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Saturday, July 09, 2022

Abortion backfires on Democrats

Don't take my word for it. Read the Guardian. Liberals are angry because Democrats failed to codify Roe.

It ran a story, "Biden urged to do more to defend abortion rights: ‘This is a five-alarm fire.’"

The newspaper quoted Aimee Allison, founder of She the People, a progressive advocacy group that works to mobilize women of color, who said, "Is it that they can’t, or they won’t, go as far as they need to to stem the tide of the radical Republican agenda?"

The story also said, "For many Democrats, the president has failed to capture the urgency and fear they feel as conservative states and courts rush to ban abortion."

Yesterday, he signed an executive order that merely reiterated current law such as access to contraception (which Obamacare made insurance companies provide) and access to life-saving emergency care (which Reagan signed into law four decades ago).

He is not important.

He is impotent.

And in politics that is a death sentence at the polls. He may as well put on the Carter cardigan.

Another Guardian story said, "New reports of a White House struggling to respond to mounting challenges have even fueled a discussion among Democrats over whether Biden should seek re-election in 2024.

"In recent weeks, speculation has mounted over potential alternatives. Among them are California governor, Gavin Newsom, has positioned himself as a pugnacious leader in the fight to protect abortion rights and Illinois governor, JB Pritzker, offered a guttural response to the Independence Day shooting in his state that drew contrast with Biden’s more restrained approach."

That may help Democrats in 2024 but this is 2022. Democrats thought the reversal of Roe would help them. Polls show otherwise. The latest Harvard-Harris poll showed the decision will cause 36% to vote Democrat in November -- and 36% to vote Republican.

The Monmouth Poll found only 5% of the public cares about abortion. 

Among Republicans, 0%.

Among Democrats, 9%.

The media championed the idea that reversing Roe would fire up the Democrat base, which may be true. The problem for Democrats is that they have had all the time in the world to codify Roe -- 49 years in fact -- and haven't. Even after the Trump triplets were installed at the court, Democrats could have made Roe the law of the land ahead of this reversal.

They didn't.

And they are doing nothing now even as the clock ticks on ending their total control of the federal government. This is a failure by Democrats and far from getting their voters to show up, Democrats are giving them one more reason to stay home.


  1. Instead of the Carter cardigan, can we make it an orange jumpsuit?

  2. Looks like they wanted the issue to boost fundraising rather than actually do anything that would make fundraising go away. All politicians do this. It's their nature.

  3. They won't do anything because they're been trapped by their own ideology and policies.

    The extreme Left base won't be satisfied with anything less than unrestricted abortion up to "one toe in", and a road map to "post natal" or perinatal abortion to, at least, two weeks after birth.

    The most that 80% or so of the American people will accept is abortion up to 15 weeks (or so), with exceptions for incest, rape, and narrowly defined conditions.

    The cited current numbers for abortion are for the latter. Opposition to the extreme Left goals WILL motivate and mobilize huge majority that view late term abortion as outright murder (well over 60%).

    This is a promise the Democrat Party can NOT deliver on, and it will turn the hysteria and howling up to 11 when they don't.

    1. Correction: 80% or so oppose late term abortion. Around 55% want a 15 week limit.

    2. Recent polls put it at 72%.

  4. I cannot imagine for the life of me how anyone could think nominating a dictatorial slug who has almost single-handedly turned the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow into the Augean Stables would appeal to the American people.

    Liberals are angry because Democrats failed to codify Roe.

    And, if the Demos had, wouldn't there be the same result? Last I looked SCROTUS can overturn federal law, too,

    1. The Constitution says nothing about abortion, and so there would be no basis for overturning a federal abortion law. SCOTUS didn't outlaw abortion. They just said it wasn't a constitutional issue, and so each state gets to make their own rules.

    2. And you'd be exactly wrong. It's BECAUSE the Constitution does not list it as an enumerated power of Congress that they have no such authority. Their powers are finite and enumerated. Anything not SPECIFICALLY granted to Congress is reserved to the Several States or to the People. This is why they have no authority to pass such law.

  5. Isn't the problem that Democrats *couldn't* codify Roe? I mean, the mobs are petulant children who are just angry that things are not going well for their team, but the powers-that-be know (and have always known) there isn't enough legislative power to codify Roe. I mean, cynically speaking, that was the whole point of Roe, wasn't it?

    1. It was easier to get a court to make a ruling than it was to open up the whole country to a legislative debate, that might make individual congressmen have to articulate a stance, defend it, and keep their constituencies happy. The pro-abortion side has never been happy with an honest review (or published photos) of what actually takes place in an abortion mill.

    2. P.S. It will be even harder now than it was 50 years ago. We have 50 years of data and experience about how abortion gets used and misused. And damned little of it is for rape and incest exceptions. Most of those horror stories used to push abortion turn out to be hogwash. And science has pretty much nuked the argument that it's a "when does life begin" issue. Abortion is murdering an unborn human. Period. end of story. Telling yourself otherwise is dishonest. So have your abortion if you want, but you can't really hide behind that comfortable falsehood so you can pretend you are a good person still.

  6. Democrats are about to find out that support for unlimited abortion is not as popular as they would like to say it is, nor is it spread uniformly around the country.

    Like most hot-button issues with marginal support, trying to enforce a federally uniform law is probably not the best approach if you want a stable country. Federalism is meant to allow there to be 50 laboratories to try out different approaches, tailored to work with the different states individually. The Bill of Rights sets some limits on both Federal and State governments in crafting those approaches for certain things (e.g., firearms, speech, religion, search and seizure, compelled testimony). Abortion is NOT one of those things.

  7. As the democrats perfect their vote stealing schemes, they need their voters less and less.

  8. The latest thing I've heard is that the Dems will arrest Trump for an "October surprise" which will cause "insurrections" to break out around the US and give the Dems an excuse to do whatever they want (mass arrests of politicians and/ or political opponents, suspension of elections, etc.). Its just speculation at this point, but I wouldn't put it past them.

  9. "The problem for Democrats is that they have had all the time in the world to codify Roe -- 49 years in fact -- and haven't."

    Uh huh. And it wasn't as though they weren't told that this was going to happen. No less a Constitutional scholar than Ruth Bader Ginsburg told them that this day would come. The way they scream about "women being stripped of their Constitutional rights!" means they knew they had screwed up big time and wasted countless opportunities to write abortion into the law of the land before Roe was overturned. Either that, or none of them (and I would include a healthy chunk of the Republicans) are particularly well-versed in the document that they took an oath to preserve, uphold, and defend.

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