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Monday, September 19, 2022

Martha's Vineyard sent illegals to a Superfund site

The Cape Cod Times reported the Massachusetts National Guard escorted 50 illegal aliens from Martha's Vineyard to Joint Base Cape Cod on Friday.

EPA lists Joint Base Cape Cod as a Superfund site.

Make that a Sanctuary Superfund site.

EPA said, "Protecting Cape Cod's drinking water continues to be a major focus at EPA New England. The Joint Base Cape Cod (formerly known as the Massachusetts Military Reservation), a 22,000-acre property that has been used for military training activities since 1911, is located over a sole source aquifer that provides drinking water for 200,000 year-round and 500,000 seasonal residents of Cape Cod. Parts of the aquifer have been contaminated by fuel spills, training, disposal, and other past activities at JBCC’s Camp Edwards and Otis Air National Guard Base.

"Two environmental cleanup programs at the JBCC are addressing areas of groundwater contamination, known as plumes, and their sources. One program managed by the Air Force is addressing contamination found primarily on Otis Air National Guard Base which is on the southern portion of the JBCC under the authority of Superfund. The other, managed by the Army, is addressing contamination from the northern portion of the base, Camp Edwards/Impact Area, under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Both of these program's efforts are being conducted with oversight from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection."

I guess Love Canal was already booked.

The work does seem to be complete, but there are restrictions.

EPA said, "At this site, activity and use limitations that EPA calls institutional controls are in place. Institutional controls play an important role in site remedies because they reduce exposure to contamination by limiting land or resource use. They also guide human behavior. For instance, zoning restrictions prevent land uses – such as residential uses – that are not consistent with the level of cleanup."

The Cape Cod Times was cheery in reporting on sending the 50 illegals to the camp.

It quoted Rep. Dylan Fernandes, D-Falmouth, who said, "This is what good government actually looks like, what compassionate government actually looks like.

"I couldn’t be prouder of the people of Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod and I couldn’t be prouder to have a state team pull this together so quickly. We are a community that sprang together to give them the resources they needed, there was an outpouring of support from everywhere to help out."

The newspaper story did not mention the EPA or the Superfund site status of the base.

Instead, Paragraph 58 (it is a long string of stories) said, "This summer, the U.S. Air Force penned an agreement officially to transfer ownership of the base's water and wastewater systems to Converge LLC. According to a June release issued by the Air National Guard, 'the systems have been under the management and control of the Massachusetts Air National Guard since the operations of the base’s infrastructure were transferred to it by the Air Force in the mid-1970’s.'"

I agree with Fernandes. This is what government actually looks like. A bunch of rich, white elitists complain and the government sends 50 poor, brown people to live at a Superfund site.

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hat tip to the Intrepid Reporter.


  1. Converge LLC? Hmmmm. I looked it up on the MA SOS website, seems it is co-founded by a Matthew Kennedy. A Kennedy in Massachusetts? Could it be "them"? Matthew apparently "served in senior roles in the Obama Administration at the Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, and the White House. As the Director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships at Commerce, Matt worked closely with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Export-Import Bank of the United States to develop innovative public-private partnerships with leading trade organizations and several Fortune 500 businesses."

    The corporate website picture bears a striking resemblance to the son of Joseph Kennedy II:

    So the government is "transferring" (or giving?) the water systems to the Kennedys? What does "transferring" mean in this context? Is fair market value being paid? Perhaps more than the wastewater smells bad in Cape Cod?

    1. Good work Deplorable. I’m sure the corruption runs deep. I will never know the stench of Cape Cod. The liberals can have it.

  2. 22,000 acres, huh.
    I'm sure the rest of that 49,653 group will fit nicely.

    Sunday, on george snuffleupagus, (I watched so you don't have to) one of the shrieking pundits proclaimed theyaren't illegals, they're migrants, dammit!

  3. So let's just suppose that THIS Kennedy is related to THAT Kennedy. Seems fitting that most of our new resident problems are created by legislation written by THAT Kennedy. Seems what goes around comes around and the liquor barons descendants have still got their hands in the public's pockets.

  4. When the problem to solve = 50 Illegal Immigrants, hell I could do that.

    When the problem = 50,000 Illegals, well that makes it Del Rio's and Abbott's problem.

    Here's what I learned from reading this blog post -- the Rep. Dylan Fernandes is a "compassionate" dumbass.

  5. Again, thank you for your perspective Don, always questioning is a very good thing. Question and you will find answers ! Does the left question anything the gov says or does or do they try to force it down your throat as the only possible truth ? This is what is wrong in USA today and not enough people asking questions and facing the answers !

  6. As Ray Leonard so often said to the regulators of Michigan, "the wall", government is the single largest polluter.
    Joint Base Cape Cod, like Camp Grayling Military Installation, lies atop an unconfined and easily contaminated aquifer recharged vertically by an average annual precipitation of 2-3 feet. Anything on the surface is literally flushed straight into the aquifer. Not a good location for stupid people to be doing stupid things, and yet here we are, where we've always been, being lead by idiots with no grasp of the entire picture.

  7. Good government kills you slowly enough that you won’t notice if you’re not paying attention. And most people are sheep and incapable of paying attention.

    Your reading list is way wider than I would have assumed - hat tip BCE indeed!

  8. [unreported news headline]... A Great White Shark Beached On Martha's Vineyard__Residents React: "Thank G*d It Was White!" (props to the late, Robin Williams) zb

  9. You get the feeling the people on Maatha's Vinyaad would just as soon go back to the 1840s when there were no Catholics and all the blacks were owned.

  10. I am sure the survivors of the Martha’s Vinyard will be telling their kids and grandkids of their bravery and compassion for decades. They will all get participation ribbons from Fauxcahontas Warren for their incredible response in averting a potential human tragedy.

    1. My dear Wife's cousin lived in Wellfleet for about 10 years. Her husband was old Cape Cod. He inherited the family home. She was a busty redhead. Treated like she was some sort of alien spieces -"Even the bums were snobs." She moved back to Oregon after her husband passed.

  11. Breakfast Tacos thrown in the trash then taken to the dump !!

  12. You uptight azzholes in Martha's didn't do anything except dump the responsibility for these Joe Biden buddies back on the middle class taxpayers you pompous asskissing corcksockers!!!

  13. I spent a weekend at JBCC back in '82 and it wasn't fit for human habitation then. WWII barracks that hadn't been maintained at all. The only thing that's changed since then is another half century of decay.

  14. Give them a break! They could not find a sanctuary live-fire artillery range on such short notice.