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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Margot Cleveland reported, "Emails: Biden-Backing Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Tried To Meddle In Pennsylvania’s Election."

Cleveland rocks.

ITEM 2Daniel Greenfield reported, "NY Judge Rules Polygamy On Same Level as Couple Relationships."

Mormons had to expressly ditch polygamy before Congress would grant Utah statehood. Democrats are sending us back to the time of pagans and heathens. Hedonism destroys nations.

ITEM 3: KRQE reported, "New Mexico State University holding LGBT+ events throughout October."

The gay mafia wins again.

ITEM 4: Biden's sanctions on Russia continue to backfire. I understand the rich Russians are skipping London, Paris and the Riviera this year in favor of Dubai.

They do it to avoid Muslims. Dubai segregates Western tourists from the rest of the country.

ITEM 5Miranda Devine wrote, "‘Senile’ Joe Biden is bringing shame to the United States."

She makes excellent points but the real problem is that Biden hired people who are dumber than him. I didn't know there would be so many.

ITEM 6: NTD reported, "Malik Obama, the half-brother of former President Barack Obama, has endorsed the Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano."

Well, we now know who got the brains in the family. Barry inherited the smug.

DAGNABBIT, I keep giving Twitter free content.

AP knows who butters its bread.

ITEM 7: That was then, "Co-writer and star Billy Eichner has expressed that he does not want conservatives, especially those that voted for the 45th President of the United States and their associates, to see the film, even conservatives who identify as being part as the LGBTQ+ community as he views them as traitors."

This is now, "Liberal Billy Eichner lashes out at straight people after his LGBTQ movie Bros flops, blames homophobia for abysmal box office opening."

Finding a liberal hypocrite is easy as finding a liberal.

ITEM 8: The Wall Street Journal reported, "China Is Rerouting U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas to Europe at a Big Profit."

The story said, "Chinese sales to Europe are too small to help the continent avoid potential shortages this winter. But they provide a possible preview of Moscow’s increased reliance on Beijing. Russia turned to China for economic and political support following the invasion of Ukraine, yet Chinese companies are undercutting its effort to sow divisions in Europe by stopping gas exports."

It's a safe bet that the German chancellor and all those others working for Zelensky won't freeze.

ITEM 9: Fox reported, "Battle for the House: These deep blue seats could flip red in November's midterm elections."

The story said, "It’s been more than 30 years since a Republican’s won a House election in Rhode Island’s Second Congressional District, which covers the western half of the nation’s smallest state.

"But Republican congressional nominee Allan Fung is aiming to break the losing streak in November’s midterm elections."

Don't be chicken. Turn Rhode Island Red.

ITEM 10: Western Journal reported, "Man Plugs $80k+ Electric Truck Into His House, Finds Out It Will Take Over 4 Days to Charge."

Dave Dudley is going to have to change his song to "Six Days on the Road and Four Re-Charging."

ITEM 11: The Wall Street Journal reported, "The Federal Reserve and other central banks risk pushing the global economy into recession followed by prolonged stagnation if they keep raising interest rates, a United Nations agency said Monday."

Global recession?

You're soaking in it.

The UN should stick to what it does best: condemning Israel.

ITEM 12: David Strom reported, "Trans treatments are the new lobotomy."

Crueler because you are not made too stupid to know how bad off you are.

Odd that people who claim they are trapped in a body that does not conform to their sex are transformed into a body that truly does not match their sex.

Ban puberty blockers and transgendering before you are 21 years old.

ITEM 13: Bloomberg reported, "Trump sued CNN for defamation, claiming the cable news network has escalated a campaign of libel and slander against him recently because it fears he’ll run for re-election in 2024."

Now do WaPo and NYT.

ITEM 14: The New York Post reported, "​The chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency insisted Sunday that Hurricane Ian aid will be provided to all communities — dismissing Vice President Kamala Harris‘ earlier claim that the assistance should be 'based on equity.'"

Kamala's racism is expected because all she seems to have going for her is the color of her skin. 

ITEM 15: Bloomberg reported, "Credit Suisse Group AG was plunged into fresh market turmoil after Chief Executive Officer Ulrich Koerner’s attempts to reassure employees and investors backfired, adding to uncertainty surrounding the bank."

The company's stock price has fallen 59% this year.

On May 10, Reuters reported, "Credit Suisse set new targets on Thursday to nearly halve its exposure to the financing of emissions from oil, gas and coal between 2020 and 2030."

It is a virtue signaling plan that begs the question: Will there even be a Credit Suisse in 2030?

ITEM 16: The Daily Mail reported, "Eating lots of white rice is just as bad for your heart in the long run as consuming lots of candy, a study suggests.

"Researchers in Iran looked at the risk of heart disease among people whose diets were high in refined grains compared to whole grains.

"They found those who ate refined grains - processed to give them a finer texture and longer shelf life - were more likely to develop coronary artery disease in middle-age."


Iranian scientists pooh-poohed rice. Iran must be running out of rice then.


ITEM 17: Politico reported, "Number of millionaires soared during last year's stock rally."

Up 41%.

The number has fallen this year as the clown car called Bidenomics takes over.

ITEM 18: Hurricane, what hurricane?

Breitbart reported 2 million customers got their power back already.

Git 'er done.

ITEM 19: Breitbart reported, "Venture capitalist and GOP megadonor Peter Thiel has reportedly indicated that he will focus on helping Arizona Republican Blake Masters in his campaign’s final days as he believes Republican J.D. Vance is well positioned to win in Ohio."

This reminds me of 2000 when Bush was so far ahead in Ohio that he pulled staff and sent them to West Virginia, a state Republicans had not carried in 16 years.

Bush won West Virginia and its 5 Electoral College votes.

Without West Virginia, Florida would not have mattered.

FINALLY, an update on my substack account: I have opened it but I am going to wait until I get a substantial amount of subscribers before I use it much. Subscriptions are free and occasionally I will post something there to keep the account fresh.

I am working on a Substack Exclusive post for Saturday.

But the blog works out well for now. It is just that I know it is inevitable that Google will shut me down. We all know this. My cat knows this.

So please, sign up for my email list and wait.


  1. Dagnabbit: Don got some weird kink! Lolūüėé

  2. I signed up for your substack newsletter. Don't want to miss Don in the morning!

    1. I am there too. This blog is my only intentional connection to Google. It would be nice to have zero.

    2. Signed up, too! 2DC

    3. Same here. Signed up asap. Can’t do w/o Morning Don!

  3. #10 .. Boy, I say Boy .. that was the worst pun EVER!!

    1. How’s this - I guess the truck owner was shocked.

    2. When I saw your comment, I thought it was for Item 9 which I thought was pretty good.

    3. Remember there are better search engines than google - such as bing, duck duck go. There are also ad free and spy free browsers such as Brave.

  4. 1 - the short ex-Mayor couldn’t help himself. He was jealous of the great PDJT.

  5. 2 - this was predicted years ago. Of course the media called those saying polygamy would be next extremists and conspiracy theorists.

  6. 5 - a good leader hires people smarter than him. They make him look good and there is someone ready to replace him as he moves on up.

  7. Randy says: Item 16: “Eating lots of white rice is just as bad for your heart” And racist, too. Switch to black rice, because Black Rice Matters.

    1. Why not do the study in China or Japan or Thailand? Because the study is bogus.

    2. Food studies are always spot on... Coffee will kill is good for you. Wine is bad, wine is good. Eat margarine instead of butter...nevermind. Cholesterol is bad... well some is good.
      It's best we use common sense; moderation on everything and IGNORE anything the MSM/Democrat Media says. And if you do hear them say something; do the opposite!

    3. I hear there's this great vaccine that Bidden is promoting. Can't go wrong there!!!
      Dick is all in on Substack...

    4. Whirled Peas is there!

  8. Item 18.
    The hurricane is still in Puerto Rico where the democrat led government is waiting for Biden to bail them out and people are without electricity.
    Biden’s out of cash having sent it to Ukraine. 10% you know.

  9. 11 - haven’t heard much from the corrupt UN lately. Guess they’ve been busy solving the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Or profiting from it.

    1. I saw a speech by a UN official who bragged about Google's cooperation with them in preventing "misinformation" from getting out.

  10. 14: Don't forget the lady parts.

  11. 18 - the military (Seabees) did it all of the time. Great move by the Governor.

  12. 29 - Theil is doing the work that Cocaine Mitch won’t do.

  13. Finally - If you build it he will come.

    Because I know nothing of the process to publish on either platform I feel qualified to recommend the following:

    Publish everything to both platforms and mention well and often that you plan to switch to the new URL. Give search engines plenty of time to crawl the new site. Then one day switch.
    After the switch, keep blogspot alive enough that people can find your new URL then let the bots take it over for good.

  14. Item 12: ban puberty blockers etc until age 18 not 21. If you're old enough to go to war in China, you're old enough to swap your dick for a vagina.

  15. I subscribed to Substack! Your posts and a big cup of coffee is how I start my day in the People's Republic of California.

  16. I'm a bit surprised you lasted this long here on Blogspot. Already subscribed.

  17. Good move. I was a regular reader of Second City Cop before the plug was pulled.
    Elon as Madge "Its a Palm Olive branch"

  18. I signed right up. I agree with Bob Loblaw about the duplication effort. I've been a reader of "Don Surber's Missives" since the page counter only had a couple of thousand clicks on it. Today is over 63 (Lots) Bazillion visitors.
    Thank You, Don, for doing what you love to do where we can see.

  19. it is inevitable that Google will shut me down""

    Glenn Greenwald says Soros, the Globalists and the Democratic party are behind this latest censorship purge. They are threatening Big Tech will reprisals if they don't comply.
    Trump and Putin are the main enemies of the Globalists.
    The Globalists are fomenting war between the USA and Russia.

  20. #14 "Kamala's racism is expected because all she seems to have going for her is the color of her skin. "
    That's not exactly what Willie Brown said.

    1. According to an old Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In gag, “they’re all pink on the inside.”

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Droll.

    2: They're trying. Monogamy is where it is for some very practical reasons.

    3: More like the Wokesters.

    5: You really believe in the bell curve?

    7: The queers all think they're fabulous, but most people (98.7%) don't want to see a couple of hairy, ugly guys kissing.

    11: Madge smiles.

    14: She also doesn't want to be dumped from the ticket. Too bad they don't have primaries for President of Vice.

  22. DeSantis replacing Pine Island bridge in Matlacha also shows he puts the little guy over the wealthy.Us locals know that two major bridges were wiped out in the Ft Myers area. Pine island and Sanibel. Pine island serves mostly blue collar agricultural communities while Sanibel is the home of some of the wealthiest in Florida. Multi-multi million dollar homes on it’s beautiful beaches are going to have to wait.

  23. Johnny from ClevelandOctober 4, 2022 at 12:34 PM

    Item 7 - Eichner is another guy dumber than Biden. Damn, they’re everywhere!

  24. Item #5 I'll paraphrase Heinlein "Never underestimate human stupidity"

  25. Off topic:

    "Alyssa Farah Griffin admitted on Monday that she had 'worked together' with New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman — who just published a book about former President Donald Trump — while she was still working in the Trump White House."

    Needless to say, AFG was extremely easy to sniff out --- her new job on The View made it simple.

    I noticed this in August 2022 and waited patiently for this news to surface.

    On 11/08/22, she is roadkill.

  26. I'm already on the substack list and DAGNABBIT, stop giving the milk away for free. At least make it optional for those of us (me!) who think that this is an honest mistake.

  27. Re: Item #19. I remember Tim Russert saying before the 2000 election that the result would hinge on a state with three to five electoral votes.

  28. "NY Judge Rules Polygamy On Same Level as Couple Relationships"

    76 Branch Davidians were unreachable for comment.

  29. "New Mexico State University holding LGBT+ events throughout October"

    Monkeypox isn't going to spread all on its own.

  30. Substack sign up - done and done. 4tun81