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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "Richard Simmons breaks silence, tells The Post he’s ‘living the life he has chosen.’"

8 years after Richard Simmons suddenly disappeared from public view, he is the subject of a TMZ documentary that explains his retirement. 

The media always took him as a joke, but his fans will never leave him. His Sweatin' to the Oldies video grossed $200 million in 1988. That beat every single movie released in 1988. (Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the No. 1 movie at $156 million.)

The Post story reminded me of why this happy little fellow was important. The story said, "Simmons became a beloved figure after he exploded onto the scene in the 1980s with workout videos that were accessible to people of all shapes and sizes."

He got some people who were depressed about their weight to exercise and feel better about themselves. I would say his is a retirement well earned. God bless you, Richard Simmons.

ITEM 2: NBC reported, "A redacted copy of the FBI affidavit used to justify the Aug. 8 search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate was unsealed Friday, revealing details of the federal government's efforts to recover classified documents, including top-secret information.

"The 36-page affidavit, much of which was heavily redacted, said that in mid-May, FBI agents conducted a preliminary review of the contents of 15 boxes Trump returned to the National Archives from his Florida property in January, and 'identified documents with classification markings in fourteen of the FIFTEEN BOXES.'"

Sure, Jan. Three of the boxes were stacks of newspapers.

Trump as president declassified everything he took to Mar-a-Lago. The National Archives threw a hissy fit. The FBI used that as an excuse to ransack his home.

Everything in the affidavit is an allegation. The press is sloppy in reporting this.

We know what they won't report.

ITEM 3: Meanwhile, Fox reported that NYT has DEMANDED that authorities prosecute Trump.

In 1971, NYT published classified documents on Page One.

Talk to the hand, you communist bastards.

Trump's reaction was Trumpy.

ITEM 4: Vanity Fair reported, "Ashes of Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols Will Boldly Go to Deep Space."

That's great. The ashes of other Star Trek actors and staff are going as well. They deserved it. They inspired continuing to explore space.

But let's not forget it was Lucille Ball who pushed NBC to renew the series after its first season.

ITEM 5: NYT reported, "Jerome H. Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, delivered a sobering message on Friday, saying that the Fed must continue to raise interest rates — and keep them elevated for a while — to bring the fastest inflation in decades back under control.

"The central bank’s campaign is likely to come at a cost to workers and overall growth, he acknowledged; but he argued that not acting would allow price increases to become a more permanent feature of the economy and prove even more painful down the road.

"Stock prices plunged in the wake of Mr. Powell’s comments, as investors digested the Fed chair’s stern commitment to raising rates and choking back inflation even if doing so damages growth and causes unemployment to rise. The S&P 500 fell 3.4%, its worst daily showing since mid-June, and investors in bonds began to bet that the central bank would raise rates by more than they had been expecting." 

The only known cure for inflation is a recession.

We are in one but it is not deep enough to sink inflation.

ITEM 6: The Epoch Times reported, "DeSantis suspended four Broward County School Board members on Aug. 26, following a grand jury recommendation citing “incompetence, neglect of duty, and misuse of authority.”

"A Statewide Grand Jury released a 122-page report accusing the four of a range of 'inexcusable actions… and unacceptable behavior' relating to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Feb. 14, 2018, when 17 students and staff lost their lives.

"The governor said he took the report’s recommendations and decided to act on his constitutional authority as governor."

You're fired. 

That was supposed to be Trump's line. Glad to see DeSantis use it.

ITEM 7: Chicks on the Right reported, "Biden Apologizes For Calling On Reporter, 'I Took Control… I’m Not Allowed To Do That.'"

I said Finland is not a serious country for having a Party Girl as PM.

We are no better.

ITEM 8: Axios reported, "Ukraine has enlisted a stable of American and European PR firms to lure business back to the war-torn nation, even as Russian forces continue to occupy swathes of territory in the east and south." 

Your big American tax dollars at work to lure American companies to move their factories to Kyiv.

10% goes to the Big Guy.

ITEM 9: Feel good story of the day.

Her parents knew what they were doing when they named her Lightnin'.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "The Hungarian Nuclear Energy Authority granted a construction license to the Russian company Rosatom to build two new nuclear reactors at an existing facility in the country, according to Reuters.

"Moscow and Budapest inked a deal on the project in 2014, but a series of delays, not least among them the outbreak of war in Ukraine, which separates the two, have kept the project in limbo.

"Hungary currently maintains a nuclear plant in Paks, which was constructed with Russian aid during the Soviet era. The facility currently boasts four reactors and has a capacity of 2-gigawatts, per the outlet, but the construction plan aims to expand its capacity with two Russian-made VVER reactors, each featuring a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts."

Hungary just gave Zelensky a one-finger salute.


ITEM 11: The Center Square reported, "Chicago police arrests have dropped 74% from 2012 to 2021, mirroring a national trend.

"The number of arrests in Chicago dropped from 145,390 in 2012 to 38,400 in 2021, according to the city's annual financial report."

That's one way to keep prison costs down.

The story called it the Ferguson Effect. 

Democrats want crime. Otherwise, they would crack down.

ITEM 12: His name is Clark.

USA Today reported, "Clark, a 19-year-old bald eagle, traveled through Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday, the Transportation Security Administration said."

He lives at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis. The sanctuary said, "Clark was hatched at World Bird Sanctuary’s conservation department when we were breeding the then endangered Bald Eagles for release into the wild.

"While all of Clark’s siblings were successfully released into the wild, Clark was hatched with scale deformities on his feet. The deformities meant that Clark’s feet would not be properly protected from the cold during the winter, and he would suffer from things like frostbite and loss of toes.

"Since Clark is non-releasable, he joined our Eagle Flight Team. Clark started his flight training at a young age, and after months of intensive training, he was ready to begin his career as one of our flying ambassadors."

He always flies Southwest because they are good people. 

ITEM 13: National Review reported, "A former Texas fire chaplain who was fired from his volunteer position in December after he wrote blog post critical of biological men competing against women in sports told Fox News the U.S. has 'drastically changed' since he moved to the country more than two decades ago.

"Andrew Fox, who is suing the Austin Fire Department, accusing the department of violating his First Amendment rights, told Tucker Carlson on Thursday that one of the primary attractions of moving to the U.S. from the United Kingdom in 1999 was the First Amendment protections that allow people to 'speak and articulate your thoughts, your concepts, your ideas, religious freedom,' without the threat of government reprisal."

He's a chaplain. His message should be doubly protected by the First Amendment.

ITEM 14: Every time I read something like this in NR, I remember that we had a president who opposed this BS and NR did everything it could to stop him.

I also remember Helen Hunt's line in As Good As It Gets: Why can't I have a normal boyfriend? Just a regular boyfriend, one that doesn't go nuts on me!

The character's mother yells: Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist.

Jack Nicholson played Trump in that movie. We just didn't know it at the time.

ITEM 15Nick Arama reported, "The Priceless Reaction of Ron DeSantis When He's Asked About Crist Calling Him a Dictator."

DeSantis said, "Over the last couple of years, you had people who kept wanting to lock people down, I was one of the few in this country that lifted people up. We protected people’s freedoms, jobs, businesses. We made sure kids could be in school, and we liberated 22 million Floridians from local mandates and restrictions. We protected them against vax mandates so they could keep working."

How do I know someone is not a dictator?

Reporters call him one and harass him.

How do I know someone is a dictator?

Reporters are afraid of him.

ITEM 16: Fox reported, "Pennsylvania high school football game canceled after fight causes false reports of shooting."

The story said, "Amid the commotion, some believed they heard shots being fired which caused players and fans to run for safety."

Welcome to democracy. Chicken Little says he heard a gunshot and everyone runs for cover.

On the other hand, everyone remembers Uvalde and how the cops did nothing but watch.

ITEM 17: WCHS reported, "Nitro holds on to defeat Poca 27-26."

The game was televised live.

The Dots went for two to win the game. That's how men play.

Congrats, Nitro. 

FINALLY, right after I get my Baker Mayfield Carolina Panthers jersey, I am ordering this:


  1. Randy says: Item 9: “She’s 102 yrs old and still working 5 days a week” Think about her the next time you consider giving a buck to some street corner bum begging for money. Those who will not work also shall not eat. — 2 Thess 3:10

    1. I had an aunt who worked full time in an office til she was over 102. Unlike Lightnin’, she didn’t need a walker!! She lived by herself until the end.

    2. She is a wonderful example! My mother, in her 80s, is still working a few days a week.

  2. "Hungary just gave Zelensky a one-finger salute.


    Very, very short sighted attitude.

    Hungary is making a very serious mistake cozying up to Putin. he ahs little idea what Putin is after, but he will learn the hard way if Putin manages to take Ukraine and still have some combat power left.

    Frankly, Putin won't take Ukraine, and that is a very good thing for all of us. Even you, Don.

    1. All we see are images of Russian tanks being blown up. Why aren't we seeing similar images of Ukrainian tanks being hit? All we see are stories of Russian hits on Ukrainian civilian targets. The reporting is all one sided, so how do we know anything about this? I don't know what motivates Putin and I don't know anything about the comedian running Ukraine. I do know one of them is getting a mountain of stuff paid for by American taxpayers. This on the heels of the Afghanistan disaster, where we left equipment behind worth billions, not to mention the Americans that were stranded. How do you take sides in a three-ring circus like this, when all you hear is propaganda?

    2. Хотят ли Русскийе войни? Спросите вы у тышиный .. Под ширу пашен и полей и у берёз и тополей. Спросите вы у тех солдат, что под берёзамы лежать И вам ответить их сыный... Translation .. Do the Russians want war? Ask this of the silence over the wide fields and farms and the over the elm and birch trees. Ask this of the soldiers who lie beneath the birch trees. And their sons will answer you

      Now that poem by Yevtushenko, (a Ukrainian) commissioned by the USSR is a bit of propaganda in its own right. I typed it out here solely to make the case that I know one hell of a lot about this subject. Ive been studying it for 50 years. And I can tell your understanding of this situation is based on information that is as grotesque an inversion of reality as every other topic being pushed by the MSM

      You can get very close to the truth of this matter with this one simple trick .. wherever you see Putin or Russia in a MSM story substitute Zelenskyy and Ukraine .. and vice versa

    3. The error you make is in thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to the Ukraine conflict. There are neither.

    4. Randy says: Hungary is an independent country. The “one-finger salute” it gave was not to the dictatorship of Ukraine, but the dictatorship of the U.S.A. and its NATO toadies. FJB’s puppeteers declared, “Everyone must sanction Russia,” and all of Europe and NATO said, “Yes, massa” — all except Viktor Orbán in Hungary.

      It may or may not be a good idea to hire a Russian company to build their nuclear power plant, but as a soverign country, that is their right. If it is a bad decision, they’ll suffer the consequences, just like Germany is suffering the consequences of dismantling their reactors and relying instead on a continuous flow of natural gas from Russia. (Maybe they wouldn’t have this problem if they had not jumped on the USS Sanction Russia bandwagon. Just a thought.)

      But if Hungary wants to build a nuclear reactor, who else could they hire? America? That’s a joke. Exactly one nuclear reactor has entered service in the U.S. since 1996, two are under construction, and 39 reactors have been permanently shut down. With a choice of a Russian or Chinese company to build their nuclear power plant, I think they made the right choice. And FJB and his greenie wackos for destroying America’s nuclear power industry.

    5. MYOB said, "The error you make is in thinking that there is a good side and a bad side to the Ukraine conflict. There are neither."

      I think that is a lot more right than wrong. The problem for us, as Americans, is that the DC Cartel and all their useful idiots have taken one side and brought us taxpayers along for the ride. To which, as is always the case, what else is new. The whole point of government is to concoct many ways to steal its citizens' money.

    6. No good sides in the Russian-Ukrainian war. It's a way for D.C. pols, weapons companies and others to make money. War benefits them and lines their pockets.

    7. Hopefully Russia slaughters all of the Nazis in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people can be free.

    8. Wish they would spend some of those billions at home instead. I think the war is bad but war is bad period. The problem I see is all the congress critters (both sides) running into an 'active war zone'. So it makes me really wonder about the 'active' part. I am sure the soldiers on both sides are suffering, and civilians too. Politicians not so much.

      But we cant tell because all we get is propaganda on both sides. We get mostly Ukraine stuff. plus this just means they get their taste when they send their kids to rebuild. (I truly hate how cynical I have become.)

      Hungary is actually flipping the middle finger to both Ukraine and Russia. Yeah Russia gets the contract to build but then Hungary doesnt have a permanent natural gas need that Putin can shut off at his whim.

  3. ITEM 12: Clark the Bald Eagle Visits the MO House Chamber

    1. This is off now but keep it handle come late December. This is one of the better webcams to the North East Florida eagles nest. The pair hatched 2 this year and followed them from eggs to hatching to leaving the nest.

    2. Clark the Bald Eagle brought a dead rabbit with him, to eat on the way. The airline staff asked, "Is that checked luggage?" "No," said Clark, "it's carrion."

    3. There'll be peace when you are done...

    4. Cari Lake, my wayward Mom
      There'll be smears fore you are done Lay your talking head to rest*
      Dont you lie no more

      Once I added to the noise and confusion
      Played my role in the info pollution
      I was rising ever higher
      Then I said, "No more"
      From my catbird seat, I still was a blinnd ma'am
      Now my eyes can see, they call me the mad ma'an
      I hear their voices in a clamor
      I can hear them say
      Cari Lake, Extremist One
      Devotee of Q Anon
      Semi fascist like the rest
      Don't you try no more

      *(KL is former media personality)

  4. 2 - I read that president’s residences or portions of the residence were prepared and considered safe for classified material as they often took work with them. I am sure Xiden takes zero work home, let alone classified work.

    1. He now has a coloring book that is Top Secret, crayons in classified colors and popsecret popcorn to go with his ice cream.

    2. My experience with dementia was my dear wife's time in extended Care. She had strokes but never was fully diagnosed with dementia. In the dining/rec ball there were two little ladies both named Mary and they hated each other's insides. They would crash into each other's wheel chairs, throw food at each other and plates and cups. The staff did their best to keep them apart. One day I and my wife were having lunch the Marys were well separated. A pudding cup sailed by my head and landed in Wife's lunch. She promptly rolled her chair into the middle of the Mary's and "stop it, now. Get back to your tables! " She was capable of serious command authority. They did and no more trouble. One Mary was transferred out shortly thereafter. Oh.there was a round of applause.

  5. 13 - I am not surprised because it is Austin. I am surprised because it is a Fire Department. It’s no place for wimps or political correctness. I hope the chaplain wins big.

  6. #9. She would have had enough in her 401k to retire last year but Bidenomics....

  7. Items 13 & 14: I will ALWAYS comment re: the demise of National Review under the mgmt. of Rich the 'Rat Lowry and his band of snot-nosed pencil-pushers, always the back-hand to POTUS Trump. They are despicable and should be mocked at every occasion. THEY did their LEVEL BEST to elect both Hillary and Creepy Joe. They are responsible for the results, exposed as grifters; no better than grimy bums down on The Bowery, traitors to Wm. F. Buckley's cause. They "could've" done SO much good but instead are Liz-ards, with forked tongues. Thanx, God, we don't need them, with Tucker Carlson and his new breed. OUT OF BUSINESS for NR! (WSJ ain't far behind under Paul Gigot...)

    1. Yes, hoping that NR goes out of business. No longer have any use for the Wall St. Journal. next up for me will be the New Yotk Post because it's headed in the wrong direction.

    2. The only thing that is keeping me watching Fox is specifically Tucker and Gutfeld. Tucker did a good interview with Andrew Tate, who has been deplatformed from social media for politically incorrect thoughts. Andrew Tate is the voice of reason to many young men, who feel lost and left behind in today's world. Tate is a hero to my son and his friends.

    3. I am glad they have him as a hero, there are so few out there right now.

    4. Young men really need heroes. Our society has really cast them aside and let them down.

  8. #1 .. My Dad was a doctor who, in his semi-retirement years, thought he'd have an easy gig in bariatric medicine, counseling overweight women on weight loss. Turned out to be not so easy, as a lifetime of being told they weren't pretty or worthy of being loved wreaked havoc on their minds. They would self sabotage every step of the way

    So Dad understood Simmons overtly gay persona. He was telling women "I've been subjected to every indignity that you've suffered, so Im not here to judge you."

    Eventually, my Dad met Simmons and heres the funniest thing of all. By the standards of the WWII generation, Simmons is a BIG GUY! He was significantly bigger than my Dad who was 5'10" and 160 lbs (avg size for a fit Depression WWII kid)

    When I first saw a pic of my Dad walking with Simmons, I said, "Dad that is the damnedest picture ever. I now have to seriously consider the possibility that Richard Simmons can kick my ass."

  9. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: As they used to say, he don't quit and he don't scare.

    3: Saw that. Love it.

    4: Lucy's production company put Trek on the air.

    5: So much for Brandon's, "Remain Calm. All is well".

    7: Finland elected her. That's the difference.

    17: The Poca Dots???????????


    FINALLY: Ya gotta love it, right?

  10. #15 we need more people who run to the sound of Gunfire.. 2DC

  11. "Stock prices plunged""

    Red Wave on steroids now in view.
    Severe recession alert.
    The stock market will crash before the midterms.
    Take it to the bank.

  12. #1 re: Richard Simmons -- I read in the Post this morning that his knees did him in.

  13. re: #2 and Trump's boxes. Sure, Jan. That's exactly the right comment!

    1. I was thinking this so I am going to put it in writing. Trump's hair is looking the best it has looked in some time. He either got a hair cut or a better stylist. I couldn't help but notice. Sorry!

    2. You made me go look..... lol, and yep you are right.

  14. #7 - Finland has had three women PMs. All unserious. We need more in the mold of Maggie Thatcher.

  15. #16 -- We live in a safety culture which prioritizes that over everything else. Acts of courage? Are you kidding me? Someone might get hurt. (sarc)

  16. Item #12 - Just a few weeks ago in SE Missouri, I saw a young bald eagle flying down the Current River.
    It was wonderful.

  17. Item 5 - "Fed must continue to raise interest rates — and keep them elevated for a while — to bring the fastest inflation in decades back under control"

    This is the plan from economists who are constantly surprised when the economy tanks under a Democrat and does well under a Republican. Inflation can be caused by too much demand or too little supply. Raising interest rates will reduce demand but it will not increase supply. In fact, it will worsen supply by raising costs.

    Higher interest rates = higher costs = lower demand.

    But the inflation we have is due to problems with supply, not demand. Do you see lots of people out there buying up electronics and cars and houses? Nope. People are spending all their money on food, rent, gas and utilities.

    Prices are going up because energy costs are increasing, not because of demand . Raising interest rates will only cause prices to go up further. If the plan is to stop inflation by eliminating demand that will do it. Because if there is no demand for products then there's no need for workers. Prices will eventually go down because no one can afford anything and we'll be in a depression.

    If you want to stop the inflation we have then you need to lower energy costs. The Biden Admin won't do that because they are forcing us to transition to the Green New Deal. But "renewables" or "sustainable energy" is not ready to handle such a transition. There aren't enough windmills to heat America thru the winter (Narrator: Nor will there ever be). The coming food supply shortage is also due to the forced transition to the Green New Deal.

    We are looking at a massive unprecedented depression if FJB isn't stopped.

    1. Your comment was amazing, BL. Brought back memories of my summer macro econ class. Best breakdown I have read in a long time.

    2. He won't be stopped and it won't be stopped. This is planned destruction from within.

  18. Watched the latest Star Wars movie the other day. The Evil Empire had overwhelming odds against the Resistance until the rest of the Universe showed up. Only then was the Empire overwhelmingly outnumbered.
    The number of people over 18 in the United states is roughly 264 Million. If the 75 Million who voted for Trump in the 2020 election convinced one other person to vote conservative in all the remailing elections it would be 150 million. 264-150 is leaves only 114 million to vote the other way.
    I often hear I am only one vote what can I do? The Evil Empire knows we outnumber them. January 6th scared the bejesus out of them. They use the media to make us believe we are outnumbered. We are not. Also scare tactics like early morning raids to scare us into silence. Don't worry abut Twitter, Facebook, et al. Use social media to show people what you're having for dinner. (Or just don't use them at all so they'll wither on the vine.) Just talk to one other person. Imagine what would happen if we convinced 2 other people. (225 million) There aren't enough dead voters to overcome that. The caveat is the one other person can't be one who voted for Trump in 2020. It must be someone who didn't vote because, "My vote doesn't count" or voted for the other side and has perhaps begun to see the light. The knuckle heads who won't budge let them be the 114.Gas and food prices alone should help convince people. We have to win at the ballot box.
    The alternatives are unthinkable.

    1. With all the cheating, I am not convinced it's possible to win at the ballot box.

    2. Sunbelt you are correct.
      There is logistics to cheating . Printing.Mailing. Organizing. Simply convincing People that that our world is at stake, as is our freedom. Should be sufficient. . An example is the Senate race in Pennsylvania. You have to decide if it is better a smart Turk or a nasty Stalinist.
      It can be done. Drop the purity test. 2 DC

  19. PS I am very happy to hear that Richard Simmons is OK.

  20. I always wonder what the world would be like if Gene and Richard Simmons switched places!

    1. I do not see Richard Simmons singing back up vocals on Detroit Rock City, or Beth for that matter.

  21. Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets”, when asked how he writes such believable women:

    “I think of a man, and then take away Reason and Responsibility”.

  22. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the number one movie of 88? hmmm maybe things weren't as great back then as I imagined.

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