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Monday, August 15, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: A multi-billion dollar company in California killed 21,000 fish -- many of them rare and endangered species in a chlorine leak.

As far as I can tell, the EPA and state authorities are uninterested in this colossal killing. The media is just re-writing the company press release.

Why? Because the company is UC Davis and no one in America ever holds academia accountable. The college's $2.2 billion endowment fund is safe.

The fish aren't safe.

The LA Times reported, "Sacramento River winter-run chinook salmon are listed as endangered, and climate change is pushing the species to the brink of extinction amid drought and warming waters, experts say."

Those dead fish no longer worry about climate change, do they?

ITEM 2: The killing of endangered fish comes a week after the 7th anniversary of the EPA poisoning the Animas River in Colorado when it unleashed millions of gallons of toxins from a mine it had taken over. This poisoned the water supply of Durango, Colorado, 

Dave Ostrander, the regional EPA director of emergency preparedness, said, "It’s hard being on the other side of this. We typically respond to emergencies; we don’t cause them."

Actually he has no idea what it is like.

We had a similar but far smaller leak that shut down water for weeks from Charleston to Huntington, West Virginia. The president of the company that leaked went to prison. The company went bankrupt. The water company had to pay customers millions for the inconvenience.

The Walter Pecks in EPA and academia never pay because their intentions are good. We all know what good intentions pave.

Just a reminder that the biggest industrial accident -- Chernobyl -- was a government-run operation.

ITEM 3: Speaking of unaccountability, the press continues carrying the toxic waters of the FBI goons.

Trump tweeted, "Oh great! It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged “attorney-client” material, and also “executive” privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken. By copy of this TRUTH, I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!"

After 7 years of spying, lying and investigating, the FBI has no dirt on him and knows there is none.

This was a hunt to see what dirt he has on them.

ITEM 4: Niall Ferguson reported, "China's Demographics Spell Decline Not Domination."

His column began, "Demography isn’t destiny. If population size was history’s major determinant, China might have conquered Europe in the 15th century, and Britain certainly would not have conquered India in the 18th.

"Little countries are capable of great things. Wee Scotland, the population of which was perhaps 1.3 million in the mid-18th century, made an outsized contribution to the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the expansion of the British Empire. Big countries can amount to very little. By population, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-largest country. But most Americans are barely aware of its existence."

The column had good data and spot-on quotes but it missed the reason why England succeeded.

Oliver Cromwell.

Cromwell challenged the divine right of King Charles I, who lost his head as well as his crown. That eventually led to a British Constitution followed by the U.S. Constitution a century later. England gave us more than a common language. It gave us the rule of law.

That led to a poor kid from Scotland to come to America and become Andrew Carnegie, king of steel.

More than a century later, it attracted Elon Musk.

You can see why the Maoists in DC want to rid us of that pesky rule of law and that meddling Constitution.

ITEM 5: Josh Kraushaar reported, "By helping Democrats pass a landmark $750 billion climate, tax and health care bill, Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona have complicated their own re-election fortunes for 2024."


Who said they were entitled to re-election?

The people of Arizona and West Virginia want senators who represent them, not DC. In electing Manchin and Sinema, the people blew it.

ITEM 6: Barron's reported, "Orange juice prices could get fizzed up over the next few weeks. The market is already suffering from ultralow inventory levels, which means the risks of bad weather could potentially drive prices up more than 20% to record levels, say experts."

Mortimer and Randolph Duke could not be reached for comment.

ITEM 7: Just the News reported, "Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul called for the Espionage Act to be repealed as the Department of Justice is investigating whether former President Donald Trump mishandled classified materials under the 1917 law."

Doctor Paul tweeted, "The espionage act was abused from the beginning to jail dissenters of WWI. It is long past time to repeal this egregious affront to the 1st Amendment."

Democrat Congress passed it. Democrat president signed it. 


ITEM 8: CBS reported, "The Inflation Reduction Act is aimed at tackling a host of problems, from climate change to catching tax cheats, but there's one issue it may not solve: reducing inflation."

The law won't do a dang thing about climate change and installs more loopholes for millionaires.

It is actually an Inflation Resurrection Act aimed at 10% inflation after the election.

ITEM 9: Byron York tweeted, "We're in a classic Trump hair-on-fire frenzy. Nonstop talk about secret evidence, criminal charges, grave damage to national security, wild scenarios. And nobody knows what the evidence is, or is not. Secrecy allows anti-Trump speculation to flourish. Again."

We've had all we can stands cuz we can't stands no more.

ITEM 10: Just the News reported, "The firearm involved in the fatal Rust movie set shooting must have had the trigger pulled, an FBI report found, despite the fact that actor Alec Baldwin previously denied pulling the trigger."

Boy, you cannot pull a fast one over on those Clouseaus at the bureau.

ITEM 11: The Washington Examiner reported, "Former President Donald Trump has not presented any evidence showing he went through 'the process' of declassifying documents at the center of a Justice Department investigation, Adam Schiff declared on Sunday."

The president does not have to go through a process.

Besides, he does not have to prove his innocence.

SEX SELLS: Two women in bikinis.

Which is the 93-year-old widow of Sean Connery and which is the 26-year-old granddaughter?

The answer.

ITEM 12: The Daily Mail reported, "Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney said he hopes Rep. Liz Cheney wins her Wyoming GOP primary -- despite the uphill battle she'll face Tuesday to keep her seat in a state that's largely behind Donald Trump."

Citizen Free Press reported, "Al Franken endorses Liz Cheney"

They must really want Liz to lose by backing her.

ITEM 13: NBC reported, "A Texas man charged with five counts of child sexual assault died after a jury convicted him and he chugged a bottle of liquid in the courtroom, his lawyer said Friday."

One less cell. Three less meals to serve each day.

ITEM 14: Alpha News reported, "Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first."

So we replaced white racism with black.

ITEM 15: The Daily Mail reported, "Hero father-of-three, 35, restrains woman claiming to have explosives who stripped to her underwear and tried to storm plane cockpit shouting 'Allahu Akbar' on Jet2 flight from Cyprus to Manchester."

They dropped her off in Paris, sadly not by parachute.

ITEM 16: Bloomberg reported, "Hundreds of Mexican military troops were flown into Tijuana on Saturday to beef up street patrols after armed gangs hijacked and burned at least a dozen vehicles in the border city, the latest in a wave of attacks hitting civilians across the country. 

"U.S. consulate staff were ordered to shelter in place Friday evening but no one was reported injured in the Tijuana hijackings that snarled traffic across the city and temporarily blocked access to one of the world’s busiest border crossings. Some 350 national guard troops were flown in on Saturday to reinforce thousands of federal troops already in the state of Baja California, daily Reforma reported on its website. 

"Simultaneous hijackings occurred in four other cities in Baja and authorities arrested at least 17 people, Milenio TV reported. Tijuana is home to the San Ysidro-El Chaparral ports of entry, the busiest US border crossing.

"The disruptions in Tijuana follow attacks against businesses and civilians further along the border in Ciudad Juarez and the central state of Guanajuato the past week. The wave of violence now spreading to key manufacturing corridors is a major challenge to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s security strategy."

People call Mexico a narco-state. If so, we made it one.

ITEM 17: They are not fooling anyone.

Have a great day and a great week. It gets better.


  1. Randy says: Item 15: “They dropped her off in Paris, sadly not by parachute.” Forget the parachute. Give her a cocktail umbrella and throw her out of the plane.

    1. Give her a boat anchor and directions to the Seine River.

  2. Item 15: Cartels say: their share of that 70% of diverted US shipment of arms to Ukraine arrived.

    1. Yup. And, they smuggle a number of their 70% cut into the US, putting real assault weapons (automatic weapons) into the hands of gang members, criminals and terrorists on the streets of America. Shoot outs between law enforcement and those who are anti-law (no, not talking about the DOJ, FBI or the vast majority of Dems here) with law enforcement outgunned (handguns vs automatic rifles) have already occurred. Houston is one example.

  3. #4. Indonesia? Unimportant? One of their adopted sons ruled (and ruined) the free world for eight years.

    1. true...and probably got radicalized in a Muslim school there.

    2. The muzzie influence shows. He is big mike's supple young boy.

  4. Item 17: Imagine what the results would be if they left out DC and all fed employees.

  5. Randy says: Item 16: “Hundreds of Mexican military troops were flown into Tijuana on Saturday” I guess Mexico doesn’t believe in letting thugs set up Autonomous Zones in major cities.

  6. 1 - "Experts say you have to be a total maroon to believe any article quoting anonymous experts or unnamed high level officials."
    Hey look, they finally got one right!

  7. "Sex Sells"...If nothing else, I have to give a Hat Tip to the fake boobs holding up...

  8. Not fooling anyone? Half of everyone and two thirds of demoncrats is quite a few, in my little world. And a third of demoncrats are lieing about that.

  9. Item 14: Does anyone have an actual list of priority groups? People would get a glimpse as to where they stand in the hierarchy of the DNC's NEW New World Order.

    Are blacks prioritized over Asians? Hispanics? Transgenders? White Women? Minnesota Somali trans-genders? Where would Ukrainians (who are mostly white) fit in?

    It would be eye opening for those at the bottom of the DNC's priority list. Would they remain the dreck of the DNC? Or would they try to improve their lot by going in another direction?

    1. I don't have a list, just this: if you're a straight white male, you're at the bottom of the list.

  10. Rand Paul tweeted, "The espionage act was abused from the beginning to jail dissenters of WWI."

    Ron Paul Told The Truth About The FBI 40 YEARS AGO! "It almost looks like the FBI was created to spy on Americans who disagree with policy, especially foreign policy."
    The Republican establishment always considered him to be a kook.

    1. The predecessor to the FBI was founded by Napoleon's great nephew Charles Bonaparte and was so corrupt that it was disbanded and replaced with the FBI. The FBI itself was born corrupt. What Ron Paul was saying in th e80s was also being said in the 20s.

  11. #7 And where might I download a copy of this English Constitution, Don? Oh, that's right, it doesn't actually exist. It is what the queen says it is on any given day. It is so variable that Walter Bagehot had to write a 2nd edition of The History of the English Constitution only a couple years agter the first because it had changed so completely his first edition was no longer valid.

    The Queen is an absolute monarch. She has incredible powers and it is only her better nature prevents here from using them.

    Anyone drawing a govt paycheck swears loyalty to her, not to the queen but to her personnaly:

    I, (Insert full name), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.
    (Similar wording to the Hitler oath)

    She is commander in chief of all military
    She selects and appoints the prime minister (A position that does not legally exist)
    She convenes Parliament and can send them home if she wishes.
    She approves all laws

    And so on.

    The kings and queens of the past couple centuries have basically been rubber stamps for govt. But there is nothing the govt can do other than "treasonous" rebellion if she, or her successors, decide not to be.

    A Donald Trump can never be her Prime Minister. If the party tried to propose someone like him, the queen's people would have a quiet word with the party leadership "Not quite our kind, old bean. Please propose someone else" But, if they went ahead, she could refuse to appoint him or her.

    Some constitution. Some democracy

    1. They wrote it, we refined it and for a while, we (as in our grandfathers) took it seriously.

    2. Randy says: If you say so, Anon, it must be true. But at least the Queen has all her marbles, unlike America’s current head of State.

    3. I thought it was called the Magna Carta.

  12. #15 .. You probably need to add 15 points to these pills now, as opposed to the 10% in the mid 2010's. You mean to say that 21% of Republican voters are OK with an historically unprecedented, unconstitutional panty raid in the former First Lady's closet

    1. Agree Lennie. A poll of likely voters who honestly said what party they lean towards would be devastating to the liberals.

  13. ITEM 8:

    There are no loopholes for millionaires in the bill. There is no tax on millionaires and absent a constitutional amendment, there never will be.

    Only income is taxed, not wealth. Elon Musk, most years, has no income at all and pays no income tax. Or tax on his wealth either.

    Jeff Bezos scrimps by on his $89,000 (yeah, thousand) annual salary from Amazon.

    1. Nonsense. The "loopholes" are just less obvious. Like EV tax credits for vehicles only the wealthy can afford. Look for the things that tax advantage only people who have lots of money to invest. Getting rid of the SALT limitation is a giveaway to the wealthy individuals who own expensive property in high property tax states and localities.

      Or the Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) which is actually a nod to taxing the wealthy even more than everyone else, and is likely to hit millionaires more than anyone. A separate income tax on investment income for the rich ... needed no Constitutional amendment.

  14. 14. What are kids going to learn from affirmative action teachers?

    16. Yeh, this is what we want more of.

  15. 2. ...because their intentions are good.

    You can get away with any crime as long as you don't have ill intentions.
    Just ask Hillary.

  16. While Trump did a number of good things, I have to question his ability to be proactive. I will give a mulligan on the Sessions appointment (and some of the 'other great apprentice hires'), but 4 years into office, he should have known they were going to steal 2020 and rather than bitch about it afterward, he had the ability to mitigate the damage. After 2 impeachments, 2020 and the Russia BS, he should have been aware the FBI would raid his house and continue the with hunt. He should have copies of the boxes of information to release. He should have known Fauci was an incompetent scumbag after the HIV mess of the 80s. Finally, he should be prepared to do the perp walk, because sadly, that is what is next for him. Unless that's part of his genius plan to be a martyr.

    1. Take it easy, guy. You do realize what he is/was up against re: established deep state? Our constitution has limits. Who brings the FBI to trial? How hard is that?

    2. I sure hope he has copies. Actually, I hope that the dirt he has on the FBI, DOJ and CIA are stored somewhere else.

    3. I would hope that Trump has a few backup plans, SL.

    4. Backup copies? No problem as long as the Donald labelled them as Hunter Laptop Info.

    5. Randy says: Oh, if only Trump were omniscient (shoulda known). If only he coulda walked on water, they woulda left him alone. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

    6. Trump was the best president in my lifetime despite all the haters.

    7. While Trump was an excellent president, he was/is naive. When he wins in 24 he will need to fire everyone at FBI CIA DOJ and most agencies. He will need to be as ruthless as the democrats and pass voter ID and have machines or ballots that can’t be fixed. He will need to reign in Big Tech. As to the legacy media: they are useless.

    8. Dumbass troll , everybody's hindsight is 20/20 .

  17. ITEM 16 - Maybe at the end of the Mexican War, we should have added another $10 million to the $15 million we paid out to add Baja, Sonora and Chihuahua, all of which were sparsely populated at the time, to our southwest and significantly shorten our southern border.

    1. The Manifest Destiny crowd wanted the country all the way down to Oaxaca and Tabasco. We already held the northeast quadrant of the country as far west as Chihuahua. All we had to do was drive west from Mexico City to the Pacific.

      The only thing stopping it was those bluenosed Protestant Puritans in New England who did want a lot of hot Catholic mamacitas.

  18. ITEM 5: Both were actually "SELECTed" and not " ELECTed"...Sadly this gives the common people the illusion of having a say in government...

  19. 5- the damage caused by Manchin and Sinema’s votes will last long past their terms. So will their kickbacks.

  20. Replies
    1. The two Long Island counties east of NYC both flipped red in last year's local elections. It looks like it will stay that way in November.

  21. 10 - Baldwin should have been locked up long ago. I think he skates on this one.

    1. Unfortunately, I think you are right. Baldwin should have been up on at least negligent homicide changes. Anyone else would have been in jail this entire time.

  22. Item 7. Well, that’s all fine and dandy Senator Paul. However, why stop there? Let’s strive to repeal the 17th Amendment and let our state legislatures, once again and as intended by our Founders, appoint our six-year gig senators. Well, a six-year gig if the senators toe the line set by the state legislatures; and if they don’t, it’s recall and replace. Eh, Senator Paul?

  23. Item 3.
    They had to search Melania's closet because of a confidential informant's disclosure that it was a hideout for Putin.

  24. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: As El Ronbo liked to say, the most frightening words in the English language are, "We're from the government and we're here to help".

    3: Epstein's client list.

    I mean THE client list, with names, dates, marital aids, positions, etc., not just a flight list.

    4: Cromwell wanted to exterminate the Catholics. Which gave people the idea of wiping out whole religions. Sometimes those ideas those be left alone.

    6: Nor could Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine.

    9: First Rule of Politics - Never give the other side a martyr.

    SEX SELLS: Proof the the Euros wouldn't know style if it hit them. Women shouldn't wear bikinis after age 32. They also shouldn't go topless in public.

    10: Baldwin also tweeted that he felt sorry for Anne Heche. Whoda thunk the FIB hated her?

    15: sadly without a parachute.


    16: Trump and AMLO had a deal. Brandon, of course, loused it up.

  25. I'm sorry. My eyes are not as good as they once were.
    I had to look 3 times to determine that initial picture was that of a dead carp, and not meritless garland.

  26. "If you install an electric vehicle charging station in your home, you can also get a tax credit!"

    They are taxing middle class workers to pay for wealthy white liberals' toys.

    And they think we are too stupid to realize this.

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