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Monday, November 14, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The NFL had a game in Munich on Sunday. The crowd sang Country Roads

Danke, M√ľnchen.

Outkick explained, "Each year, from late September to the first weekend in October, upwards of six million people gather in Munich to consume nearly more than a million liters of beer at the world’s largest Oktoberfest. The crowd that gathers is international, so while there are plenty of sing-a-longs to German music, a few American hits also get their play. John Denver is one of them.

"They know every word in Munich and that was evident when the audio cut out and the fans went a capella."

ITEM 2: Coin Desk reported on March 14, "Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website.

"FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine."

Actually, FTX was laundering money to go in the pockets of the oligarchs who run the kleptocracy with kickbacks to politicians in those NATO countries.

Post Millennial reported, "Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US."

FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats before emptying FTX's vault. He's the Jeff Epstein of crypto.

But Zero Hedge said, "we do wonder just how much crypto money-laundering between the US and Ukraine will emerge as a result of the bankruptcy discovery, and how long until we can safely claim that 'Sam Bankman didn't fry himself'?"

ITEM 3: Democrats kept the Senate and likely will keep the House. I underestimated Biden who has never lost an election in 50 years of politics.

McCarthy and McConnell are relieved because this leaves them nothing to do but mark time. They learned from the Tea Party. They do not want the power to do anything but cut taxes. That's all they did under President Trump.

ITEM 4: Daily Beast reported, "Romania’s media market is engulfed in a pay-for-play political scandal which includes newsrooms using the brand names of CNN and Newsweek.

"CNN’s Romanian affiliate, Antena 3 CNN, has a TV broadcasting license which precludes it from taking money from political parties outside of designated election campaign periods. Yet that is reportedly exactly what the biggest names in Romanian news media have been doing through their websites, which are unregulated."

CNN has a long history of cozying up to dictators. Only when American soldiers were at the gates of Baghdad in 2003 did CNN admit that its Baghdad bureau was a PR shop for Saddam Hussein.

U.S. law forbids companies from paying foreign bribes.

But the rule of law no longer applies, does it?

ITEM 5: CNBC listed the most regretted college majors.

No. 1 was journalism.

87% regretted getting a J-degree.

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be journalists.

Let 'em be goat-herders and such.

ITEM 6: Legal Insurrection reported, "In early October, biological girls on a Vermont high school volleyball team were banned from their own locker room for objecting to changing in front of a transgender teammate who is a biological male.

"A couple of weeks later, the father of one of the girls was suspended from his job as a middle school coach for defending his daughter on social media and ‘misgendering’ the trans student.

"Then Alliance Defending Freedom got involved and threatened a First Amendment lawsuit and now the school is backing down."

Fight the bullies!

ITEM 7: I said in 2020: learn to ballot harvest.

I say it again in 2022: learn to ballot harvest.

Also, learn how rank voting works. They changed the rules. We must learn them. Crying foul has them laughing all the way to Congress.

ITEM 8UPI reported, "Slovenia elected its first female president NataŇ°a Pirc Musar on Sunday following a run-off election."

Strange but true: They voted and counted the votes on the SAME DAY!!!

ITEM 9: Just the News reported, "Amid the mixed returns notched by Republicans in what was expected to be a red-wave blowout, the 2022 midterms nevertheless saw notable conservative gains at one key level of local government: school boards. 

"Long a relatively staid and unremarkable quarter of the political world, school boards have increasingly become a nexus of debate and strife, particularly as public educational practices have become more and more publicized throughout the country.

"A growing number of individual parents and parental groups have begun turning up to school board meetings intent on criticizing board members for controversial curriculums and demanding an end to extreme classroom content such as sexually explicit materials and racially inflammatory lessons. 

"Board members and educators have often pushed back, asserting their prerogative as educators to determine what children will learn in the classroom. At times, politicians at higher levels of government have stepped in to the fray. This week, Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell openly derided the idea of parental oversight of education, claiming that giving parents more control over school material is the equivalent of putting 'patients in charge of their own surgeries' and 'clients in charge of their own trials.'"

Patients do get to decide if they want surgery and clients do get to decide if they want to go to trial or settle.

ITEM 10: CNBC reported, "Disney plans to institute a targeted hiring freeze as well as some job cuts, according to an internal memo sent to executives."

Learn to code, sure, but really learn not to groom.

ITEM 11LMT reported, "Twitter verifies account for Jesus Christ."

That's because He no longer fears being put in Twitter jail under Musk management.

ITEM 12: The Epoch Times reported, "Consumer sentiment fell last month while expectations of inflation among the general populace rose, according to a University of Michigan survey that is closely followed by the Federal Reserve.

"The Index of Consumer Sentiment came in at 54.7 in November, down from 59.9 in October, data from the surveys of consumers conducted by the university showed. On a yearly basis, the index decreased by 18.8%. With the decline, the index has erased roughly half the gains recorded since the historic low registered in June."

A slowdown may ease inflation.

ITEM 13: The LA Times said, "Is California on its way to banning rodeos? Behind the growing movement to buck the event."

Maybe they should change the street's name from Rodeo Drive to Petting Zoo Lane.

But while the LA Times and its friends worry about the treatment of cows, thousands of pup tents occupied by drug-addicted humans line the sidewalks of LA. Virtue signaling over hamburger on the hoof does not help them.

ITEM 14: AP reported, "Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of President Joe Biden, and Peter Neal are getting married on the South Lawn on Saturday in what will be the 19th wedding in White House history."

Biden is so excited because he looks forward to the bridal shower.

No one has the heart to tell him what that really means.

ITEM 15: JD Rucker reported, "Bombshell: Body Cam Footage Showed Paul Pelosi Opening the Door so Why Did the Department of Justice Lie About It?"

Everyone knows the answer.

It is the same reason they won't release all the J6 video.

FINALLY, in case you missed it, "If I Were The Devil, updated," posted on Substack on Saturday.


  1. Every governor who signed an abortion ban WON. Joe O'Dea, the pro-abortion DeSantis-endorsed RINO running for the Colorado Senate seat, LOST.

    1. Calling pro-abortion Ed from North Carolina! LOL

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    3. Not everyone has the slut talents your best friend's mommy has, missy stevens, though that hourly seems a bit low for any other than niche quality web slutting.

      And your math is a bit puzzling, as close to 300 hours worked in a month is way more than a few hours each day, every day of that month.

      Are you fibbing, little girlie?

  2. Mark Levin made a great point on his show last night on Fox. It is this: All the people who spent months predicting a red wave and red tsunami - such as Don Surber - were 100% wrong. And yet now, these same peope are trying to tell us why it was NOT a red wave and red tsunami. They were so wrong before, why would any intelligent person listen to them now?

    1. I see the I'm Quitting Don Surber Squad is up early this morning.

    2. Ad hominems are the last refuge of the feeble minded.

    3. Because everyone was wrong. Because ballot fraud manifested itself on a scale never before seen. Moeover, those who got the scale right are also the ones who say the only possible solution is civil war where millions will die. Maybe Don"s not quite ready to go there, just yet

      Moreover even more, who exactly are you, Lib Anon. The fact that you dont give a name makes me suspect you're a troll, and just a TAD less trustworthy than Donzo

    4. I wish they were the I’m Quitting Don Surber squad. They’re actually the Troll Don Surber and Drive His Rational Followers Away squad.

    5. @Callmemellenie

      On the Internet there is no difference between an Anonymous and the name you are using. The presumption is that they are all fake. No sane person gives their true identity.

      Moreover, focusing on what name someone uses suggests a feeble mind incapable of addressing the substance of what is being said. It is no different than leftists calling us racist and bigots in lieu of addressing our positions.

      Grow up.

    6. So many replies here and yet nobody answers Levin’s point. Weak.

    7. It ain't makin' this reader leave... Donzo (h/t callmelennie) reads dozens (maybe hundreds ) of left leaning or rabid left news outlets every day. The fact he is still able to find positivity is close to amazing.

    8. As far as I'm concerned there has only been one person who has been ahead of the curve on every controversial issue since Obama and probably before and that's Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse. Ballots vs. Votes supported by the Swamp (Democrats and RINOs) aka The Big Club that we're not in as described by George Carlin.

    9. Even Sundance gets things wrong. Late last week he said that The NV and AZ senate races would go republicans. The scale of corruption is MASSIVE.

    10. @anon 8:37am whether its name or handle constant readers gain insight to personality and bias of commenter. also a gauge of intellectual capacity. we like to get to know you. (& absolutely judge if you are worthy of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T of the community)

    11. @reporting from home

      The failure of commenters to address what is being said and their resort instead to name-calling certianly does give insight into their intellectual capacity: none.

      Hence the axiom, "The ad hominem is the last refuge of the feeble mind."

      Thanks for playing though!

    12. They were so wrong before, why would any intelligent person listen to them now?
      DS was in great company along with VDH, Newt, and a host of others. Levine makes some good points and reaches a conclusion different from DS in their Monday Morning Quarterback session. From Anon to Anon so who you going to follow? All of us just take in the info and try to make our best judgements.

    13. Lennie gave the correct answer, but you either missed it, or like the enimedia, want to ignore and bury it.

    14. "I see the I'm Quitting Don Surber Squad is up early this morning."

      The Never-Trump sequence of disagreement degenerating into pique is uncanny. Hope Don arrests it before it alienates his entire readership!

      Not a single Never Trumper started out as a hater but was driven to that inevitability by incrementally allowing each unintentional progression to make the disagreement personal.

      The Trumper-Going-Wobbly makes his self-declared "brave" stand, he is called out on that self-righteousness, and he mistakes that criticism as a sign he is over the target, making the "tough call." (Even worse, his critics compound the confusion by processing their feelings as a substantive attack.)

      But it *is* personal. Because it is a character flaw wholly independent of the disagreement. If calling out Trump is the principled thing to do, Don wouldn't even feel tempted to insult loyal readers as a hypocritical "I'm Quitting Don Surber Squad."

      The next stage of the progression is increasing criticism about Trump over increasingly smaller flaws ("the vanity of small differences") to cover up this character issue, rather than addressing it squarely with the people who feel betrayed -- and more importantly, rather than addressing it squarely with oneself.

      Again, they may not have been betrayed. But to *feel* betrayed and then dismissed for feeling it is separate from the issue and accelerates the spiral. Didn't see this coming in Don (despite some hints in retrospect after the 2020 steal), but it is a serious temptation designed by the devil *precisely* to afflict the genuinely virtuous, the genuinely principled, like Don is. People like Mike Pence.

      Because they genuinely are so close to genuine righteousness, they are open to the idea that one little lapse into self-righteousness can't hurt, can it? But that is the only thread the devil needs to eventually unravel the whole sweater.

      I'm literally praying for Don to resist. He has obviously has the stuff for it.

    15. So now surber is getting a taste of his own medicine.

      And the loyal bunch of commentors, the community, rally around their blog buddy, proclaiming their self defined rationality, reasonableness and fealty to the blog.

      All for the love of feeling relevant to, well, anyone, someone, hear me they crave, affirm my worth, and the mutual strokings endure.

      The pesky critics are mother's milk to the loyal to the blog faithful.

      After all, so boring to just always be patting each other on the tushy.

      Enjoy the drama.

      This is, after all, merely entertainment for the impotents.

    16. Randy says: “Don wouldn't even feel tempted to insult loyal readers as a hypocritical "I'm Quitting Don Surber Squad.” The ‘anonymous’ ones calling Don Surber names are not ‘loyal readers.’ I’ve been here for over a year, and never before have I seen these rhetorical patterns (like impatiently insisting Don answer their specific questions or ending with “Thanks for playing”) or formatting patterns (like making each sentence a separate paragraph). Far from being ‘loyal readers,’ these people are just super-annoying flying monkeys from Conservative Treehouse or some other Trump bootlickers’ blog, dispatched here to stir up trouble. Maybe if we treat them like the work-from-home spammers, they’ll get tired of getting no reaction and just go away.

    17. A whole year, randy says?


      That's like a lifetime!!!

      And randy says notices patterns!!!

      How about that.

      Ya know, randy says, I think you are the troll.

      The troll/mole of the eunics.

      Slick and slide your randy says self into blogs that you can seem reasonable to the wimpy blog community chit chat buddies.

      Slip in your reasonable and rational and oh so delicately constructed missives that only those afraid to be not in the in crowd swallow.

      The in crowd being those who agree to agree to be in the in crowd and those who agree to disagree and we can all still be friends, right?

      And we all continue to drift to the grave, nonetheless.

      Happy trails.

    18. Randy , ignore them . They are nothing but a bunch damn lefty trolls .

    19. Incorrect, nitpicker.

      According to randy says, we are "Trump bootlicker" trolls, from Conservative Treehouse!!!

      Since you, nitpicker, have joined the randy says brigade, so sad that, according to brigade by-laws, Trump cannot win, MAGA is toxic, America First is on it's last breath, cheaters always win, belly up is the now place to be, and,oh yeah, everyone not kissing your ass is a lefty troll, well, what is there to say......

    20. When did Yuri Bezmenov start posting here?

  3. #5: There is a huge shortage of workers in the trades, not only do you get a job with good pay and great long term prospects, you get to make something worthwhile and useful.
    #7: Ballot Harvesting: Republicans should go at this hard but I suspect it will not be as fruitful as it is for Democrats.

    1. #5 - we could use more goat herders
      #7 - they’ll just toss Republican harvested ballots in the shredder.

    2. Even Saint Obama knew in 2008 that Democrats were counting the votes and cheating....he admitted it.

  4. #7... so the two 'Macs' (McConnell and McCarthy) keep their jobs and the status quo remains after very vocal Republicans push to remove them if they take the House and Senate... how convenient.

    1. That was one of the mistakes: not expressing fealty to McConnell, even if it was a lie. He withheld support both politically and financially. Though in the Senate races the ballot harvesting was the bigger problem.

    2. No Republican Governor or Senator is full on MAGA.
      How can they be? They have to govern the system and MAGA is a revolution against the system.
      MAGA revolution required someone outside the system to lead.
      (BTW, Rand Paul had a larger. but less impressive victory than DeSantis.)

    3. Yes, that would be bloody convenient. And nothing changes. The Dems cheat to win and the Rs complacently watch. The UniParty wins.

  5. ITEM 3: Turtle telegraphed the predetermined outcome as part of his "candidate quality" comment in August 2022:

    "“Right now, we have a 50-50 Senate and a 50-50 country, but I think when all is said and done this fall, we’re likely to have an extremely close Senate, either our side up slightly or their side up slightly.”

    1. I spent over 35 years in tech including 22 at a well known computer manufacturer in roles such as network engineer, senior consultant, and others. I’ve thought about this on and off and I can’t think of a way to design these vote tabulation machines such as they are both foolproof and more importantly fraud-proof.

      There’s simply no way to ensure a legitimate count without either a). reviewing the source code (though still not 100%), or b) auditing the ballots through external means such as a hand count. With so much on the line for our country, why is there such trust in something that is susceptible to fraud?
      Exhibit A: Dekalb County Ga primary – In a Democrat primary, one candidate, Michelle Spears, who came in 3rd place noticed that no one in her own precinct had voted for her despite both her and her huband’s votes. Upon a hand recount, her vote totals shifted from 3031 to 6651 giving her the win. The machine tabulation was 12,639 and the hand count was 15,449. How did this happen? If you look at the totals, it seems there were not only 2600 votes lost by the machine on election day, but a lot of votes were shift from Ms. Spears to other candidates. Again, how does this happen? Even if it were an accident, why are we not at least doing spot audits/statistical sampling to ensure a proper outcome?

      Given this and the bullshit excuses they gave for the initial outcome, I for one totally distrust anything that is not spot audited.
      As to the failure of the feckless GOPe to win these races, well of course they took a dive. Between the failure to create and execute a strategy to things like McTurtle undermining senate candidates, it’s pretty obvious they weren’t in it to win it. You just can’t be that stupid. Why? There are a lot of theories such as getting rid of the orange man, elevating Desantis, and others, but the elections as far as I’m concerned are compromised and frankly, I don’t know how we ever get them back give the lack of interest/opposition to machine count fidelity coupled with massive ballot harvesting, and whatever else might be going on…

    2. Yep. Between the computer programmers and the massive manufacturing of fraudulent ballots the GOP can't overcome the fraud. And with all due respect to Don, it's not simply that dems legally or illegally depending on state "harvest" ballots better. They manufacture ballots. They also sabotage machines or ballots (sharpies) that then identify majority GOP votes, and during the "curing" process replace GOP vote with a false ballot
      Why did Eric Holder spearhead a cross promotion of government services databases with the sos database? Why did the Chinese have the entire PA voter registration file recently discovered with the arrest and then subsequent release of the CEO.
      Our elections are run by crime syndicate ENOUGH.
      Ballot box fail
      Courts prevented jury box from even considering cases in 2020. All that's left is ammo box

    3. Randy says: In my Florida county, paper ballots marked by the voter are inserted into the scanner by the voter. The poll worker never touches any completed ballot before the vote is counted.

      However, and this is important, how does the voter know what the scanner saw? Or even if scanned correctly, for which candidate the scanner upticked the counter? The scanner could be programmed to uptick candidate B for every tenth vote for candidate A. That’s why the source code needs to be examined by IT professionals from both parties, then the machine locked until after the results are certified.

      I suggest another cross check: Have the machine print a “receipt” indicating the date, time, precinct, and serial number, then the vote for each office, such as:
      Pct: 123 Serial No: 4567
      Governor: DeSantis
      Senator: Rubio
      Representative: Jones
      School Board: Smith

      Retain Judge White: Yes
      Retain Judge Brown: No

      Amendment 1: Yes
      Amendment 2: No
      The receipt would be printed by the scanner for the voter to check that the votes on his ballot were scanned and credited correctly. If the machine read the ballot incorrectly, the voter could challenge the scan right then, the precinct supervisor could eject and shred the misread ballot, decrement the counters, and the voter given a fresh ballot. For mail-in ballots, the receipt would be stapled to the ballot for auditors to spot-check.

      For in-person voting, only the voter would see the receipt, which he would retain. The scanner would also log the votes by precinct and serial number, which would be freely available online a few days after the election. If my receipt shows I am voter 4567 in precinct 123, I could enter those numbers online and verify that the votes recorded for me were correct. This would prevent shenanigans where the machine prints the receipt correctly then upticks the opposing candidate internally.

      We need more accountability in the voting process. My scheme would not stop 3 am ballot drops, but at least each real voter could be assured that his vote was counted correctly by the machine, even if he used a sharpie.

    4. Randy says: “Courts prevented jury box from even considering cases in 2020. All that's left is ammo box.” You are correct, TO. The justice system (cops, prosecutors, and courts) is in place to prevent vigilante justice. If the justice system refuses to do their job, only the alternative exists.

    5. Excellent comments, Mileyinfl and Trump's owner. As a former CPA and auditor, the MAIN problem is the fraudulent use of voting machines that have no audit trail and all the other methods of fraud used with the ballots. THIS is where everyone's heavy focus should have been last week, not on the suicidal "circular firing squad".

      The answer is not for us to learn to ballot harvest etc. The machine fraud would still succeed. And our elections would disintegrate even further into an utterly chaotic fraudfest that the most vicious bully wins.

      No, we need to stick to pushing the only auditable mode of voting--paper ballots which are retained in an organized manner to allow proof by audit, in-person voting on election day only with voter ID, absentee voting only for very limited and defined purposes, equal bipartisan poll watching, etc.

      It would also be good to get the big public accounting firms to step up with one voice and and propose these reforms and other specific measures. We could even begin requiring audits of each election by certified public accounting firms. Heck, publicly traded companies have to be audited to sell their stock on an exchange to protect investors. Our elections are at least as important as this.

      Every American who cares about a true democracy should be in favor of trustworthy elections. Without such trust, the country will be pushed to civil war.

    6. I am in a database and programming the importation of data industry. My team alone could create safeguards and fraud proof systems for voting.
      The reason your idea isn't implemented among other ideas, is because they don't want secure elections. Wonder why that is

    7. PS the above comment was by TeaPartyGal (the former CPA and auditor comment). Meant to sign it but pushed Publish too quick.

    8. All great points. Even if the scanner prints a correct receipt, it can tally the votes a different way. Dry runs are worthless. The code can be accurate 364 days a year, but code can ask if it’s 11-8-22, then manipulate away.

      Paper ballots. No mail ins. No month long election “day”.

    9. Randy says: You’re right, TPG. But in blue states, the lack of an audit trail is a feature, not a bug. Remember, these are the states that passed laws prohibiting poll workers from asking for voter ID.

      This is not going to change unless/until we get an R president and R congress to pass voter ID laws, set the parameters for federal elections (absentee voting, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, etc), and create a Federal Election Integrity Department, patterned after Florida, with the authority to audit every state, county, and precinct and remove crooks. Unfortunately, this will never happen, because due to our current crooked election system, we can never again get to Step 1, electing an R president and R congress.

    10. I am sad to say that I don't think any Republican, including DeSantis, will win in 2024 or after that unless the system is cleaned up and is fair. The way it is now, it's basically over for Republicans. Instead of "learning to code," learn to fight back and change things.

    11. We don't even have scanners to scan the votes. There are poll workers from all parties, or at least the two main ones, where you vote. Your address and ID are checked. You are handed your ballot to make your choice. You come back to where you are supposed to put it in the box and the poll workers watch you do this. It's simple and practically foolproof, except for the fools voting for Justin. Votes are counted when the polls close at 8 p.m. local time. Winner declared that evening. Your country never should have ventured from this system.

    12. "Heck, publicly traded companies have to be audited to sell their stock on an exchange to protect investors. Our elections are at least as important as this."

      Zero companies are doing $7 Trillion in business annually, and zero have the right to imprison or even kill their customers if they want. So I'd say a. Annual election audit is 100% required and those guilty of massive election fraud should be shot and I'm not kidding

    13. What is the 'will of the people'?

      Is it whatever the most people want?

      Is it whatever the most people want imposed upon the less than the most people?

      Is it whatever some people can compel others to comply with?

      What IS this 'will of the people?

      Could it be people doing whatever the fuck they damn well please?

      As in, what people always do?


      Ya think?

      Well, do ya, punk?

    14. Here’s the answer to all of your questions:

    15. How lazy can you be?

      Posting a link.

      An inactive link at that.

      You got no opinion, nor answers, nor anything you figure worth your precious time, to express in your own words?

      Or are you all snark?

      And, yeah, I did not go to link.

      Amazon sucks.

  6. "No one has the heart to tell him what that really means."
    I'm still laughing! Very good, Don...
    ~DP in MI~

  7. a few American hits also get their play. John Denver is one of them.""

    I remember the flak John Denver took because he wasn't edgy and political. It was brutal. He was merely popular.

    1. Also, a drunk and eventually went swimming with the fishes

    2. He did? I didn't know that. Doesn't match his image at all.

    3. I thought he crashed his plane.
      It wasn't the rocky mountain high he was hoping for.

  8. 1. We've heard this report previously. The entire case is puzzling in many aspects.

    Here's another one -- Why did Pelosi go to SF General for hospital care? I lived in the City for decades. SF General's reputation is as hospital of choice where Tenderloin addicts go when they OD.

    SF General has improved in the last several years (given the millions that Benioff (SalesForce) donates to the hospital). The point is that there are many top-tier hospitals in Pacific Heights.

    2. This whole thing sounds like a john/prostitute trick gone bad.

  9. Mamas don't your babies grow up to be journalists."

    Tim Pool doesn't regret becoming a journalist. He didn't go to school. He just decided to start doing journalilsm.
    Drudge didn't go to school either, did he?

    1. Seems that I remember Abe Lincoln became a lawyer without going to law school.

    2. I ain't got no J degree neither

    3. The only journalists I trust are ones that don't have degrees.
      The only college professors I trust are ones that have been fired.

    4. Bob says — Lincoln passed the bar though. What does that tell you about the education system?

    5. I got the J degree because at the time I couldn't have entered the news business without it in Canada. Such were the times in the 80s. Even people with regular degree with getting a Masters in journalism (Ridiculous). However, I know it's worthless and always did. It proves nothing and didn't make me the journalist I was. At this point, it's just another credential.

  10. I hope you're wrong about the House, Don, but have the same fear.

    Thanks for the Paul Harvey update, I read to my family yesterday.

    1. According to the New York Times, the GOP has won 212 seats against 204 for the Democrats, putting the Republicans six seats away from the 218 needed to control the House. Of the 19 races that have yet to be called, Republicans are currently leading in 10.

    2. Currently leading. The printing presses are still hard at work.

    3. Exactly. The system is the steal.

  11. Visited Munich 42 years ago in summer. One night while carousing in Schwabing, the entertainment district, I saw some German dudes in full football uniforms gallivanting about. Apparently, there was a German amateur football league .. and why wouldn't there be? Football seems agreeable to German culture and they'd pick it up from American servicemen

  12. Item 2.... sounds like the teachers unions lost their gravy train.....gonna be a lot of sad puppies when crypto breaks down all the way

  13. Daughter won a scholarship to a prestigious journalism school 10 year ago, but was shrewd enough to know that journalism was no longer the domain of "speaking truth to power" or the bulwark that keeps democracy from "dying in darkness"

    So she specialized in public relations and quickly got herself a job after graduation. Which job allowed her to weather the COVID lockdown storm, even tho she had a comorbidity (iron deficiency) that could have caused serious problems


    1. Totally! There's lot of money for journalism graduates not only in PR but in content writing for companies.

    2. My buddy's Dad was a columnist on Al Neuharth's new venture in '83 (USA Today), and back then warned me away from a journalism degree. I opted for a poli sci. B.A.; wishing someone had steered me away from that, too! zb

    3. All the arts and humanities degrees are pretty much useless now.

    4. "All" the humanities useless? You just threw HISTORY under the bus.

    5. History is not useless but the degree is.

  14. Loved Saturday substack and shared with many. A friend replied, "as I listened to each bullet point in Paul Harvey's message. Did you notice it was the Democrats that were basically behind each item mentioned?"

  15. Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, ""

    Candace Owens channels Julian Assange:

    "We left one money-laundering operation (Afghanistan) in which we gave 50 billion of American taxpayers’ hard-earned money and we jumped right into the next one. And how much money did we give Ukraine so far? 50 billion dollars! But that’s not enough for this welfare queen. He wants to keep it coming. And that’s what he is: President Zelensky is America’s welfare queen."

    1. That should not happen if the voters are counted on election day.

    2. Sorry, that comment is for below.

  16. Perhaps one might look at impeding collection of fake votes from ballot boxes.
    They're paper right? What if it rained for forty days and nights? What if drop boxes became flooded, and turned into wet soggy indecipherable mess?
    It could happen, God has done it before. Flush the swampers out.

    1. That shouldn't happen if the votes are counted on election day and people are voting on election day.

    2. Randy says: If the ballot box were flooded, they’d just weigh the soggy mass and “estimate” the number of ballots, then decide that 90% of them voted a straight Democrat ticket.

  17. The election - The rest of the story:
    "In House contests, 11 percent of voters indicated they were Hispanic. In both polls, they voted 60 percent for Democrats, 39 percent for GOP ones. In 2018, nearly seven in ten Hispanics voted for Democrats. Democrats also appear to have lost significant ground among Asian voters. In 2018, around 80 percent of them supported Democrats. In this election, it was around 60 percent.

    Obviously, well over half of Hispanics and Asians still voted for the Democratic candidates in 2022, but changes in ethnic party loyalties are usually glacial, and so rapid a shift is really quite remarkable."

    1. "The Democratic Party has done everything it could to spur an ethnic war between the black and Asian populations. You see that here in New York by the attacks on the subways, on the street, mainly by blacks against Asians. The Democratic Party, by pushing this ethnic identity, has pushed ethnic hatred. That’s why the Democrats are surprised that the Hispanics and Asians are moving towards the Republicans. The Hispanics and Asians realize that the Democrats have a race-hatred policy, much like the Nazis. I don’t believe that any political progress can be made in the U.S. until the Democratic Party, certainly the current leadership, is swept away. There cannot be any progress in America today led by the Democratic Party, which is today the ideologically Right-wing party that has turned what should be an economic problem into an ethnic and non-economic problem."

    2. The only way for the Dems to be swept away is to stop the cheating and reform voting. The election is only one day!

  18. Item 3 & 7: Welcome to "Whose Election is It Anyway." The show where the ballots are made up and the votes don't matter.

    1. Randy says: Clever! And sadly true.

    2. It's all about getting out the ballots, not the voters.

    3. Two thumbs up ūüĎćūüĎć

    4. Coming up next: scenes from the hacks.

  19. When LBJ was a rookie, he took over the committee that apportioned election funding.
    Shockingly, his rise to the top of the bubbling swamp was epic.
    That's what keeps the mcadoodles in power. The controller of the purse strings buys his court of buttlicking lackeys. It's not complicated- just corrupt.

  20. In Nevada, Republican Lombardo handily wins Governor, yet Laxalt loses? Cortez Masto won the same way she did 6 years ago with the late night dump of 30K votes in clark county. If republicans cant fix the system they need to learn to cheat in a better manner. Since they didn't this election, it is clear they are in collusion with the Democrats.

  21. 9 - school boards first. Next town and county governments. MAGA conservatives must get involved locally.

    1. All politics is local. But also either join the ballot harvesting or change the voting laws like Florida did. There will be no winning without it at this point, no matter how much people blame Trump.

  22. 14 - Xiden can’t wait for the pastor (will they even allow one on the White House grounds?) to say “You May now sniff the bride”.

  23. If the Democrats didn't know the election was in the bag for them they would be responsive to the voters on issues such as energy crime race relations gender rights etc. Since they don't care what the voters think they are free to create chaos.

  24. That Vermont high school volleyball story contains good news and bad news. The bad is that the school district favored a cross-dresser’s “rights” over those of normal girls. The good is that those who were suffering under the school district’s sexual discrimination policy sued, and forced the district to step back from its policies.

    It is sexual discrimination for cross-dressers to be allowed into any space where they can satisfy their twisted sexual desires by ogling those of the sex that the cross-dressers are claiming. More than that, when they do that, they should get a legal choice: (1) get qualified medical help or (2) go to jail, do not pass go.

  25. ITEM 7: So your solution to cheating is not to investigate, stop and punish cheaters, but rather to cheat like they do? SMH

  26. #7 re: Learn to ballot harvest. Sadly, it looks like it's a solution although I would prefer other states follow Florida's lead.

  27. #2 -- re: Ukraine and crypto donations. So done with Ukraine. Corrupt to the core.

  28. Item 3: You underestimated Biden? Lol, not a word about how these elections were won by massive cheating, AGAIN!
    Are you a fraud denier, Don?

  29. ITEM 14: Biden may not get to shower but I’m sure there’ll be some yummy sniffin.

  30. #7

  31. The Crypto crash is worth following. It may be something that can't be hidden. Mr. Bankman may have, indeed Fried more than himself. I see a future Arkicide.

  32. I live in Florida and voted for DeSantis twice (2018 and 2022). That said, I am upset he endorsed Joe O'Dea for the U.S. Senate from Colorado. O'Dea is a notorioius pro abortion RINO. Why would DeSantis do such a thing? Can this be linked to DeSantis being endorsed by Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan? It stinks to high heaven I tell you.

  33. Not leaving Don. Signed up for your substack. I do not have to agree with you on every item.

    Still a Trump supporter. Desantis is purchased.

    But remember the Braveheart movie.

    Desantis, like William the Bruce, might want to do the right thing, be purchased to do the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and do the right thing after.

    Ballot harvesting is acceptable, even laudable for Democrats (like rioting, looting, burning, attempted assassination) but will prove to be quite illegal when pursued by Republicans.

    Shoving [Republican] Senators up against the walls of the Capitol is acceptable speech [for Democrats]. [Republicans] Parading down the halls of the Capitol will get you years of pretrial detention on a dungeon.

    You want me to ballot harvest? I am a Republican . If I do it, I will end up on prison.

  34. "James In OK
    Desantis is purchased."

    His biggest donors are liberal billionaires. See:

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