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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Politico headlined a story, "Poll: Majority supports reforming electoral vote count law."

Ah, there is a topic that is on everyone's lips -- inside the beltway.

I believe the counting reform is replacing the abacus with a calculator.

Paragraph 14 said, "In other findings, the poll also found Biden’s approval rating dropping to just 41%, with 56% disapproving. That’s down from 46% in last week’s poll — which had represented Biden’s 2022 high-water mark."

Voters are so grateful for passage of that law that Biden's approval fell 5 points.

Paragraph 21 said, "45% of voters said they would vote for a Democrat for Congress if the election was today compared to 43% who preferred a Republican candidate, the poll found. In last week’s poll, Democrats had a 5-point lead, 47% to 42%."

Democrats are not hurt by Biden because they fell only 3 points.

The real numbers likely are worse. Pollsters no longer can push the fiction of a Democrat surge. Nate Silver can pretend that his party has a 30% chance of keeping the House but Pelosi is lining up an ambassadorship to Italy.

ITEM 2: Drag queens are misogynist.

Meanwhile, Mashable tweeted, "Meet the artists and performers of Drag Syndrome, the world’s first drag troupe for people with Down syndrome."

No thanks. I just ate.

ITEM 3: Conservative Brief reported, "A former Pennsylvania Democrat congressman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after committing fraud favoring Democratic candidates.

"The Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that Michael Myers pleaded guilty to conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election and deprive civil rights, voting records falsification, bribery, obstruction of justice, and orchestrating ballot-stuffing schemes in Pennsylvania’s 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 elections.

"Myers served in the U.S. House from 1976 to 1980 before being expelled for bribery. He was sent to prison for three years after the FBI launched an investigation into him.

"Myers bribed then-Philadelphia election Judge Domenick J. Demuro to stuff ballots in support of specific candidates, according to a 2020 indictment. Demuro pleaded guilty that year.

"Myers also confessed to election fraud conspiracy with former Philadelphia election judge Marie Beren, who pleaded guilty in October 2021."

Pennsylvania elections are as pure as the water in Jackson, Mississippi.

ITEM 4: Idiocy or dementia?

You make the call.

(Insert AT&T ad.)

ITEM 5: WaPo on June 15, "Seven ways you can financially prepare for a recession."

WaPo on Wednesday, "7 ways a recession could be good for you financially."

Next up: The return of funemployment.

ITEM 6The latest Rasmussen Reports poll found "57% of American Adults believe it’s likely that, over the next few years, the United States will enter a 1930s-like Depression, including 21% who think a depression is Very Likely. 32% don’t think a depression is likely, and another 12% are not sure."

Look for WaPo to report next year, "7 ways a depression is good for you."

Spoiler alert: The ways involve saving bacon grease and re-using tinfoil.

ITEM 7: LGBT crowd kicks Jeff Dahmer out.

I thought they were for inclusion. Diversity is our strength and all that. But it turns out they are all bigoted cannibalphobics.

ITEM 8: Just the News reported, "Russia on Wednesday called for a United Nations Security Council meeting over the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, on which Moscow officials are blaming the United States.

"The Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines that run from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea on Tuesday each reportedly started leaking after reports of blasts."


Russia loses money. Germany freezes. What is the downside?

ITEM 9: Kane with the video of the day.

I hope Meloni goes after Biden and Obama next because they were the ones who bombed Libya and created this mess for Italy to clean up.

ITEM 10: Blaze Media reported, "After tweeting 'We should use they/them pronouns for hurricane Ian to annoy DeSantis,' Rachel Vindman deletes her post 'because it was offensive to the trans community.'"

She's the wife of Alexander Vindman, the Ukrainian spy on the National Security Council who worked to get Trump impeached for calling Zelensky to congratulate him on his election as president. Little did Trump know what a crook Zelensky was.

Anyway, his wife is a loony lefty who does not realize she is as disposable as anyone else. Stalin called them useful idiots, not useful Brainiacs.

ITEM 11: Outkick reported, "Sports Twitter has questioned ESPN host Malika Andrews’ blackness for her coverage of suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka. 

"Andrews’ name has trended on Twitter over the past 24 hours with high-shared tweets accusing her, a bi-racial woman, of daddy issues, problems with black men, and selling out to her white bosses."

She's as black as Obama.

And just as expendable. Oh yes, someday his statue will be torn down.

ITEM 12: Marc Molinaro is a Republican nominee for Congress in New York.

Real Clear Politics calls his race a tossup, even though Biden carried the district by 11 points.

ITEM 13: The Sun reported, "One in four Netflix users say they're planning to ditch the app this year as the cost of living crisis bites.

"According to a survey, viewers are turning tail for multiple reasons, including the rising cost of a subscription to the service."

Blockbuster feels their pain.

ITEM 14: Red State reported, "We’ve been keeping a close watch on the race for the Senate and the numbers just seem to keep moving in the direction of the Republicans.

"We’ve noted how even in races where the Republicans seemed far back to start with, such as with Blake Masters in Arizona and Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, they’ve gained and now both of those races are tight. Meanwhile, Democrats are behind in races they need to win in places like Nevada and Georgia.

"But in what has to be a real stunner, in a race that wasn’t even on most experts’ radar as a question, is Washington. Earlier in September, we’d noted Washington in the move against the incumbents when it came to people upset with the student loan bailout and there was polling suggesting that Tiffany Smiley was gaining on Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).

"Now there’s even more polling that indicates that wasn’t a fluke — it’s a real move. In a poll with more than a thousand likely voters, they now have Smiley moving from three points back to only two, with Murray at 48.7 and Smiley at 46.5. That’s within the margin of error which is 2.9 for the poll."

This is what a wave election looks like.

It wipes out the weak. Murray is the weakest.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "Florida reporter defends putting condom on mic during Hurricane Ian broadcast."

I don't want to hear the explanation.



What happens in the hurricane stays in the hurricane.

ITEM 16: The New York Times said, "What's the Key to Understanding Donald J. Trump?  Start With Queens."

Wow. NYT finally sent a reporter to Queens. Did he get combat pay?

It actually is a promo for Maggie Haberman's book on The Donald.

ITEM 17: Citizen Free Press reported, "Golf Digest ranks the best Presidential golfers of all time…"

Trump is No. 1 with a handicap of 2.8.

Biden is No. 2.

Sure he is.

FDR is ranked eighth. What was his handicap? Polio.

ITEM 18: The Daily Caller reported, "A Wisconsin public school district teaches kindergarteners about genitalia thanks, in part, to an external committee that includes a doctor who promotes chemical castration of teens and a Planned Parenthood activist, according to records reviewed by the Daily Caller."

Bring back school prayer because the devil is getting too much time with the kids.

FINALLY, AP reported, "Massachusetts native Rich Hill shuts down Orioles in Red Sox victory."

He's 42.

He broke into the major leagues with the Cubs in 2005, when his Red Sox teammate, Triston Casas, was 5 years old.


  1. 8 The european political class finally realized how bad they were gonna look when it gets really cold. So sabotage some pipelines and then it’s all the some unknown persons fault for europe freezing this winter.
    PR problem solved . . .

  2. 4. If Jackie had been a 12 yo he 'showered' with, he'd remember.

    8. What's the downside? Only thing stopping Russia from nuking D.C. is biden not admitting we did it.

    15. And people gave Joni Ernst shit about using breadbags for shoe covers when it snowed.

    17. Slight print error.
    The actual quote is
    "Biden is a number two."

    To our Florida lurkers, hooe you made it through safe.


    1. Yes. I hope all of our Florida friends are doing ok.

    2. Randy says: Thank you all for your prayers. The storm surge/“wall of water” caused widespread destruction in Cape Coral (Lee County), where the hurricane came ashore, and the adjacent Charlotte County. Over 90% of the folks in those counties are still without power. The hurricane’s path across the state was well south of earlier predictions, and it is currently exiting the state as a Tropical Storm. It is not expected to regain strength over the Atlantic before it comes ashore again between Charleston and Savannah.

    3. Survived here in Sarasota. Generator on drinking coffee, getting ready to head out and survey damage and see if I can help

    4. Randy and TO: Good to hear that you're OK. I hope and pray that the rest of Florida that has been hit can get the help it needs and recover as quickly as possible. Leave the politics out of it.

    5. 8. biden likes to brag. Give him time. If the US did he'll tell.

  3. 1: Will new "Fascist" Italian PM Meloni accept Miss Nancy as an Ambassador?

    1. Meloni will tell her to go to hell. She isn’t pulling any punches.

    2. That's an interesting question. Can a country refuse to accept an ambassador?

    3. of course
      more like a demur-demur
      drag out the process of issuing papers etc.
      you cannot have undocumented ambassadors!

      ... the diplomat must be accredited. It would be unusual to propose an Ambassador who stood no chance of being accredited. More often than refusing to accredit the proposed ambassador, there may be back and forth between the two countries to reach agreement.

    4. Thx for that info. I think it be funny to allow Pelosi into the country, then throw her out the next day!

  4. #4 Apparently Biden's staff pulled a planned tribute video to Rep. Jackie Walorski after his gaffe. Yeah, he's really running the show!

  5. 3 - with Myers record, I’m surprised he wasn’t a business partner of Hunter.

    1. OMG!!! Halloween is coming up soon and they locked Michael Meyers up? This ends badly for Jamie Lee Curtis and a whole lot of teenagers.

  6. 4 - dementia or Joe being Joe? In 2008, Xiden called for paraplegic MO State Senator Chuck Graham to stand up and be recognized.

  7. 5 - another future article - How to Get Maximum Enjoyment From Your First FBI Raid.

    1. Item 5: "Seven ways you can financially prepare for a recession."

      1. Get elected to Congress.

      1. Star

    2. Get elected to Congress and start insider trading.

  8. 8 - the UN will get right on it once they have finished handling the Ukraine/Russia situation.

  9. To be fair, I don't think Don Lemon was "shut down" so much as he was brought back to thinking of the storm's immediate effects and danger that the citizens in its path need to know. Deputy Director Brennan may be a "climate change" freak himself but he correctly thought of the welfare of the citizens.
    That doesn't, of course, give any credibility to Lemon anyway as he's more concerned with misinformation than caring about people's welfare.
    Indeed, this is from the guy who asked if Flight MH370 may have been captured by a black hole! He sure knows his science, doesn't he...

    1. At least Lemon didn’t blame the hurricane on President Trump. Yet.

    2. Give him time!

    3. I think Lemon's parting shot, if I remember correctly, was that he's from Tampa and the storms have gotten more intense over the years. He really shouldn't be on TV.

  10. 12 - Will Twitter suspend Molinaro’s account today or next week?

  11. 14 - The overall IQ of the Senate will rise massively if Murray loses.

    1. In order for the overall IQ of the Senate to rise massively, I think a lot more of these people need to lose.

  12. 17 - I don’t want to make fun of the handicapped but Xiden’s handicap is BS. He lies about golf like everything else. Maybe Corn Pop was his golf teacher. If Xiden truly had a 6.7 handicap, it is only through liberal use of mulligans and his mastery of the foot wedge.

    1. He's probably using someone else's handicap. Afterall plagiarizing is one of his gifts.

    2. He also uses a pencil that comes with an eraser .

  13. Item 8 classic maskirovka.
    Item 15 Old Infantryman's trick for keeping salt water out of your rifle barrel.

  14. #1 Who really thinks that Nanzi Pelousey will register all the good will of socialism, gelato, and ambassadorial creds to the very smart Italian lady leader Giorgia Meloni ?
    Anyone ?
    Non credo, non penso.

    #6 Those 12% first had to pull their earpods out of their head's brain holes, and then they said;
    "Ungh ?
    Whud ya say ?
    Like yeah/no man... duh !" with a shake of the head, and a roll of the eyes.
    Polsters are so wise eh, of whom they choose to ask their questions ?

    You humans make us laugh !

    1. The Irony of Nancy's ambassadorship is she goes to an Italy that is free, vibrant, and non EU

  15. Randy says: Item 17: “Golf Digest ranks the best Presidential golfers of all time…” They missed Kim Jong-un. He gets a hole-in-one on every hole.

  16. In response to an item yesterday: Senator Jared Polis (CO-D) is up for re-election in 2022. If his opponent, Heidi Ganahl, blow this one, she's going to have one heck of a lot of 'splainin' to do, Lucy. Seriously, Polis loses. Good. If Pelosi/Biden/300 other gargoyles didn't exist, Polis would be the best-selling Halloween Mask this year.

  17. Russia loses money. Germany freezes. What is the downside?""

    Revealing comment.

    1. There is no downside to Russia loses money and Germany freezes. Gooder and harder.

    2. My Tribe, revealing comment? Now is when Suber cues up the video of the German delegation laughing at Trump for telling them they are too dependent on Russian oil and gas.

    3. I read earlier that Germany has to pay Russia regardless of whether they receive gas or not. I can't find the article now, of course.

    4. The evil US empire and its minions are sabotaging any chance of negotiated peace in the Ukraine with this move. They were concerned that Germany might jump ship once the weather really turned cold, and pull their sanctions in exchange for energy. This prevents that. So we attack civilian infrastructure owned primarily by German investors? If the Russians came after US infrastructure in a similar manner, we'd deserve it. What The Biden Cartel has done here is right up there with Iranian exported terrorism. He and his cabinet are now truly legitimate war criminals.

  18. Joe Biden on the golf course ..

    Why did they put this little ball on this little stick for me? What am I supposed to do with this really big stick, Jill? Maybe I'll swing it at De Soto ..... I mean, De Santa ...... you know, the guy in Florsheim's. The guy in that state that looks like a penis .... Well, anyway

    And where"s Arnie? Is Arnold Palmer here today? Lets have around of applause for the Golden Bear

  19. #18 "Bring back school prayer because the devil is getting too much time with the kids."

  20. Always remember the only woke approved LGBALPHABET victim is Matthew Shepherd, because he died at the hands of homophobes (except that he didnt)

    Thats why my movie script about Ed Buck never got greenlighted in Hollywood. You remember Ed, dont you? He brought down AZ bigot Ev Mecham for the crime of demanding that the AZ legislature approve the MLK paid holiday by painting the entire state as racist

    My movie. however focused on a much more remarkable situation .. how gay boy Ed Buck personaly committed more criminal homicides of blacks via drug overdosing (2) than the racist state of Arizona did in its entire 170 year history as a state and territory (0 lynchings of blacks)

  21. #1 - Democrats -- Their real numbers are probably worse. But when it comes to vote counting, then their numbers become outstanding.

  22. #4 - Brandon -- Idiocy and dementia. I don't want to choose.

  23. #5 -- Recession -- Nothing but media gaslighting.

  24. #7 Dahmer -- Was it well known at the time that he was gay and hunting and eating other gay men? I don't remember.

    1. In those days, gayness was kept a secret. Maybe the authorities didn’t want to embarrass Daumier’s parents by publicizing that he was gay.

    2. I don't think it was publicized. That's probably why the alphabet crowd takes offence.

    3. I'm not sure if they knew he was gay, but I think they knew some of his victims were.

    4. It was known, but when they tried to publicize it, the gay mafia took offense.

  25. #12 - Molinaro -- I hope he has a real shot at getting elected!


  26. 3. That's typical of Philadelphia elections as far back as I can remember. Myers must have pissed off someone in power.

    4. What do you mean, or? AND!

    17. I have to agree biden is a handicap and I would rate him as number 1!

  27. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: IOW the public is getting very tired of Democrat lies.

    1: The real numbers likely are worse.

    They always are.

    4: The two are not mutually exclusive.

    10: That was Lenin, but the point is just as valid.

    11: What idiot would put one up?

    14: Patty was always an idiot protected by the machine, much like Brandon. This is what happens when drones are expected to produce.

    15: What dogfaces in WWII did.

    It kept the mud and rain out of the M-1.

    My question is, what was she doing with a rubber?

    16: I still say she looks like a babe that, if you could get her on a desert island and pour a couple of pitchers of margaritas into her, she could be a hot little mamacita.

  28. Has anyone noticed that the English translation of the name of the new Italian PM is Georgia Melons?

  29. ITEM 3:

    "Myers served in the U.S. House from 1976 to 1980 before being expelled for bribery. He was sent to prison for three years after the FBI launched an investigation into him.
    What was missed from the story is that once he got out of prison for his bribery conviction during the Abscam affair, he started a "political consulting firm". Be nice to find out who used it.

  30. Item 2:
    She's not wrong.
    Drag is a gender minstrel show.