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Friday, September 16, 2022

Winning the Battle of Martha's Vineyard

What is missing from the Wikipedia entry for Martha's Vineyard is more interesting than what it says. Unlike every other community I have looked up, Martha's Vineyard's entry does not include a demographics section.

You have to go elsewhere to discover its average income is double the U.S. average. You also have to go elsewhere to discover it is 88% white.

The sea makes the island a gated community for rich, white liberals.

Martha's Vineyard also signaled its virtue by becoming a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Given the difficulty to get on the island, residents never thought anyone would take them up on their offer.

Governor DeSantis did. He flew 50 illegal aliens to the isle.

The reaction was hilariously hypocritical. A community that defiantly proclaimed it would not help Trump to enforce federal immigration laws, today called in 125 National Guardsmen to round up the 50 illegal aliens to ship them back to the mainland.

DeSantis did not send just any old illegal aliens. He sent Venezuelans who were escaping the very communism that the Chardonnay For Brunch crowd at Martha's Vineyard want to impose on the USA.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been more aggressive, shipping illegal aliens to Chicago, New York City and Washington. On Thursday, he shipped 50 to Kamala's official residence, where they were greeted with closed arms and locked gates.

California Governor Gavin Newsom -- the likely 2024 Democrat presidential nominee -- called DeSantis sending illegal aliens to MV kidnapping! Maybe he can make a citizen's arrest like Gomer Pyle did,

Of course, the guv was silent last year when Biden flew and bused illegal aliens across the USA

As I wrote earlier today, the Democrat bible, Rules for Radicals, lists as Rule No. 4, "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

It works.

The New York Post reported, "The White House has secretly been urging Mexico to take in more illegal immigrants expelled from the US under the Title 42 health policy — despite the administration publicly claiming it wants to scrap it, according to a new report.

"Mexico already accepts migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that have been turned away by the US.

"But Reuters reports Biden administration officials are now pressuring Mexico City to resettle migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as the border crisis escalates and crossings soar to record highs."

Publicly, Biden denounced Republicans for flying and busing around the country.

He said, "What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American, it’s reckless."

As I said, he did the same thing last year.

The media has called the Battle of Martha's Vineyard a stunt. As expected, AP lied.

It said, "The vacation island south of Boston, whose year-round residents include many blue-collar workers, appeared to absorb the dozens of arrivals without a major hitch."

There are 3 times as many white-collar workers as blue-collar workers on MV. Also describing calling in the National Guard as without a hitch is a laughable lie.

Others in the media admitted DeSantis owned the libs this time.

The New York Times whined, "Decisions to bus migrants to the vice president’s residence and to fly others to Martha’s Vineyard were the latest attempts to provoke outrage over record arrivals at the border."

I agree. How else do you bring national attention to the humanitarian crisis Biden created along the border? The media sure as shooting hasn't. 

NYT said, "The decisions by Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida to send two planeloads of people to Martha’s Vineyard, and by Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas to send two busloads to Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence on Thursday — roughly 150 migrants in all — were their most conspicuous attempts yet to provoke outrage over record arrivals at the border, a circumstance the Republican leaders blame squarely on President Biden.

"But while the transfers of migrants were called out by Democrats as political stunts, they also served as vivid reminders of how ill prepared heavily Democratic parts of the Northeast are to handle influxes of poor migrants, even though they have long been immigration strongholds where many people are eager to help."

Martha's Vineyard -- a haven for rich people -- cannot handle 50 illegal aliens but Democrats and the media expect poor towns along the border to handle millions of illegal aliens.

DeSantis said, "All those people in D.C. and New York were beating their chest when Trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions. The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day are brought to their front door, they all go berserk."

7 years ago, Donald Trump pointed out the USA must protect the border. He did. He got Mexico to guard our border and to keep those seeking asylum in Mexico.

Biden undid that fine work.

Now he and his rich, white supporters at Martha's Vineyard are living the nightmare they created.

Meanwhile, I am working on a song to commemorate the Battle of Martha's Vineyard:

In 1814, we took a little trip.

No, that's not it. Lemme try this.

In 20-2-2, we took a little flight.

Sent by Ron DeSantis in the middle of the night.

We took a little bacon and we took a deck of cards.

And we caught the bloody liberals in the towns on the Vineyard.


  1. Migrant's Vineyard

    Too bad this did not happen prior to Labor Day.

    Ron DeSantis is not afraid to stand up to Biden.

    1. It is better he waited until after because MV people would have said no hotels available.

    2. They still said “no room at the inn”. Or anywhere on the island of 16,000 that up until two weeks ago, had up to 100,000 people on it. What are the odds a few of these hypocrites might reflect on their own hypocrisy? 1%?

  2. I like Rule #6- "A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

  3. What I loved was the pasty white SJW woman on various forums screaming racism, humanitarian, crisis,etc. When she should be down at the border shoveling all the garbage the illegals brought. Screw'em

    1. Gotta love Alex Stein getting in Dan Crenshaw's face calling him a globalist who cares more about Ukraine's border than Texas's border. Heated Exchange with Congressman Dan Crenshaw ends with Capitol Police Investigation

    2. The One-Eyed-Wonder-Weasel certainly has a hard time taking a little criticism, doesn't he.

    3. Amen, almost like he feels guilty for not doing the job the voters hired him to do....

    4. EN2 SS says;
      Posting as a Texan, the One-Eyed-Wonder-Weasel (thanks, 1g) doesn't feel guilty about not doing his job, that POS gets pissed when he's called out on not doing his job. What good demoncrat actually expects the citizens to demand they do what they're paid for?

  4. Don't be surprised if the FBI acts on the kidnapping charge from Newsome. A mid-night raid by the FBI SWAT team on the Governor's mansion in Tallahassee and commandeering the Governor's phone, all covered by a CNN news crew.

    1. EN2 SS says;
      What're the chances that the Florida State Police tells the fblie to go suck pResident, and don't come back?

    2. That would be interesting. Given the extent of armaments possessed by the feds, seems the only counterbalance is those controlled by the states, and corresponding loyalties of the personnel involved.

    3. DeSantis has way more firepower at his immediate control that the FBI does. ANd if they wanted to ratchet it that way DeSantis could send State Police to every FBI office in the state and arrest them all and just hold them until they decided to let them make a call.

  5. I notice the common democrat line, "It's a political move". I want to hear Republicans saying "You bet your ass it's a political move!" Live with it, freaks.

    1. The border issue is resonating. Dems are squirming.

    2. Yeah they are - and they are squirming because it is taking the Jan 6 nonsense off the pages - while fearful independents worry about FJB's fascist moves and speeches and get ready to vote against Biden in November. If Fetterman cannot get OZ, the Senate flips for sure. If the disgust with Biden is even deeper than we realize something interesting is going to happen in Conn, NH, Vermont, Washington St, or Colorado. Or maybe more than just one.

      That will set up 60 seat GOP senate for 2025, with McConnell fighting for his life to hold on to his majority position.

  6. Martha's Vineyard - a haven for the pigs of "Animal Farm."

  7. He flew them in
    And the karens started whining
    They were dirty and dark
    And they all had got to go.

    DeSantis laughed
    And he sent another flight in
    To Martha's Vin-Yard
    From the Gulf of Mexico.


    1. Anything that reminds me of the late Johnny Horton is bound to be good ! 👍👏😁

  8. The sea makes the island a gated community for rich, white liberals and wanna be white people named Obama.

  9. If Newsom's the nominee, the acronym for Store High In Transit will get a workout.

  10. MNN Breaking News UPDATE
    Breaking Now...

    Biden Offers to Fire His “Gang of Eight” Body Doubles to Make Room for Migrants at White House

    Applicants must be willing to share shower facilities, however.

    *(Oak Blunts, MA) After first remaining silent on the immigration controversy, Acting Shadow Brain Barack Obama inserted himself into the story yesterday by seizing the immigrants' jet to send another pallet of cash to Iran.

    "It's not ransom if you enjoy it," said the mob boss.

    And in other Travel News, Hillary Clinton says Martha's Vineyard situation is 'literally human trafficking,' recalling the horrible, horrible time Bill trafficked her to a non-Epstein Virgin Island.

    The immigrants were deported from the island today after 125 Massachusetts National Guard were deployed to defend the Vineyard's border, but not Texas'. The deportees were charged with Wearing on White People After Labor Day.

    Meanwhile, Joe BidenFuhrer, the World's Only Fascist Dictator Who Can't Make the Trains Run On Time, asked Mexico to keep refugees from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. He only wants refugees fleeing to Communism, not from it.

    Manufactured News Network: "Hey--Bananas Need Republics, Too!"

  11. I thought about sending some to Delaware, but then I thought about sniffy with the young girls... Never mind

  12. I bet the demographics section on the Wiki page got eliminated sometime in the last 24 hours so no one could see that it is lily white.

  13. As a summer resident of the Vineyard, still on the island, I’ve been laughing out loud at this deft political move. Also, as a friend to many of the local tradesmen, I can say that many share my philosophy and feelings.

  14. Q: why did traffic control allow planes to land?
    was it secret from everybody who were on the flight

  15. Just noting they're not immigrants, they're by simple definition criminals, they're invaders.

  16. Walls are racist, unless you’re the VP. Guns are dangerous unless they are protecting the elite. All our welcome, just not in our backyard.
    This may be the best job of exposing lib hypocrisy in history.

  17. Fun Fact: FL asked these illegal aliens if they wanted to go to Martha’s Vineyard, and had them sign a waiver declaring they were volunteering to be transported.

    Martha’s Vineyard is deporting them against their will. To a military base.