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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Is Zelensky about to be Cuomo-ed?

The wife of the most powerful man in American politics appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, posing for Annie Leibovitz, the top fashion photographer.

Zelensky is the most powerful man in American politics because he has Congress jumping through his hoops. Biden sent Congress a $33 billion aid request. Zelensky got it bumped up to $40 billion. The Senate passed it 86-11. That's in a Senate where Biden declares a major bipartisan victory if Collins, Murkowski and Romney join Democrats to approve a judge 53-47.

The $40 billion gift was on top of previous aid, bringing the total to $54 billion -- or double the price of the Wall that a Republican Congress failed to fund for the two years it was in power under Trump because of its expense.

Whatever Zelensky wants, Zelensky gets.

But Vogue may change that because it puts the media in a spot.

For months, the press reported on the deprivations of the Russo-Ukrainian War. They repeated his tale of how Putin targeted Zelensky. Now the press has to defend a photo shoot that used soldiers and war damage as a backdrop for the photo shoot.

Sonny Bunch of the Washington Post reported, "The Zelenskys are in Vogue. That makes them smart, not silly."

Bunch said, "Set aside the absolutely lunatic idea that a world leader cannot meet with celebrities in the midst of a global crisis—a notion the ghosts of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt  would, in all likelihood, dispute. Let’s get real. Zelensky is meeting with Western celebrities and appearing in celebrity-focused magazines because that is the only way to keep the crisis in his country at the forefront of the American public’s mind."

But Zelensky is not a world leader and the Russo-Ukraine War is only a crisis because Biden made it so with his foolish economic sanctions. Everyone should know by now that sanctions never work. These sanctions backfired as they ignited both a food shortage and an energy shortage in Europe. American presidents should be careful throwing the word crisis around. An archduke's assassination halfway across the world 108 years ago got us sucked into a European war.

117,000 American soldiers died in World War I. That's double the death toll for Vietnam.

The American press fawned over Zelensky like it did Andrew Cuomo. Maybe this will end for Zelensky like it did for Cuomo. The Vogue cover insulted the damage by Putin's Russia to Kyiv.

For once there is a backlash.

Avi Yemini of Rebel News in Australia tweeted, "I respected Zelensky at the beginning of the war when we were flooded with photos of the Ukrainian President on the frontline in tactical gear.

"Turned out the photos were faked.

"An act like the man himself.

"Now posing for Vogue.

"All to grift billions from western taxpayers."

Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores tweeted, "Biden: Let's continue to send billions of dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine, they need it! 

"Reality: The Zelensky family graces us with a photo shoot to be on the cover of Vogue magazine."

Public reaction does not matter much in DC. It is insulated. But the deep state may be turning on him.

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote, "Dear reader: The Ukraine war is not over. And privately, U.S. officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine’s leadership than they are letting on. There is deep mistrust between the White House and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky — considerably more than has been reported.

"And there is funny business going on in Kyiv. On July 17, Zelensky fired his country’s prosecutor general and the leader of its domestic intelligence agency — the most significant shake-up in his government since the Russian invasion in February. It would be the equivalent of Biden firing Merrick Garland and Bill Burns on the same day. But I have still not seen any reporting that convincingly explains what that was all about. It is as if we don’t want to look too closely under the hood in Kyiv for fear of what corruption or antics we might see, when we have invested so much there. (More on the dangers of that another day.)"

Like Bob Woodward, he does PR for the intelligence community.

The avarice of Zelensky is breath-taking. Jordan Schachtel reported, "A new US-funded report out of Kiev assesses $108.3 billion in economic damages for Ukraine, but requests a 7x replenishment of $750 billion so that the country can Build Back Better.

"The Kyiv School of Economics has released a new assessment claiming that Ukraine will need hundreds of billions of dollars to Build Back Better from its war against Russia."

Bill Russia.

The only people who profit more from war than the makers of guns and ammo now are the re-building contractors. Hunter will sit on every board.

But Western patience with Zelensky wears thin. We have a shorter attention span these days.

Zelensky won't go down easy. Ukraine is an ATM for Western politicians. They have deposited billions from their taxpayers. They surely will extract some of that through their operatives.

But two summers ago, Cuomo looked invincible.


  1. Zelensky, Bush, Cuomo, Fauci
    How can anyone be optimistic?

    Bush43 compared Zelensky to Churchill.
    Andrew Cuomo got a prominent and powerful validator for his COVID-19 strategy: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  2. The big sales job that Zelenskyy is a combination of Winnie and Joe Stalin (when he was our "gallant Soviet ally") just hasn't sold beyond the Lefties and people are sick of the whole act.

  3. "Zelensky won't go down easy. Ukraine is an ATM for Western politicians"

    Yep. Until they find someone else willing to kick back 10% to the Big Guy, expect the Gay Porno Clown to keep stealing from the suckers.

    1. And that's no lie. Too many rinoplicans sucking up for a soundbite and a photo-op.
      I sent a letter to Chuckie G before his last vote to send more money. His reply was basically all the corruption, graft, and criminality by the Z-Regime didn't matter 'cuz ya know, Russia, Russia, Russia.
      It sucks that we can't get a real conservative to replace him. (Ernst too)

    2. I got the same garbage response back from Rick Scott when I sent him an email complaining about warmongering and all the money going to Ukraine.

      They think we're dumb which is really just a reflection of their stupidity because we'll dump them in a heartbeat for anyone just marginally to their right.

    3. Botched, I'd say as quickly as Congress is agreeing to send $ billions to Ukraine on a fairly regular schedule, the Bidens aren't the only ones getting a kickback.

    4. Really, botched? Ain’t happened yet, has it?

  4. The gig was up on the "war" when Bono and a whole bunch of foreign politicians showed up to Kyiv to get their pictures taken with Z. Here's my prognostication. Pres Putin will stop advancing once he controls the parts of Ukraine he wants (which is pretty much accomplished now). Russian forces will do mop up operations and the "free" part of Ukraine will be the buffer between NATO and Russia. This means it will be just like Berlin during the Cold War era--lots of intrigue, spies running around and perhaps a new era in super spy/Special Forces fiction. Bottom line, Russia will have a whole bunch of arable territory, oil/NG contained in that territory and a port that gives access to the Med via the Black Sea.

  5. Ukraine is just a conduit for OUR money to get to the corrupt defense industry. They kick back 5-10% to the filthy politicians. Cynical or just aware?

    1. Pretty much. When all (most) of Congress both Senate and House ran over for photo opps, when the war was new, you could tell where this was going. Then Zelensky jumped his DEMAND for money from a few billion for the whole entire war to billions per month at multiple times the country's entire yearly budget. Per. Month.

  6. If this mess is ever investigated. We will discover a huge deep state connection. Zelensky is not Churchill. Putin is the winner even with the marginal forces. There is just too much difference. 2DC

  7. I blacked out for a while. Did Friedman actually stumble on some truths? Did he get some insight from his cab driver in Chernivtsi?

    1. Kinda. He signed his name to a column written by the Deep State in preparation for throwing Z under the bus.

  8. Remember all those trolls who would call you a Putin lover if you didn't think Z was the second coming of George Washington or that we should go to war with Russia in order to save "democracy" in Ukraine? Those were fun times. I miss those morons.

  9. Russia and Ukraine: Our first celebrity and social media war. Let Zelensky get Cuomo-ed. No longer care. I wish my next-door neighbours would take down their giant, virtue-signalling Ukrainian flag, which is hanging upside down. I can't be bothered to tell them.

  10. The only consideration was where the line would eventually be drawn.

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  12. The entire country and most of it's acts over the last 14 years have been based around the money laundry created by the uniparty in DC. The Senators had to find a quick way to refresh the money they could get by pandering to those who had the money and needed some action. So they used the ol Nigreia Prince gig and set a comic u as the Presidenr (or head laundress) of the laundry that could then send the money those senators got sent to the laundry back to the Senators. And Bingo the laundress gets paid too!@@@@ Russia got pissed about this and went in after the entire scam knowing that Russia was in better shape to launder money and bribe politicians cause they own a few laundries and laundresses themselves.

    What you think that 40 billion went to the Ukraines military/ hahahashashashahashahahahash

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