not know what is possible?

      You have that garbage, in garbage out condition.

      This renders your thinking into caca.


    36. Yes let's give up 100% America first Trump who can't get elected in exchange for 85% America first candidate that can get elected. Candidates like Ford, Dole, McCain, Romney and Ryan perhaps?
      No thanks. I'll take Trump. If he can fix the institutional voting fraud he wins in a landslide agsin. If he can't, no GOP candidate can win

    37. Dear Black Jem,

      The same question can be asked of you. How does any Republican win in 2024 with all the cheating the Dems do in the "swing states"? Until you answer that "you are completely unserious. And you have zero idea or knowledge or clue on how the GOP can win in 24. Until you give, I guess there is no point in engaging."

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    39. Jem , you disssapoint me . Never ever jump ship unless you have a quantifiable solution . The likable 75 -85 percent guy is a fantasy .

    40. Damn it, reed, why you gotta use don as your first name???

      Every time you post, I keep thinking of Donna Reed, that so very sexy imp from It's A Wonderful Life.

      Forget Zuzu's petals....

      I wanna lasso that Donna Reed moon!!!!

  2. I agree with your substack article....well put. #8 shows the benefits of close circuit cameras in preventing shakedowns.

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  3. #5: “Daylight Saving Time sheds light on lack of sleep’s disproportionate impact in communities of color.” In less than a month, on December 21, America will reach maximum blackness. The blacks should be happy that we do this every year to honor their blackness. In fact, even in June, when we have the least blackness, WAY more than 12% of our daily hours are black.

    1. Okay.


      The 'fall back 1 hour' change to clocks = what now?

      Sunrise, by clock time, occurs 1 hour earlier.

      Sunset, by clock time, occurs 1 hour earlier.

      This effects who people in what way?

      And how?

      I don't get it.

      Where's the beef?

    2. In seriousness, there are all sorts of studies showing increased industrial accidents, lower work productivity - heck if we looked hard enough, we could probably find studies showing poor academic performance and car accidents as well.

      There is no benefit to switching time. None. Even the reason we started it in the first place never actually achieved what people thought it would. Let's pick a time and stick with it.

    3. What was the reason?

      Humans who live by their clocks.

      Which humans live by their clocks?

      Modern civilized humans, living in an urbanized environment, surviving according to urban required standards of activities.

      So the clock time is 1 hour earlier when sun rises.

      So what?

      So the clock time is 1 hour earlier when sun sets.

      So what?

      What does this effect?

      Seemingly, not a fucking thing.

      Who does this effect?

      Those who must be outside their homes by the clock time and are benefitted by it being after the sun rises. Ya know, not still pitch blackness of night. That's it.

      So, really, what can be the disparity, of the meager effect of this, between whatever grouping of humans some knuckleheads want to claim exists?

    4. If the one-word-paragraph guy can’t understand the conversation, including the humor of the 7:36 post and the rational thoughts from Black JEM, he should just go troll somewhere else.

    5. BlackJEM, there are studies showing that Daylight Savings Time causes more heart attacks too. Think the study was done in Minnesota as well as others. I hate it, in IN they think they are on the East coast. We are a 1000 miles from the east coast. It is stupid. You can see the weirdness if you look at a current time zone map.

    6. What was the Woody Allen movie...? Where he imagined a planet that was exactly like Earth except everything occurred a couple of minutes later?

    7. Studies and surveys and such, oh my!!!

      And all this complaining about nothing.

      Your fucking smartass phone changes the clock for you.

      As does your laptop, desktop, and even those smartass clocks in every other tech device used by oh so many.

      So the sunrise is experienced 1 hour earlier by clock time.

      So fucking what.

      So the sunset is experienced 1 hour earlier by clock time.

      So filucking what.


    8. I don't like the time change, but it's only an hour. I think we can all deal with that. It also gives us something to look forward to in the spring.

    9. What don't you like about it, luann?

      How does it affect you in any way?

      Other than if you have mechanical clocks or older electronic ones?

      So the alarm goes off an hour earlier in fall and an hour later in spring.

      So what.

      Truly, what do you experience that you do not like?

    10. I think what I said is self-explanatory.

    11. Don, you really jumped ship too fast on this one. It's not only that can never win but even in the fantasy that he could, he would never do, try to do, or accomplish what DeSantis or even Youngkin could do.

      His childish rebuttals of Leftists policies and name calling are a welcomed joy for the Left. Trump is bleeding supporters and will lose millions of voters from 2020 due to his support of Fauci, the jabs, and inability to respond to the foreseeable voter fraud. Oh and his stupid left wing plants like Wray Barr not to mention not firing the evil Fauci whom he still supports.

      Screw you cultists. I wish with him from the escalator begging you fools to give him a chance. Please for those of you with the ability to have informed reason. Move on.

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    13. What 'ship' did surber jump?

      The nevertrumpers ship of feckless?

      The nomoretrumpers ship of feeble?

      The uniparty partners in perfidities ship of the oneworldorder cunts?

      Just what ship are you accusing surber of jumping?

      Surely not the ship of desanctoemoanious, which only appears to have left the dry dock?

      That boat still needs a shit ton of work, before it can ever float on deep waters.....

  4. Substack ... I dont care that blacks are pre dominant everywhere on TV. I only care that the media pretends that nothing has changed in spite of evidence so overwhelming so a five year old should be able to see it.

    Every year I make a habit of watching college football mostly from the benighted South. just to see how many whites play on the defenses. I remember in 2019, of the top 8 SEC teams, there was exactly one white guy

    I dont mind this. What I do mind is being told that I am being racist for noticing this, as clearly "nothing has changed" since the days when there were 0 players on the defense. I also mind that I musn't speculate on why 30% of the people of the South represent 100% of the players on the defenses ... which, BTW, is the same reason why the first EIGHTY sprinters to break the 10 second barrier in the 100 meter run came from this group, even as this group represents about 10% of the Earth"s population. Do the math on the odds of that happening at random.

    1. Uhhhhh.....


      What you talkin' about?

    2. If the one-word-paragraph guy can’t understand Lennie’s post, he should just go troll somewhere else.

    3. If the style critic guy can’t understand the benefits of clarity in a blog comment posting style, he should just continue to post comments, as most are welcomed to do, courtesy of Don Surber, as he chooses.

      Maybe if blog were to label every 'anonymous' comment as "TROLL says" this style critic would be less grumpy guy......

  5. I read your substack column and it makes great sense. Keep up the great work, Don. Even when I think I disagree I understand what you're saying and like reading your remarks. Keep up the great work.

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  6. 4. “ tobacco, eggplant, tomato, corn, and marijuana plantation.” for the record marijuana is not native to the Americas like the others. The variety of hemp called cannabis is from Asia.

  7. Don regarding your substack post on commercials, I'm pissed off that in general, black fathers abandon their families at a rate far higher than any other demographic. The black illegitimacy rate is over 70% and that leads to all sorts of societal problems. Advertisers ignoring that, placing the black man as the protagonist and the idiot white man as the buffoon who couldn't breath without the help of the black or the woman in the ad is completely offensive and not close to reality.

    1. So, not Trump's owner, do not buy what they are selling.

    2. Fuck you anon. I most certainly am Trump's owner you ignorant fuck! And I'll buy whatever the fuck I want you complete worthless DICK

    3. No, you are not 'Trump's owner'.

      The only one you own is you.

      This may be because who wants to own you?

      You are very high maintence.....

    4. Obviously, one-word-paragraph guy hasn’t been here long enough to know you or the story behind “Trump’s owner.” He’s not important enough to bother explaining it. Don’s long-time readers know why you are known as Trump’s owner.

    5. thanks ANON 9:25... did feel good to vent this morning too ;-)

    6. Damn T.O....When you said, "you complete worthless DICK", it made me go limp!!!

    7. When I hear those words, my dick gets harder......

      Go figure......

    8. Haha I thought of you as I typed it. With all due respect of course

    9. Oh my.

      T O thought of me getting harder????

      My cockles are tingling.....

  8. actually the first cash crop was broomcorn used to make brooms. Allegedly Ben Franklin swiped a few seeds from a Frenchman while he lived in Paris

  9. Item 5: "World Ends, Women and Minorities Hit Hardest."

    Item 6: I'm betting that every cop who saw the security camera footage immediately realized it was an inside job.

    Oh, and finally, I thought Obama would be good for race relations.

    1. The obamanation flimflam face, obama the sweet talker, sold their shit cake w/sweet talker frosting to many.

      Those many gave the benefit of doubt to his sincerity.

      He fooled them.

      First time, shame on him.

      Second time, shame on snob repubs, who we now, thanks to Trump, see as partners in the flim flam scammers,' plans.

    2. Ouch!!

      Yeah, he kind of did the opposite didn't he.

    3. 6- The giveaway was when Kuilan threw the brick like Soetoro threw out the first pitch.

    4. Amen SL, I know GIRLS who through way better than that. Our couch had to teach most of the softball team how to throw properly. It worked, we won games.

    5. #6 - I saw a screenshot of the video surveilance video of the guy throwing the brick. Someone commented that you could tell from the stance that he wasn't a conservative. He looked like a girl throwing that brick. I still haven't heard if he was trying to fake a hate crime or just had issues with the place.

    6. Pinroot, supposedly he was upset on a friend's behalf and was targeting their ex or friend that caused a grievance. They were all alphabets.

      PS. Since this went against the ongoing narrative of conservatives causing hate crimes, man dropped the story like a hot rock.

  10. 8- hint to potential hate crime fraudsters - check the entire area for security cameras before you commit your fraudulent crime.

  11. 10 - when you have nothing to lose, protesting is easy. When will we have nothing to lose?

    1. When each one is dead.


    2. Not long now. 2023 is shaping up to be a disaster of biblical proportions.

    3. It is always not long now for everyone, at some point in their time here.

      Compared to so very many, whatever 2023 brings, biblical proportions or merely hardships many have yet to endure, same old same is the rule of thumb.....

    4. At some point, protests are going to be more than necessary. People need to decide when they have had enough. Until then, that's what we have.

    5. Here is a good article that helps to explain why and when people have nothing to lose.

    6. It's an excellent article and makes a lot of sense about what is happening in China. China unleashed COVID and the blowback on the CCP is going to be well deserved. Western countries need to decouple from China, now.

    7. Trust me they are. China is yesterday's news.

    8. Just read that sheets of white paper are the symbol of definance in China. I don't think that China is yesterday's news.

  12. 11 - no surprise that McCarthy is still a RINO. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  13. The NYTimes is shameless. They won’t change even when exposed.

    1. The fools in that town are a big enough majority to carry the entire state.
      Just like sf/la.
      Shit ago
      Sea ahole
      The twin chitties

    2. Voters voted for this. They get what they deserve. Gooder and harder.

  14. 10 - What is our excuse?

    Apathy, ignorance, cowardice, sportsball, Netflix, selfishness, no moral compass and most importantly, abandonment of God.

  15. #3 and #4 - College kids and that Dana dude -- Idiots.

  16. #11-- God willing, McCarthy will not have the votes to be Speaker.

  17. #10 the Dragon is wounded. No one is paying attention. Wounded Dragons are dangerous. 2DC

    1. The only nation ever to have experienced a Constitutional Republic is ours.

      All others have been mere observers.

      Many have yet to shed their legacy kingdoms mentalities, with some masking this with feeble democracies.

      China has never had a true America worthy revolution.

      Merely a revolution from dynasty emperor/kingdom, to totalitarian communisms.

      This may be their citizens moment to evolve.

      If their citizens can overcome the slatterings of many.

      That pesky to dictators Right to Bear Arms is the key.

  18. Triggered conservative tinfoilers - still paranoid of Hillary and her deadly ninja assassins for 30 years running.

  19. All Presidents have egos. Like Obama doesn't, right? But I do like "Mean Tweets 2024". Would like a bumper sticker.

  20. I just had a thought. If DeSantis declines to run, which I doubt, but if he does, Trump marches to the nomination. Probably loses, for all the reasons I've noted. Which then officially is the end of Trump from a political perspective. Will the only-Trumps at that point consider someone else, or will they drop out for good?

    1. That wasn't a thought you just had.

      It was a brain fart.

    2. OnlyTrumpers are going to Only Trump. They will smoothly shift from Trump 2024 to Trump 2028, just like the citizens of Oceania smoothly shifted from hating Eastasia to hating Eurasia. The only cure to either version of Trump Derangement Syndrome is Trump’s death.

    3. And with each cycle of “Trump wins the primary, loses in November,” we have 4 more years of tyranny. Depending on how many times he runs and loses, he could single-handedly bring about the destruction of America — by Democrats.

    4. The drama queen is back.

      With back to back drama queenery.

      Oh noooooo.....

      Not Trump......

      Oh please, please, please.....

      Not more Trump.....

      Drama queen brain gonna explode!!!!!

  21. ITEM 4: Dana Millbank of the Washington Post complained about the land he bought to get back to nature. He said he was shocked to learn it is 95% brush.

    --- "Dana Milbank, IN THE WOODS? That ancient, decrepit ex-NY Post refugee / Manhattan-WDC effete / Hillary-brown-noser / All-thumbs Swamp Thing?

    "Is today April Fool's day?!"

    With a face like his, Dana Milbank's brush should have panicked and ran back further into the forest, fearing for its very existence.

    I think he was really complaining about how long it takes each morning to get rid of the Old Growth Foliage on his face:

    Item 5: CNN: "Oxygen is RAYCIST!"

    ITEM 8: ... "Wayne County Judge" Dementia "Brue is facing scrutiny..."

    ITEM 9 ... How To Save $3,500,000 in less than a week:

    The alternative: "The ... (FDA) approved a $3.5 million drug treatment... "Hemgenix ... treats adults with hemophilia B ... the new multi-million dollar gene therapy is a single-dose IV infusion..."

    Spend $3.5 million on Hemgenix. The next day, keel over dead, "suddenly, unexpectedly," from your booster shot.

    ITEM 14 ... "Chicago woman with concealed-carry license foils attempted carjacking by shooting man in head."

    She gets 25 hours community service (suspended) for missing the three other carjackers. And, if she foolishly continues to live in Chicago, a blank check paying for all the free ammo she'll ever need in the future.


    1) The format for reading these emails is superb. I wish we'd seen this a lot more often, everywhere, instead of the disjointed, mega-annoying Twitter format;

    2) Dave Enrich NY Times Editor --- I swear, these people are CLONED:

    1. How can a wapo putz puppet afford to buy a forest?

      And then complain about there being trees?

      There must be a joke in there, somewhere, besides the wapo putz puppet.

  22. Oh, how I wish you Anonymous persons would finally break down once and for all and come up with individual actual fake names like mine (sorry, Moxie is taken) so you can be addressed individually. Some of you are so good and funny. But others of you.... well... Still, a lot of guffaws for me on this thread from the electability experts.

    1. If you have the moxie that your google approved nome de plume implies, you'd be 'addressing' each comment as you please, using date and hour/minute, am or pm if you are precision inclined, should there be a bunch of replies stacking.

      Like I am doing now.....


    2. As for the 'electability exesplurts', to wit:

      1. Each Sovereign State controls, (Contitutionally defined), it's own election procedures. Internal Sovereign State elections and, (here is where the rot is), for federal elected offices.

      2. Since there are only a relative few federal elected offices, (compared to internal Sovereign State elected offices most abundant), with the following criteria:....

      President & Vice President, (via Electoral College, with each state defining/determining how electoral college voting is related to citizen cast election votes.)

      U.S. Senate x 2, via statewide popular votes cast by state resident citizens

      U.S. House of Representatives x #??, via individual congressional districts' resident citizens' popular votes

      ....and since the results of these paltry in quantity, yet vital in quality, affect all citizens of our nation, the election rules our Constitution empowers each Sovereign State to define, determine the results each state election for federal offices' produces.

      U.S. Senators from each state affect all citizens of nation.

      U.S. House of Representatives, aka congresmen/-women/-????, from each state affect all citizens of nation.

      As for President and Vice President:

      Since each Sovereign State determines how to divy up it's citizens' cast votes, via Electoral College, it is completely on each states' citizens to determine how, (via who they elect to their own state legislative elected offices).

      So, these exesplurts see this:

      States defined as Blue

      States defined as Red

      States defined as 'we don't fucking know', nominally Purple

      These definitions, by the exesplurts, are primarily vital to Electoral College outcome.

      Quantity of Electors for each Sovereign State are determined by population of each state. Thus, more residents = more electors. Effectively resulting in majority rules over minority of state citizens.

      Were any Sovereign State to choose to apportion their quantity of electors, and not all other states do so also, the states with winner take all would always dominate.

      Again, majority rules over minority.

      Aka, not quite what those who wrote our Constitution desired. Neither for themselves, nor their progeny.

      As a wise man once said, "...if you can keep it."

      There are no experts, only exesplurts.

      And the human drama rolls, and roils, ever onward......

    3. Now I understand why you continue to hide in the crowd of Anonymity.

    4. That is quite the accomplishment, moxie, for a somebody; understanding a nobody hiding in the crowd of anonymous nobodies takes talent.

  23. "None of them or their professors are worthy of licking Lincoln's boots. They hate Lincoln because he proves wrong their talking point that the Civil War was not about slavery and that blacks used it to liberate themselves on Juneteenth."

    This is nonsense.

    The Confederacy was formed for one reason only: Southern Democrats knew that Republicans were going to abolish Slavery nationwide shortly after Lincoln took office. They didn't even wait for him to be sworn in. The war, therefore, was ENTIRELY about slavery. "no, State's rights" - the ONLY State's Right at issue was the State's ability to individually decide to be Slave States. That would end with a Constitutional Amendment, so they "seceded" and formed their own country.

    The Emancipation Proclamation freed all of the slaves that the Union Army captured. The 13th Amendment ended Slavery for ALL slaves. "Juneteenth" was a proclamation by a Union Army Officer that ended Slavery in TX.

    The slaves NOWHERE freed themselves.

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  25. Item #10: What’s our excuse? “Panem et circenses.” It worked back then…it’s working now.

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