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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Happy Trump Day

Happy Trump Day. Tomorrow is Hump Day, which celebrates camels and old GEICO commercials.

But today is Trump Day. If the polls are right and ranked voting doesn't wreck things, voters will move Sarah Palin (the beta version of Trump) a step closer to Congress and begin Liz Cheney's retirement.

Today also marks the Eight Day Anniversary of the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago.

In 1976, 100 Israeli commandos raided Entebbe to rescue 94 passengers from a hijacked flight. 

46 years later, 30 FBI commandos raided Mar-a-Lago to rescue 15 boxes of presidential mementoes, including 3 bins of newspapers.

It is almost the same thing.

The media spin has been entertaining.

Day One. AP reported, "Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate."

The story said, "The FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House to his Florida residence, people familiar with the matter said Monday. Trump disclosed the action in a lengthy statement, asserting that agents had broken into his safe in a search he decried as evidence of 'dark times for our nation.'

"The search, which the FBI and Justice Department did not immediately confirm, marks a dramatic escalation in law enforcement scrutiny of Trump and comes amid a separate but intensifying probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election."

Trump Says! Might not be true.

Day Two. AP reported, "The FBI’s unprecedented search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence ricocheted around government, politics and a polarized country Tuesday along with questions as to why the Justice Department — notably cautious under Attorney General Merrick Garland — decided to take such a drastic step."

Notably Cautious! Must have been totally non-political.

Day Three. AP reported, "FBI’s Wray denounces threats following search of Trump home."

FBI Threatened! If only they had some way of protecting themselves.

Day Four. AP reported, "FBI seized top secret documents in Trump estate search."

Top Secret! Trump is a spy.

Maybe not. Paragraph 8 said, "While incumbent presidents generally have the power to declassify information, that authority lapses as soon as they leave office and it was not clear if the documents in question have ever been declassified. And even an incumbent’s powers to declassify may be limited regarding secrets dealing with nuclear weapons programs, covert operations and operatives, and some data shared with allies."

Nuclear Weapons Program! Trump was going to build nukes and destroy the world.

Day Five. AP had no new angle but Insider reported, "Mary Trump speculates that Jared Kushner could be the 'Mar-a-Lago mole' after reports say an informant close to Trump guided FBI agents to the documents."

A Mole! Trump might have cancer.

Oh wait, it was not that kind of mole but rather someone who will spill the beans.

Day Six. AP reported, "Police: Man killed himself after ramming US Capitol barrier."

Paragraph 3 said, "It comes at a time when law enforcement authorities across the country are facing an increasing number of threats and federal officials have warned about the potential of violent attacks on government buildings in the days since the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida."

Man Killed Himself! Trump is driving people to suicide.

Day Seven. AP reported, "Giuliani targeted in criminal probe of 2020 election."

Criminal Probe! They won't investigate the possibility of stealing an election. Instead they investigate those who called for one.

Day Eight. AP reported, "The Justice Department on Monday rebuffed efforts to make public the affidavit supporting the search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s estate in Florida, saying the investigation 'implicates highly classified material' and the document contains sensitive information about witnesses."

Sensitive Information About Witnesses! There are witnesses. To what, no one says and the press does not ask. But it must be important because the Notably Cautious attorney general raided the home of a former president, which is unprecedented which makes it justified because the FBI would never lie the American people.


AP is not alone in trying to spin the politicization of the FBI by Obama and his flunky Biden and Biden's flunky Garland, who is Jewish and therefore any criticism is anti-Semitic. ("ABC News Says Anti-Semitism Behind Outrage Over FBI Raid Because Merrick Garland Is Jewish.")

The press says this will bring him down.

Politico reported, "Trump Steamrolls His Way Past Accountability. The Mar-a-Lago Search Might Be Different."

Sure, Jan.

Just like using the word "pussy" to Billy Bush in private 11 years earlier brought him down.

Just like not paying taxes when he was broke brought him down.

Just like emoluments (foreigners rented rooms at his hotel) brought him down.

Just like Mueller brought him down.

Just like talking to Zelensky brought him down.

Just like January 6 brought him down.

I especially enjoyed the part where he seized the presidential limo to do donuts on the Capitol lawn. (Or something like that. The Washington Post hid its story behind a paywall.)

By the way, the raid on Mar-a-Lago shows the January 6 thing failed because they had to change subjects.

And we know the FBI raid will fail because the press banned using the word raid.

So enjoy Trump Day. His RICO lawsuit against Hillary and the Democrat Party has them so worried that they sent in the FBI to find what dirt he has on them.


If you are in Alaska, enjoy voting for Palin. If you are in Wyoming, enjoy voting for (checks notes) Hageman.

The rest of us are happy to watch the deep state fail. Again. Live and in living color.


  1. Tucker Carlson tells one story (of many) about the guy who made a silly joke about voting for Hillary by text--6 years ago. This Fascist DOJ decided he was an Enemy of the State and he's looking at 8 years in federal prison--for NOTHING. Not one judge, jury, prosecutor, cop, bureaucrat or newspaper editor stepped up to stop this EVIL INSANITY.

    Those 87,000 IRS Shock Troops of the Lois Lerner Brigades are meant for one thing: to attack Trump supporters. Period. The Regime has shown us it cares about little else.

    J. Edgar Hoover's FBI hated black people and J. Edgar Wray's FBI hates white people.

    At the same time Crybully Wray is calling his critics "threats", THE FBI SENT WHISTLEBLOWER SPECIAL AGENT STEVE GRAY A DEATH THREAT TO SILENCE HIM. Chris Wray gets some criticism and he panics like a small girl left alone on Biden's bike path.

    For years and years, the FBI protected Democrats by calling the Democrat Ballfield Shooting a random street crime. They still won't give Congress the file because he was in constant contact with Sen. Durbin's office, the senator who is always playing "Muh White Supremacists Are Coming!" with Chris Wray. Odd, that.

    The Fake Whitmer Kidnapping was also an FBI Election Black-Op targeting President Trump.

    Remember those extensive drone videos of Kyle Rittenhouse? The FBI had such videos of all the riots--yet couldn't figure out who was bussing rioters across state lines and funding all their needs and supplies. Those drones weren't flying to protect the citizens. They were there to protect the rioters. The FBI's Reconnaissance Air Wing of the Soros Democrat Paramilitaries.

    They planted their own Jan. 6 pipe bombs and EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS, TOO.

    Sharyl Attkisson Says FBI Intended to Plant Child Porn on Husband's Computer

    “Our Affidavit is so true, we can’t show it to you!"

    Remember: They weren’t searching for criminal evidence on the real president. They were searching for criminal evidence on the searchers.

    Judge Lolita Reinhart isn’t a real confirmed federal judge at all, but a 3rd-string “Magistrate”, a night court loser appointed by another Obama judge.

    After being handed Trump's RICO case against the Obama/Clinton Syndicate, he recused himself. Not out of principle, but so he could take on this assignment. The FBI waited for his turn up at bat to get this illegal warrant rubber-stamped.

    But here’s the real irony;


    Reinhart then helped Epstein continue his Rape Spree on minors for years.

    When Donald Trump found out about Epstein’s racket, he threw him out of Mar-a-Lago. When these bums found out, they booked flights.

    Does Director Hoover Wray have the photographs on this schlub? It sure seems like it.

    I’ll have to disagree with our President here. I don’t want to lower the temperature; I want to raise it.

    1. Lighten up, Francis. You're playing right into their hands.

    2. He is totally correct to be super upset at these totally illegal and anti constitutional actions...yet the most fearful thing is that NO ONE will stop the criminals running the nation. No one, unless they can be voted out. Even then, if by some miracle the voting is not rigged and they ARE voted out, don't assume this bunch will accept the results, and just packup and leave.
      May very well take physical force with this communist/socialist bunch who control all facets of authority!

    3. Who the hell is Francis?

      Gipp and Bubble make sense to me.

    4. C’mon Schlong.....Stripes...Sgt Hulka

    5. Saw it when it came out. Don’t remember a thing about it.

    6. Yep , same here . I just have this lingering feeling that it ain't worth watching again .

    7. Check out this article. It covers some weird stuff regarding the planted pipes on J6. Lord I hate coincidences and being cynical.


    9. I hate to be a cynic, but it follows the house odds.
      Let's not forget about the 87k new IRS agents. Odds are, they will file charges in IRS courts.
      Where they don't have jury trials.
      Can't find 12 of 300 million to take IRS side.
      Chilling thought. Even got Al Capone.

  2. Remember FJB is a bully without rhyme or reason. So if stooge Garland mentioned this to FJB he would say pedal to the metal. Also, have heard that some of HrC'$ lawyers were advising the stooge. They are not known for passivity either.

  3. Shot at and MissedAugust 16, 2022 at 3:51 PM

    But Don, don't you realize that the FBI couldn't find any pumpkins for Trump to hide the microfilm in (ala Whitaker Chambers), so they had to take three boxes of newspapers in case the microfilm was hidden in the trash.

    Next time DJT should consider hiding the secrets in old 8 track tapes.

    1. 8 tracks

      How I miss hearing half the Allman's "Mountain Jam" and then wait for the next track to finish it.

      We had a nice run, didn't we?

    2. Still runnin' brother!

    3. Don: it is not over yet. IMHO, America's best years are yet to come. We are the greatest county on earth, perhaps in history, and will outlast this present insanity and evolve to an even better version of what our forefathers envisioned.
      Yes, the clowns are in charge; yes, those tasked with the protection of our country are woefully lacking in discharging that duty; yes, China is waiting in the wings with evil intentions and has a great many of our citizens in their pocket; yes, we have institutionalized idiocy causing our center to fray. All of this poses serious challenges.
      The common-sense, working folks in this country who make it run will, in the long run, take out the trash, do what is necessary to put us back on the rails again so as to head to an even brighter future.
      It will not be easy; it make take some bloodletting and sacrifice; I, for one, would be happy to give whatever it takes to ensure the future of freedom for those who come after me. I am sure I am not alone in that conviction and you bet your bottom dollar that there are enough of us in this nation to do what is necessary to preserve the ideals upon which this country were built.
      God Bless President Trump.
      God Bless America.
      God Bless all who support her in her time of need.
      Manchester, TN

    4. You are not alone Brian.

      I may searching around some lake bottoms soon.

    5. SL: 10-4. You will have a lot of company.

    6. God bless you all and your country.

    7. There are a few albums that when they made CDs, the changed up the tracks. The original Ghost Riders of the sky was one of them.

      Might need to use VHS tapes instead of 8 tracks....

    8. I do not understand the willingness by some who entertain the reckless notion that to rid our country of the clowns gleefully destroying our country will require “bloodletting and sacrifice.” No! You may be young, strong, and full of testosterone, but there are plenty of other people who are weak or vulnerable such as the poor, mothers with young children, the disabled, and the elderly. The more you chatter with puffed up chests the more you encourage and thrust all of us on a dangerous trajectory. Please be more circumspect. Not everyone can endure the suffering of what you flippantly toss about “bloodletting and sacrifice.”

  4. Day 5 - the Mole. BS. I had read earlier that PDJT showed the rooms with the documents to the DOJ and FBI and they asked him to put an extra lock on the door. They knew where the stuff was.

  5. Yep I voted for Palin.

    Don't think that's enough to change things though. The road to perdition is all down hill, the farther down one goes, the closer to impossible it is to head back up.

    The United States Of America, Liberty and Justice for All, -it was grand while it lasted.

    1. You wish, Jeffery. And St Lou is a long way from the Last Frontier, as long as you are from having your dream - The United Soviet Socialist States of America.

    2. It can be saved. If we want to, bad enough.

  6. Sometimes it feels like the American citizens are like Sisyphus. We are constantly pushing uphill against the sinful nature of all humanity. -- BJ54

    1. Yes, but even Sisyphus found meaning in the struggle. As a Christian, I find comfort in that Our Lord has conquered this world and that human suffering is redemptive. It’s not easy, but nothing eternally worthwhile is.

  7. Miss Sarah was the alpha version of The Donald. People loved her and voted for her. The Whigs hated her honesty and the fact she was the real maverick.

  8. What Obama did in the White House was lay the groundwork for a one party dictatorship. He more than anyone else helped turn Washington, DC into Chicago on the Potomac.

    1. You forget Franklin Roosevelt, Woody Wilson, LBJ, Bucketmouth, and the Ozarks, Jeffery.

  9. I was camped on the east side of Lake Turkana when Entebbe happened. In the middle of night we were all awaken by AIRPLANES got out of our tents and saw something, but mostly heard the noise disappearing to the west. Few days later we got to a place with a radio and they told us what happened. Later looked at a newspaper and the raid path went right over us...fascinating

  10. Just goes to show the FIBBies can't even do a panty raid correctly