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Saturday, June 25, 2022

How to restore Roe

Liberals are upset because states they do not live in now can abort abortion.

Liberals are threatening revolution. They are threatening justices. They are calling for ending the Supreme Court. They are crying like banshee babies in city after city.

And of course, they are calling Clarence Thomas the N-word.

They act as if this is the end of the world and all they can do is yell and shout and burn cities down.


There is a way to restore the Roe decision and make it permanent.

All liberals have to do is add four little words to the Constitution: Abortion is a right.

It's that simple. Just have Congress pass a resolution amending the Constitution to add those four little words. That should be easy. Democrats control both houses of Congress. They need two-thirds approval. Oh I am sure Republicans would gladly give Democrats the rope to hang themselves.

Once Congress passes the resolution, the pro-abortion left will have 7 years to get 38 states to agree to it.

The media says a majority of Americans want to keep Roe intact. OK. Let's see. Put up or shut up.


  1. Remember the ERA?

    And I don't mean earned run average.

    1. And not even the Environment Regulatory Agency. I had just come to this country, and being on campus there were ample opportunities to meet imbeciles believe in that. Until you pointed out how EQUAL would get distorted into SAME

  2. When the ERA failed to pass muster, it had been way longer than 7 years. A judge finally got tired of it and killed the effort. It was supposed to be passed by 1979 but fell three states short. It was still kicking around in 2017 when two more states tried to revive it, even though 5 states changed their approval vote to no by rescinding the vote. Same thing would happen here. And they liberals know that. They would be lucky as hell to get to 35 states.

  3. Liberals are such a class act. AJ shows how tolerant they are. Nice.

    I see that Lisa Murkowski will be working to make abortion a federal right. Another Republican gem.

    1. Be nice to have some repubs with backbone putting up legislation making life begins at either insemination or at the very least the first fetal heartbeat.
      Maybe they'd all do like the Green Day jerk who vows to give up his citizenship and move to England.

  4. Leftists are acting up in states where abortion is already legal and will remain so even if they opted for civil deliberation instead of rioting. In New York, as a result of the Supreme Court's ruling, it's meet the new law, same as the old law.

  5. They do not even have to go through the amendment process. They can get ten Republian Senators to support a law making abortion legal for some number of weeks, get it through the House, and Biden signs off. Through the Supremacy Clause, that is binding on the State. That law could be changed back later just the same.

  6. Obviously they're upset because they know that unless they can fix the game none of the stuff they want will ever pass with a majority of people. Most people get it when they see that what you've planned for them is not going to be in their favor or for their good but for yours.
    Which is why for so many years they had to shove stuff thru the courts to get it made law. Until the conservatives started doing the same thing and winning. Then all of a sudden the courts were no good it's was unconstitutional and undemocratic to do things that way.
    From the time in 1972 when it finally dawned on me that the left was not interested in the freedom and welfare of the citizens. They just wanted control and for the citizens to shut up and do what they're told that I've become sooo sick and tired of the left/Democrats rhetoric and whining and claiming how much they work so hard for the people.
    Yet everything they do turns things into a mess, costs more than we can afford, does nothing that was claimed it would do, makes anyone empowered, or freer, or better off financially or safer. All anything they want does is make their devilish friends more evil, their plots and plans for Hell more final and the shackles they've got for you that much closer to being locked on. And everytime the people we elect to stop them helps them in their evil I want to choke them as I point them to what the law they've pass will actually do and how it will really wind up being enforced and how expensive and useless it will all be until years from now maybe, maybe someone realizes it and put an end to the devil's dance they started this year. God I hate them for their constant creation and recreation of Hell here on earth every chance they get.

  7. And I think what I hate more is how many people they manage to convince to give them money and to be their slaves and to destroy and hate and punish others for their rights and who still think that the Democrats are doing good.

  8. I've wondered why no Dem in NY, where Dobbs is irrelevant and Roe was since abortion has been legal in NY since 1970, has begun an effort to add a right to abortion to the NYS Constitution. I think they damn well know that when such an amendment would be presented to the voters as it would have to be, it would be voted down, no matter what the downstate loudmouths say.


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