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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Supreme Court is shrinking government

In the declining years of his blog, Matt Drudge has become the very media dinosaur that he came to slay nearly a quarter-century ago. 

But his graphics remain simple and powerful. Today's centerpiece on the Supreme Court was nice hype.

Justices are tackling a host of relevant issues that share in common government overreach and bureaucrats meddling in our lives. The first truly conservative court since FDR is poised to rein in the federal government.

The first yanking of the chain is on the court itself.

49 years ago, 7 old men decided that there was a right to abortion despite the fact that not only was it banned when the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, but the Hippocratic Oath swore doctors to not help abort a child. The oath was changed in 1949.

Alito, Thomas and Trump's three appointees likely will abort Roe and send the issue back to the states to decide.

Then there is West Virginia v. EPA. The state wants to stop the EPA from shutting coal mines. The EPA has bought into the Big Lie about global warming. Carbon dioxide is not now nor has it ever been a pollutant. Carbon dioxide is a nutrient without which life on Earth would cease to exist.

The legal issue is whether EPA minions can assume powers Congress has not granted them.

That -- not abortion -- is the most important case this year because it will stop the expansion of the federal government through the creepy-crawler processes of adding rules and regulations through the Federal Register.

I don't want to damper the enthusiasm, but overturning Roe won't stop abortion. The Plan B pill now accounts for half the abortions. Half the states will continue to have butchers. Overturning Roe, however, should end liberals using the courts to legislate what no sane legislator who is answerable to the people would vote for.

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association lawsuit against the state's clearly unconstitutional gun laws should result in a spanking for the Democrats in Albany.

During arguments, Kavanaugh asked, "Why isn’t it good enough to say I live in a violent area and I want to defend myself?"

Mason, Madison and the rest would ask why the hell it is any of the state's business why I want a gun or a cannon, but this will do. As Donald Rumsfeld said, "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Alito and Thomas are fine. The Trump appointees are young. They will learn. I hope the protests at their homes and the attempted assassination are the fire that will forge them into greatness.

I hope they bear in mind always that the larger the government, the smaller our freedom.

Drudge took on media dinosaurs and in retrospect did well until he sold out and became a dinosaur himself.

But all that is parsley on the steak. The court is about to slay dragons. A nation is not on edge over this. Many of us are popping corn in the microwave while waiting for the show to begin. 


  1. If the court rules correctly on WbGV vs the environmental Polluting Agency, hopefully that will spark some trickle down everywhere.
    I am at the point where local government should only be allowed to enforce laws passed by the legislature instead of making up garbage as they want.

  2. If Roe goes, you can be sure Lawrence and Obergefell will soon (in a relative sense) follow. Then maybe Miranda, Nazis in Skokie, flag burning, and prayer in school.

    Take rights away from the crooks and give them back to the people.

    1. Flag burning is viewed as symbolic speech. That isn't changing. We will still have to live with the loonies who do so.

      Obergefell is the one that most closely fails on the same test as Roe. But unlike Roe, the number of gays getting married is pretty small, and the furor over it has settled down. It would be nice to get rid of it just to clean up the mess.

    2. You may burn your own flag. You may not burn someone else's, including a govt flag. You may not use it as a fuse to light a larger fire.

  3. I'll believe these ruling by the Court when I see them.

    1. Right. I think it likely that the three Trump youngsters have learned the opposite lesson than the host assumes. They have learned to hope that the crocodile will eat them last.

    2. Threats, blackmail and bribery. Pretzel logic may very well prevail.

      I say, fire all the human justices. Lock an AI computer in a vault, protected by a detachment of Marines, teach it the Constitution and then let it rule on these things. Couldn't be any worse than it's been.

    3. Agree that Trump's appointees to date have been sporadic with conservative votes and at times exhibited outright cowardice. I have a low confidence level in them.

  4. Another outstanding post, Big D. But I have to beg to differ: The abortion ruling is like the 2002 Terps beating UConn in the regional finals and then dispatching of Kansas and Indiana in the Final Four. UConn was Satan. Those other chumlies were just fodder. DO NOT CARE what the states decide…like, if UConn (figuratively) wants to abort all their babies, how is that not a YUGE win for MAGA?

  5. Waiting to see if John Roberts is another catholic in name only, twisting himeself into another obamacare type pretzel to justify abortion. Any resulting riots and turmoil in the streets had BETTER bring out the insurrection police and 24 hr coverage (now that ukraine has petered out)! But we all know how that will work out....

  6. I hope all rulings are at least 6-3, but with Roberts, 5-4 may have to do.

    I wonder what level of violence Merrick Garland will permit from the left once the rulings come down.

  7. Roberts is playing a game. In cahoots with the highly partisan Garland not enforcing law regarding protests at the Justice's homes, he's hoping he can get one of the anti Roe Justices to break, hence why the decision isn't released. Roberts is a snake.


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