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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Highlights of the News

After the way Nancy shoved the daughter of Mayra Flores, some say the congresswoman should throw a bucket of water on Pelosi. I say a house is more appropriate. Save the water for Hillary.

ITEM 1: Inflation is all your fault. You are saving too much money.

Julie Hyman reported with a straight face, "Americans were sitting on $815.3 billion worth of savings as of April.

"This may be good news for consumers individually, but bad news for the Federal Reserve, whose efforts to slow inflation could be delayed by this extra pile of cash lying around."

It may be good for you individually, but for the sake of Der Fatherland, you must spend, spend, spend because Hyman is under the impression that more money chasing fewer products reduces prices.

ITEM 2: CBS reported, "Turkey agreed Tuesday to lift its opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO, ending an impasse that had clouded a leaders' summit opening in Madrid amid Europe's worst security crisis in decades, triggered by the war in Ukraine."

The story said, "Turkey hailed Tuesday's agreement as a triumph, saying the Nordic nations had agreed to crack down on groups that Ankara deems national security threats, including the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, and its Syrian extension. It said they also agreed not to impose embargo restrictions in the field of defense industry on Turkey and to take concrete steps on the extradition of terrorist criminals."

In short, the Swedes and the Finns have agreed to obey international law and fight terrorism in exchange for the Turks defending them against the Russians.

ITEM 3: UPI reported, "A British Columbia man captured video of his fearless cat facing off against a black bear that wandered into his driveway.

"Brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock said their cat, Tigger, is known to be mischievous and fearless, and can often be found chasing neighborhood dogs away from their home."

Just looked at our cat.

She would open the door for a bear and show him where our honey is stored.

ITEM 4: The New York Post reported, "Joe Biden called his son Hunter in late 2018 to discuss a New York Times article detailing the younger Biden’s dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon accused of economic crimes — telling him, “I think you’re clear,” according to a report Monday.

"The voicemail, discovered on a cellphone backup contained on Hunter Biden’s infamous discarded laptop, would appear to contradict President Biden’s continued denial that he ever talked with his disgraced 52-year-old son about his overseas business transactions — and was aware they could be improper."

Most of DC knows Biden is a slow, dull, crooked man who is obsessed with sex and bribes. He's been like this throughout his half-century in Washington.

They wanted him as president, which tells you how much they care for America.

ITEM 5: Taiyler Simone Mitchell reported, "Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Clarence Thomas, who she's known since they were at Yale Law School together in the '60s, has always been a person of grievance."

She's the queen of grievance.

By the way, Thomas entered the law school in 1971. I guess that is 1960-eleven.

Philip Klein of National Review tweeted, "Among other things, the law school reference isn't plausible. Not only was she in a different graduating class from Thomas, but to the extent they overlapped, he wasn't even a conservative in law school -- that was just the beginning of his ideological transition."

Sotomayor said two weeks ago, "I suspect that I have disagreed with him more than any other Justice...and yet, Justice Thomas is the one Justice in the building that literally knows every employee's name. Every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he remembers their families' names and histories. He's the first one to go up to someone when you're walking with him and say, 'Is your son okay? How is your daughter doing in college?' He's the first one that, when my stepfather died, sent me flowers in Florida."

I will cut Hillary some slack. Thomas was a black nationalist then so I suspect he was a person of grievance. But he found the Lord, made peace with who he is, became happy and grew the hell up.

Hillary? Well, maybe next year. 

ITEM 6: AP shrieked, "Donald Trump rebuffed his own security’s warnings about armed protesters in the Jan. 6 rally crowd and made desperate attempts to join his supporters as they marched to the Capitol, according to dramatic new testimony Tuesday before the House committee investigating the 2021 insurrection.

"Cassidy Hutchinson, a little-known former White House aide, described an angry, defiant president that day who was trying to let armed protesters avoid security screenings at a rally that morning to protest his 2020 election defeat and who later grabbed at the steering wheel of the presidential SUV when the Secret Service refused to let him go to the Capitol."

This was secondhand information, aka, gossip.

Meanwhile, a real reporter, Peter Alexander, tweeted, "A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel."

The Democrat obsession with Trump is Nero fiddling while Rome burned. 

ITEM 7: The Daily Wire reported, "The man who served as sergeant-at-arms for the U.S. Senate during the January 6 riot and later suggested that professional agitators might be to blame for the incident has been found dead, according to reports

"Michael Stenger’s death comes amid the House of Representatives’ investigation of the riot at the U.S. Capitol last year. No cause of death was given for Stenger, a 35-year veteran of the Secret Service and a former U.S. Marine."

Arkancide. Donate to the Witness Protection Service until a cure is found.

ITEM 8: Slay reported, "The U.S. Office of Special Counsel determined that President Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm violated the Hatch Act during a late 2021 interview.

"The OSC said Granholm explicitly endorsed Dem Party candidates during an Oct. 6 interview in her official capacity with media outlet Marie Clare. The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust asked the OSC to investigate the matter.

"Erica Hamrick, the deputy chief of the OSC’s Hatch Act Unit, wrote to FACT: 'OSC has concluded that Secretary Granholm engaged in political activity when she gave this response promoting the electoral success of the Democrat Party.'"

She is a terrible energy secretary. Buttigieg is a terrible transportation secretary. Austin is a terrible defense secretary. They are all terrible. They are a Team of Partisan Hacks. This administration reminds me of the film Goodfellas, when the mobsters take over a restaurant. They run up its debt, steal everything and burn the place down for the insurance money.

ITEM 9: The Reload reported, "Someone from the California Attorney General’s Office leaked files from their database including the home addresses, full names and dates of birth for every gun owner in the state. The leak included the private information of 244 judges and 420 reserve officers in addition to thousands of private civilians.

"A video reviewed by The Reload shows the databases with detailed information were initially available for download via a button on the website’s mapping feature. They appeared to have been removed from public access by Tuesday afternoon and replaced with spreadsheets without the individualized identifying information.

"The office of Attorney General Rob Bonta confirmed private information had been exposed and said they are examining the situation."

This is the beauty of constitutional carry: there are no lists and no gathering of private information by the state for Democrats to release.

ITEM 10: Politico reported, "Less than a year ago, a GOP Senate victory in deep blue Washington state would have been unthinkable. But now, Democrats are spending millions on advertising in several once-reliable Democratic strongholds, including Washington, as Republicans build national momentum and push for new Senate pickups.

"There’s a similar panic in Colorado, where Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary has also drawn millions of dollars in Democrat-funded ads to boost a far-right candidate, a massive last-ditch campaign to keep a moderate Republican off the ballot this fall."

Roses are red.
Democrats are blue.
Cuz two more states
Will be red too.

ITEM 11: The Conservative Brief reported, "Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite who was convicted of conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein to recruit, groom, and abuse underage girls, has learned her fate in court.

"U.S. Circuit Judge Alison Nathan has sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking."

Maxwell may live because she never revealed the johns.

ITEM 12: NBC reported, "Rep. Mary Miller defeated Rep. Rodney Davis in an House primary in Illinois after redistricting pitted two incumbent Republicans against each other, NBC News projected.

"With nearly all of the expected vote counted, Miller held a 15-point edge over Davis.

"Miller's victory marked another win for former President Donald Trump, as well, who backed her as part of his effort to oust several incumbent Republicans deemed insufficiently loyal. Davis ran afoul of Trump by supporting the establishment of an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot. Davis supported the never-chartered independent commission, not the House select committee now probing the Capitol attack, which held its sixth public hearing Tuesday."

Another Never Trumper bites the dust.

Where are the Never Biden Democrats? Or does every Democrat enjoy watching the nation go up in flames?

ITEM 13: Speaking of Never Trump, the instantly discredited story about President Trump grabbing the steering wheel fooled a lot of Never Trump fools.

John Podhoretz wrote, "Trump Is In Deep, Deep, Deep, Deep Trouble."

Amanda Carpenter wrote, "Hutchinson Puts Trump's Violence on Display."

Tim Miller, also of the Bulwark, wrote, "Cassidy Hutchinson Held Their Manhoods Cheap  —  They all knew.  But only the 26-year-old staffer would testify about it under oath.  —  This afternoon a 26-year-old former assistant showed more courage and integrity than an entire administration full of grown-ass adults."

The walls are closing in.


The dam is about to burst.


ITEM 14: Rasmussen reported, "Even though more voters identify as pro-choice than pro-life, fully half of them approve of the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

"A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. voters approve of the Supreme Court abortion ruling, including 38% who Strongly Approve of the decision, which means that each state can now determine its own laws regarding abortion. 45% disapprove of the Supreme Court’s new ruling, including 38% who Strongly Disapprove."



ITEM 15: NYT reported, "The Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated a Republican-drawn congressional map in Louisiana that a federal judge had said diluted the power of black voters.

"The court’s three liberal members dissented.

"The Supreme Court’s brief order, which included no reasoning, blocked the judge’s ruling and granted a petition seeking review in the case. The justices will, the order said, hold the Louisiana case while the court decides a similar one from Alabama in its next term."

An Obama judge had sided with Democrats on this one.

How about the federal government stop sticking its nose in redistricting because right now, the federal courts violate the 14th Amendment by demanding racist districting.

ITEM 16: Business Insider reported, "Ukraine has lost more troops during the Russian invasion than there are infantry in the British army, defense expert says."

Zelensky should cut a deal and end the carnage.

FINALLY, Beavis and Butthead return and learn about white privilege.


  1. 5 - The Queen of Arkancide is the queen of grievances. Once again she is lying about her relationship with someone and projecting her flaws on someone else.

    1. Hillary doesn't nurse grievances.

      She shoots them.

      In the back.


      At 3 am.

  2. Item 16: LGBTQ stands for Let's Get Biden To Quit

  3. 8: Let's never forget that all of them were confirmed in short order by the Senate with RINO votes.

  4. Item 10: “Tuesday’s GOP Senate primary has also drawn millions of dollars in Democrat-funded ads to boost a far-right candidate” Isn’t this the same thing the MSM did in 2016? They gave Trump billions of dollars in free advertising because they wanted to promote a far-right Republican “who couldn’t possibly win.” (Gomer Pyle voice) Well, surprise, surprise.

    1. He is pro-life and wants to control the border. Far right. Sheesh.

  5. 4 - the mainstream media will never report on this. How many smoking guns are needed?

  6. 4 "Most of DC knows Biden is a slow, dull, crooked man who is obsessed with sex and bribes. He's been like this throughout his half-century in Washington.".

    Just like his father FJB!
    -Reporting From Home

  7. Item 12: “does every Democrat enjoy watching the nation go up in flames?” Speaking of America in flames… Victor Davis Hanson, writing in American Greatness, says, “America, as the world’s only successful multiracial democratic republic, was always fragile. It was and is always one generation away from disappearing … We are that generation.” VDH is not known to be a saber-rattling, wild-eyed conspiracy theorist. His sobering article is worth a read:

    1. Excellent article by VDH as usual. Very sobering.

      I am at a meeting of Municipal office holders. Very good again. The very small towns are well represented. By far, most mayors and aldermen from these small towns (under 1,000, Maybe 1,500, care about the town and not their egos or positions. It needs to filter up. It starts at the bottom.

      Great quote “it doesn’t really matter how pretty your town or city is, it matters how safe it is”.

    2. Most of the Democrat-infested big cities are neither pretty nor safe.

    3. VDH is always a must read and he is certainly right in his latest article about America's fragility. Kudos to you Mr. Lardmaster for your public service. You are right, it starts at the bottom and filters up. Towns and cities need to be safe, that's the first priority.

    4. VDH may be right, but in this case, I don't think so.
      The leftists have known about the fragility for decades. They are now exploiting those weaknesses for the express purpose of destroying the nation.
      When they implement a plan, see an adverse result, instead of walking it back and making a correction, they double down on the stupidity.
      Take bail reform. Within weeks of catch and release becoming the norm, crime spiked. Some perps were caught, booked, released and caught again before the officer doing the first report had completed the paperwork.
      What did they do? Expanded the program.
      What did that accomplish? Even more crime and more violent acts.
      Same thing at the border, catch and release for juveniles led to more kids being trafficked, unaccompanied minors got paired with single adults, sometimes with exploiters.
      When that became news, they switched to releasing unaccompanied adults and no longer forced them to have an accompanying child. Now they are ignoring the court orders.

    5. You just proved VDH's argument.

  8. I may have misjudged Mike Judge, because his cartoon showed up on MTV. Then I saw his movie " Idiocracy". Then I realized that Beavis and Butthead was a satire on how MTV and teen culture rots a kids mind

    1. Leave it to Mike Judge to eviscerate liberal mantra with humor that cuts to the bone.

  9. they are airing the biden voicemail because its the lesser of the evils on the laptop. ....and mr. stenger said he had the paper trail of funding for the antifa goons hired to disrupt the j6, which led right back to pelosi.

    1. Serious good faith request: do you have a link to the Mr. Stranger said... part? I would like to see that and save it (locally) from the memory hole.

  10. Item 8 - Team of Partisan hacks?? I suspect the more accurate description is “Team of Pipsqueaks and Pinheads”.

  11. "Zelensky should cut a deal and end the carnage."

    Zelensky did cut a deal. With the Deep State.

    He agreed to use Ukrainians as cannon fodder in their proxy war to overthrow Putin and install a puppet like himself or Biden there.

    Now, the Fruit of the Loom- Fuhrer is going on tv to do a NAZI Aid telethon.

    1. There is no one with whom Zelensky can cut a deal. The Russians have no intention of stopping at this point. They are doing scorched earth, and while Western weapons can make it bloody, they probably can't stop it. Ukraine has overperformed, and Russia has underperformed, but in the end Russia is just too big - and all indications are that Putin is going to keep pushing - destroy everything, kill anything that resists and move on west. He isn't satisfied with just the SE regions.

      The real decision will be when the US decides to put the hammer down - if they do - on India and China for quietly supporting Russia in trade. I cannot see that happening, outside of cajoling them about it. But if the US is really concerned that all of Ukraine is ready to fall, and that the Baltics and Poland are next, the US Navy can stop all shipping out of Russia in a few days. And India and China would have no recourse, except for the financial punishment they would both face for having forced the US to that step. All in all, an ugly business with no winners.

      Anyway, I still think we will do just about anything to avoid an all out military confrontation with Russia - which the Russians would lose quickly and completely -and which would make everyone concerned about Putin and his little red button.

    2. Of course the one very interesting wild card is Macron's very public rebuking of Biden's energy policy. Biden, or whoever is telling Biden what to do, is completely in a box. If he bails on green energy uber alles he deflates one of his remaining factions that will vote D this fall. Otherwise, it sounds as if the Western sanctions, which coalesced so quickly, could break apart just as fast.

      Funny, you'd think an America leftist fascist commie, which every national D is, and which every American who votes for them is implicated as same, would realize not being able to keep the lights on might be a small problem.

    3. And keeping warm in the winter is a problem, too. I think Macron did that on purpose.

    4. Black JEM: “the US Navy can stop all shipping out of Russia in a few days.” That’s true, of course, but I wonder if we would have the same problem vs Russia as Russia had vs Ukraine. For such a huge, nuclear-equipped country, Russia certainly “underperformed” against Ukraine, even though Russia will ultimately win. The surprisingly effective Ukrainian pushback on the Russian invasion showed the world that Russia is far from invincible.

      Would the same happen to us if we went toe-to-toe with Russia? I fear our fighting force (and most of NATO’s) is largely soft, inadequate, and coasting on its reputation, much like Russia was before the Ukrainians started taking out their hardware and their generals. Would our “underperformance” only display our soft underbelly? If so, FJB should stick to his angry rhetoric and sanctions.

    5. It is altogether fitting that we are manufacturing a West Berlin-Airlift-in-Reverse in Kaliningrad, because under Shadow President Obama’s Installed Junta, we are now Soviet America, the New Evil Empire.

      We created this proxy war through a Cuban Missile Crisis-in-Reverse. Putin cannot accept NATO weapons on his doorstep any more than JFK could accept Soviet missiles on ours.

      And especially not a NATO puppet regime, conducting illegal Plandemic research, the building of more illegal viruses and nukes, too, in violation of all our biological and nuclear treaty obligations--while also sponsoring NAZIS and saboteurs to overthrow the Russian government.

      George F. Kennan warned his fellow Democrats of this decades ago. They knew it was unacceptable. But they were actually counting on it because they wanted Putin to invade. They WANT dead Ukrainians. It serves their purposes.

      The Dog That Didn’t Bark is the complete lack of any diplomacy from the State Department. That’s because THEY WANT THIS WAR. Blather on about “Putin’s brutal war”, but this is OUR war. We bought and paid for it. We manipulated and manufactured it into existence. Not Putin.

      They want this war for the distraction.
      They want this war for the chaos–Yuri Bezmenov’s Destabilization Phase.
      But mostly they want this war so they can overthrow Putin, install a puppet like Zelensky or Biden, loot Russia’s natural resources and tyrannize the Russian people under their precious World Government.

      They overthrew the American Government–and now they’ve set their sights on Russia.


    6. Randy. The Russians cannot effectively fight at night - their armor is overly susceptible to arial attack - and their reflective armor is not always even activated.

      They cannot control the skies even now.

      It would be a blood bath. Russia is defeating the Ukrainians now by massing huge numbers of artillery - destroying everything in its path - then moving in with infantry and armor support to shoot anything that moves. That is their strategy. I'm sure you've seen the pictures. That all takes time.

      Their massed artillery would all be destroyed within the first hour of any action. In the oft chance tanks actually met one another, the M1 Abrams is so superior you and I could operate it and kill multiple Russian tanks before they got a round off. Our offensives would more likely than not take place at night, where the Russians are blind and we aren't.

      And Air superiority would be immediate. Odds are it would be as bad as the Iraqi's performance in desert storm.

    7. JEM's right ; regardless of the rot going on in Ukraine any deal cut with Putin will not be honored . This will result in genocide of the Ukrainian people . This mess has two fathers ; both should be dealt with harshly.

  12. Item 2: "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."
    Item 8: The gang that couldn't shoot straight or Peter Principal Practitioners.
    Item 13: Trump has had more predictions of his doom than the Earth by environmental whackos.

  13. Breaking news out of the Vatican. The age-old question, “Is the Pope Catholic?” has finally been answered:

    1. How did that sinful old hag get communion from Red Francis? Never mind. I just answered my own question when I typed Red Francis.

    2. He is an Argentine " red shirt " , why the hell they ever elected him as pontiff I will never understand .

  14. Item 11. -Maxwell may live because she never revealed the johns....Yet.
    Remember: Dead men tell no tales. That worked on Epstein, and there's too many high powered elites to protect.

  15. re: FINALLY-- Beavis and Butthead. I chuckled when I watched the clip. I have always been a huge fan of Beavis and Butthead and watched it back in the day. I am also a huge fan of South Park.

  16. Item 12
    "Where are the Never Biden Democrats?"
    Avoiding Arkancide by staying silent, that's where.

    1. Exactly. I would like to see a book written on Arkancide, but the author would likely get "suicided" while writing it.

  17. #16-- Russia and Ukraine -- Yes, negotiate some kind of peace and move on. It's just a landscape of wreakage now.

  18. #13 -- Walls closing in on Trump. Again? This is getting tiring. And the media keep falling for it.

  19. #1 re: inflation. That reporter is gaslighting her audience or she is economically illiterate. It's hard to say. I learned the definition of inflation in a business class in high school. More money chasing fewer products does not reduce prices.

    1. No worries - all that money in the bank isn't going to go for new items - it's going to be used to pay down increasingly large credit card debt.

    2. And maxed out credit card holders will mortgage their properties to clean out their credit card debt. And banks, aware of the risks, will sell the mortgages to Wall Street to be transformed into "derivatives" backed by these mortgages. And the ratings agencies (Moody's, etc.) will give these securities their highest ratings until the house of cards collapses. Wait a minute! Where have we seen this before?

    3. And maxed out credit card holders will mortgage their properties to clean out their credit card debt. And banks, aware of the risks, will sell the mortgages to Wall Street to be transformed into "derivatives" backed by these mortgages. And the ratings agencies (Moody's, etc.) will give these securities their highest ratings until the house of cards collapses. Wait a minute! Where have we seen this before?

  20. #10-- Fingers crossed, no cheating and a good turnout to turn Washington and Colorado red. You folks would know better than me if this is possible.

    1. I'd be shocked. Both mail in ballot states. Cheating out the wahoo is available.

    2. As a Coloradan, I'd be shocked if it turned back red. Legal pot and unlimited abortion at any time has made my home state a magnet for progs.

  21. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    2: When 9/11 hit (no pun), we had a 10 division army and Rumsfeld wanted to cut it to 8. Today, we have 12 divisions, the 7th was reactivated in '06 and they just reactivated the 11th Airborne as an Arctic division.

    Sounds like somebody is expecting a war.

    3: Sounds like our York, Quantum.

    7: Have to disagree. The Ozarks have no dog in that fight.

    Stenger may have been offed, but somebody else pulled the trigger.

    Frankly, with all this ciding going on, I'm waiting for Granny Boxwine to croak, "Et tu, Steny?".

    8: The Democrat party has become one big crime family.

    11: Maybe, but I think she's got something socked away that goes public when she dies.

    Did she ever learn to code?

    12: To ask the question is to answer it.

    14: Depends how you define pro-choice.

    15: This is what strikes terror in the hearts of Demos (if they have any) when Clarence Thomas talks about revisiting 14th Amendment jurisprudence.

    16: And stop the cash flow?

  22. There is no Never biden because he doesn't threaten the swamp. He is the epitome of a swamp creature.

  23. “ITEM 12:  Or does every Democrat enjoy watching the nation go up in flames?”
    Short answer: Yes

    “ITEM 13: Speaking of Never Trump, the instantly discredited story about President Trump grabbing the steering wheel fooled a lot of Never Trump fools.”
    Isn’t there some bullet-panel between driver and passengers that would make such a move impossible?

  24. Item #1...It seems like Ol' Jules needs a good rodgering from my friend Buster Hymen!!!

  25. #12. Where are the never Xiden democrats? HiLlARy and worthless Willie Should be in Prison. They're not.

  26. I'd like to see some pictures of Thomas back in the rebel days at Yale. They were some scruffy bastards back then and very angry looking young men. Took their cues from the Panthers on the west coast.

  27. Maxwell may live because she hasn't revealed where she HID the list of the johns along with pictures, video and film with a memorized list of who has the various files and how to get them and release them to the public if she dies before she takes care of them on her own. It's called insurance and I would guess that if she's smart she set something up such that no one knows who is controlling them and who has them. And only her live body can get them permanently buried/hidden.

    1. Out in 2 (in the dead of night when no one is looking) for good behavior.

  28. This is the beauty of constitutional carry: there are no lists and no gathering of private information by the state for Democrats to release.
    why not just carry and claim data has been maliciously purged from data base

  29. #11 From reports, Maxwell has never been asked to reveal the johns.

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