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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Remember how the media got in an uproar when a tape magically appeared a month before the 2016 election that revealed Donald Trump had said the word "pussy" to Billy Bush in private?

Biden has once again publicly exhibited his pedophile side. You know, the side where he showered with his preteen daughter who later just happened to become addicted to sex as a teen.

He's sick. The media's sicker. On Thursday, he plans to lecture Americans on the soul of the nation. I refuse to listen to this corrupt, crooked idiot.

ITEM 2: CNN reported, "Sydney Sweeney is commenting on the backlash her family has received over photos from her mom's 60th birthday party.

"Photos and video shared by Sweeney and other guests at the hoedown-themed party showed people line dancing and dressed in cowboy hats and boots. Some on social media commented about a photo of an unidentified guest in a Blue Lives Matter shirt, a pro-police countermovement to Black Lives Matter."

They wore red "Make 60 Great Again" hats.

This triggered the purple-haired crowd that wants to change the sexes of 6-year-olds and turn boys into drag queens.

ITEM 3: Post Millennial reported, "A new report has revealed the unreliability of a major Oregon wind farm, discovered after a blade from a windmill detached and flew across the field.

"According to The Oregonian, in January, a delivery driver found some broken, industrial-size bolts on the ground near one of Portland General Electric’s towering wind turbines but did not know who to tell and used it as a paperweight.

"On February 1 at 2:11 AM, one of the turbine’s 11-story tall blades flew the full length of a football field and plowed a 4-feet deep furrow in a wheat field. The heavy-duty bolts that kept the blade attached to the tower scattered like shrapnel."

These blades are tall as 10-story buildings (or higher) and they are sharp. 

We perfected nuclear power. We perfected coal power. We have hydroelectric plants all over the place.

Why are we messing with industrial-sized windmills?

ITEM 4: The New American reported, "Nobel Prize-winning German Biologist: Multiple Genders Are Nonsense and Unscientific."

Global warming is bogus. Transgendering is bogus.

We have replaced science with socialism. 

ITEM 5: Reuters reported, "Democrat hopeful for Texas Governor Beto O’Rourke announced via Twitter on Aug. 28, 2022, that he had to postpone upcoming events due to a bacterial infection. Shortly after the announcement, social media users speculated that he instead had monkeypox, but presented no evidence to substantiate their claims."

On the other hand, Beto provided no proof that it isn't monkeypox.

That was the standard the media set with Trump.

ITEM 6: NYT reported, "Mikhail S. Gorbachev, Reformist Soviet Leader, Is Dead at 91."

He was a pitchman for Pizza Hut after he failed as a leader. His reforms failed. The Soviet Union collapsed on his watch. He did not tear down this wall. The East Germans did. They deserved the Nobel he received.

ITEM 7: The New York Post reported, "Bill Clinton, Dr. Ruth sit next to one another at Serena Williams-Danka Kovinic US Open match."

Dr. Ruth! The sex therapist!  If only she were there in 1995 to tell him to tell Lewinsky to take a hike. 

ITEM 8: The Center Square reported, "A New York state senator said grocery stores that stopped selling cans of whipped cream to people under 21 were doing so because of a misinterpretation of a law he helped pass last year.

"State Sen. Joe Addabbo, D-Queens, told The Center Square on Tuesday that his office has received confirmation from the state attorney general’s office that S2819A, which became law last year, only applies to the sale of nitrous oxide cartridges and not the canisters of whipped cream.

"He said the intent behind his bill was to stop the sale of nitrous oxide canisters, the steel cartridge that can be found in whipped cream containers but also sold separately. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can produce a high if inhaled."

Well, that makes sense.

But it shows how laws go off the rails. No one wants to go to prison because they sold a can of Reddi-wip to a minor.

ITEM 9: Hunter Biden-shielding AP reported, "Biden on Tuesday railed against the 'MAGA Republicans in Congress' who have refused to condemn the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the U.S. Capitol and now are targeting the FBI as he tried to portray Democrats as the true pro-law enforcement party ahead of the November midterms.

"In remarks initially billed as a crime-prevention speech, Biden seized on comments from allies of former President Donald Trump who have called for stripping funding from the FBI since it executed a search warrant at Trump’s Florida residence. Biden’s remarks were the first substantive defense he has made of the FBI since the Aug. 8 search at Mar-a-Lago, which triggered not just withering criticism of the agency but threats of violence against its employees."

A protest is an assault. A raid is an execution of a search warrant.

Paragraph 10 said, "Biden’s comments on the FBI come as his son Hunter faces a federal investigation for tax evasion. He has not faced any charges, and he’s previously denied wrongdoing."

The FBI sat on Hunter's tell-tale laptop.

That should have been in the story because that fuels the anti-FBI mood.

ITEM 10: AP ignored Biden's threat to conservatives.

The Daily Caller didn't.

He said, "You can’t go out and buy an automatic weapon, you can’t go out and buy a cannon, and for those brave right wing Americans who say its all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun."

He ain't kidding. He will literally wipe out all opposition.

ITEM 11: The Center Square reported, "More Americans believe the latest legislation to hire 87,000 Internal Revenue Service agents is part of a plan to audit middle and lower class Americans and small businesses than to target corporations and wealthy Americans, according to a new poll.

"Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar group, released the poll that found 52% of voters say that the new 87,000 IRS employees, approved by President Biden’s legislation, will be used to audit middle-class Americans, low-income earners, and small businesses; or to target the political opponents of those in power."

The bigger the government, the smaller your freedom.

ITEM 12FEE reported, "In August 2021 Science Magazine, a peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, highlighted groundbreaking research out of Israel that upended the public health establishment.

"The research, which relied on a database enrolling some 2.5 million Israelis and was led by Tal Patalon, head of the KSM Research and Innovation Center at Maccabi Healthcare Services, and deputy Sivan Gazit, found that previous infection from Covid-19 conferred considerably stronger and longer-lasting protection against the Delta variant than vaccines."

The FDA and Big Pharma (which it is supposed to police) had the compliant press censor this information.

ITEM 13William A. Jacobson reported, "Gibson’s Bakery Wins! Ohio Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Oberlin College Appeal.

"Hopefully the long, hard road Gibson’s Bakery has traveled in its fight with Oberlin College has come to an end. The Gibsons now can collect approximately $36 million."

That's good news because it shows big liberal institutions cannot drive a family-owned store out of business because it called the cops on a shoplifter.

Justice is still possible in the USA.

ITEM 14: Rolling Stone reported, "The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz Would Like a Word With the FBI

"The group's last surviving member is suing the FBI after they failed to hand over band's J. Edgar Hoover-era FBI file."

Just a reminder kids that liberals once hated the FBI. But then Hoover died and liberals took over.

ITEM 15: The New York Post reported, "A staggering 81 individuals on the US terrorist watchlist have been stopped at the border since President Joe Biden took office, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted.

"The Republican governor cited data from US Border Patrol showing its agents have encountered 66 people on the terror watchlist at the US border this fiscal year. Another 15 people on the list were stopped the year Biden took office.

"In previous years, Border Patrol agents had only encountered 3 terror suspects a year or none at all."

If Biden is just going to let terrorists waltz in, why spend $52 billion a year on Homeland Security?

ITEM 16: KSL reported, "Utah FBI employee arrested on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse."

One girl was 6 or 7 when he supposedly abused her.

The FBI won't say just what exactly the accused's job is at the FBI.


  1. 4 - I expect the Nobel Prize committee to rescind the award from Dr. Nüsslein-Volhard Since she dared speak the truth.

  2. Item 10 - "if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15"

    LOL! Tell it to the Afghanis.

    Item 12 - "groundbreaking research ... that previous infection ... conferred considerably stronger and longer-lasting protection"

    My mom knew this in the 1970s and made sure my brother and I both got chicken pox.

    1. "if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15." That's not the tune they were singing after Jan 6, when a bunch of unarmed people trespassed at the Capitol building.

  3. 6 - The Nobel Prize is often given to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Gorbachev is one of those, like Al Gorge and Barry Sotero.

  4. When we can no longer afford air conditioning we are all going to need industrial sized paper weights, until all the power goes out

  5. 9 - I am shocked that the AP editor allowed paragraph 10 to be published. He may be joining Mr. Potato on the couch.

  6. 12 - and out idiots in charge refused to let the number one tennis player in the world to come into the country and play in the US Open while they wave no -vaxxed illegal immigrants in without blinking an eye.

    1. Totally. Both ridiculous and unjustified.

  7. "How old are you, baby?"

    I guess he's lost interest in Ashley since she's gotten older.

    1. We can also refer to Brandon as Humbert Humbert. (Nabokov's Lolita)

    2. Creepy Old Joe uses the "curb test" to determine if a girl is "mature" enough to hit on. They pass the test if their feet touch the ground when they are sitting on a curb.

  8. 5. "...due to a bacterial infection."

    More like a backdoorial invasion.

    1. If he is on a bananas only diet, that might be a clue.

    2. I've read that a banana-only diet helps you lose weight quickly. Who knows?

  9. 14 - The Rolling Stone is proving the point. They can’t help but defend today’s FBI for not complying with the FOI request and releasing the info - “The FBI is legally required to comply within 20 working days, but that rarely happens since the organization is swamped with similar requests and overwhelmed with more pressing matters due to Covid and the January 6 Capitol attack.”

    They are consumed with more pressing matters like destroying PDJT and those close to him.

    1. I take Rolling Stone about as seriously as MSNBC and the other alphabet media.

  10. 16. " The effingbi won't say just what exactly the accused's job is..."

    Five bucks says he was a groomer for the Big Guy.

  11. 14; The Liberals also took over Hoover's dossiers on D.C. pol's and continued to expand them. That's why Congress today is afraid of the FBI.

  12. Item 10. Liar, liar, soiled pants on fire.

    Any lawful American can buy an automatic weapon as long as they pay the 200 bucks for a stamp and wait for months to receive it from the illegitimate resident’s ATFE. Of course, we are limited to only pre-1986 weapons. And we can thank Lautenberg from NJ for that unconstitutional gem.

  13. Randy says: Item 4: “Multiple Genders Are Nonsense and Unscientific. Global warming is bogus. Transgendering is bogus.” I’m surprised Google hasn’t objected to this and had it deleted.

  14. Warren Ziden

    I was targeting a preteen
    The way I always do
    How was I to know
    I'd grope her sister too

    I was fondling in the East Room
    I took a little sniff
    Send lawyers, guns and Bunnies
    My mind has gone adrift .. HEY

    I was wandering on the South Lawn
    Im a dissolute man
    Send Jill and Easter Bunnies
    I cant control my hands

    Send Jean Pierre, nuns and Bunnies

  15. So many comments ... so little time ....

    Item 1: re Biden's pedophile side ... Don, haven't you heard? "Pedophile" creates negative connotations. We are now to refer to them as Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) ... get with the program dude.

    Item 2: Who is Sydney Sweeney?

    Item 6: re Gorby as Pizza Hut rep ... this guy was the kiss of death, all the Pizza Huts in my area are closed.

    Item 10: re F-15? ... OMG ... so last century ... is this clown current on anything? ... while it's true the Eagle has a perfect record in air-to-air combat, stacked up against a 5th Generation fighter, it disappears in a cloud of shrapnel be for the pilot knows he's in a fight.

    Item 13: re Gibson's Bakery ... really? Does anyone actually expect Oberlin to cut a check? ... Does anyone expect our justice system to enforce this ruling?

    Item 14: re hating the FBI ... just watched "Arlington Road" last night ... would it be a smidgeon of a spoiler if I said that recent events have kinda changed the ending??

    Item 16: ... see comment re Item 14.

    Keep Cool....

    1. I forgot about that movie. I need to watch it again before it is banned.

    2. Randy says: “Gibson's Bakery ... really? Does anyone actually expect Oberlin to cut a check?” The bakery should give the college 60 days to pay, then call the sheriff to start hauling off their assets for auction. Start with the administration building — computers, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. — the on to the professors’ offices, then the classroom and lab equipment. Give notice that if the auction of furnishings and equipment doesn’t cover their $32 mil obligation, next will be foreclosure of the college’s buildings and property, to be auctioned on the courthouse steps. I’ll bet Oberlin will cut Gibson a check before the sheriff’s deputies can fill the first U-Haul.

    3. That is a great idea. Not sure I would give them 60 days. with a judgement, they could get away with 30. around here, they could go to the sheriff now. Sheriff has to give 15 day notice.

    4. @Schløng - I just found it on Odysee, so it's still around.

  16. Why are we messing with industrial-sized windmills?""

    Europe will soon find out that winter and cold weather are not social constructs.
    No matter how many college courses you take, Gaia will freeze you to death in winter if you don't prepare adequately.

  17. Item 1: I highly recommend watching the Tennessee football game as an alternative to suffering through a Biden speech.

    1. I will certainly not be watching this. Brandon disgusts me.

    2. There are two things I don't waste my time watching.
      1. pResident Dementia
      2. professional sucktits,,,, I mean, sports
      EN2 SS

    3. I highly recommend watching paint dry or grass growing.

  18. Dr. Ruth! The sex therapist! If only she were there in 1995 to tell him to tell Lewinsky to take a hike.

    Sir : you left out =together into sunset=
    they both would be much happier now

    1. Maybe Dr. Ruth is giving him sex advice?

    2. Bill, the Viagra isn't working because it's HiLlARy!

  19. #10 - "[FJB] ain't kidding. He will literally wipe out all opposition."

    Speaking of government vs. the populace....

    I'm reminded of the Holocaust survivor who told his children, "If there is one lesson you MUST learn from the Holocaust it's this: when someone proclaims that they intend to kill you, BELIEVE THEY REALLY MEAN IT."

    1. Yes, when people show you and tell you who they are believe them.

  20. 3. Several years ago, the NYTimes had a glowing report about an offshore wind farm overseas. What struck me, though, was that the tugboat captain who helped repair the things loved them because they broke down a lot, giving him work.

    1. plus you get enough of them together they then change the wind patterns, usually producing less because the wind is less..... And they are as bad as solar panels in going to landfills.

    2. Cost of battery replacement for a Chevy Volt: $29,842.15

  21. #1 Brandon and the soul of the nation. He is an empty husk.

  22. #16 - Another reason to disband the FBI and salt the earth. It's full of degenerates.

  23. #6 Gorby and Pizza Hut -- I briefly remember that commercial. It was a dud. Commies ruin everything they touch. Pizza Hut is basically no more.

  24. #13 -- There will be justice when the Gibson's get their cheque. Not until then.

  25. #12 -- FDA, Big Pharma and natural immunity -- Yet another reason that trust has been broken in public health and the medical community. A pox on them all.

  26. Deplorable California Refugee in IdahoAugust 31, 2022 at 10:09 AM

    #15 - why spend $52 billion? Because the Dept of Homeland Security has over $240,000 employees, and, being government employees it can be assumed their votes lean heavily to democrats.

  27. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: From what he said, she was about 9. One presumes double digits is too old for him

    He ought to form a club - NAMGLA. They wouldn't have to change the motto.

    7: At this point, what difference does it make? An aperture is an aperture and Dr Ruth undoubtedly knows which lube is best.

    10: Somebody should real to him Yamamoto's opinion on picking a fight with Americans.

    The Nips may not have had F-15s, but they had Zeros.

    And how many pilots would be willing to murder their families, friends, neighbors, and towns on his order?

    1. Dannnggg ! Ed's socking it to Slick Willie ( the truth is powerful ) .

  28. Sir Tom of NorthfieldAugust 31, 2022 at 1:36 PM

    I heard someone refer to Biden as a 'sock puppet'. That is a gratuitous insult to hosiery!

  29. #10 - Insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan call BS on Brandon.

  30. 6. He was also president of the Russian Hair Club For Men. "I am not only president, I am also comrade."

  31. Windmills - We build them because they are the most efficient way to exterminate all remaining birds on the endangered species list.