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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Yanqui go home

Having fouled their own nest, the privileged elitists of Californians are moving and fouling the nests of others.

Unlike the states, Mexico can deport Californians.

It just may.

ADN America reported, "Americans and other foreigners are snapping up houses in walkable areas like Roma, Condesa, Centro and Juarez, which is driving rents up past the reach of most Mexicans. Landlords are reportedly trading long-term renters for tourists willing to pay more on Airbnb and local hotspots like taquerias, corner stores and fondas are being replaced by Pilates studios, co-working spaces and modern cafes.

"Locals are further estranged by the nature of these foreigners’ remote work, which means they don’t necessarily have to learn Spanish or integrate into society.

"More and more Mexicans are finding they are the minority in the cafes and restaurants they frequent."

Mexico has what California has lost.

Common sense.

Mexicans don't poop in the streets. Mexicans don't loot stores. Mexicans don't open a $588 million bridge only to close it two days later because the crazies have taken it over

Sadly, Mexico's cost of living is low. The tech heads can work from home there. 

The Los Angeles Times reported, "Clear financial incentives are drawing Americans to Mexico City — where the average local salary is $450 a month.

"For the cost of a $2,000 one-bedroom in Koreatown, an Angeleno can rent a penthouse here."

The irony that Mexicans resent an invasion of aliens from another country is rich. Mexican cartels collect $13 billion a year by taking people from Central America and dumping them in the United States.

The LA Times waxed poetic, reporting, "There is plenty to love about Mexico City.

"Wide, tree-lined boulevards call to mind the capitals of Europe and each Sunday are closed to cars and filled with bicyclists. A hodgepodge of architecture — Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernist — stitched together in artful ways.

"And the food is superb: Street vendors sell spit-grilled al pastor pork tacos, delicate quesadillas stuffed with squash blossoms and stewed corn topped with mayonnaise and lime — sometimes all on the same block."

Give Californians a few years and they will turn this Garden of Eden into another shithole. And then they will move on to another nest.


  1. If Mexico can deport foreigners who they don't want, why cannot America do the same? Once the Republicans take back control, we need to build the wall and then find EVERYONE who has come over illegally in the last 20 years and send them back home.

    1. Operation Wetback worked out great, do it again.

  2. I love the fact that Mexicans are upset that the invaders aren't assimilating. Wait till they start trying to vote in their elections.

  3. Oregon knows this all too well honestly the Mexicans I personally know would agree.

  4. Our neighbor is a Mexican-American, and he wanted to move back to his hometown when he retires. He can't, because house prices are too high.

  5. The food there may be excellent, but don't drink the water!

  6. Maybe if the Mexicans get fed up enough they will build a WALL... remember when Trump said he would build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it?... Ha Ha Ha...

  7. Animals don’t poop where they live. Liberals do. Speaks volumes.

  8. "Give Californians a few years and they will turn this Garden of Eden into another shithole."

    No, they won't because the Mexicans won't put up with it. I doubt Mexican DAs are anything like the Soros DAs we have. I also assume Mexican jails aren't the same as here, either.

    Regarding American demand for their housing, that's the free market at work.

    Regarding a flood Americans, that's just too damned bad. At least they're not immediately going on welfare because I assume there's no such thing there. So, Americans are bringing their money along with them. We should be so lucky.

    1. Good point Anger...I understand their frustration, but you correctly point out that they aren't milking the system and putting a strain on the government.

  9. I have zero sympathy for Mexican whiners who have been offloading into CA and the entire Southwest since the 60's. I watched entire towns up and down CA turn to crime ridden ghettos. And no Mexico City is not like Europe. I've been there many times. It is not even close.

  10. As a Cali expat living in AZ, I'd rather have a Mexican moving here than a Californian. Seriously. They bring their liberal mindset wherever they go, and a liberal will never ever see or admit to the error of their ways.


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