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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Bloomberg spins Biden's failure as a win

The headline was a hoot. Bloomberg News told its readers with a straight face, "A Quiet Biden Scores Big NATO Win Over Putin."

Let's see, thanks to Biden's economic sanctions, the ruble is the fastest growing currency and the euro is sinking as fast as his approval ratings back home.

A few more victories like this and western economies will be like Zimbabwe.

The story -- fairy tale, actually -- began, "It was a muted Joe Biden who showed up in the Bavarian Alps to what was an oddly low-key Group of Seven meeting notable for its lack of memorable moments.

"Whether that was by design or not is unclear. A U.S. president is generally the star of the show, the man everyone wants to see with a packed schedule.

"Instead the customary bilaterals were limited. He skipped dinner with an expanded group of leaders and left early for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Madrid."

The bilaterals (meeting with another leader one on one) were muted because no one wanted to be with him. The USA provides NATO its leadership and its muscle. He's weak. He's untrustworthy. He's stupid.

Everyone knows NATO screwed up in Ukraine. And everyone knows Biden is a crook who is on the take in Ukraine. Everyone knows his son is his top adviser when he is not doing lines of coke at some strip joint.

And most of all, everyone knows he is only president because his party stuffed the mails with fake ballots.

There are no secrets in American politics. Everyone knows what goes on here. The press ignores it.

Bloomberg said, "Perhaps the most significant conversation he had wasn't one he had in person but over the phone with Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday, where he urged the Turkish president to seize the moment and stop blocking Sweden and Finland from joining the military alliance.

"By the time Biden landed in Spain he’d been informed already that the two historically non-aligned nations, alarmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, had hashed it out with Erdogan and reached agreement."

That was because the Swedes and the Finns gave in to Turkey's demands that they stop supporting the PKK rebels who are terrorizing the Turks. The story left that out. Instead it gave Erdogan's victory to Biden, writing, "It’s a tangible win for Biden and a blow for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has raged about NATO expansion."

Enraging a fellow who is winning his third war in a decade is a high risk, low reward move. A wise man would not be expanding NATO, but that is what the war profiteers in DC want.

Putin is a terrible military leader who keeps expanding his nation's border. And ain't about to suddenly abandon Donbas and leave his war materiel behind.

NATO allies have not forgotten that Biden did. Bush 43 begged them to join his adventure in Afghanistan. It was a long slog that resulted in Pyrrhic victory but a victory nonetheless. Everyone was prepared to leave in an orderly fashion. Then out of spite against Trump, Biden threw that plan out and just left.

Biden left every one of his peers to explain his actions to the folks back home. 

Under his leadership, Biden has the entire Western World asking one question: When the hell is Trump coming back?

PLEASE NOTE: I will have a bonus post today at 5 PM Eastern.


  1. Yeah, that headline has about as much credibility as this one - “Michael Bloomberg delighted to be a dwarf his entire life”

  2. Yeah - you and I have very different takes on why and how and who is winning, and what exactly is there to be won.

    But on FJB we are completely in sync. He's a crook, his son is a crook, his cabinet are idiots, and he probably really didn't win the election. His only real SCOTUS win on the southern border question probably just sinks him even further - as his preferred policy is completely unpopular with just about every voting bloc in America - especially the "browns". Fancy that - you cheat to try and make the last march home. And in the process you lose hispanics, lose our lurch towards a SJW nation, lose Roe (which the dems over reaction will hurt them in California a bit, though not enough to matter), fail at taking our guns, and set them up for an epic midterm failure.

    The only thing moving in his direction is that inflation is leveling off; because the recession is fully engulfing us. The layoffs are starting.

    1. Atlanta Fed says -2.1. An HONEST press would have been all over that one.

    2. We're winning, Jeffery, and it must be killing you.

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  4. Yes! I love the Bonus Posts. Keep it up, Don. You are an American treasure.

  5. Russia's military sucks. They have no middle leadership and their top leaders are getting picked off like flies. During the cold war era, Russia did not teach land navigation and other critical skills to enlisted for fear they would use those skills to desert and escape. Their NCO ranks still have that ineptitude. Their equipment is a joke as well.
    The javlin crews study the Russian formations and look for vehicles with multiple antennas. Those will be the company and battalion commanders.
    They are also learning to ignore the tanks in convoys and instead target the trucks loaded with troops. Twenty wounded soldiers hurts them more than four dead tank crewmen. The dead you roll into a ditch. The wounded create a bad situation. You either have to detail a bunch of other troops to get them to the rear or pick a diabolical solution such as abandoning them or killing them. Both have a chilling effect on morale, almost as bad as having to depend on Xiden.

    1. I think your Ukrainian/NATO propaganda stories are several months out of date now. The Russians will win this war either by pounding the Uke's into the mud, or by the Ukes wising up and ignoring their NATO/WEF advisors and giving up what the Russians asked for.

    2. While Russian troops have their issues, at least the U.S. troops are current with their preferred pronouns.

  6. There's some moron running around claiming Brandon's "diplomatic ambiguity" is actually a good thing.

    When they have to lie like this it means even they know how much trouble they're in.

  7. Don't forget the F-16 order approved for Turkey after Finland and Sweden were given the Okee Dokee for NATO membership. 10% for the big guy!

  8. If Bloomberg had any pride, he would be embarrassed by this story. But he doesn’t and he isn’t.

  9. Bloomberg the so-called financial "news" media company should be renamed the Kaepernick-Midas Report. There's no difference between them and Pravda in Stalin's Russia in the 1930's-on out.

  10. Well you don't know that. hunter could still be biden's top adviser even when he is doing lines at a strip club.