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Monday, October 17, 2022

Democrat coalition melting

A few powerful Hispanic L.A. council members were caught on tape making what The Atlantic called racist and homophobic remarks about politicians as well as the black son of a white politician. The publication said, "Nury Martinez shows that Latinos’ racism can still reaffirm white supremacy.."

Meanwhile, the Guardian reported, "Conservative Muslims join forces with Christian right on Michigan book bans." No one is banning books. They want to taking Gender Queer, a book with graphic depictions of underage sex from elementary school libraries.

The two stories show a crumbling of the Democrat coalition of liberal white Karens, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and LGBT. 

The Democrat plan was simple. Isolate the Republicans as a party of klansmen and hold a majority forever once non-whites outnumber whites sometime in 2040 or 2050. Liberals and other supporters of Big Government have accepted this as inevitable.

The Niskanen Center asked in 2019, "When will Republicans face demographic reality?"

The story said, "Matt A. Barreto and Angela Gutierrez, in the first of these papers, point out that California has been a majority-minority state since the 2000 census, and in 2014 Hispanics surpassed whites to become the largest racial group in the state. If the rest of the country follows California’s political-demographic trajectory, the future will be dire indeed for the Republican Party."

If so, will the country follow the lead of the Latino council president who had to resign because of remarks made in private? The Atlantic says she is now a white supremacist. 

How many others now labelled Latino/Hispanic -- (whatever happened to Chicano?) -- will become white? George Zimmerman is half-Hispanic as is Republican Congressman Alex Mooney of West Virginia. Do we consider Lucille Ball's son and daughter to be white or Hispanic?

Then there are Muslims. Are they white or black? I don't know. I do know that Muslims had a falling out with the LGBT crowd, which is a major donor to Democrats.

The Guardian reported, "In Dearborn, a city that’s 47% Arab American and reliably Democrat at the polls, some conservative Muslim residents have joined forces with the Christian right to censor literature in the city’s public schools.

"Although the right wing in America has frequently vilified Muslims and Islam, the alliance highlights how some deeply socially conservative Arab Americans are willing to put that aside and join in the culture wars. Several parents who spoke with the Guardian insisted the effort had nothing to do with politics and did not answer questions about why they would campaign alongside Donald Trump supporters."

Speaking of Arab Americans, Democrat Nick Rahall represented West Virginia in Congress for 38 years. You know, for a 95% white state, West Virginia sure elects people to Congress whom the media considers non-white.

But whites include Hispanics and Arab Americans. Hispanics is a label for people whose ancestors arrived from 21 different nations and Puerto Rico. One size does not fit all be it politics or pantyhose. The producers of Chico and the Man learned that when California Hispanics complained that Chico and the Man was from Puerto Rico, not Mexico. 

Descendants of Cubans are largely Republicans while Puerto Ricans are reliably Democrat. Those whose ancestors came from Mexico are split. In California, they vote Democrat. Elsewhere, not.

Politico pointed out, "Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote." 

This summer, Texans elected the first congresswoman who was born in Mexico. She's a Republican.

Overall, 33% of Hispanics would vote for Trump; 52% for Biden, according to the New York Times.

That cuts the Democrat advantage from 34 points in 2020 to 19 points in just two years.

America is a melting pot, not a salad. Democrats do not want their voters melting -- assimilating -- into the American culture because that culture is Republican. The Democrat culture is turning boys into girls into boys to appease the LGBT crowd that is so important to campaign funding. That's just one of the turnoffs for Americans. Bidenomics is another.

John "Hannibal" Smith used to say on The A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together.

I love it when a plan falls apart.


  1. The problem with the Democrats is that creating a disgusting, degenerate culture including glorifying homosexuality and condoning pedophilia isn't all that popular especially with people who have a strong religious backgrounds. These rifts should be very exploitable by MAGA candidates.

    1. It should be very exploitable. That’s why liberals are trying to destroy religion as well.

  2. And now for a unique congressional contest. New York's 3rd District pits Democrat Robert Zimmerman against Republican George Santos. Zimmerman's platform, as expected from a Democrat hack, is abortion, abortion and more abortion. Santos is anti-crime, which his opponent perfunctorily echoes, and anti-inflation, from which he speaks with authority as a successful financier. Technically, Santos is not Hispanic, as his parents are Brazilian immigrants whose first language is Portuguese. But what makes this contest unique is that both men are gay. Talk about a fractured coalition, and since this is an open seat, there is no incumbency advantage here.

  3. Both the Martinez story and the issue of Moslems and homosexuals reveal how shaky the Demos' coalition always was. Blacks and Hispanics, Moslems and homosexuals have had very tenuous relations over the decades.

    Assimilation by Hispanics and Moslems (a third of whom stray from the faith once they get her, according to Pew) means they see themselves less as hyphenates (as they were once called) and more as Americans. something similar is happening among young blacks after 2 generations of unfulfilled promises.

    My wife and I were at the Alamo one time where they had a display of the battle at its height. A young woman, light-skinned but clearly of Hispanic origin, with 2 little boys in tow was asked by one of them who were the people climbing over the walls. Her answer was, "The bad guys".

    If that's not assimilation, I don't know what is.

    1. Yes it is.

      It brings joy to my heart to see the 60 year project of the democrats collapse, wiped out by the fact that most hispanics consider themselves white, regardless of skin tone. They are doing what the irish, the italians, the slavics, the germans, the chinese, the vietnamese, and the indians (from Asia) all did when they came here. With each successive generation they wanted America, english to be spoken. To be sure they bring some of their cultural spice to the mix, and America just absorbs it and offers it as another thing to entertain and enthrall us when we want to have A GOOD TIME, being with friends and family. Heck look what we did with St. Patrick's Day and CInco de Mayo. Everyone DRINK! (How English of us all!)

    2. In "A Line in the Sand; The Alamo in Blood and Memory" by Randy Roberts & James S. Olson, there is a story of a successful American family of Mexican descent who come to visit the Alamo.

      The father, a CPA with a degree from Wharton, poses his family in front of the Alamo for pictures, and tells his girls of the integrity and courage that were displayed there, and the need to emulate those qualities in their own lives.

      He is promptly set upon by a white grad student, brimming with PC platitudes, who aggressively hectors the father. Failing to be put off politely, the sophomoric Sandanista rudely continues (quoting directly from the book):

      "You shouldn't be teaching your kids this stuff."

      The CPA stopped short.

      "Escucheme, bolillo (Listen to me, white bread)," he said sharply. "If Santa Anna would have won the war, this whole city would be a shithole just like Reynosa. Soy tejano (I'm a Texan). Mind your own goddamned business. It's my Alamo too."

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  5. The coalition was never going to work. It was forged on the notion that none of the subgroups would ever have conflicting interests. I'm not sure if you saw the story of the little, old, Hispanic bodega worker getting thrashed by a big, young, black man, but the lessons of that were clear to every Hispanic in America.

    I blogged about it here:

  6. The thing is, democrats have used anti-white tactics on the black electorate for a long time, which has resulted in an overwhelming percentage of black votes in their column. But this tactic has not carried over to latinos, who don't perceive themselves as the beneficiaries of anti-whiteness; in fact, they generally dislike blacks a lot more than they dislike whites. They don't regard whites as their enemy, a feeling the democrats have encouraged in the black community. (Remember the translucently white Joe Biden telling his black audience that republicans were "gonna put y'all back in chains!"? How incredibly incongruous was that?) Latinos look at whites as their competitors, maybe, but just as often as their financial benefactors. (They aren't blowing a lot of leaves and hanging a lot of drywall on black folks' mansions, are they?) So the usual democrat "Look! Racist!" tricks don't work on latinos. Plus, based on my observations, latinos exhibit the near-universal antipathy of all other ethnic groups toward blacks. Asian, latino, you-name-it, they really don't like blacks. In fact, it seems that blacks have more supporters in the upper class white elite than they do anywhere else, but if they keep up the killin' and rapin' and robbin', even that may come to an end. TBH, decent black people really don't even like the fact that they are the ones getting killed, raped and robbed by people with the same skin tone. Looks to me like the only coalition the democrats are going to be able to put together soon are the teachers and municipal workers unions and the sexual degenerates. It'll be interesting to see if that's enough (plus cheating, of course) to carry the day anywhere.

  7. Puerto Rico needs to be set free. They are a huge social and financial drain on the US. According to the last census over 80% of the population is on some form of welfare. Unsustainable, and explains why they are democrat / socialists.

  8. I believe the Democrats are finding out that their trashy and pornographic culture they expound is not appreciated by a lot more folks than just Republicans/Whites because it's hateful and disgusting and anyone who's a parent doesn't want their kids absorbing anyone of it in grade school. Bad enough to fight it when they get older.

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  10. Truth be told, liberals have involved enemy of white strategies on the dark electorate for quite a while, which has brought about a mind-boggling level of dark votes in their segment. In any case, this strategy has not persisted to latinos, who don't see themselves as the recipients of hostile to whiteness; lolbeans as a matter of fact, they by and large aversion blacks significantly more than they despise whites.