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Monday, October 03, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: AP reported, "US shift away from coal hits tribal community in New Mexico."

The story said, "Realities of shuttering the San Juan plant are setting in for surrounding communities, including the Navajo Nation, where poverty and joblessness already are exponentially higher than national averages. Hundreds of jobs are evaporating along with tens of millions of dollars in annual tax revenue used to fund schools and a community college."

Democrats told West Virginia coal miners to learn to code.

Navajos already learned to code and saved our country in World War II. This is how we treat their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

Trust the science. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient, not a pollutant. We are a carbon-based form of life.

ITEM 2: Just the News reported, "Pennsylvania House panel probing Philly DA finds 'dramatic' increase in unprosecuted gun cases.

"Latest hearing focused on murder victims and their families and how they've been impacted by DA Larry Krasner."

We do not need more gun laws. We need fewer Democrat prosecutors.

ITEM 3: AP reported, "Darrell Brooks’ trial was never going to be easy for the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha. Now it could hurt even more.

"Brooks plowed through the city’s Christmas parade in his Ford Escape last year, killing six people and injuring dozens more, prosecutors allege. His trial opens Monday with jury selection and is expected to last at least a month."

The story doesn't mention the perpetrator is black and the victims were white. Merrick Garland has not filed hate crime charges.

ITEM 4: PBS reported in 2018, "In Afghanistan today, in the midst of war and endemic poverty, an ancient tradition — banned when the Taliban were in power — has re-emerged across the country: Many hundreds of boys, often as young as 11, are being lured off the streets on the promise of a new life, many unaware that their real fate is to be used for entertainment and sex. With remarkable access inside a sexual exploitation ring operating in Afghanistan, an Afghan journalist investigates this illegal practice, talking with the boys and their masters, and documenting how the Afghan authorities responsible for stopping these crimes are sometimes themselves complicit in the practice."

In America, we do the same thing, only we call it transgendering.

We start at 8, not 11.

ITEM 5: Just the News reported, "FBI draft letter firing anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok: 'Sustained pattern of bad judgment.'

"Strzok was accused of calling into question many of the FBI's decisions in the Clinton investigation and the since-disproven Trump-Russia probe."

The only success Strzok had was in getting law-and-order defenders of the blue to call for abolishing the FBI.

ITEM 6: Breitbart reported, "President Joe Biden on Friday personally called to thank a Coast Guard rescue swimmer — who is facing discharge over Biden’s vaccine mandate — for saving people’s lives during Hurricane Ian.

"The White House publicized the call in a press release and Biden himself bragged about calling him."

Trump, meanwhile, praised the Coasties.

ITEM 7: Happy anniversary, baby.

Got you on my mind.

ITEM 8: Axios reported, "Democrats are facing fresh problems in two pivotal Senate battlegrounds in which their nominees are facing attacks for being too progressive."

Looks like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are holds for Republicans, who would then need to flip just one Democrat state.

Arizona, Georgia and Nevada look doable.

ITEM 9: Post Millennial reported, "Girl track stars take Connecticut to court over biological males in their sport." 

The fight for women's rights is continuous.

ITEM 10: NBC reported, "Nevada Democrats see signs of nightmare scenario: Latino voters staying home."

...this little Breakfast Taco stayed home...

ITEM 11: WOAY reported, "West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is co-leading a U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief to support expanding rights to religious accommodations in the workplace.

"The case resulting in the brief involves Gerald Groff, a Pennsylvania mail carrier and evangelical Christian who faithfully observes Sunday Sabbath.

"Groff resigned in 2019 following the United States Postal Service’s agreement with Amazon to deliver on Sundays and holidays.

"Groff sued the Postal service alleging the company discriminated against his religion under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A federal appeals court ruled against Groff in May, finding that exempting him would negatively impact fellow postal workers."

It should be a slam dunk, 9-0 reversal of the lower court's ruling.

We went from repealing blue laws 60 years ago to allow businesses to open on Sunday to demanding that workers show up on Sunday or be fired.

ITEM 12: Via Toto in Hollywood, this week's Woke Movie That Bombed is Bros.

It's a homo rom-com.

Roger Friedman wrote, "Bros comes from Universal, which will also release a second film in this genre through its Focus Features soon called Spoiler Alert. Once that’s over, this genre may be severely curtailed. What a disappointment for Billy Eichner and Judd Apatow, but this is an example of Hollywood being insulated from reality even when it has the best of intentions."

No thanks. I'll just stick to Hallmark Christmas movies when I need a sugar fix.

ITEM 13: So, how is that Democrat surge working out?

Just as I thought.

ITEM 14: A reader wrote, "Just a quick story: We lived through all Florida Hurricanes but this one.  We are in NYC for now.  This is Re: Kamala’ assertions that blacks get first attention, I had to laugh at the obvious virtue signaling for votes.  

"During the tenure of George W senior, there was also a devastating hurricane south of downtown Miami, it included a massive amount of white people and lower south a equally large population of black people in Homestead/Perine, quickly the area had food trucks, medical and other almost instant attention to the health and welfare of that area (television was still working, so we could see the reports), which did include poor whites in Homestead/Perine. There was no bragging for votes and no protests.  It was what government does for those in need.  Most of us fended for ourselves, which is what we always did, but rule #1 is: City trucks pick up yard debris only if it is stacked at curbside. During Andrew the debris was mountainous. 

"My son lives in Naples and was out schlepping debris from his own yard and assisting others with their clean up; that is what people do when they made it through in relatively good condition.  Long time Floridians expect the worst and prepare for it; our son, who hadn’t lived in Florida for over 30 years talked to us before the storm and discussed his prep list. We did give him some extras to address. Now they await the next storm……"

It's called being grown-ups.

Also, from comments on Sunday, "After Andrew many changes were made to the building codes in Florida, and more recently they were changed again on roofing. In my area, to be able to reinsure our house, we had to reroof under the new updated code. Costly though it was, that may very well have saved many roofs from Ian's total destruction."

Florida Man may have his peculiarities but he learned how to deal with hurricanes.

ITEM 15: In line with news reports, I called Ian a 500-year hurricane.

Was it?

Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D., wrote, "With Hurricane Ian (now a tropical storm) exiting the east coast of Florida, there is no shortage of news reports tying this storm to climate change. Even if those claims actually include data to support their case, those data are usually for cherry-picked regions and time periods. If global warming is causing a change in tropical cyclone activity, it should show up in global statistics."

Spoiler alert: It doesn't.

In fact, 3 storms had higher wind velocity in the past 87 years.

Human life loss was lower than earlier storms thanks to better preparation and warnings.

Property damage was much higher because Florida's population has grown and it has more buidlings and such.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "Mohammad was once again ranked the most popular name overall given to newborns in Israel in the past year, Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority said this week in its annual report released for the Jewish New Year."

Mohammad is such a nice Jewish name.

Remember the 3 Stooges? Larry, Curly and Mohammad. 

ITEM 17: The Daily Record reported, "A Scots wife has advertised a coffin online which she is giving away because 'her husband has lived longer than she had hoped.' Margaret Stables posted an advert for the brand new coffin which she originally purchased for her partner on Facebook Marketplace."

The reader who sent me this said, "Ten years ago, before my stem cell transplant for a blood cancer, I bought a cemetery plot in Israel. Still haven't used it. I'm now 75+. Wasteful, I know. I intend to keep wasting."

Heaven can wait. 

ITEM 18: I sea you. Do you sea me?

Monday suddenly ain't so bad.

ITEM 19: Just the News reported, "The Supreme Court is slated to hear arguments Monday in a case involving Idaho landowners and the Environmental Protection Agency that could potentially redefine the United States' clean water laws. 

"The first case of the new Supreme Court term began in 2007 when Michael and Chantell Sackett sued after they were informed they needed a permit to build a home on their own land because the property contained wetlands, The Hill reported. The court already studied the situation, albeit with different arguments, in 2012 when the justices ruled 9-0 that the Sacketts have the right to challenge the Clean Water Act.

"In a case directly ruling on whether the family could build, a federal court sided with the U.S. government and said the Sacketts needed to have authorization to build because it had a "significant nexus" connecting it to other regulated waters.

"The Sacketts are now challenging the significant nexus threshold and are asking for the conservative-majority court to favor the continuous surface water connection threshold, which would apply to fewer wetlands, as proposed by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

"The case has attracted briefs from environmental groups, the National Association of Home Builders, the libertarian Cato Institute, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 18 Native American tribes, 167 members of Congress, and others."

This is a do-over of a terrible decision from 10 years ago that allowed EPA to regulate puddles.

ITEM 20: The Seattle Times opposes free speech.

According to Jim Thompson (who has more) the newspaper sent the letter to Jane Smiley.

I guess the paper is so broke it cannot hire good lawyers any more.

ITEM 21: The Wall Street Journal reported, "Cargo Shipowners Cancel Sailings as Global Trade Flips From Backlogs to Empty Containers

"Dozens of sailings from Asia to U.S. ports are set to be canceled in October as deteriorating economic conditions weigh on demand to ship goods worldwide."

Shutting down the world for covid and imposing dumb sanctions on Russia are driving this recession, It looks to be worse than 2008.

ITEM 22: Truth Tent reported, "Two prominent anti-police lawmakers received a taste of the results of their own political policies as they were separately carjacked within 24 hours of one another. Pennsylvania’s U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon (D) and Illinois’ State Senate Majority Leader Kimberley Lightford (D) may spend their privileged lives advocating for less policing, but when it comes to their own safety, they live by a different philosophy."

Lightford said, "I thought for sure they were gonna shoot me down. It was a lot of shots being fired. I think they were shooting at my husband and me and luckily enough my husband is concealed and carry and he was able to protect us."

There's an idea.

Defund the police and use the money to arm law-abiding citizens.

ITEM 23AP reported, "Brazil’s top two presidential candidates will face each other in a runoff vote after neither got enough support to win outright Sunday in an election to decide if the country returns a leftist to the helm of the world’s fourth-largest democracy or keeps the far-right incumbent in office.

"With 99.9% of he votes tallied, former President Luiz In√°cio Lula da Silva had 48.4% support and President Jair Bolsonaro had 43.2%. Nine other candidates were also competing, but their support pales to that for Bolsonaro and da Silva, who is commonly known as Lula."

I don't know much about Brazilian politics. Put me down as supporting the candidate the American press insists is a fascist.

FINALLY, I received this email from "Your post titled 'How to end the FBI' has been deleted."

No reason. No rhyme. No appeal. Just deleted.

The email cited community standards but the community has no say in what those standards are, so they are by definition not community standards.

Readers can still read it here, and decide for themselves if it meets our community standards.

Meanwhile, I started a substack --

Guess what the first post is.... 


  1. There was a story after Hurricane Andrew about a Florida neighborhood built by Habitat For Humanity that kept its roofs when older neighboring neighborhoods lost their roofs. Habitat Homes were built to code by volunteers who, while they might be slow, don’t skimp on nails

    1. As a side note-not to mention that the HFH "officials" stand around BS-ing while the volunteers do all the work!
      ~DP in MI~

  2. 4 - it is sickening what the groomers are doing to our kids. There is a special place in hell for them. As for the Afghani’s, fuck Joe Biden.

  3. ...this little Breakfast Taco stayed home...
    there are 5 tacos on each foot Nancy and Jill likes to chew on

    1. You would think they would chock on the Knee-bones they swallow too.

  4. 6 - that story shows the idiocy of our government, Xiden and the Covid policy.

  5. 7 - Fuck Joe Biden. May the chants start back up at college football games. Haven’t heard them yet.

  6. 8 - Cocaine Mitch and crew are working hard to elect the democrats. May they fail like the Gazprom pipeline.

  7. will Sackett case impact Falling Waters? considered Frank Loyd masterpiece!

    1. The left will try and tear it down for that or any other reason.

  8. 8: The GOP needs to get at least a 4 seat majority in the Senate to compensate for Romney, Murkowski and Collins who regularly side with the Left.

    1. I still have hope that the Murkster loses. And I want a minimum 4 seat majority to protect against any future defectors.

    2. Romney will be gone in the next cycle.

  9. Finally: Go ahead and flip the switch. I've already got the substack bookmarked.

    1. I was wondering how long it would take blogspot to start pulling stunts like that - suprised it took so long. Glad you have a plan - and BOOKMARKED! Your readership has got to be growning like mad, I enjoy your thoughts with coffee every morning except Sunday!



  10. 20 - the lawyers are as sharp as Patty Murray. Not very.

  11. 22 - I would bet that the “concealed and carry” Lightford’ safe all for gun control for the little people.

  12. #23 ... My guess for your first topic ... The untold story of the tragic sinking of the "Bentley FitzGerald"

  13. #4 - isn’t wanting a sex change really “gender appropriation”?

  14. Great post Don. It had specifics. You never see that from anyone especially politicians who are elected to do that work. They like to monitor it closely though.

  15. My Dad was obligated to pull a three year stint as a Public Health official on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Eastern Arizona. In that capacity, they encounteted both Apaches and Navajos. The Navajo are an extraordinarily peaceful and quiet (and with respect to the Apache, docile) tribe

    So, they were perfect for their role. They really arent warlike, and they had an abiding love and respect for America, who see us as people who liberated them from the depredations of the Apache. My mother told me that the Navajo hated the Apache

    In some ways the Navajo werent heroic, as their special skill protected most of them from the most dangerous situation .. first contact with a concealed enemy, where the enemy reveals his position when he puts a bullet in you. OTOH, the importance of being able to talk freely in a combat zone without fear that the enemy will understand what you're saying cannot be overstated

  16. Shutting down the world for covid and imposing dumb sanctions on Russia are driving this recession,""

    All part of The Great Reset. Soros and the WEF want war between Russia and the US.
    Russia is not the enemy. The Globalists are the enemy.

  17. from "Your post titled 'How to end the FBI' has been deleted."

    Google deleted my YouTube account, so I deleted my Google account. Sane, sober and Google Free.

  18. Defund the police and use the money to arm law-abiding citizens.""

    You don't need a Youtube account to view videos.
    Thanks to body cameras, there are thousands of videos showing police misconduct. Never seen such incompetence and corruption.
    Audit the Audit, Lackluster, We The People University are Youtube channels examples.

  19. As I've said before. The energy is all with the GOP, and not with the dems or Mitch. If we keep hearing more stories about troubles for dems in Washington, Colorado or wherever.

  20. #13. Nevada still too close. need larger margin to overcome Dems cheating & ballot stuffing.

  21. Item 14... Debris is the worst of hurricanes if you don't get the full force. Losing power sucks, but if you prepare, it's no problem. I had a generator large enough to run anything in the house, just not at the same time, and plugged into my circuit panel. No extension cords running through the house to trip over and bust your ass! I hooked up neighbors to my well and they could take showers. Cold showers, but at least your clean. Personally, I would run my hot water heater and could take a hot shower. I have a neighbor behind me that got a little to cute trying to run his well and burnt up the pump. He'll be running off mine for a few more days. Power was restored late Saturday night. No internet yet, but my phone finally got LTE so I could get on line. I have a ton of debris to burn and contribute to climate change (I brought my sister's from across the street because she doesn't need to be doing all that physical work). I hope everyone else affected is doing well. Time to feed the fire pile!

    1. Glad your doing well D.Hertz.
      I'm not as advanced but my generator has been great keeping refrigerator going, lights, phone charger etc. But I have those pesky extension cords.
      When things get normal, I'll get generator linked to circuit panel. And will buy a portable ac unit in case PLUS at least 10 "5 gallon" gas cans. With Irma, no gas for 4 days too

    2. We were lucky with the temps T.O. Mid 60's at night, 70's during the day. It is getting warmer now, so I hope you get power soon.

  22. Item 13 - Take nothing for granted. Rs need to get out and vote!


  23. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: They're not "hurt", they're wounded.

    5: Swizzle Stick is being thrown to the Trumplicans. The FIB thinks we will be appeased.

    Not unlike the captain of the Titanic ordering them helm to pull over because they were low on ice.

    8: Give Cocaine Mitch a rest as Majority Leader.

    12: The only actor whose career survived playing a homosexual was Redford, and that was because he was an unknown then.

    19: Never mess with the Sacketts. They just keep a-comin'.

  24. Congratulations on the Substack. From what I've seen, they're pretty hands off regarding content, and because of that, there seems to be a lot of conservatives there. I think I've only seen one left-leaning writer there, which is nice :)


    And you call yourself a journalist. Stop. Stop with this anti Ukraine, pro Putin BS. Just stop!

    1. Oops above. Anyway, apparently the video at the top of the page is from some type of climate die-in, and has nothing to do with the Russia-Ukraine war.

  26. Suzq22- The best parts of making it to old age are grandchildren, if you’re lucky, and that you no longer have to worry about dying young. :-)

  27. "Merrick Garland has not filed Hate Crime charges"

    Fun Fact: The US DOJ has NEVER filed Hate Crime charges against a black perp when the victims were white. Not once. Ever.

    This is a politicization of the DOJ problem that has existed for decades before Garland disgraced the AG's office - and its not going away when he leaves.

  28. EPA only has statutory authority over "navigable rivers".

    They've expanded that, and expanded the expansion, many many times to the point where they now claim authority over any place where a puddle might form in a heavy rain.

    I wish I was exaggerating.

    If this SCOTUS actually looks at the statute, which it seems likely they will, this ought to result in a substantial wing-clipping of this lawless agency.