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Monday, September 26, 2022

Democrats can't govern. Media blames Republicans

The press is pushing a story that a government shutdown looms. For the record, Michael Townsend at Charles Schwab, called it highly unlikely. As disappointed as I am, media stories are entertaining and telling. 

The federal government budget year runs from October 1 to the next September 30. That gives Congress until Saturday to pass a new budget. 

This requires a simple majority, which Democrats hold in both houses of Congress. It cannot be filibustered. All Democrats have to do is show up, pass a budget, and go on their merry way to pocketing bribes and demonizing Donald Trump.

The media won't tell you that.

Instead the media is pushing a continuing resolution which would delay the budget deadline till after the election. That would require 60 votes in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. That would put the onus on Republicans.

The Hill reported, "One of the biggest holdups to passage is an ongoing push by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a key centrist, and Democratic leadership to use the must-pass bill as a vehicle for changes to the country’s permitting process for energy projects.

"Manchin previously struck a deal between top Democrats and President Biden to pass the proposal, which is aimed at speeding up the country’s energy infrastructure projects, in exchange for his support for a sweeping tax, climate and health care plan that narrowly passed Congress in a party-line vote earlier this year."

A simple party-line vote this week would fulfill that promise.

But The Hill reported, "In recent weeks, more than 70 House Democrats have signed a letter urging party leaders to delink the permitting legislation and the larger funding bill, raising concerns about the plan’s shot of passage in the lower chamber.

"And though Manchin has expressed optimism about his plan winning GOP support in the upper chamber eventually, a growing number of House Republicans have already threatened to withhold support for the CR for other reasons that run from wanting to preserve leverage if they retake the majority in the midterms to calls for more money for border security."

How dare those dastardly Republicans not give Democrats the votes needed to keep the Democrat promise made to pass a bill that Republicans opposed!

Instead of mocking the snot out of Democrats for this goofy excuse, The Hill rolled out the lame Both Sides Are Equally At Fault spin.

Politico said, "Government funding dries up on Friday, so it is officially crunch time for a stopgap spending bill on Capitol Hill.

"The Senate is set to vote tomorrow on a procedural move for a shell that could be filled with the short-term government-funding bill. That will be a test of if there is support from 60 senators for a bill that, at this point, is still being pieced together.

"What we expect to see: At least $12 billion in military aid and economic support for Ukraine, which has support from lawmakers in both parties (though more among Senate Republicans than those in the House.) A deal reached last week on reauthorization of the FDA’s user fee programs will also hitch a ride on the stop gap bill.

"We also expect to see funding for the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, resettling Afghan refugees and heating assistance for low-income families as we head into the winter."

It looks like all the special interests are covered. I wonder how the kickbacks will work in the Jackson water crisis. Will Pelosi's son become an instant water expert to be hired as a consultant? Maybe it is Amy Schumer's turn. She sure as heck cannot act.

Manchin wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal this weekend urging passage of his pipeline permitting bill. He told Republicans come on, fellas, this isn't funny. He said pass my bill even though I sold out my state and my country by voting for the New Green Deal, which was disguised as an Inflation Reduction Act.

Before reading it, predict which paragraph Manchin would use to raise the specter of Vladimir the Impaler Putin.

The first paragraph was the correct answer.

Manchin wrote, "Congress votes this week on the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2022. It’s a defining moment. Will we promote energy security and independence, or will we allow extreme ideologies and politics to embolden our nation’s enemies? Will we allow toxic tribal politics and the Vladimir Putins of the world to dictate our future, or will we protect our nation’s energy security?" 

President Trump gave the nation energy independence.

Democrats took it away. The Green New Deal threatens to make that energy dependence permanent.

Passing a budget should be a basic in government. Democrats cannot pull it off. Schumer, Pelosi and Biden are hopelessly lost. I hope the midterms are red -- blood red.


  1. What they need is Dan Blather going on about a constitutional crisis.

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  2. Suzq22- if the GOP was serious about “reducing wasteful spending”, their commitment to America would include having a real budget, not these continuing CR’s and clean bills without all the pork and amendments. Pipe dream, I know but shows that the uniparty is still in charge. No wonder they don’t want MAGA candidates like Blake Masters to win. They won’t go along to get along or be controlled.

    1. Keep in mind that the Republican leadership is just as crooked as the Democrats. They are all well compensated for their attempt to destroy America.

  3. BTW not to change the subject but where's Xi- ?
    This would have a catastrophic effect on the Sinks and RINOs.

  4. We have the best clown government money can buy.

  5. EN2 SS says;
    How dare those dastardly Republicans not give Democrats the votes needed to keep the Democrat promise made to pass a bill that Republicans opposed!
    Don't worry, McTurtle will tell enough rinos to pass it with bi-partisan support.

    A side question, how many decades has it been since congress has passed a Constitutionally required budget?

  6. "Maybe it is Amy Schumer's turn"...That fatass, hateable, unfunny, unappealing, skank! Back in the day when Dick was penetrating the enemy, He would never have shown a bit of interest in this jizz receptacle. Although, I bet she had some great food in her fridge... always a plus for fat xhicks!!! Don, hit that button!

  7. The corrupt Bennie Thompson will take in the money from the Jackson water money. That’s his district. He was corrupt before getting to congress as a supervisor in Hinds County (Jackson’s county).

  8. The Demonrats aren't interested in "governing". They intend to RULE US. Big difference between the two concepts.

  9. ppl from dnc told me theyre cheating and i reported it and nothing happened

  10. The CR will contain another $12BN for the poor fat slobs in Ukraine's government, too!! After all, they have to eat well, and sending our grand-kids down the toilet for Ukraine's bureaucrats is a good trade, right?

    Ask any Republican who votes for it.

  11. Govern? Is that what Democrats have been doing?