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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

We live in Bizarro World

In 1960, the writers for Superman ran out of good ideas. They had made the character omnipotent and invulnerable to all but kryptonite. He was perfect and pretty boring. Out of boredom came a fresh satirical trope called Bizarro.

It was a planet where everyone did the opposite of Earth. They hated beauty but loved ugliness. 

Little did those bored writers 62 years ago know that they were predicting 21st century America, where the abnormal is normal and the normal is treated as if it were abnormal.

Being fat is healthy.

And beautiful, of course. 

Anyone who disagrees is fat-shaming, which is a crime under the Bizarro Code.

Beauty of course is sexist.

Unless you are a man.

Men now appear in Playboy, not as men but as women.

Our national anthem has become Lola. I do not believe that was the original intent of the song.

Men can put on a girl's bathing suit and compete in women's sports in Bizarro World.

Any woman who complains is shunned, censored and censured by society.

Sluts are proud of being sluts.

They hold parades.

They will tell you there is nothing wrong with being a slut.

But sluts get angry if you call them sluts. 

That is slut-shaming, which is like fat-shaming except sluts tend to be thinner because of all that exercise they get.

Their bodies, their choice.

They do not realize it is also their souls, their choice.

In Bizarro World, global warming causes floods. And droughts. And lakes to rise. And lakes to fall. Global warming causes blizzards and snowless winters.

In Bizarro World, killing a baby in the womb is reproductive health.

In Bizarro World, drag queens read stories to children; ministers do not. Library books in school are so graphic in their depictions of sex that they cannot be read at public school board meetings. Bookstores display and promote the sale of books that they say are banned.

However, when it comes to bizarre, few things are more bizarre then our media, which calls riots mostly peaceful protests and calls actual protests insurrections. Elections threaten democracy.

The New York Times published a column a month after the 2016 election, "Donald J. Trump's election has raised a question that few Americans ever imagined asking: Is our democracy in danger?"

The only people more bizarre than the media are those who work in government.

We have a Food and Drug Administration that is supposed to protect us from bad medicine. In 2020, it waived all its rules to push three vaccines on people for covid 19.

Well, OK. People wanted a prophylactic from the virus. Adults should be able to decide whether they want to take the risks.

But then the government made the vaccine mandatory.

We have a Federal Bureau of Investigation that refuses to investigate crimes such as the bribery documented on the laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned.

Instead, the FBI infiltrates protests to entrap the protesters. In Michigan, the FBI conspired with four losers to kidnap the governor. And then the FBI arrested and charged the losers with conspiring to kidnap the governor.

It is illegal to lie to the FBI.

But it is not illegal for the FBI to lie to the courts to get FISA warrants so they could spy on a political opponent of Barack Obama.

Bizarro World sold lots of Superman comics in the 1960s.

In this century, Bizarro World gains a lot of power for people who should not be trusted with anything more powerful than a salt shaker.


  1. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
    Don your math is fuzzy. I'm 72 and was born in 1949, not 1960.

  2. I am tired of Bizarro World. I want to go home.

    1. Gonna hafta fight our way back home, but it’s worth it.

  3. I was a big fan of Superman comics as a kid. Remember Bizarro World well. And remember Mr Mxypltzk ? Superman had to trick him into spelling his name backwards to get rid of him. LOL

    1. SPEAKING his name backwards, not spelling it.

  4. Don, you have to quit calling them "federal bureau of investigation" and start calling them what they actually are, "Federal Bureau of Instigation."

  5. “They do not realize it is also their souls, their choice.”

    That’s the best thing you’ve written in several days, Don.

  6. Weekend At Bernie's is also apt.

    In Bizarro World, global warming causes floods. And droughts. And lakes to rise. And lakes to fall. Global warming causes blizzards and snowless winters.

    It also causes blizzards, don't forget.

  7. An excellent overview of the current state of affairs.
    DS - yours is an uncanny ability to clearly and effectively articulate that which so many of us think and feel.
    Keep jamming away!

  8. "It is illegal to lie to the FBI."
    It is illegal to lie to the FBI if you're not a democrat.
    Fixed it for you.

  9. What's the name on the playboy cover? I can't make it out. Looks like Anus Raw. Sounds correct.

  10. In the bizarro of medicine, prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
    Big Pharma had reached the end of the line with drug development and now resorts to fraud, hype and me-too copies of existing drugs in order to stay in business.

  11. Sitting up here on top of the world, I wish I could say it don't affect me none.

    None the less I'm glad I can say the effects affect me far less than if I was in the lower forty eight.

    & hey, Sara Palin did beat Santa Claus in the special election leading up to who fills Don Young's seat in Congress.

    1. So a quick question:
      Do you think Sara Palin will actually hold the line on conservative values? I ask because she did agree to be (two-eyed) McCain's veep, and I've had my fill of R's who've shown themselves to be all show and no go.

    2. If she gets the seat I think she'll be quite conservative.

  12. UNBREADED! Well said, Don. I have frequently thought of Bizarro World the past few years. Thanks for the Bizarro Code - lest we forget.


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