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Saturday, October 08, 2022

Why the left went after sports

The Cleveland Indians are the most exciting team in baseball. They have 10 rookies on their 26-man roster. Six others were rookies last year. They play small ball and win. They are managed by Tito Francona Jr., a grandpa who led the Boston Red Sox in 2004 to their first World Series championship in 86 years.

Fans in Cleveland shun the Cleveland Indians this year.

That's because the team is not the Cleveland Indians. Management caved in to Woke Know Nothings and changed the name to Guardians this year. Attendance was 25th among the 30 major league teams.

Attendance is puny not because Cleveland is a small market. In 1948, it was the first team to draw more than 3 million fans. Mom said the record would never be broken again. In the 1990s, Clevelanders broke that record and then broke it again.

The team retired the number 455 because that's how many consecutive sellouts the team had.

Bleacher Report said, "From June 12, 1995, through April 4, 2001 the Indians sold out 455 straight home games, and that doesn’t include playoff games, which were of course sold out from 1995-1999 and 2001."

Those were exciting teams with Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome... they had it all except a World Series ring. The Indians had not won a ring since 1948. They still haven't. That drought may end this fall after 74 years.

But Clevelanders shun the team because it is not the Indians. It is the Guardians, named for four stone carvings on a bridge near the ballpark. The name change came because the left deigned naming a team the Indians to be an insult to Indians. 

Really? If naming a team after someone is an insult, Boeing should sue the Jets. 

Why do left propagandists screw around with team names? For the same reason they get players to kneel. They want to undermine the social fabric that draws people together rich and poor, young and old, black and white, East Side-West Side.

It works.

Just six years ago, a million Clevelanders flooded downtown and walked several miles in the heat to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers finally winning an NBA championship. The guest of honor that day was Jim Brown, the leader of the last Cleveland team to win an NFL championship, the 1964 Browns.

Cleveland had not has a championship in any major league sport in 52 years.

The Indians may win the World Series and afterward find nothing but tumbleweeds blowing through the streets of downtown.

That's because they are not the Indians. They are the Guardians now. Instead of drawing together a people, the left succeeded in keeping people apart.

United we stand, divided we fall. Destroying support for the local team is part of a plan to divide and conquer us.


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  1. You heard that Biden said something to last year's champions, the Atlanta Braves, about changing the team name. I guess when they finish with the teams with Native American names, they'll go after the White Sox to take "White" out of the name...

    1. CA Closet ConservativeOctober 8, 2022 at 3:59 PM

      And after the *White* Sox, they'll go after these team names:

      * Minnesota Vikings - glorifies violent white raiders
      * New England Patriots - Patriots? Sounds too MAGA to me.
      * Cleveland Browns - Browns? Is that a microaggression against people of color?
      * Houston Texans - Texans? Why are we glorifying a red state created by insurrectionists against the Mexican government?!?!?

      * Kansas City Chiefs - Native American name again. Must be cancelled.
      * Dallas Cowboys - "Cowboys" glorifies people who conquered the West and killed Native Americans
      * New Orleans Saints - why is an NFL team glorifying the Christian religion?
      * San Francisco 49ers - gold seeking 49ers killed Native Americans in CA, exploited Chinese immigrants, and caused an extensive damage to California environment.

      Boston Celtics - insulting to the Celts

      Philadephia 76ers - "1776" is code word for MAGA

      Golden State Warriors - the Warriors were named after Native Americans. Their former logo had an Indian head similar to the Redskins; look it up.

      Texas Rangers - glorifies a paramilitary force that rounded up runaway slaves, killed Native Americans, and committed atrocities against Mexicans.

      Oakland Athletics - the word "Athletics" triggers those who are physically disabled. Must be changed.

      Washington Nationals - "Nationals" implies nations and nationalism, which is something those MAGA supporters advocate. Dangerous.

      San Diego Padres - honors the Catholic priests who built all those California missionaries and exploited Native Americans and forced them to convert to Catholicism. Not acceptable.

      Not an exhaustive list but I'm sure liberals can think of more reasons to be offended by a team name that I did not list.

    2. Don’t forget the Cardinals teams due to anti Christian sentiment

    3. CA Closet ConservativeOctober 8, 2022 at 7:36 PM

      The Cardinals are named after the bird, not the Catholic priests.

      However!!.... the bird is *red*. Like Red staters. Is this a subliminal mascot guiding Cardinals fans to support Trump and the Repubs?

    4. don't forget the sexist Portland beavers

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  3. I dont care for the name change either but im watching tampa and not the indians game two in cleveland. It looks to be a sell out

  4. With LeBron leaving town TWICE, the Browns signing a notorious sex abuser to play their most important position, the town stuck with a minor league hockey team, and now this - maybe I'm lucky to be a Mets, Jets, Islanders and Knicks fan.

  5. Gee, I am amazed that folks don't like the name change. I mean, they had Tom Hanks do narration and everything!

  6. Cleveland has won the wild card round defeating the Rays 1-0 in 15 innings, with rookie Oscar Gonzalez hitting a walk-off homer. Who they face next remains to be seen.

  7. I predict in the long run it will backfire on the lefties. Humans need relationships and gathering places. Our homes will do just fine. And our churches, our backyards and local parks. We can save a lot of money on over priced tickets. Don’t let the bastards win!

  8. Chief Wahoo is very much alive in NEO.

    Are they calling the former Washington Football Team the Commies yet? Team is next to the bottom in attendance

    1. They can rename the Washington football team the Reptiles, since those beasts infest our nation's capital.

    2. They should have renamed the Washington football team the Senators, since the name was no longer in use by a baseball team, and since the football team is both pathetic and ineffective.

    3. NB, why not just be blunt and call it the Snakes?

  9. They should have gone back to the Cleveland Spiders.

  10. Splendid. Perfectly reasoned and stated. In short, perfect. Now, change the name to the Cleveland Wokes.

    1. Or as a friend of mine puts it, the "GuardIndians." Representing some damned place in Bangladesh.

    2. "The Cleveland Jokes" is entirely acceptable.

  11. All of it. I'm done with baseball since they took the knee and then put BLM on their basepads in 2020. Watched MLB my entire adult life, and now finishing 2nd season I haven't watched one game. The left won, yep.

  12. I proudly wear my Chief Wahoo cap here in NYC. I get a lot of Go Tribe responses; my response is if only.

    BTW, still looking for a Washington Redskins cap.

    I wear these because I know it pisses people off. I also wear a Houston Colt .45s hat which I describe as my anti-Mike Bloomberg/pro-2d Amendment hat.

  13. Yeah , pro sports can kiss my butt . I am tired of a bunch of whining athletes posing as role models . Have been a MLB fan since the early seventies ; but no longer . Though I have to give a " hell yeah " to Albert Pujols , he's a class act and a first ballot hall of famer.

  14. I haven't watched any pro sports for at least three years. The more I don't watch the more I don't miss it.

  15. Reporting from Canada, we have suffered the change of The Edmonton Eskimos name of the Canadian Football League team, (3 downs only for 10yards, yuuuuge field, etc), after 73 years (Eskimos founded in 1949) to the Edmonton Elks, I think 2 years ago, due to wokeness.
    Also, the Ottawa Rough Riders football team had the same Rough Riders name as the western Prairies Saskatchewan R.R. team since 1898, then Ottawa folded in 1996, came back into the league in 2014 as the Red Blacks until today.
    Someone will likely have an issue with red and black soon, no doubt.

  16. Hey kids in order to go woke you need to surrender and use their language. Just don't participate.


  17. Some friends and I went to a Tigers game last August and all the Cleveland fans there-quite a few Cleveland fans because we're relatively close-and, I'd say, 95% were wearing Indians swag!
    And I have wondered how the Vikings mascot hasn't been taken away yet! Imagine, honoring a white man, a BLOND white man, and if they had been added to the design, I'm sure the eyes would be blue!
    Amazing that image still exists...
    ~DP in MI~

  18. Last year I ended my subscription to MLB.TV due to the league and teams social engineering tactics and programs, including the name change of the Indians. Major League baseball is continuing to be un-American in other ways. For example, they recruit foreign players at 16 years of age. This is a disadvantage to Americans who need to be 18 years old..

  19. I've pretty much given up on our U.S. spectator sports. Aussie woman's beach volley ball and/or Iron Woman however;

  20. Been a INDIANS season ticket holder from 1995 through 2021. I did not renew this year beause of the name change,
    Received an email questionaire with 30 questions from MLB & the guardians in mid September 2022. The first 20 questions were my thoughts on the name change.
    The other 10 questions were on what I like or not like about attending games. I share seats with 8 other guys & go to 12-15 games a year.
    I let them know EXACTLLY my thoughts on the name change & I did not mince my words!
    It's very reaviling that they sent season ticket holders a survey on the name change AFTER they made the change. They blew it & they know it!!
    I'm done with them. I'll spend my $$ elsewhere!!

  21. Given how well they've been doing Boeing should probably sue the jets. So should Airbus and Northrup/Grumman.