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Friday, October 07, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: CNBC reported, "I tried McDonald’s new adult Happy Meal—here’s why I won’t be getting it again."

Nicolas Vega wrote, "But after trying it, I mostly felt like I had been ripped off.

"The large Cactus Plant Flea Market box cost $12.89 before tax at my closest McDonald’s location in New York City. That’s $2.60 more than the $10.29 I’d pay for the large Big Mac meal, which contains the exact same amount of food.

"The only differences justifying the $2.60 upcharge — nearly enough money to add an extra McDouble to my order — are the plastic toy and the cardboard box the order comes in."

So, at age 28, a business reporter learns there is no such thing as a free toy.

Wait until he learns those "sea monkeys" are not real monkeys.

ITEM 2: Crime Research reported, "Massive errors in the FBI’s Active Shooting Reports regarding cases where civilians stop attacks: Instead of 4.4%, the correct number is at least 34.4%. In 2021, it is at least 49.1%. Excluding gun-free zones, it averaged over 50%."

The government works for the government. We cannot have citizens stopping shootings. Why, they might believe the police don't need a SWAT team to protect them.

ITEM 3: This is your economy on Donald Trump: 

"Why the Dow topped 30,000 for the first time."

It was at 18,000 when we elected him.

This is your economy under Biden:

"Stocks extended their losses on Thursday, with the Dow finishing back below 30,000 and just off session lows. Both the Nasdaq and S&P 500 settled in the red as well, with higher-than-expected jobless claims tamping down optimism in the wake of an early week rally."

Any questions?

ITEM 4: WaPo reported, "Federal agents see chargeable tax, gun-purchase case against Hunter Biden.

"Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a Trump appointee, must decide whether to charge the son of the current president."

Apparently bribes are taxable even when they are paid in hookers and blow.

ITEM 5: There are no good guys in the Russo-Ukraine War.

Just remember, this is the fellow who got Democrats to impeach Trump.

ITEM 6: Based Politics said, "In many ways, Rep. Ro Khanna is a far-left progressive. But the California Democrat also happens to be honest, and more prone to moments of genuine introspection than most in his party. Such was the case when Khanna appeared on Fox News on Sunday and acknowledged one of the biggest causes of our inflation woes that—because it’s politically inconvenient—most Democrats have refused to admit."

He likely will run to replace Feinstein in two years.

He said, "I agree that there’s inflation, prices are up… there are two reasons for that. First, the Federal Reserve had quantitative easing for way too long and that was one of the main, primary culprits of this. They didn’t anticipate the inflation, monetary policy is largely determined by the Fed."

QE was used to fix the 2008-2009 recession. Government cures usually lead to something worse.

ITEM 7: Speaking of the 2008-2009 recession, NYT reported, "Bank of America Tests No-Down-Payment Mortgages in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods.

"The pilot program aims to help first-time buyers in several neighborhoods obtain affordable loans."

We've already proven that Teenage Mutant NINJA Mortgages don't work. Cost us $700 billion to fix.

ITEM 8: AP reported, "President Joe Biden is pardoning thousands of Americans convicted of simple possession of marijuana under federal law, as his administration takes a dramatic step toward decriminalizing the drug and addressing charging practices that disproportionately impact people of color."

There go all of Kamala's prosecutions.

(Yes, she prosecuted state laws, not federal. It's called a joke.)

ITEM 8: reported, "A federal judge in Syracuse has blocked enforcement of several parts of New York’s broad new gun law.

"On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby ruled that several provisions of the state’s new gun law are unconstitutional and cannot be enforced.

"He delayed the implementation of his decision for three business days, to allow the state to seek an appeals court’s ruling. Suddaby’s temporary restraining order is in effect until at least an Oct. 20 motion briefing in his court."

Bush 43 judge.

ITEM 9: MSN reported, "Saudi Arabia is raising oil prices for the US market again, while lowering them for Europe and leaving them largely unchanged for Asia."

That happens when you call a head of state a murderer.

ITEM 10AP reported, "A U.S. senator is pressing the FBI for more information after a whistleblower alleged that an internal review found 665 FBI personnel have resigned or retired to avoid accountability in misconduct probes over the past two decades."

Retiring to avoid prosecution? It doesn't work that way for civilians. 

ITEM 11: Arizona's senatorial debate was interesting.

In Georgia, people who demand abortion are upset because people who would ban it won't ostracize Herschel Walker over an abortion that may or may not have happened.

This is the dumbest attack since Hillary the Cuck Clinton got upset because Donald Trump said "pussy" in private.

ITEM 12: Casey Harper reported, "A coalition of 130 lawmakers sent a letter to a top federal watchdog raising the alarm about a spike in foreign ownership of U.S. farmland.

"The letter calls for the Government Accountability Office to conduct a full review of that foreign ownership, its potential impact on trade, national security, food security and what the federal government is doing about it, if anything.

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that foreign investment in agricultural land in the U.S. nearly doubled from 2010 to 2020."

We never should have allowed Red China into the World Trade Organizations.

ITEM 13: The New York Post reported, "Ukrainians plan apocalyptic orgy in event of Putin launching nuke."

A new spin on kiss your ass goodbye.

ITEM 14: Today in Groomer News.

Transgender rights are as follows: the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury and the right to own a gun. They have no more a right to access children in public schools than Christian preachers.

ITEM 15: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill revealed why he signed with the Miami Dolphins instead of the New York Jets.


The Jets play in New Jersey.

He told reporters, "Just those state taxes man. You know, I had to realize I had to make a grown-up decision. And now here I am in the great city of Miami. You know, great weather, great people. Beautiful people, I feel like. So here I am."

Florida has no state income tax. New Jersey's top income tax rate is 10.75%.

ITEM 16: Becker News reported, "The New York Times is prepping the terrain for another FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago for missing documents that the Department of Justice is apparently seeking."

Democrats must be tanking in the polls again.

ITEM 17: Bob Hoge with the headline of the day, "Oops, Electric Vehicles Are Exploding After Water Damage from Hurricane Ian."

So in addition to having to deal with the damage from the hurricane, Floridians are going to have to deal with exploding electric vehicles.

FINALLY, the New York Post reported, "A Democrat mayor in Texas has bused more than twice as many migrants to the Big Apple as the state’s Republican governor — without a peep of outrage from Mayor Eric Adams.

"El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser’s relocation program has sent 7,330 migrants to New York City since August 23, a spokesperson said Thursday."

We should send them back where they came from.


  1. 2. The effingbi also reported crime didn't increase in 2021.
    If they aren't pulling their statistics out of a happy meal, they're pulling them out of their arse.

    1. EN2 SS says,
      -lg, you haven't heard? In the effingbi circlejerk, they pull statisitcs out of each others arses. And they all stink to hell.

    2. And a full body cavity search at that, too.

    3. When they arent doing the circle jerk dance, they are doing the Hokey Pokey to dazzle the judges for warrants,

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    5. I also hear that certain Blue urban areas have refused to report their crime statistics to the FBI for the past year or two, because they are SO BAD.

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  2. There are no good guys in the Russo-Ukraine War.""

    We know who the bad guy is:
    Lindsey Graham Threatens Elon Musk & Tesla After Musk Calls for De-escalation in Ukraine-Russia War.
    "While we’re at it, maybe the Congress should revisit the electric vehicle tax credit boondoggle."

    1. Now that it is understood that Zelenskyy is a true monster, which means that one of the basic premises of this conflict is as grotesque a lie as has even been spun .. why do we buy into the second premise --that Putin is a thug?

      Hasn't everything that was said about Putin interfering in our election been show to be a lie, as well. Russia relies on oil exports; why would they intefere to elect a man who would support fracking? That lowers the price of oil. Its preposterous.

      So, if our elites have lied about Ukraine and Russian interference and absolutely everything else, why do you accept the "Putin is thug" premise? Ive studied every apect of Россия and war in this part of the world for fifty years and I can say with full confidence that Putin is much closer to a saint than he is to a thug

    2. Neither one are saints, but I think the Dems and GOPe are punishing the Russians for losing the cold war.they screwed up communism. Voldemort Zelensky wants to fight to the last American.
      Musk had the temerity to try and avoid Nuclear war. 2DC

    3. Russia is allied with Iran, the world Leader in terrorism exports. Nuff said.

    4. EN2 SS says;
      JeremyR, up until pResident Buyme was installed, we were allies with Saudi Arabia, the originator of Wahabiism, the leading cause of terrorism in the world, and the home of ben ladin and 18 of the 9-11 hijackers.
      Enough said.

  3. Regarding #1;
    I watched a youtube of pouring pop into a S,, M, and L cup at a fast food place.
    The cups were of a different shape profile and height, BUT they all were filled by the same amount of liquid.
    Startling, so order and pay for the S.

    1. As a long time server I can tell you the same is true with cup vs bowl of soup.

    2. Ice filled to the brim causes the phenomenon. It also reduces massively the amount of liquid in the cup. Do you even get 6 ounces of soda from a 16 ounce cup?

      The soda is already cold. No need for ice. It also dilutes the soda.

    3. Randy says: We’ll, if it’s on YouTube, it must be true, because nothing on the internet is ever a lie. But it kinda makes me wonder how I can possibly fit the contents of a “Large” (32 oz) soda into my “Medium” (20 oz) cups.

    4. Randy, this was a starbucks special. They tailored the cups for just this purpose. I dont know if other food places had done it but for Starbucks, it is true.

    5. Randy says: You’re exactly right, SL. Most food places use cubed ice, which takes up the maximum amount of room in the cup. Then they fill it to the brim, which leaves about 1/3 of the cup’s volume available for the drink. And yes, drinks dispensed from a fountain or bar gun hit the ice at around 35°, which means the ice is not being used to cool the drink. Here’s a tip… if you get to the end of your drink and have half a cup of ice left, you’ve been cheated.

      I use “nugget” ice in my drinks, which takes up far less room, and since I’m dispensing everything from a bar gun, I fill the glass only about half full of ice. At the end of the drink, my cups will have only about 2-3 oz of ice left. You will get over 16 oz of drink in my 20 oz cup, over 26 oz in my 32 oz cup.

    6. Randy says: I’m sure Starbucks has spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the least amount of drink in each cup. Domino’s did the same back in the ’80s when they delivered fountain drinks instead of bottles. Their “automatic fill station” dispensed 6 oz of soda into a 16 oz cup. We were expected to fill the cup with ice to bring it up to “full.” Our cost for one cup of soda was 12c, including the cup and lid, for which we charged a buck and a half. It came in paper cups, so by the time it got to the customer’s house, it was flat and watered down. I guess that’s why they changed to delivering bottled soda in the ’90s.

  4. #6 Somebody gets it! And amazingly that somebody is on the left. Fiscal policy does not cause inflation. At most, it provides a motivation for QE.

  5. We never should have allowed Red China into the World Trade Organizations.""

    I love it when Dems and Reps work together. Bipartisanship. Just like Ukraine.

  6. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill revealed why he signed with the Miami Dolphins instead of the New York Jets. Taxes.""

    I wouldn't live in South Florida:
    The worst place in the United States for an extreme hurricane to strike is the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area,
    The potential for cataclysmic financial loss has grown exponentially with the increase in the nation's population and accumulation of wealth on the coastline. You wouldn't be able to evacuate everyone in time.
    Top 4 worst places for an extreme hurricane to strike:

    1 Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    2 New York City, NY
    3 Tampa/ St. Petersburg, FL
    4 Houston/Galveston, Texas
    5 New Orleans, LA

    1. So...whatch're sayin' is New York has high taxes annnnnd extreme hurricanes.

    2. I read an article once about the possibility of a hurricane going straight into NY City. Since it is possible, it is inevitable.

    3. In 1954, New York City got hit by three hurricanes. Nothing like that has happened in this era of climate change/global warming.

  7. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    4: It's how they got Big Al. And how they'll get Little Joe.

    FINALLY: Marty robbins smiles.

  8. Item#5
    We have a clown running our country and a comedian telling him what to do.

  9. 7 - Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  10. First 8 - both your comment and the HO VP are jokes.

  11. 11 - there is hope for Arizona with Lake and Masters.

  12. ITEM 7: Speaking of the 2008-2009 recession, NYT reported, "Bank of America Tests No-Down-Payment Mortgages in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods.

    In today's WSJ: Bank of America to Pay $1.84 Billion to Settle Last Major Mortgage-Crisis Suit--
    Ambac had said the mortgage securities it insured were backed by poorly underwritten loans

    Bank of America Corp. BAC -2.21%▼ closed the door on its last major litigation over mortgage bonds that were at the heart of the financial crisis of 2008.

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  14. ITEM 9: MSN reported, "Saudi Arabia is raising oil prices for the US market again, while lowering them for Europe and leaving them largely unchanged for Asia."
    watch Indian oil tankers U-turn and dock in USA ports after getting their extra bonus