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Saturday, June 18, 2022

It is drag queen story hour at NR

Most of my readers at one time or another subscribed to National Review or read it online.

Most of them regret that.

NR's Against Trump issue exposed it as the house organ for Fake Conservatism it had become. After decades of talking about stopping immigration, opposing abortion and rolling back taxes, NR faced a man who would actually do that. 

For decades, NR bragged about standing athwart history yelling stop.

Donald Trump came along to make history. NR panicked.

Calling something fake is easy. Proving it is difficult. But with a hat tip to Ace of Spades, a good example of NR's phoniness has emerged.

Charles C. W. Cooke wrote, "When, Exactly, Did Drag Queens in Schools Become a Thing?"

He whined, "How did we reach the point at which drag queens in schools became a topic that is routinely debated in domestic American politics? How did drag queens get into schools in the first place? Why does anyone think it’s acceptable — let alone crucial — to keep them there? Why has one of the two major political parties in America decided that this a hill to die on? How did this happen? In the last six months, I have heard more about drag queens in schools than I have heard about the solvency of Medicare. Why?"

Cooke and NR have no problem letting men dressed as women read to children. Either Cooke and the rest are blind to the problem of grooming or they are being as deceptive as everyone else on the left.

NR has long championed the transgender cause. 

On December 17, 2016, Josh Gelernter wrote, "A Conservative Defense of Transgender Rights. Conservatives should hesitate before empowering the government to look up people’s skirts."

Ah yes, don't empower the government to protect your daughters from being raped in the girl's bathroom by a boy in a skirt

He turned the situation into a whatabout, writing, "Unfortunately, the door is already open to child predators. So long as there are public bathrooms, bad people will use them (if for no other reason than evacuation). If child predators using your kids’ bathroom is your concern, you should be worrying about the male predators in the boys’ bathroom right now, not the male predators who might claim to be transgendered to get into the girls’ bathroom. (Or vice versa.)"

Who said parents were not worried?

They don't want to double the odds of molestation. 

On May 9, 2018, J. J. McCullough called for a unilateral cease-fire, writing, "Time for a Compromise on Transgenderism. Cautious conservatives should work to preserve a peaceful and free social order."

McCullough began, "I doubt that many Americans would disagree that the country’s conversation about gay rights is far more mature and considered than it was two decades ago."

Considering the Supreme Court had out of thin air created an anti-democratic right to gay marriage, perhaps mature and considered is the wrong way to go. But NR has been losing the cultural and political war for so long that it obviously likes losing.

Conservatives don't.

But McCullough and NR made the argument that we should treat transgenderism as inevitable just as gay marriage became. By compromise, NR meant capitulation.

On September 9, 2019, David French wrote, "Viewpoint Neutrality Protects Both Drag Queens and Millions of American Christians."

Compromise, comrade, and they will let you live.

You see, NR is about standing athwart and yelling stop. NR is not about actually stopping anything. NR writers and editors just like to yell.

But Trumpism is alive and well and kicking butt. In Florida, Ron DeSantis has a jolly good time by sticking it to liberals. He spanked Disney good and hard for trying to sabotage his anti-groomer law.

NR is unhappy.

On April 20, 2022, Cooke wrote, "Ron DeSantis’s Misguided Attack on Disney’s Legal Status.

"The governor already won. There is no need for the Republican Party of Florida to salt the earth."

Of course you must salt the earth. Look at what Democrats and RINOs are doing to Trump supporters who dared protest inside the Capitol -- a stunt that once got Amy Schumer and 300 other anti-Kavanaugh protesters arrested and charges dropped. Trump supporters have been imprisoned for 17 months now.

After telling DeSantis to treat his win as an L, Cooke now pretends two months later that grooming kids and drag queen story hour are a new phenomenon.

Why? Well, the men and women are drag queens themselves, each hoping to channel their inner Peggy Noonan. When it comes to conservative capitulation, few are as devoted as she. Her column a week ago was, "Democrats should stop their manipulations. Republicans should get serious on guns."

Give up, GOP, and grab those guns!

This week she declared, "Trump Voters Need a New Direction. He might have been the only Republican who could beat Hillary in 2016. But he’s a sure loser in the 2024 presidential election." 

Read my lips: No more Noonan.

Ace was blunt about the drag queen situation, writing, "I don't want to blame Cooke for this -- he didn't come up with the Blessing of Liberty formulation -- but is he really pretending this just became an issue now?

"No, it's been an issue for years -- and National Review has been on the other side of the issue.

"And if Cooke and National Review can't admit that easily-google-able fact, then no one should pay any mind to them."

That's the problem with DC and NYC lies these days. They are so blatant that they insult our intelligence.

Most of my readers once were fans of National Review because it was pretty good at hiding its liberalism. Drag queen story hour is just one of the many examples of its deceit. Trump's best service to the country was exposing these people for who they truly are.


  1. George will was once my favorite writer. Now hes just fauci.

  2. A transgender who does have the commit to have "bottom" surgery is simply a dime store transvestite, a dude who likes to dress in tacky women's clothes . Perversion is evil. It's also stupid!

  3. Anyone still reading NR or Noonan is not someone we want on our team. They are preaching to empty seats.

    1. Noonan is inane and repulsive. One indication that the NY Post is in the Deep Swamp tank is that long after she went awol, they continued to publish her garbage. And probably still intend to.

    2. If there is a bigger disaster than Noonan, I don't know who it could be. What a repulsive, disgusting poltroon.

  4. You hit the mark with that column, Don. The folks you mentioned are fake conservatives. They were never really on the team, anyway. I left NR in 2016 when they came out with their anti-Trump edition. They finally got in candidate Trump in 2016 someone who would fight for what they wanted. But he wasn't their kind of people. Salt the earth. Gooder and harder.

    1. I had begun to question NR, but I wasn't keen on Trump myself. He was a boorish NYC real estate "democrat", pro-choice, with a dangerous health care policy plan.

      When Trump won, and the policies began to become reality it was starting to become obvious he was going to govern conservatively, the authors of the NeverTrump issue showed their true colors by never backing off their complaints about Trump. Even after they had argued for these same policies for years. I never went back.

      They now are backed by left wing money, and no conservative voter pays attention to any of them. Mr. Lowry managed to outdo Mr. Kristol.

      Well done!

    2. NR stands for the Natty Reprobates ("A free George Will bow-tie with every subscription!").

  5. Maybe nr was on the epstein lolita express?

    1. I'd ask the President about his opinion on this, but he's busy in the shower with his daughter.

  6. How quickly we went from "just accept us for who we are" to "let us groom your kids."

  7. And I'm watching a few gay folks in the party becoming more and more prominent because of their association with Trump and no one has the guts to call out the fact that these guys are where those touting trans in the schools were a few years back. They were all dressed nice in sex appropriate clothes and they claimed they just wanted their love to be acknowledged and to be allowed what every one else gets in this country. And so despite referendums saying no, gay marriage came about. And then refusing to be vocal in ones support of gays was a crime. And now as they have saturated popular culture we have the very colorful and devilish trans claiming their rights.
    Well there are guys who are claiming the mantle of being Trump backers and America First and such who are out gays and who are now being more vocal about it (we knew when Trump selected them but it wasn't a vocal thing. Now they are making sure we know they're gay).
    I would guess that if America firsters in one form or another (DeSantis or Trump) wins any sort of top office that they will begin to lobby for more visible rights for gays in Government and next will come the end all and be all of the entire push of LGBT; pedophilia and child pornography. God help me I hope I'm wrong but we (conservatives) are letting the wolf into the fold because the Democrats have done us pretty dirty. Then what are we doing letting those who are a major force in the Democrat party to infiltrate our party just on the basis of a few viewpoints that they have that coincide with ours. When the really large viewpoint they have is totally antithetical to our supposed morals. You can't just pick and choose your sins. And we've already gotten a preview of what will happen to our party by accepting any leadership by gays. No matter how nice they dress up for now.

    1. You are the last one to ROLCON, Jeffery.

    2. What the hell is ROLCON? Not in Urban Dictionary, not in regular dictionary and doesn't turn up in Brave search engine.

    3. ROLCON would seem to be acronymish for ROLeplay as a CONservative. Found thru DuckDuckGo.

  8. Nice to see someone as sick of Pride Month as I am.

    Considering the Supreme Court had out of thin air created an anti-democratic right to gay marriage

    And another out of anal sex.

  9. If Trump was a sure loser in 2024 these comically bad January 6 hearings would not be happening right now.

  10. Transport yourself back to the Normal Times of the Pre-70s. Even the science fiction writers couldn’t come up with scenarios to equal what we have in front of us today

  11. Loved NR when Buckley was at the helm. Once Lowry took over, it went steadily downhill.


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