Saturday, October 01, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Blogger LawDog pooh-poohed the idea that we sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines. It was down for maintenance and Russians are as good at maintenance as they are at military operations.

LawDog wrote, "In my experience when anything involving energy-industry hydrocarbons explodes … well, sabotage isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And honestly, when it comes to a pipeline running natural gas under Russian (non)maintenance, an explosion means that it’s Tuesday. Or Friday. Or another day of the week ending in Y."'

He also said, "No military is going to arrange for two pipes in the same general area to be destroyed 17 hours apart. Not without some Spec Ops guy having a fit of apoplexy. One pipe goes up in a busy shipping lane, in a busy sea, and everyone takes notice. Then you wait 17 hours to do the second — with 17 hours for people to show up and catch you running dirty? Nah, not buying it.

"The Nord pipelines weren’t in use. To me, that means it’s time for maintenance! Hard to maintain pipes when product is flowing.

"Pipelines running methane, under saltwater, require Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services quicker than you’d think, and more often than you’d believe.

"I would bet a cup of coffee that any of the required weekly and monthly checks and services since the Russians took over have been pencil-whipped."

Makes sense to me.

But the appearance that Navy SEALs did this is useful. As Saul Alinsky observed, "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."

ITEM 2: Trump-appointed Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho answered the attacks by Yale Law students on conservatives by telling the Federalist Society he won't hire Yale grads as law clerks.

Ho said, "Starting today, I will no longer hire law clerks from Yale Law School, and I hope that other judges will join me as well. I certainly reserve the right to add other schools in the future. But my sincere hope is that I won’t have to."

National Review called the suggestion misguided. It is part of its fight fire with Twizzlers philosophy.

NR said, "Conservatives should and must seek to change the culture at Yale and other institutions of higher learning, but at first glance, Ho’s means appear to send us down a long road toward a dubious solution that will punish innocent people in the interim."

It's illiberalism, NR cried. It reminds me of Sylvester the Cat's son decrying hunting as inhuman.

Sylvester reminded him that they were not humans.

ITEM 3: Media polls showing a close midterm are lying.

Trafalgar nailed it.

Look, you do not get Biden at 39% approval without bringing his fascist party down with him.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "Rite Aid bosses blame out-of-control NYC shoplifting for $5 million revenue hit."

Electing a cop to be mayor did not stop crime. It accelerated it.

ITEM 5: Politico reported, "The U.S. on Friday unveiled a raft of new sanctions against top Russian officials after Vladimir Putin declared that four provinces of Ukraine would become Russian territory, warning of severe financial costs for anyone who supports the move.

"Among those sanctioned are top officials of the Russian central bank, including Governor Elvira Nikolaevna Nabiullina, and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Valentinovich Novak."

Ukraine is a de facto member of NATO now. Actual membership is a done deal.

You can see why Zelensky wanted Trump impeached.

Remember, for every billion taxpayers give to Ukraine, $10 million comes back in bribes to the children of Biden and other politicians. Don't think of it as a war. Think of it as a means to keep the hookers and blow flowing to Hunter Biden.

ITEM 6CNBC reported, "A year ago, before Facebook had turned Meta, the social media company was sporting a market cap of $1 trillion, putting it in rarefied territory with a handful of U.S. technology giants.

"Today the view looks much different. Meta has lost about two-thirds of its value since peaking in September 2021. The stock is trading at its lowest since January 2019 and is about to close out its third straight quarter of double-digit percentage losses. Only four stocks in the S&P 500 are having a worse year."

Zuckerbucks helped Democrats keep Trump from serving his second term.

Ah but wait. There's more Trumpenfreude. The four companies that did worse include Netflix

ITEM 7: Zero Hedge reported, "Shares of US auto dealers cratered today after CarMax’s Q2 reported catastrophic results which wildly missed estimates, sparking concern about the whole group. EPS of only 79 cents, almost half the $1.40 consensus estimate, shocked markets, while net sales of $8.14 billion also missed expectations. The stock lost a quarter of its value on Thursday."

The used car market is cratering.

It is all part of Biden's plan to make America as feeble as he is. 

ITEM 8: KTRK reported, "A Houston couple got more than they bargained for after buying gun storage cases online.

"The couple, who did not want to be identified, thought they were buying 100 empty gun storage cases from a military surplus website to resell on eBay."

But a dozen M16s were inside the storage cases. 

They called the feds. The ATF and the FBI are investigating.

ITEM 9: Techno Fog reported, "Court orders production of Seth Rich laptop."

The order is here.

The story said, "This case involves a multi-year fight by attorney Ty Clevenger to obtain records relating to the FBI/DOJ investigation of Seth Rich, particularly whether Rich was involved in the hack of the DNC or had communicated with Wikileaks."

An Obama judge. Rich was a Bernie Bro. The leaks revealed the fix was in to nominate Hillary.

ITEM 10: NBC reported, "New York City’s Commission on Human Rights says it is closely monitoring allegations of sexual misconduct and racial discrimination against Michael J. Cohen, who was long a gatekeeper in the city’s gay nightlife scene. 

"NBC News reported last month that nine men had accused Cohen of a range of unwanted sexual conduct, including accusations that he groped or pressured men to have sex or to send nude photos. In addition, NBC News reported that eight people had accused Cohen or staff members of Motel 23, the New York gay bar Cohen owns, of treating some men of color and women differently from white men, including charging them more to enter. Cohen denied the accusations of misconduct and discrimination."

By monitoring, the agency means it read the story and hopes it blows over.

ITEM 11Matthew Continetti wrote, "Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida upended the electoral cycle. His one simple trick: sending a plane of Venezuelan asylum-seekers to Martha's Vineyard. Suddenly, Democratic-friendly topics vanished from the headlines. Abortion, student loans, and Mar-a-Lago disappeared from cable news chyrons. They were replaced by controversy over an issue—border security—that favors the GOP.

"The stunt was a public relations coup. It reset the national debate. It sent the left into a frenzy. And it boosted DeSantis's star power at just the right moment.

"The timing was important. DeSantis's move coincided with an increase in GOP Senate advertising. Between September 5 and September 26, according to AdImpact data reported by NBC News, Republicans outspent Democrats on the air in eight of nine competitive Senate races. Arizona was the exception."


On September 22, I wrote, "DeSantis just cost Biden the midterms."

Coming up next: The CPI report on October 13 and the first GDP report on the third quarter.

Ask yourself: Are you better off now than you were two years ago?

ITEM 12: The Hill reported, "Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) on Friday called for new Democratic leadership on Capitol Hill after top House Democrats scrapped plans to vote on legislation banning lawmaker stock trading."

It is Election Day ethics. Real Clear Politics says her race is a tossup.

ITEM 13: Don't mess with a people who keep alligators as pets.

ITEM 14: Barron's reported, "Elon Musk’s lawyers have a new point of attack in the billionaire’s efforts to get out of his $44 billion purchase of Twitter While it is too early to say if Musk will be successful, allegations from former head of security Peiter Zatko could bolster Musk’s case, according to legal experts.

"Musk’s lawyers sent a second letter to Twitter seeking to terminate the deal, referring to a whistleblower complaint Zatko filed with Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice. In a filing Tuesday, Musk’s lawyers also requested Chancellor Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick, the chief judge of the Delaware Chancery Court, to allow him to amend his counterclaims."

Win, lose or draw, Musk pantsed Twitter.

Ironically, the link is to the tweet to allow readers quicker access to the story.

ITEM 15: The first black vice president wants to give black people precedence in hurricane relief.

Let's cut to the chase: She is a racist who plays the skin game as much as Bull Connor did.

ITEM 16: Breitbart reported, "President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the National Archives and Records Administration failed to make it out of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday amid the controversy surrounding the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

"Republican senators focused on the Mar-a-Lago raid during Colleen Shogan’s testimony last Wednesday."

The nomination will be put on hold until Congress reconvenes after the election.

Next year, Republicans should disband the agency because Democrats weaponized it. Any agency that gets political should get axed.

ITEM 17: Just the News reported, "A federal judge ruled Friday that Georgia’s election integrity practices requiring voter ID and citizenship checks are legal and constitutional, rejecting arguments of racism and voter suppression from the state’s Democrat nominee for governor, Stacey Abrams, just weeks before Election Day.

"U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones, an Obama appointee, issued the ruling, after a lengthy trial, handing a major victory to Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who aggressively defended the state’s election integrity laws from a legal assault by Abrams voter group Fair Fight Inc. and other liberals."

Good call.

The story also said, "Abrams, despite losing on every count, celebrated a 'hard-won victory' after presenting her losing case. 'There's no denying voter suppression under Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger,' she wrote on Twitter."

She is a Hillary-level liar.

ITEM 18: The Associated Press tweeted, "With gas prices averaging $6.30 a gallon in California, Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that oil refineries could start selling more polluting winter-blend gasoline ahead of schedule to ease fuel costs."

That is a sure sign that Democrats in California are worried about the election.

ITEM 19: Just the News reported, "A consortium of four private groups worked with the departments of Homeland Security and State to censor massive numbers of social media posts they considered misinformation during the 2020 election, and its members then got rewarded with millions of federal dollars from the Biden administration afterwards, according to interviews and documents obtained by Just the News.

"The Election Integrity Partnership is back in action again for the 2022 midterm elections, raising concerns among civil libertarians that a chilling new form of public-private partnership to evade the First Amendment's prohibition of government censorship may be expanding."

Prosecute those in government who did this.

ITEM 20: The Daily Wire reported, "North Dakota prosecutors on Friday leveled a murder charge against the man who allegedly ran down 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson earlier this month because he was a Republican extremist and had threatened him.

"Shannon Brandt, 41, was arrested in the wee hours of September 18 after police say that he fatally struck Ellingson with his SUV after a street dance in McHenry, North Dakota. Brandt, who police said was drunk and fled the scene, told a 911 operator Ellingson was part of a 'Republican extremist group' and had tried to get him. The politically charged killing in a town of only 64 people drew national headlines."

The story said, "Brandt was initially charged with vehicular homicide and released September 20 from the Stutsman County Jail after posting a $50,000 bond. The new charge was announced Friday by Foster County State’s Attorney Kara Brinster and was the result of an investigation by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, Foster County Sheriff’s Department, and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation."

North Dakota has capital punishment.

ITEM 21: Nancy Pelosi said, "We have a shortage of workers in our country. In Florida, some of the farmers and the growers are saying 'why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here.'"

White Democrats. Wanting people of color to work the plantations since 1828.

ITEM 22: CNBC reported, "McDonald’s is releasing new Happy Meals for adults to recreate ‘one of the most nostalgic experiences.’"

I have a bin of McDonald's Happy Meals toys.

Sounds like a winner.

ITEM 23NBC reported, "Georgia lawmaker comes out as nonmonogamous: 'I'm in love with two wonderful people.'

"Atlanta City Council member Liliana Bakhtiari, the first queer Muslim person to be elected in Georgia, has two partners, and the three of them plan to build a family."

It no longer is adultery. It is nonmonogamous. Don't be nonmonogamousphobic. With a numbskull media like this, the devil can phone it in.

ITEM 24: I hate promoting Bill Maher but this highlight needed to be shared.

The left fears the truth.

FINALLY, I almost couldn't watch it.

We lose 21 a day.


  1. Item 6: Sheryl Sandberg saw the writing on the wall.

  2. Item 1. It doesn't make sense to me. If the cause was poor maintenance or human error, what are the odds that both lines would fail nearly simultaneously? The United States and European intelligence services know a lot more than LawDog about the state of maintenance. They all say it was sabotage. Why would they say that if they knew it wasn't true? Maybe to create an excuse to escalate the war? Now that makes sense to me.

    1. EN2 SS says;
      And when was the last time the intelligence services told us the truth, about ANYTHING?

    2. I supervise maintenance on a municipal fleet ; regardless of item type , use or age said units tend to have the same failures ( within group by type , age , etc. ) at the same time . In other words a group of pick up trucks of similar age tend to experience the same breakdowns in clusters . Got something to do with being man-made. ūüėĀ

    3. Did you read the blog post? I found it yesterday, and posted it on Facebook (and it has not been censored yet!). The blogger apparently does have some experience with pipelines--and what can go wrong. I would not regard events 17 hours apart as "nearly simultaneous." Part of his point was that shutting down the delivery could cause problems all by itself, because of chemicals accumulating in the pipelines.

    4. Totally agree ; natural gas at high pressure creates harsh wear on the interior of any pipe .

    5. Sometimes shit happens. I thought sabotage too when this happened (you'll find a couple of my comments this week verifying this).
      At a guess, I'd say since both pipelines had been sitting idle for a similar time, and similar locations, wouldn't it stand to reason they'd pop at similar times?
      The biden regime hasn't copped to it. I think they want people to think they did it. They're sorta like the guy at the bar who puts on a show about how he can nail any chick in the place, but goes home with his hand.
      (But hey, what do I know, I've been wrong before)

    6. Not trying to contradict anyone here. But heres a couple of questions .. What of the two very large explosions that registered on seismographs

      If this isnt uncommon, why have I never seen anything remotely similar to this disaster. And if you are talking about Russian negligence, are your examples coming from the Soviet era? Because many of those events happened because the USSR was cutting every corner imaginable to keep pace with the West

      And think of the timing. On the same day that Russia finishes a referendum vote which completely invalidates the basic premise that Russia brutally violated our "rules based international order" by invading peaceful Ukraine" .. on the same day, this unprecedented event happens?

    7. At this point, I don't care who did. What I want to know is what happens next.

    8. There was a lot of 'gun-decking' when I was in the Navy. Some maintenance you could do that with short term. But we had a lot of people who either were lazy or couldnt tell which things could be pencil-whipped and what couldn't. Hence issues, plus as nickpicker said. If you have all the equipment of a similar age, similar things break.

      What I find interesting is that they took them both offline to preform maintenance that was likely to have issues. if we had a big repair like that, we only did one system at a time. to prevent them both be down critically.

      Plus, is Russia going to cop to bad maintenance?

    9. Keep in mind, Nord Stream 2 had never been used. It was completed a year ago but was not on line yet.

    10. One more factor, there are four pipes, not two. Nord Stream has two 48" pipes, Nord Stream 2 has two 48" pipes. Four failures in one day?

    11. It seems like sabotage to me.

    12. Gun-decking... haven't heard that term used in a long time.

    13. Navy brat as well as serving in the Navy. Dad used that saying a lot... Good times.

    14. The two pipelines were not built at the same time.

  3. 1 - that was an excellent article from LawDog. Makes sense to an uninformed observer like me.

    1. I think lawdog has a point done some aerial pipeline patrol in my time back in the 80's there was a pipeline explosion near the old Umatilla Army Depot. That thing went off like a tactical nuke. Crack in the line which was down for maintenance. Hmmm

  4. Replies
    1. Another nail in their column - they just lost 100 more subscribers - are they under 1000 yet?

  5. 5 - more sanctions. Because the current ones are working so well.

  6. At least nobody's pretending Seth Rich killed himself.

    1. All I know is that Donna Brazile mentioned locking herself in her apartment and closing the curtains because she feared for her life after the Seth Rich murder. This wasn't a botched robbery.

    2. Rich was targeted. Arkcancide??

    3. Rich is apart of a long list of mysterious suicides (really he totally zipped himself in a suitcase and threw it off the pier), muggings, car accidents and events that happen only to those with info.

    4. I personally knew 25 people who were killed fighting fire. 12 or so close friends. Helicopters, Airtanker, etc. That's about 20%of the arkicide death toll

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, no bail. He should be convicted of murder and then rot in prison.

    2. Bail is fine - he is no flight risk. But why rot in jail? How does ND do its capital punishment? This guy needs to experience it. And then show the leftist whackos its time to take it down a notch.

    3. If there's a capital punishment option, that's totally fine.

  8. 22 - I never ate McDonalds til I was a senior in high school. We didn’t live near any fast food places and never stopped at one when we were in bigger towns. Neither did my wife. Our kids didn’t eat fast food either. We all had a lot of happy meals together, but never at a fast food restaurant. Mostly at home.

    1. I brainwashed my kids at an early age. Later when they were about 8 to 10 was doing carpool with my girls a few other girls in same age group. We passed a McDonald's and another girl said "ooh McDonald's! Can we stop Mr. Tim?"
      I said to my girls, "girls, what is McDonald's food?"
      My girls answered in unison, "Crap!" We didn't stop. Almost never went to fast food with them. Now chick filet is a different story;-)

    2. I rarely took my kids to McDonalds. Only on long car trips. As young adults, they don't eat there. I have to admit I like their smoothies and ice cream. As for their food, I don't eat it.

    3. When I used to deliver newspapers, at Christmastime my customers would tip me with 50 cent McDonald's gift certificates. You could get a cheeseburger and a hot cocoa with one of them.
      Ahhh, the good ol' days.

    4. They actually do a pretty good breakfast.

  9. 23.
    - queer Muslim

    Isn't that a stoneable offense?

    1. By definition , you can't be both UNLESS the lefties are trying to change the rules !

    2. That's a stoneable offence for sure. No amount of rule changing will make it any different.

  10. Replies
    1. Yes, God bless the cop and the veteran.

    2. My old Captain was on a suicide prevention team.
      Hard dam' job. Prayers.

    3. Risky. In today's upside-down, anti-cop atmosphere, it could have been an ambush. God bless that cop for the risks he, and others, take every day on our behalf.

    4. Being an older veteran (US Navy), this literally made me cry... everytime I call the VA for something I have to wait through the shmeel about the suicide line... I am glad it is there but it really does not prevent suicides... human intervention and action does. I am distraught about what is happening to our veterans and I think we need much more support for them.

    5. RiverDixie: I am so sorry to hear that. Veterans need so much more support on every level. God bless you.

    6. I had gone through some tough times. Happily, I had a friend that told me to call the VA's crisis line - and stood there to ensure I did.

      It took a lot of time, and some seriously hard work, but I made it through the other side. My life is permanently different than what it was, or how I would've wanted it; but my life is still continuing. Further, I've found joy and contentment that I thought was gone forever.

      I don't know if veterans have something in their psyche that make them more prone to suicide, or it's an expression of the trauma we'd witnessed - and been a party to - but the numbers are damning.

      If you are feeling suicidal, talk to someone. If the situation is personally embarrassing, talk to someone you don't know. Veterans can call the VA, and there are other crisis numbers for civilians. If none of those are palatable options, talk to a pastor or priest- those folks have knowledge of resources, and furthermore anything said under the seal of confession will remain with them.

  11. Suzq22- item 22…I am reminded of Mac Tonight, a character they created in the ‘80’s. He had a crescent moon shaped head, wore a black suit and rode around to McD’s in a convertible . We met him with our young daughter in Laurinburg, NC. He disappeared quickly and I think I read there was a lawsuit from Mac the Knife? Anyway, one of their better toy lines for the Happy Meals.

  12. I would like to make a donation to help the people who have been devastated by Hurricane Ian. Since the VP says the federal government will be favoring "communities of color", it appears white folks are going to need more support from private donations. How do I find a charitable group that will make sure my money gets directed there? And what money collection service will allow them to use it?

    1. I'm down here in Sarasota. Send to me and I'll take care of it. And I'm white. Power still out and my generator does run on air ūüėČ

    2. Samaritan’s Purse.


    4. See info on Florida Disaster Fund at

    5. There are lots of places to make donations, but are there any designated "White People Get Money First"? ;-)

  13. On September 22, I wrote, "DeSantis just cost Biden the midterms."

    The Dems lost the midterms January 20,2021


  14. sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines. "

    A CIA operation to sabotage Soviet industry by duping Moscow into stealing booby-trapped software was spectacularly successful when it triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian gas pipeline, it emerged yesterday. 2004
    Thomas Reed, a former US Air Force secretary, discloses what he called just one example of the CIA's "cold-eyed economic warfare" against Moscow.

    1. The problem is that Nordstream was down.
      The Russians are pretty good at FUBAR on their own.

  15. Vladimir Putin declared that four provinces of Ukraine would become Russian territory,""

    Scott Ritter: "This war ends with the total surrender of Ukraine"

  16. Promise that it will be over soon?

  17. #8- and then the fbi/atf raided their storage warehouse with a warrant to search everything for more guns, when all they had to do was ask. treated them like criminals for doing the right thing.

    1. I would not have said a word and would have just sat on them. No good deed goes unpunished...

  18. #2 -- Hire law clerks based on merit, no matter what school they attended. This would provide diversity of thought.

  19. #24 -- The hijab is regressive and repressive to me, especially when I see it in western liberal societies. It is not to be hailed as diversity. Sometimes I see the young women who wear them here where I live take them off as soon as they get on the bus or metro. Then they are free and away from their families at least for the school day.

  20. re: #23 - In love with two wonderful people? Hopefully the voters will kick her to the curb.

  21. #3 - Trafalgar polls. I think they are reliable polls. What isn't reliable is how the votes are counted.

  22. re: #21 -- Great line, Don: White Democrats. Wanting people of color to work the plantations since 1828.

  23. #1. Poor maintenance might cause a failure, true, but that would create a leak ONLY. Several things need to be present for an explosion. Fuel, in this case methane gas, an oxidizer and an ignition source. If you struck a spark with no oxygen present, would you get an explosion? Monitoring stations in Sweden recorded a detonation. What on the ocean floor could trigger an explosion? We have had plenty of oil well failures on rigs at sea. The fires happen on the platform, never in the water.
    Two failures seventeen hours apart? Actually four recorded explosions. Explosives could have been planted months ago.
    Additionally, Nord stream 2 had never entered service, so no methane present, and these were a joint venture, not just Russia.
    Someone needs to have a window installed in their belly button.

    1. Seismologists can distinguish between man-made explosions and things like pipeline failure. Everyone with data access is calling it sabotage. So screw all those trying to say it was bad maintenance. You're giving cover to war criminals.

    2. MYOB, I was mocking the idea of it being a maintenance failure. As I noted, four "failures" in seventeen hours??? GMAFB.

  24. #11 - Don: I think you were first with the DeSantis just cost Biden the midterms prediction. No, you are not better off now than you were two years ago. That's not by accident, either. Brandon and his handlers want it that way.

  25. NEW POLL: Trafalgar Group

    2022 Generic Congressional Ballot
    Republicans 51.3% (+5.7)
    Democrats 45.6%

    A month from now it will be closer to 10%.
    From God's mouth to my ear. A Trump wave (not a red wave.)
    All aboard The Trump Train!!

  26. We lose 21 a day: It would help if we didn't have to beg to get medical care, congress keeps thinning services, first dental now everything is a battle - Vietnam vet

  27. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: negative growth

    Talk about a euphemism. I suppose he calls death negative life.

    1: Commies really don't seem to be good at anything but mass murder.

    Or am I missing something?

    4: Electing a cop to be mayor did not stop crime.

    Electing a black racist Commie cop to be mayor did not stop crime.


    7: It is all part of Biden's plan to make America as feeble as he is.

    You give him more credit than he deserves.

    10: What, exactly, is a gatekeeper in the city’s gay nightlife scene?

    And why would any woman want to enter a fag bar?

    11: To ask the question is to answer it.

    15: The Ho couldn't even muster 1% of black support 2 years ago. There must be a move to get her off the ticket.

    20 It should use it.

    23: A queer Moslem sounds like the weak link in a daisy chain.

    Remember the throuple?

    FINALLY: Forget the illegals and the Ukes and the Demo crime families and the queers and the POC.

    This is where our tax dollars should be going.

  28. North Dakota does not have the death penalty.

  29. #5 "Don't think of it as a war. Think of it as a means to keep the hookers and blow flowing to Hunter Biden."

    What percentage of federal spending gets laundered? Do spending bills even get passed before all the kickback deals are worked out, including the RINO share? No wonder they hate Trump with a passion. He threatens the biggest money train in human history - the one that leaves future generations of middle class taxpayers holding the bag.

  30. Item 1 - Another Uvalde-scale flip-flop, when you were right the first time. I take it you don't believe your lying eyes when they see Brandon and Victoria Nuland swearing the we'd destroy Nordstream if Russia invaded. Instead, you flip to a flop story about "maintenance" causing two different ruptures within hours of each other. A story told by some self-proclaimed expert on Nordstream maintenance? You really are gullible. I look forward to the next in your recurring flips on Manchin.

  31. Read the some of the old posts from Lawdog; start at the Best of and then go explore some. Some of the posts from his days as a lawman are blow-coffee-out-your-nose hilarious. He is a national treasure, and pretty darn smart.

  32. Item 12: "Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) ... called for new Democratic leadership ... after top House Democrats scrapped plans to vote on legislation banning lawmaker stock trading."

    Don Surber: "It is Election Day ethics. Real Clear Politics says her race is a tossup."

    Don Reed: She's wasting her time. She flat-out loses on Election Day. And so does that outré U.S. Senator from Colorado, Jared Polis, who has no chance of being re-elected.

  33. There never wa a “hack” of the DNC’s servers. Zero evidence has ever been shown in support of that claim.

    It was a LEAK, which is a very different thing. Someone at yhe DNC transferred a very large batch of emails to a thumb drive. A former UK Ambassador has testified that he was the middle man - said he was given the drive in a park in DC and passed it on to Wikileaks.

    Seth Rich is rumored to have been the leaker. Motive is suspected to be dusgust at how the DNC rigged the D primaries against Bernie.

  34. Item one. Could the good folks who touched off Chernobyl possibly be dunned for poor maintenance on undersea pipelines prone to hydrate plugs?
    Say it ain't so!

  35. Biden did in those pipelines.

    Time has passed NR by. They're dinosaur meat.