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Saturday, June 11, 2022

The Democrat plan for America

Politico reported, "Bernie Sanders wants Democrats to make the case for more Democrat power in 2023 — through a Newt Gingrich-style Contract with America."

Ah yes. The Contract with America.

After 40 years as a minority in the House, Republicans got their act together and told Americans what they planned to do. They won.

Well, two can play that game.

Democrats can show America their own contract.

Balanced budget? Hah. That's for Republicans. Democrats are spending like there is no tomorrow. Last year, the federal government received another record amount of tax revenue, but that didn't stop Democrats from borrowing another $3 trillion to spend.

It was for infrastructure they said. And look at all the new bridges we have now!

Newt Gingrich wanted to take back the streets with tough laws and mandatory sentencing.

But Democrats are taking back the streets and giving them to criminals just like they gave Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

Look at all the money they are saving on locking people up. Democrat DAs are refusing to prosecute major crimes, which frees up more prison space.

Democrat jail reforms have replaced jail doors with revolving doors as criminals do not have to post bond for bail. This saves money by cutting back on paperwork.

That is also why Democrats allow shoplifters to loot stores without penalty. Less paperwork.

Democrats also support small business. Sure, Democrat riots destroyed major parts of Ferguson, Baltimore, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and Kenosha, Wisconsin. But look at all the money those businesses got from insurance companies.


They don't have insurance because companies won't insure riot-prone areas at a reasonable price?

Well, that's their problem. Democrats tried to help. Some people don't appreciate anything.

Democrats are transforming cities into urban parks. People are camping out in pup tents all over Los Angeles.

Big cities are not the only places to enjoy this new infusion of tourists. The Biden administration is busy flying illegal aliens into America's heartland. Some claim that this lets terrorists cross the border and maybe a few thousand of the millions Democrats let in are.

But Democrats are cracking down on domestic terrorism by jailing parents who protest at school board meetings.

The Democrat economy is doing so well that there is a backlog of cargo waiting to be unloaded at our ports. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will get right on that once his paternity leave ends. Don't worry. The twins turn 18 in 2039.

Democrats are saving the globe by pushing electric cars. To ramp up demand for electric cars, Democrats are cutting the supply of gasoline. They stopped drilling and stopped pipelines. Soon, Americans will no longer care about $5 gasoline because it will cost $10!

Yes, Democrats now have a contract, just like Republicans did 28 years.

The only difference is the Democrat contract isn't with America.

The Democrat contract is on America.


  1. Bernie's problem with brain damage ( caused by lack of blood flow due to laziness ) isn't getting better . His main goal in life has always been wanting to be in charge so he wouldn't have to do any work.. Think I don't like Bernie ? I don't, not one bit .

  2. I'd comment but it might get me in trouble with the FBI, CIA, IRS, the Capitol Police, and DHS. Not to mention the rhinos.

  3. Democrats have a contract ON America. There's a difference.

    1. Oops. Just reread your last line. LOL. (Great minds . . .)

    2. I was thinking ON as I was reading. And there it was at the end. Perfect!!

  4. My cousin will avoid downtown Porlantifa like the plague ."You can tell where the ity limits are by the # of Tents."
    she's an old pshyc nurse, and all for opening state hospitals again..

  5. Ds will literally be pushing electric cars due a lack of electricity and charging stations.

    1. Don's comment this morning on Tesla's, Powered by Coal, sounds like a great idea for a new bumper sticker.

  6. Brutal sarcasm! Well done, Don.

  7. A question I asked at our annual Board meeting this morning, where “the community” is considering a sale of all the amenities at The Woods, was what the 3-5 year assumptions were for rate of inflation. The Board Prez’s answer? 3% She’s a former NoVa bigwig. I didn’t even bother with a follow up about how long it took Carter inflation to come back down. LIBCOMMIES ARE CLUELESS. We’ll just let my mom in law die (hopefully peacefully) and then head to Bridgeport. WV, NOT CT.

  8. Good column, Don. Hopefully voters will wake up instead of giving it to themselves gooder and harder. After 60 years, the left and the Ds are nothing but evil.

  9. It is indeed a contract on America. I don't know how anyone could see it otherwise.

  10. Bernie shouldn't have waited till 40 to get his first job.

  11. So, the prison reform bill Trump worked with Jay-Z & Beyonce was a real bonehead move. Most of us knew it then but there never was a good time to criticize a man who was being totally railroaded by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Media, etc... That would be piling on. I will criticize him now for it because it's the right thing to do. Had the government not been so utterly corrupt, we could have been more critical of a few of his poor choices, and maybe he would have reconsidered.
    Eric W.

    1. Eric: Such a fine -- and mega-sad -- point.

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  13. The Democratic plan for America: Die, whitey, die!
    The Republican plan for America: It's OK if whitey dies as long as our big donors get a tax break. Bwahaha, you can't win in this system. The Democrats are, as Michael Walsh said, a criminal organization masquerading as a political party. The Republicans are a business lobby masquerading as a political party. If you are white the first party loathes you for the color of your skin, the second party loathes you on a class basis, and they both seek to exploit you in various ways. Indeed, see the modern U.S. government as a colonialist government and see yourself as the natives and everything falls into place. They might treat the natives decently as long as they submit, but the all consuming obsession of the colonial government is to prevent a native uprising. Somebody has to pay and labor for the colonial system that makes them rich and gives them power. Who'll pay for the skim they take for themselves and give to their clients if the natives revolt? Thus the Republicans join with the Democrats to crush every manifestation of "populism." If the natives are allowed to politically act in their own self-interests they might choose to not be serfs and objects of exploitation in a racist colonial system.