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Monday, November 21, 2022

Highlights of the News

TRUMP 2024.

ITEM 1: PJ Media reported, "Incoming House Speaker Kevin McCarthy repeatedly promised over the past couple of years that, when the GOP regains control of the House, he would remove Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from their respective committees."

He repeated the promise this weekend at a Republican Jewish Coalition event in Las Vegas.

Why stop there? Pelosi, Clyburn and Hoyer should be stripped of committee assignments as well because we need to severely punish and humiliate those who broke protocol by banning MTG.

Don't want none, don't start none.

Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit reported, "Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funding to Sway GOP Primaries and Take Out MAGA Favorite Madison Cawthorn."

Matt Gaetz for speaker.

ITEM 2: CNBC reported, "Bob Iger returns as Disney CEO effective immediately."

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Bob Chapek was DeSantis-sized for your protection, Chapek leaves behind a tragic kingdom whose stock price was halved, which lost its special status in Florida and can't seem to make a buck off the world's No. 1 streaming service.

ITEM 3: Conservative Brief reported, "Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki got destroyed by Fox News host Dana Perino after she commented on former President Donald Trump’s age."

Trump is 76. Biden is 80.

ITEM 4: Trending Politics reported, "Arizona County Will Delay Certification of 2022 Election Results After Court Halts Full ‘Hand Recount.’"

And Post Millennial reported, "The Elections Integrity Unit of the Arizona Attorney General's Office has reached out to Maricopa County officials to demand that they account for the issues surrounding the 2022 election procedures in the state's largest county."

This opera ain't over till the fat lady sings, and she's in her dressing room filing her nails.

ITEM 5: A reader wrote, "Why the uniparty has to destroy Trump: He is the only one who can interrupt and disrupt the systematic and intentional destruction of this nation.

"He had solutions and fixed problems. We had come to accept that problems could never be fixed and we had to live with them.

"If problems are allowed to be solved, politicians will be put out of business.

"DeSantis, with a young family and a wife who has battled cancer, would be better off continuing his success as governor through 2026. At that point, he would have two years to run for president in 2028.

"The Republicans have a deep bench from which to choose a VP in 2024 and should not commit to checking off a box by promising to run a category candidate (minority, female, gender alternative, handicapped, etc.)

Checking off the boxes led to VP Kamala and Justice Brown Jackson.

ITEM 6: Jolt of Joyful reported, "See This Grandma Hold Her 100th Grandbaby."

"Be fruitful and multiply" wasn't a math homework assignment.

ITEM 7Just the News reported, "Legal experts are raising concerns about the merits and motivations of Attorney General Merrick Garland's announcement Friday that he's appointing a special counsel to oversee multiple Justice Department investigations involving former President Donald Trump, with some prominent voices asking why the department hasn't taken a similar step with the ongoing probe into President Biden's son, Hunter Biden."

We know why.

ITEM 8: The Epoch Times reported, "The owner of a popular Area 51 website issued a statement after he claimed federal agents raided his homes at gunpoint several weeks ago.

"'I discussed the case with an attorney specialized in Federal cases,' Joerg Arnu, proprietor of, told Fox News over the weekend. 'What I learned is truly incredible and in my opinion a much bigger story than the raid of my homes. What was done to me and my girlfriend, two unarmed, innocent, cooperating senior citizens, is apparently totally within the law. Truly incredible!'

"Arnu added that he does not know why he was targeted and does not know what the agents were investigating. The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported on the FBI and U.S. Air Force raid of his Nevada home, while Arnu published a statement to his website late last week.

"An FBI search warrant was executed and his “laptops, phones, backup drives, camera gear and my drone were seized” on Nov. 3, he said via his website.

"The Epoch Times has contacted U.S. Air Force for comment. The FBI declined to comment."

They did this to Trump. They will do it to anyone.

And they are.

ITEM 9: This weekend in As The World Tweets, brought to you by Lux, Elon Musk decided to lift Trump's lifetime ban after a vote by Twitter users.

The Donald said naw dawg, I'm good, on his competing Truth Social service.

Meanwhile, CBS started a boycott of Twitter, which ended 24 hours later when executives realized nobody cares. 

ITEM 10: The College Fix reported, "Seattle Academy’s Aspen Hoffman made this incredible improvement between her freshman and sophomore years.

"During the former, Hoffman finished 72nd in the cross-country finals; in the latter, she finished first and broke Seattle Academy’s girls’ 5,000 meter record.

"Hoffman’s first-place time in the girls’ finals would have gotten her 48th place in the boys’ division."

Libs championed girls' sports and got a generation to vote liberal. Now they kill girls' sports to appease another voting bloc, secure in the knowledge that most girls will stick with them.

ITEM 11: Don't laugh at Macron being bitch slapped.

Please. don't laugh.

ITEM 12: Politico reported, "A 22-year-old gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and leaving 25 injured before he was subdued by 'heroic' patrons and arrested by police who arrived within minutes, authorities said Sunday."

The story also said, "A man with that name was arrested in 2021 after his mother reported he threatened her with a homemade bomb and other weapons, authorities said. They declined to elaborate on that arrest. No explosives were found, authorities said at the time, and The Gazette in Colorado Springs reported that prosecutors did not pursue any charges and that records were sealed.

"Authorities were called to Club Q at 11:57 p.m. Saturday with a report of a shooting, and the first officer arrived at midnight."

AOC blamed Lauren Boebert.

Marxists have no heart.

AP reported, "Gay club shooting suspect evaded Colorado’s red flag gun law"

Red flag laws don't prevent shootings. No law does, especially the one that bans murder.

ITEM 13: The Tennessee Star reported, "The Minneapolis City Council adopted an ordinance Thursday that will prohibit pro-life sidewalk counselors from being on sections of public sidewalks."

Riots are peaceful protests.

Praying in public is prohibited.

Satan laughs.

ITEM 14: Lake Effect Snow is a polite way of saying too much snow in Buffalo.

I figure the more it snows in Buffalo, the less snow left for Poca.

ITEM 15: CNBC reported, "Layoffs mount, and Main Street still can’t find any workers to hire for open jobs."

Why work when you can video game?

ITEM 16Just the News reported, "Paul Manafort: GOP ‘was out-organized and out-smarted’ in midterms, running on 4 year outdated strategy."

I said it in 2020, I say it again: Learn to ballot harvest.

Rob me once, shame on you. Rob me twice, shame on me.

ITEM 17: Western Journal reported that a sinkhole on West Virginia Route 20 threatens to swallow the police station in Hinton, West Virginia.

It is a lovely little town on the New River.

The Department of Highways built a bridge over it this weekend.

FINALLY, "Thank the Lord for the Pilgrims" is this week's Substack column.


  1. “Trump 2024”
    All hail the power of Donald Trump!
    Let angels prostate fall.
    Bring forth the royal diadem,
    And crown him Lord of all.

    1. Prostate? How about prostrate? Easy mistake if you never graduated from junior high/middle school.

    2. Lennie, the point is that some on the Right have a savior complex about Trump, just like the Left did about Obama. Same delusion, different guy.

    3. BJ, I don’t recall either “prostate” or “prostrate” being a junior high.middle school word. But I guess if you have nothing else, it’s easy to pound on a typo/autocorrect error. Sad!

    4. My teacher told me auto correct would take care of my spelling errors. For that I am forever grapefruit.

    5. Whats sad is spelling something so off that spellcheck cant figure out the word. And its something I do on a regular basis.

      PS hes a troll. not many in MAGA view DJT as a Savior. He is just someone who gets results with all his warts. Obama on the other hand could kill someone in Martha's Vineyard and it would be reported as a suicide.

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  2. Trump-endorsed Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funding to Sway GOP Primaries and Take Out MAGA Favorite Madison Cawthorn. Enough said.

    1. Come on Madison Cawthorn was and is a kook. Sometimes the candidates take themselves out.

    2. Bob says—
      So that justifies using crooked funding. If we are taking out kooks, let’s start with the entire Democrat Party which doesn’t know what a woman is and thinks it is okay to emasculate men and to mutilate women.

    3. Ever notice the Democrats elect only kooks and they get chairmanships of committees - event speakership?

    4. Poopsie is right!

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  3. I am a free market primary guy. Let everyone run in 2024 and sort out the best. I hope DeSantis runs against Trump. It will sharpen both of them. DeSantis will not fold over like Jeb! He will give Trump a real challenge, and this will be good for both of them, and the best one will win.

    1. Right. That's just what's needed. Let's further fracture Republican chances.Brilliant.

    2. No, what we need is a coronation of Trump as president. No opponents. It’s his turn, right? Of course, Hillary thought the same thing in 2016 and we all know how that worked out for her.

    3. Exageration is the feeble pimp tool of the fools of manipulation mischiefs.

      Drama queens thruout the galaxies quiver in delight whenever the exagerators exagerate their exagerations.

      Along with false comparisons.

      Clinton cunt = decades of craven acts, and obsession with getting decades more, via political means.

      Trump = MAGA delayed is MAGA denied.

      MAGA = Us, Americans all.

      Thus, MAGA will not be denied, nor delayed, nor discouraged by manipulators most foul.

  4. Item 4. They don't want a hand count? I wonder why? Maybe it's in the tabulators? hmm...

  5. 2 - some other woke corporation will hire Chapek.

  6. Its really quite simple, even for those of you who steadfastly refuse to learn from experience.

    If everyone who hates you and wants you to die is for something or someone, you should be against them. If everyone who hates you and wants you to die is against something or someone, then you should be for it.

    1. Yep! And that's why my gut has been telling me all year that Ukraine/Zelensky is the "bad guy" and Putin is the good guy is all that's going on over there

    2. I've often said the magnetism for my moral compass comes from Hollywood.
      Anything Jane Fonda is for, I'm against.
      Anything Jane Fonda is against, I support.
      Easy peasy.

    3. She is the original. Many more have followed in her footsteps.

    4. Just because there are two sides in a conflict does not mean one of them is the good guy . Poot is destroying two countries to achieve his fantasy of a reconstituted USSR .

  7. Item 1-- tit for tat is a big mistake, it puts our side in the gutter with the democrats. Instead assign Omar, Pencil Neck and the rest to as many committees as you can. Pile on make work projects, floor speeches that nobody listens to.

    1. Fred, gonna disagree a bit. Sack the jerks. My problem with McCarthy is that he should just do it...don't signal it. Live with it, jerks.

    2. He’s signaling it because he wants to appear to suck up to the Freedom Caucus. It’s a move to try to win the Speakership. The problem is that R’s are so stupid, they’ll probably fall for it. They aren’t called The Stupid Party for nothing.

    3. Fred, I agree we should sack the jerks. These kids don't bother with homework anyway. Just look how stupid they are. McCarthy needs flushed with them.

    4. McCarthy needs flushed too. 3 days before the election, he said there would be NO investigation into the Bidens. We need a different speaker who doesnt rent from Dems. or get money from Dem backers.

  8. Bob says—
    No. 11–They slapped him for wearing a mask outdoors.

  9. 6 - the headline in the linked article was wrong. She has 56 grandkids and now 100 GREAT-grandchildren!!!! Christmas must wild!!

  10. 7 - Garland is perfect for this corrupt regime. The most corrupt and biased Attorney General ever.

    1. I'd put Holder right up there with him

    2. Or Janet Reno.
      They say Reno is so close to hell, you can see Sparks..

    3. And truth be told, one can't successfully impeach a prez without first nailing his AG.

    4. Good points. Reno has a higher body count. Holder wears in contempt of congress. Garland is imprisoning political opponents and raiding their homes as well. And the FBI had gotten even more corrupt under his department of “justice”.

    5. Wonder where Elian Gonzales wound up?

  11. Item 5: Exactly. Trump solved problems that neither side wanted solved as they need something to campaign on. Although campaigning is becoming a thing of the past thanks to ballot harvesting.

  12. It's not ballot harvesting! There's a ring of legitimacy to capturing actual voter's ballots and getting them to the drop boxes for counting.
    It's ballot manufacturing using election voter data and CREATING fake votes fake ballots to steal elections. Huge difference

    1. Yup. There's a lot of pretending that if we somehow collect the ballots of people who were going to vote anyway then we'll be able to beat all the fake votes the Democrats make up.

      In order to win under the current election system, Republicans will have to cheat just like Democrats and I don't see the GOP being willing to do that. Soooo, if nothing changes why would anyone expect anything different?

    2. Once again Lobo, you are right on. First, ballot harvesting is a concept many of us don't quite understand. When you harvest something you gather it up at it's peak, but somebody has to create those bounties by seeding and nurturing or manufacturing.

    3. Yes, it's the ballot manufacturing not the ballot harvesting per se that is the primary problem; but most ballot harvesting probably IS of manufactured or otherwise invalid ballots (non-citizens, dead people, etc.), so eliminating ballot harvesting itself is also needed.

      And as many have already said, if WE ballot harvest/manufacture, the Dems will enforce the law against US, but not against the Dems that do it.

      We cannot win by getting involved in cheating. Us joining the cheating will only create a more chaotic fraudfest, and the most vicious bullies will win in that setting, because they won't hesitate to resort to threatening the lives and families of election workers.

      We owe it to the election workers themselves to design a system that does NOT give them even the opportunity to tamper with the results, because that removes the usefulness of threatening them or their families' lives.

      The only solution is a return to paper ballots that are retained in an organized manner and then are audited and verified to be ballots of actual legitimate voters. Plus one day voting, voter ID, etc. etc.

  13. 8 - why did the US Airforce participate in a raid on a US citizens home on US soil?

    1. I'd guess an area 51 wack that had his drone seized MIGHT have been flying his drone over area 51.
      Those who are not in the lunatic fringe might agree that the repression was earned, not random.
      Don't seek attention by doing stupid shit.

    2. Area 51 has been super secure for years. They don't mess around. Worked a fire near there. Didn't even get close later found out we were escorted by a brace of F-15s . DC-7 vs. F-15 ok. 2DC.

  14. 1. Both mccarthy and mcconnell felt their need to retain power was more important than controlling congress. So what if the republicans were not the majority in the senate the REALLY important thing was mitch is the minority LEADER.

    4. You can't expect the courts to intervene and make honest elections. They want the politicians to do that. All they have to do is find an obama judge, a biden judge or perhaps even a w judge and they will stop recounts and not permit do overs.

    7. This is not all about Trump. They want to make sure a business man who will solve problems will be afraid to run in the future.

    8. He must have been a Trump supporter.

    12. He wasn't on the list because they needed him to support gun control legislation. Maybe if the federal bureau of instigation wasn't targeting J6 people and Trump supporters they would have time to investigate real crime.

    1. ^^ re your #7: and make anyone afraid to even support said 'business man' lest they be put in jail for years for peacefully protesting the stealing of our elections!

  15. Re: Item 5
    Putting aside the arrogance of thinking you can pick which party will control the White House for 12 years ... especially thinking the party that blew an easy lay-up in the 2022 midterms is well-positioned to win the next three presidential elections, it is idiotic advice to tell Ron DeSantis to wait until 2028. His moment is now. He will be ancient history by 2028. Just ask President Chris Christie. He was the shining star of the Republican Party in 2012. With his persona, he probably was the Republican best position to beat Barack Obama that year. Yet he waited until 2016. After his moment passed. And he got, what, 0.3% of the vote? And the Republicans nominated Mittens Romney. Because it was his turn. He deserved it. And he blew it, running his campaign as if losing the general election were the main goal.
    Say what you will about Barack Obama, but he knew his chance was 2008. All the rest of us thought it was too soon. Everyone thought 2008 was Hillary's turn. He ran anyway because he was smart enough to see that it was his time.
    I love President Trump, but his moment passed. This is DeSantis's time. Let's see if he grabs the opportunity or if he waits and never sees that chance come again.

    1. Exactly. Another example would be "President" Edward Kennedy in 1968 - he could have had the nomination - and passed.

    2. Chris Christie was a shining star in the Republican Party? Really? In what alternate universe?
      Oh sure, the media loved him and brought him on the Sunday shows as their useful idiot. He never had as much as a modicum of a following. His "Get the Hell off the beach" moments was one of his "best".

    3. Well, retrospastic, you figure desancto is equal in greedy ambition to ohbumma?

      How insightful of you, to spot the lust for higher and higher levels of powers of authority in sancto dee.

      Opportunity to join the swamp big boy club, huh?

      Why, however can ronron dee not jump on that, post haste.

      Just think, you know, like you think, we could have had a chrissy crispie for our fearless leader!!!

      The universe has been in a funk ever since.....

    4. Hey, Anon 2:55, are you Kamila Harris? You sure sound like her, word salad and all.

    5. So.

      Too many words for you, eh?

      However will you survive the trauma?

  16.  "The Minneapolis City Council adopted an ordinance Thursday that will prohibit pro-life sidewalk counselors from being on sections of public sidewalks."

    Hmm, so they passed an unconstitutional, hence, unenforceable statute?