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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Hi. Remember Trump the Press?

This past week has seen an influx of new readers, many of whom believe I am a Never Trumper. Well, I looked at my receipts and found I never was a Never Trumper. I looked in my heart and realized that if President Trump is re-nominated, I will saddle up and support him again. I would rather lose with Trump than win with Jeb! or Liz or even Pence.

I can't quit him and all that.

A second term might give enough people heart attacks in DC to allow the American people to finally clean out the Augean Stable we call Washington.

In 2016, I wrote a book about that year's nomination process. Trump the Press which poked fun at all those know-it-all pundits who told us Trump was just a big egoist who could not win.

Sound familiar?

I had the most fun writing Chapter Six: Peak Trump. Here is what I wrote:

Oil embargoes in the 1970s by OPEC, a group of totalitarian governments that wanted to hold at their mercy the free nations of the world, created fear in the West of running out of oil. President Carter stoked those fears by dusting off the idea of peak oil, a time when the production of oil would begin to decline as reserves ran out.

In 1919, David White, chief geologist of the United States Geological Survey, predicted the United States would reach peak oil in 1922.

In 1953, Eugene Ayers, a researcher for Gulf Oil, predicted peak oil would reach the United States by 1960.

In 1956, M. King Hubbert, a geoscientist for Shell, predicted peak oil would reach the United States by 1971.

In 1977, Carter predicted the world would reach peak oil in 2011.

Each prediction failed because experts overlooked the incentive for capitalists to develop new fields and new technologies, which expanded the world’s reserves of oil. George Phydias Mitchell’s company developed hydraulic fracking, which led to a glut of oil on the market by 2011.

Learning nothing from this, conservative pundits began talking about peak Trump from the day he announced he was running for president.

We reached peak Trump on June 16.

“On Tuesday, Donald Trump laid out the most entertaining campaign launch in presidential history. The stagecraft—descending his elevator in his tower behind his sexy wife—was magnificent. The Donald knew that the crowd expected The Donald, and thus he gave them Peak The Donald,” Ben Shapiro wrote in Breitbart News.

We reached peak Trump on July 9.

“On Wednesday, we reached peak Donald Trump, with two national TV interviews, including one by NBC News’ Katy Tur. We also learned on Wednesday that RNC Chair Reince Priebus called Trump and asked him to tone down his rhetoric on immigration—yet another acknowledgement of how the New York real-estate mogul is hurting the party. But here’s a fairly safe prediction: Trump’s poll position in the GOP race is going to go down. It might not happen tomorrow, or next month before the first debate, or the month after that. But it’s going to happen. And it won’t be due to immigration, but instead past statements on a slew of important issues to the GOP base,” Chuck Todd of NBC wrote.

We reached peak Trump on July 21.

“Trump reached peak Trumpness during his speech today,” the Week reported.

We reached peak Trump on July 22.

“Memo to Donald Trump: We are past PEAK TRUMP! Sell-by date approaching. Plan EXIT STRATEGY before Iowa! ADIOS amigo! #ArtOfTheWithdrawal,” Bill Kristol wrote.

We reached peak Trump on August 19.

“Though Donald Trump is maintaining a healthy lead in polls for the Republican presidential nomination, there is mounting evidence that he has already peaked,” Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner wrote.

We reached peak Trump on August 20.

“Donald Trump’s ‘Time’ Magazine Cover Lets Us Know We’ve Reached Peak Donald Trump,” Alicia Lu of the Bustle headlined her article.

We reached peak Trump on August 20, for a second reason.

“Trumpmentum has been losing steam ever since the debate. I hopped over to RealClear Politics this morning to take a look at their latest poll averages, and it shows something interesting: Donald Trump may have hit his ceiling. On August 5, he hit a peak at 24.3 percent. He then plateaued for a few days and has been falling ever since. He now stands at 22.0 percent,” Kevin Drum of Mother Jones wrote.

We reached peak Trump on September 16.

In an article titled, “The Five Reasons That ‘The Donald’ is Done by December,” Jeff Wald of the Huffington Post wrote, “On Wednesday September 16, 2015 at 4:23 p.m. EST, I tweeted that we had just reached ‘Peak Trump.’ I believe that was the moment ‘The Donald’ reached his maximum appeal to the American public. I could have added something along the lines of, ‘and our long national nightmare shall soon be over’; although you only get 140 characters.”

We reached peak Trump on September 24.

“Trump may have passed his peak, polls indicate,” wrote David Lauter of the Los Angeles Times.

We reached peak Trump on September 30.

“As a card-carrying member of the media, it has certainly felt to me, starting around the second debate, that the limits of Trump’s candidacy have come clearer: He’s out of his depth on policy, his campaign is progressively less inventive and unusual, and fear of Trump is leading to consolidation around his most politically talented challengers—namely Rubio and Fiorina. But Trump still leads in the polls, and the level of media coverage he’s getting now is about the same as before he peaked in the polls,” Ezra Klein of Vox wrote.

We reached peak Trump on October 23.

“I said before that we’d reached Peak Trump, and the polling since has borne that out. Improbably, Ben Carson is on the way up. But the race is getting nuanced, and technicalities might play a big part in the early race momentum next year,” Neil Stevens of Red State wrote.

We reached peak Trump on October 27.

“There’s buzz this morning about a new CBS/New York Times national poll that shows Ben Carson leading Donald Trump by 4 percentage points. It’s the first time since mid-July that a pollster that puts out results regularly has shown anyone but Trump leading the Republican primary nationally. ‘Peak Trump’ has been declared, erroneously, almost as many times as ‘peak oil.’ Is there reason to believe it’s real this time?” Kyle Wingfield of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote.

We reached peak Trump on January 14, 2016.

“Trump’s Rant about the ‘Son of a Bitch’ Who Installed His Microphone Last Night Was Peak Trump,” ran the headline to a Jack Holmes’s piece in Esquire.

We reached peak Trump on March 5.

“I think we may have passed peak Trump, as it will be known. I don’t think Mr. Romney was under any illusions that he was going to talk Trump’s supporters out of supporting him. I think he knows the axiom that you cannot reason people out of a position they have not been reasoned into,” George Will said on Fox News.

Trump had more peaks than the Himalayas. But the peak Trump cliché did inspire Jonah Goldberg of the National Review to write one of his best paragraphs in the campaign on August 11, 2015.

“While Rasmussen and other allegedly reputable polls suggest that we may have hit peak Trump already, I’m not buying it. Every time reason and logic suggest Trump’s moment should start winding down, he surges ahead. Well, I’m not taking the bait this time. I’m only going to predict success for Trump from now on, on the theory that reality will prove me wrong. So Trump will win the Republican primaries. Even his opponents will vote for him. Even his opponents’ mothers and children will vote for him. Humans shall rise from the grave to pull the lever for him. He is unstoppable. He shall be president for life. You can take that to the bank,” Goldberg wrote.

But four days later, he took off the curse and wrote, “It’s obviously too soon to tell for sure, but I think we’ve reached Peak Trump.”

The conservative commentariat would rather be in agreement than be right.


Like it?

It is still available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.


  1. What I objected to, Mr. Surber, was shifting the blame on Trump and indicating someone else would do better. The issue was never Trump, the issue was all the shenanigans that have taken place in the voting. That has nothing to do with who the Standard Bearer (TM) is for the America First Party -- currently commonly known as the Republican party.

    1. We certainly can object. But what you and other Trump advocates still have not shown us is how Trump wins the general. Because Trump won't lift a finger to fix the structural or personal issues that prevent him from winning in those states - VA, GA, NV, AZ, MI, WI, PA - the big 7.

      He's good at collecting money, he's good at holding rallies, he was a good president, and he's good at creating enemies he doesn't have to make, and then doing nothing (and I do mean nothing) to fix his mistake.
      So, tell me again, how does he win any of the big 7?

    2. Such a dummy you is, bj.

      Show us how desancto wins the general.

      Show us how your butthole wins the general.

      Show us how anyone or anything wins the general that is not chosen and fraud for by the shit swampers.

      Here is how Trump/MAGA wins the general:

      Vote for Trump.

      Every chance you get.

      Where ever you are, whoever you are, whenever you can.

      Apply the K.I.S.S. method, aka: Keeping It Simple for the Stupid.

      The K.I.S.S. method will work for you, bj.

    3. The real question is when do we reach peak FRAUD?
      On what day will enough people say enough is enough?
      They stole 2020 from Trump some say, I say they stole it from Us. They have now stolen 2022 and are already at work to steal 2024.
      It doesn't matter if it is Trump, DeSantis, or Ben Shapiro running, it's our vote and voice being silenced.

    4. I agree with everyone but Black JEM. Who is going to get the gimme for Republican pres? Fuckin no one! Trump, DeSantis, Schlongmaster? No! A lot of times I agree with what you say, but NO, you are wrong. Do you actually think that if DeSantis gets the nomination that all cheating ceases? Don't be caught up in all this that is dividing us.

    5. The key question is how will the RNC get its act together and work to fix all the shenanigans or at least have a plan.

    6. Any one "influencer's" or "thought leader's" support or withdrawal of support does not matter. DJT is a force of nature who will power through any individual lapse of faith.

      The way to prevent prematurely writing off such a man -- as seemingly so few formerly stalwart boosters on the right can do -- is to leave it up to the man to say when it's over.

      "I didn't hear no bell."

      Of what possible use is to personally declare him "finished," other than as a way to cope with the natural frustrations that are a part of every existential fight?

      Even if you really think we have a better chance with someone else, or if only he could fix this or that, at some point it is about character: your own character.

      It would be a lot harder if he wasn't easily the best president in our lifetime with the chance of being the greatest American next to George Washington if he can single-handedly accomplish this seeming impossible task laid out for our generation. But that's exactly who he is.

      The champ gets to hang up the gloves on his own terms. Simple as.

      In retrospect our mistakes in judgment (and his) will be clear. The job of supporters is to support, not to get cute with strategic decisions far above our pay grade. Unless he does something that has breached the trust.

      None of the "developments" that prompt the new predictable wave of anti-Trumpism are ever breaches of trust. They are transparent excuses to try the same old subversive tricks on him again because they can't otherwise beat him. This latest "special counsel" ploy is more of the same. They haven't noticed that lesser men are intimidated by such tactics and voluntarily quit; without any real teeth behind them; whereas they piss DJT off and make him fight harder. It's the crazed Never-Trump version of Lucy & The Football issue.

      Never bet against Donald John Trump.

    7. Amen nuff said!!!

  2. Surber backpedals. “Life After Trump” was only one week long. Now we’re back to “Life With Trump.”

    1. Bj still has to troll.

    2. Shouldn't Don impose some age restrictions on this site?

    3. Sure, ep.

      Define the ages.

      Then, define the specificities defining the specifications of the specifities of whichever ages you define as needing to be restricted.

      Then, specify precisely how surber is going to restrict those specific ages you have defined, specified and decided you want restricted.

      Then, specify how surber is going to determine which commenter(s) meet, or exceed, your desires to be restricted.

      Then, inform surber precisely how you will be able to verify each and every one you mark for restricted status, as you would not want anyone not verifiably verified to suffer the awful effects of surber restriction(s), would you?

      Then, watch that original Twilight Zone episode where the fellow has the power to shrink all the evil people, everywhere, to a height of, I believe, 6 inchs, and will do it at precisely 4pm, if I remember, which he does.

      Then see if you still want surber to do as you will.

    4. I, too, have had a rethink about Trump. Too much knee-jerk reaction. So, for all of Trump's faults, and he puts them right out there for all to see, no hiding with an alternate agenda, Trump has the highest probability of winning.
      Desantis has been one heck of a Governor, but he is being called/pushed into a losing trap. The dirty money is trying to mesmerize him. And he will not be forgiven for dividing the party. All the usual Neocons and Monied Criminals are barking the same old song. And Trump is the only one that will call a spade a spade. Replacing McConnell and winning the Senate is a necessary precondition to a successful Presidency.

    5. What may seem to the observer as a "knee-jerk reaction" is Jeet Kune Do reflex.

      And what many seem to forget is that most only observe a pittance of the action.

      Bruce Lee had to slow every move he made, so the standard 24fps could capture more than a blur of motion.

      Trump does not knee-jerk react to anything. The perception of this, of those observing, is their own knee-jerking.

      And what are those observing Trump's actions reacting to?


      Spoken words.

      Always the knee-jerking reactors quote as few words Trump spoke as they can get away with quoting.

      They shout "FIRE!!!!" when it's only the odor of their own fartings.

      They screech "HOW DARE HE!!!!" when Trump says Hello.

      They, quite literally, scream "CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!" "OFF WITH HEAD" "HANG HIM!!!!" as their own knee-jerking spasms jerk their own minds into puppy poop.

      What Trump has said, and will likely say more of, about desancto is only a 'threat' if desancto intends to attempt to be the republican party nominee for President in 2024 election.

      So, if desancto considers what Trump says as a threat, so fucking what?

      This is the American way.

      Duke it out in party primary.

      Trump did it once, Bigly.

      Then decked the clinton harpie.

      Do you really think that desancto can even approach that?

      I ask you, all of you, seriously, huh?

      America needs an enema.

      Trump, holy shit batman, gave us all a taste of his ability to do this.

      We just never realized how massive the constipation blockage is.

      Give Doctor Trump the means and he will flush the body politic clean.

  3. Some identify oil as a renewable resource.

    1. basic info. See link above for links to articles referenced at the end of this.

      Oil is a Renewable Resource by Russ McGlenn russmcglenn@juno.comOil wells in the Gulf of Mexico are being refilled with oil coming up from below the current oil fields. Russia has drilled over 300 eight mile deep wells into the Earth’s granite crust. This has worked so well that they worked in Vietnam and found oil off its coast where everyone said there was no oil. Oil used to be found in sedimentary rock at 2-3 miles deep, but the Russians found a new source.What is happening? The Russians found that new oil was being made from hot molten rock called magma heating the basement rocks of the Earth’s crust. As the rocks are heated methane gas is distilled. This combines with carbonates and carbon 14 that occur naturally in rock, when these are mixed together, they form oil. It’s called Abiotc (non biological) because it does not come from vegetable matter. The original theory of how oil was formed is that swamps filled with vegetation, (biomass) were covered with mud (called sedimentary rock once it hardened) and decayed over millions of years into coal or crude oil. This is called the Biotic Theory.Oil is a renewable resource because it is being made today deep in the earth’s crust. We do not have an energy crisis we have a leadership crisis. One group says we are running out of energy so we have to cut back all that we do and will not allow us to drill for the new oil. This new group says we have plenty of oil, let us drill for it and use it. Write or call you congressmen and tell them your views. They are already feeling the heat from voters, keep the pressure on.Here are article about the Abiotic Oil

    2. It has long been my belief that the old idea that oil was the putrified remains of dinosaurs was total BS, and that this planet actually makes oil in an ongoing basis! We will never run out of oil! The Good Lord and Maker of us all put 'fossil fuels' here for a reason.

    3. If one holds organic material at the temperature of a good cup of coffee for a minimum of a million years, you'll get oil. Dribs.
      But oil never stays where it's formed. It moves up because it's light and fluid until it hits a barrier, like a salt dome.
      A salt dome that gets drilled often refills. The formation of oil never ends and neither does the migration of that oil after formation.

    4. Interesting info. To be honest, the peak oil sounds an awful lot like the 'global cooling 50-70's, global warming 90-2010's now climate change' stuff. What people fall to realize is oil is now in everything and cold kills a lot faster than heat. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of deaths in the EU and here due to virutal signaling and stupidity. Can't decide which is worse, but the results are the same.

  4. This is one of the funniest columns I have read to date, anywhere. I laughed all the way through it! Thanks for the giggle!

    1. I see our anon troll has a new schtick. Well done little man.

    2. I thought you were sharper than that, Black JEM, to know that a lot of people post under Anonymous, not just the ones you want to try to ridicule.
      EN2 SS

    3. I am the anon that posted the remark being referred to here. There are people in this world whom have angst. They're useful idiots. That's their purpose. Rather vapid, if you ask me. It is entertaining to watch them self explode. I like Don's work. Most of the time he's spot-on. By the way, Black JEM, whose man are you? - Very funny!!!! We live in your head rent free!!! HA!

    4. The book remains as entertaining throughout. I highly recommend buying it.

    5. Surber composes and posts an article that mocks, in epic MAGA/ Trumpian fashion, the many knuckleheads who obsessively underestimate Trump.

      A shit ton of their shit opinions.

      Scrolling as if endless.......

      ALL mocking the fuck out of them.....

      A comment posted without either bending over for the google kiss of monicker approval or the ego thrill of naming yourself, and bj goes badass.....

      Imagine if every 'anonymous' post defaulted to 'troll'.....

      No, make that defaulted to 'TROLL!!!!!'

    6. Live in my head? Hell, I don't even live in my head. But at least everyone here knows it's me commenting.

    7. But do they, bj?

      Do you think that, if they do, it is because of your google approved monicker?


      (And, no, that is not me giving you a hummer...... I swear......)

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  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I voted for Trump the first time and the second time. I will vote for him a third time if he gets the nomination but I will support a Desantis run before a Trump run this time. I truly appreciate all that Trump has been able to do especially with the obstacles that were placed in front of him. I am 70 yrs old and cannot believe how much our country has changed. I no longer have the belief that good will prevail. I am exhausted from the belief that truth and honesty will prevail. Elections are a joke now. And we are forbidden to talk about them. The leadership of the Republican party is not changing. McConnell will continue to cave and drive us further down the road to globalization and eliminate the middle class. Those who have the power, use it against what used to be normal people. I am exhausted. We need new blood. We need fresh troops. As each election cycle has passed since Obama, we drift further and further away from freedom. I love what Trump has started. But it is time to pass the torch. As good as he has been for us, I am convinced he is too polarizing. I am afraid that it's too late. I hope I am wrong. God help this country.

    1. I am also in my 70s, and I have much the same viewpoint… I look around and see an unrelenting slide to America’s demise. It’s not just Washington. The marxists have been on a decades-long campaign to undermine our institutions — the media, corporations, financial institutions, schools and universities, the military, scouts, etc. It appears that you hold out hope that if we can just “pass the torch” to new leadership in Washington, things will change.

      I disagree. I despair that 1) it is now impossible to change Washington, due to a corrupt election machine in blue states that becomes more solidly status quo with each passing election cycle; and 2) even if Washington did change, the throughly indoctrinated younger generation WANTS to live in a Marxist/ Socialist/ Communist nation.

      I’m getting old as fast as I can, with the hope that I die of natural causes before the U.S. Government kills me off as a useless relic of a bygone era.

    2. Totally agree. There can be no confidence that 24 election won't be just as corrupt in the blue states as this one just was. Therefor, why even get all excited again regardless of who the repubs nominate? The dem states of which any pres must have at least 4 of, have perfected the manipulation and corruption of the voting process and as mentioned, no one even TALKS about it or pushes for reform. The red states will stay red, blue states blue and no repub will be allowed to win. Thats just the new reality.

    3. So, we old farts are back to: What have you got to lose?

      Vote for Trump.

      Why not?

      What have you got to lose?

      Desancto gonna lose?

      No republican can win?

      Then, why not vote for Trump, eh?

      Trump gets under all of their skins.



      Like Holy Water to a vampire.

      Why not vote for Trump and make the swampers try to swallow him?

    4. I love PDJT. I am conflicted now and like Bubblehead and the anons, fear for the future.

      I am in my 60s and hold a local elected office. Wish more would do that. Keeping the liberals out of our local government is vital. This flows up.

      Thankfully, the primaries are a long way off. I will see what I decide to do as far as voting. What I hope happens between now and the primaries are as many state, county and local governments as possible clean up the disgraceful election process. Make this a fair fight.

      Early on 2024 I will have to make up my mind. Why piss all over each other right now when the enemy is the liberals.

    5. Vote for Trump.

      Trump will do all the pissing.

      Trump pisses them swampys off. Bigly.

      Trump pisses on them, tsunami level pissing.

      Trump drowns them in a deluge of piss.

      Trump drives them madly into their pissy, hissy, prissy fits.

      Geez, guys and gals, why wouldn't you want that and why wouldn't you vote for Trump????

      Maybe yous all think that nice and easy gets it done.

      New century, bubbies.

      New fucking century.

      With all the tech, gonna be more brutal than the last.

      The human nature that the stinkers relish will see to that.

      The shitty job of flushing the shit, Trump says,

      I will do it.

      Will you back me?

    6. Bob says —
      I’m in!

      Shove Donald John Trump down throats and pile in the rebound shots.

      Vote! Harvest Ballots! Cure Ballots! Beat them at their own game.

    7. They are trying to get us to give up. This is when we need to stand together. I still don't understand how DeSantis is electable and Trump isn't! Neither of them will get elected if we don't stop the fraud. It should NEVER take a week or two or three to decide an election! Stop saying Trump is unelectable. He is our best choice, but no Republican can win as things stand.

    8. OK - tell me how Trump wins the states I've referenced a million times. DeSantis at least has a legitimate shot at VA and GA.

      I am seriously asking; how does Trump win those 7 states. What is his path? It's not a coin flip. He's lost them all twice in a row.

    9. Totally agree with you, Richard Hertz, there is a desperate psyops going on to get us to give up. Wishful thinking on their part. There are 80+million of us-- and we are awake and fired up. There is actually so much we can do. See the article from American Thinker that someone posted again below-- it is one good example of something us regular folks can do locally.

      Also, give money to Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch--they are having great success suing states to clean up their voter roles. Help them expand their efforts.

      AND--actually there was TONS of activity the past couple years by legislatures all over the country to tighten up and strengthen election laws--however, this was only in Red states.
      Still, this is excellent work. The media did not cover it.

      Maybe America First voters in blue states could launch lawsuits against blue state election officials. Maybe another try can be made to get the Supreme Court to recognize the standing of clean election states to require dirty election states to clean up their act. I can think of about 20 things us regular folks can do, maybe I'll do a longer comment on that in a few days. 20 things times 80 million people is a powerful force.

      Realize that the Marxist left is amazingly handicapped-- they actually can't govern competently at all, so the country keeps getting visibly trashed-- and people can SEE that and wake up. They can't win any calm debate about Marxism or any of their far-out and bizarre policy positions (gender crap, etc.), so their only hope is to censor and smear. They have many Achilles heels, and there's alot WE can do.

  8. There's a legend about Robert the Bruce:
    When he was getting his arse kicked all over Scotland by the English, he was forced into hiding.
    He took refuge in a cave, and there he watched a spider trying to build a web, but failing over and over. But each time, the spider would climb back up the cave wall until it finally got it's web to stick and successfully spin a web.
    The spider's success after so many failures inspired Robert the Bruce to masrhal his forces and attack the English again, and he defeated them at the Battle of Bannockburn which led to Scotland's independence.

    So take heart, fellow conservatives.
    I know we're all a little pissed about the mid terms, but there were a few victories as well.
    All's not lost.

    1. Thank you lg,

      I'm enough mad about the election, that I'm not talking to anyone about it. But I am also hanging on to a very thin tread of hope. Some states got things moving the right direction on the election. Others got waves of red school boards. But if we give up hope, there is nothing left but to let the Marxists and socialists win.

      I'll be damned before I do that. My family has had least one in every generation in the military since the revolution, usually more. I didn't fight for this country in the Navy to give it up to the enemies from within.

      Unfortunately most of DC are included in that enemy list. Dems, rinos, and deep state.

  9. The problem, Don, is that you acted exactly like all the RINOs acted. I read a great article showing, with receipts, how during the days and weeks before election day, up through Monday before election day, the RNC, McConnell, and the entire RINO establishment were all congratulating themselves on the impending red tsunami. 24 hours later - it was Trump's fault. In other words, "heads I win, tails you lose." And you fell right in line with them. Sad.

  10. Don is still supporting DJT. The RINOs are not.

    1. How the fuck is surber still supporting Trump?

      Seriously, how the fuck is surber still supporting Trump?

      (Cue The Back Stabbers)

  11. We have a problem. That sits with the voters. We will not solve the corruption problem with a political party. We will only solve corruption by sending citizen-servants to Washington DC whom are to be used to flush the unnecessary beuracracy out of the executive branch. We do not need the Federal Reserve to print money. Their contract needs to sunset, and an orderly system of replacement currency needs to commence. This will not happen without a citizen-servant community of political operatives accupying the levers of power in our Congress.

    President Trump did prove one thing. A good president can turn an economy on a dime, still, at this late date.

    I have heard it said, there's no political solution to a commercial problem. I have also heard it said, there's no commercial solution to a political problem.

    To the degree necessary, President Trump nullified both of those remarks.

    The political class in this country makes problems for themselves, then creates solutions to the problems they cause, in the first place.

    It's a situation that shall never be resolved.

    That trash talking New Yorker did a good job. I don't think he'll make it in again. That's a shame, too.

    America is being delisted, for the Chinese model. The truth is, "they" don't need us around anymore. Most of us are being replaced by the disruption of automation.

    That is reality.

    1. So, we vote for Trump.

      We indulge not in expectations of future results.

      We vote for Trump in republican party primary.

      We vote for Trump in presidential election.

      We vote for Trump until there is no longer an opportunity to vote for Trump.

      We do this and see what results.

      If any want to pass their times with abundant mind masturbating, well, we all gotta pass are times doing something.

      Expect nothing, be prepared for anything, by anticipating everything.


      And Vote for Trump.

      If only to piss off whoever.

  12. Back in 2016 the elites/deep state failed to take DJT seriously as we just read from dons news clips. They were shocked and totally angered at those results and believe me, decided they would NOT allow states like PA MI AZ WI to ever go red again, and they didn't. Today we see democrat state elections controlled by accepting ballots with fake signatures, post election day postmarks, dead people SSN's etc and nothing will change to stop this. Forget fair elections now unless the corrupt at physically removed by the corrupt courts, and that won't happen either.

  13. It took the media, rinos and dems 7 years and they finally convinced some weak kneed Trump supporters he is a loser.

  14. If we cannot adapt to or put an end to ballot harvesting off mass mail-in ballots, not Trump or any other Republican will be President.

    1. They ballot harvest from the ballots mailed to dead voters, 65 voters living in a PO Box, 150 voters living in a vacant lot, etc because of bloated voter rolls. Everyone should read this article and be inspired to take action:

    2. The rigourous question here is:

      Are there sufficient quantities/numbers of lawful voters to offset the dummies, the dead, the fabricated, the identity thefted, the so wet behind their ears it drizzles as they walk, the no longer resides at this address, the moocher minions, the grafting grifters, the local clout munchkins, the loony toon brigades, the I voted but did not have to do anything 'cause someone did it for me, the what, did I vote, I could swear I did not, et al., ?

      And can/will they ALL vote?

      Until it is proven that America has enough Americans doing the one thing that is now the only thing that can save the 'if you can keep it' Constitutional Republic, VOTE for MAGA, all these suggested solutions of election frauding remain triage on rotting limbs.

      PROVE there are enough Americans wanting to SAVE America.


  15. The media cannot stop lying. It's all they do well.

  16. I supported Trump from the beginning. He was the greatest president since Washington for 3 years. Then he was the worst president we ever had in in year 4.

    He signed an EO on September 19th 2019 giving BigPharma license to unleash hell on all of humanity with their death jabs.

    He stood there like a boob while Fauci and Birx took over our economy and lives.

    He let the Democrats under the guise of a plandemic destroy our election process.

    Now we are supposed to act like nobody notices this and that he is some kind of Messiah and he can threaten our most successful governors.


    1. This one begs for a parsing:

      1. Fuckbrain fauci and bimbo birx did not 'take over' anything, the democrat ruled Sovereign State governors did. As well as all democrat bully bums with any authority to impose this shit.

      2. Our own nation's Constitution was used to prevent President Trump from imposing any federal controls upon us, or impede the democrat governors from fucking their state's citizens, residents deep and hard.

      3. Few, other than the guilty of creating this wu flu altered virus, releasing it, spreading it across the globe, promoting their pre-manufactured feeble 'vaccines', condemning those who had figured out treatments effective at squashing the effects of this wu flu frankensteined virus weapon, etc., knew the extent that these evil fucks were capable of going.

      4. The feckless fucking politicals encouraged these election changes, most illegal when they engaged in them, even according to their own state's laws and state constitutions. And the states that continue do so, are able to BECAUSE their own state's polticals succeded in frauding the biden bimbo brigades into the Executive branch.

      And how, please explain, is Trump threatening 'our most successful governors'?

      By running in the republican party primary for the republican party nomination for the elected office of President of these United States?

      Gee, how is that a threat?

      And to what?

    2. What a pathetic response. Trump signed the EO on September 19th 2019 making this holocaust possible. He so ill informed he still takes credit for empowering BigPharma. It begs the question. Is Trumpin the pocket of BigPharma?

      If Trump is that helpless on all the other accounts he should do us all a favor and step aside.

    3. Hey, fredo, do yourself a favor and step yourself off.

  17. Even with my FUDJT I will still vote for him if he is the nominee. Who knows though? He was dumb enough to get triple jabbed AFTER having covid.


  18. OK, sold, I just bought your Trump book. Well researched with a punchy delivery, all the makings of a good read.

    Augean Stable? I had to look that one up. "Augeas, the mythical king of Elis, kept great stables that held 3,000 oxen and had not been cleaned for thirty years - until Hercules was assigned the job. Hercules accomplished this task by causing two rivers to run through the stables."

    In this literary allusion, Trump is Hercules and the mountain of festering putrescence is the deep state swamp. But what are the two rivers that Trump will use to accomplish this Herculean task? I gots to know.

  19. Now write a book about DeSancto. He hasn't declared for '24 yet, at least not publicly, but the money to do it is being dangled in front of him by the usual suspects, and maybe they'd let you wet your beak, too. If Ron decides to wait for '28, perhaps you can make money hosting cruises to Alaska or the Med. Ahoy Cap'n!