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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The Washington Post's abortion reporter tweeted, "Nearly 10 months into the Texas abortion ban, women have started having the babies they never planned to carry to term. I got to know Brooke Alexander — an 18-year-old in Corpus Christi who wanted an abortion, and now has twins."

Her parents advised her to abort their granddaughters.

Texas said she couldn't.

Alexander said, "It's really scary thinking that I wouldn't have them."

WaPo seems to think motherhood is a bad thing. My mother was 20 when she had my second sister. My mother-in-law had her third child when she was 20.

When The Pill came out in the 1960s, her doctor would not prescribe it to my married sister because she was not 21. That kid turned 56 this month.

ITEM 2: AP reported, "A Japanese court ruled Monday that the country’s ban on same-sex marriage does not violate the constitution, and rejected demands for compensation by three couples who said their right to free union and equality has been violated.

"The Osaka District Court ruling is the second decision on the issue, and disagrees with a ruling last year by a Sapporo court that found the ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional. It underscores how divisive the issue remains in Japan, the only member of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations that does not recognize same-sex unions."

Translation: Japan is the only sane one left.

ITEM 3: ElecTrek reported, "Tesla has laid off both the president of its LGBTQ+ community and a lead involved in diversity and inclusivity programs at the company.

"While they were let go as part of a broader wave of layoffs, it comes amid several comments Tesla CEO Elon Musk made, concerning what he describes as the woke mind virus."

Hiring a bunch of minorities to run your DIE shop (diversity, inclusion and equity) is not diverse or inclusive or equity. It creates a ghetto in corporate personnel chart to stick people in to meet your minority quotas. The hired don't mind because they get to sit around all day and do nothing but bitch.

Give me a Ric Grenell or a Peter Thiel who get things done. Give Buttigieg back to Mad magazine where he belongs.

ITEM 4: The Washington Times reported, "A month after President Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to import emergency supplies of infant formula, store shelves are still half empty and brands shipped on U.S. military planes from other countries are not yet helping many families struggling to find critical specialty brands.

"The U.S. government began importing infant formula from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere one month ago. It launched Operation Fly Formula to address a shortage that was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, a major formula recall and a decision by the FDA to shutter one of the nation’s top formula-producing plants for several months citing health violations.

"Despite government intervention, many families with infants are still desperately searching for their next formula can. They have had to rely on social media groups to learn when store shelves are restocked or to buy from people who are selling or trading a can or two."

Meanwhile Biden approved covid jabs for babies without any evidence that the shots work or are safe.

Let them eat vax!


ITEM 5Just the News reported, "Capitol Police caught Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss’s chief of staff defacing posters outside the Capitol complex office of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and referred him for criminal charges, but the same U.S. Attorney's office that pursued the Jan. 6 defendants declined to approve an arrest warrant, according to police documents and interviews.

"Police and Auchincloss also confirmed Monday that the congressman's office was involved in allowing comedian Steven Colbert's production team into the Capitol complex last week in an incident that led to security concerns and the arrest of seven members of Colbert's team.

"Capitol Police asked federal prosecutors back in March for an arrest warrant for Timothy Hysom, 51, a longtime Democrat congressional staffer who worked for Rep. Adam Schiff before rising to be Auchincloss’s top aide, after capturing Hysom on hidden camera security footage defacing Greene’s posters with stickers with religious messages, according to a copy of the arrest warrant obtained by Just the News."

Republicans should impeach Garland for his favoritism.

ITEM 6: Valiant News reported, "Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday clarified his government’s stance on babies receiving COVID-19 vaccines, stating that there’s no proven benefit for the controversial injections to be used in infants."

The government once protected children.

Abortion made children disposable.

ITEM 7: Raymond Ibrahim reported, "Swedish officials are warning Ukrainian women living in refugee centers not to dress in a way that might provoke men from “other cultures”—code for Muslim migrants, which, in Sweden, is mostly of the Somali variety—who reside in the same refugee center.

"And how do these hapless Ukrainian refugees dress, to prompt such a warning?  According to Gitana Bengtsson, who has been helping them, 'they usually dressed like us, you and me. There is nothing strange about it. They did not look like prostitutes. If those women lived in the city, no one would tell them how to dress.'  Even so, and now that summer is here, the site manager has advised them not to wear shorts or skirts that reveal their body parts."

And we are going to throw our NATO security blanket over Sweden?

A nation that cannot defend women does not deserve our protection. 

ITEM 8Watts Up With That reported, "German Vice Chancellor Announces a Return to Coal."

The vice chancellor is a Green Party member.

Guess he doesn't want to sweat in the dark after all.

Flashback to the UN in 2018.

President Trump was seldom wrong about anything.

ITEM 9: Via Todd Zywicki:

October 2021:

June 2022:

When your first name is American, you should try to act American.

ITEM 10: Fox reported, "The parents of a slain California police officer are demanding Los Angeles DA George Gascon be recalled for his far-left policies, after their son and his partner were killed in the line of duty. 

"Jose Santana and Olga Garcia joined Fox & Friends First to discuss their son's tragedy and why they pin the blame on what critics call Gascon's radical policies."

By radical, Fox means a white liberal's policies getting brown people killed.

ITEM 11: AFP reported, "China ramped up crude oil imports from Russia in May, customs data showed Monday, helping to offset losses from Western nations scaling back Russian energy purchases over the invasion of Ukraine.

"The spike means Russia has now overtaken Saudi Arabia to become China’s top oil provider as the West continues to sanction Moscow’s energy exports.

"The world’s second-biggest economy imported around 8.42 million tons of oil from Russia last month — a 55% one-year rise — as Beijing continues to refuse to publicly condemn Moscow’s war while exacting economic gains from its isolated neighbor.

"China imported 7.82 million tons of oil from Saudi Arabia in May.

"In total, China bought $7.47 billion worth of Russian energy products last month, about $1 billion more than April, according to Bloomberg News."

Biden's sanctions made Vlad Putin Rich Again.

ITEM 12: The New York Post reported, "A hiker who was suffering from severe hypothermia on a New Hampshire trail near Mt. Washington died at a hospital hours after rescuers faced driving rain, blowing snow, and winds gusting to over 80 mph to reach him, conservation officers said.

"The hiker was rescued from Gulfside Trail on Saturday night. Xi Chen, 53, of Andover, Massachusetts, was overcome by severe weather conditions."


Snow-capped mountains are for viewing, not climbing.

ITEM 13: Post Millennial reported, "Democratic Congressman and Florida gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist's website features two distinct themes for its English and Spanish speaking audience. He's got plenty of Pride merch for the English language side of the site, but on the Spanish language side, no rainbow or trans flags are on display.

"Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo pointed out the difference on Twitter today with some screen captures and wrote, 'Interesting. When you visit Charlie Crist's campaign store, the English version prominently features Pride Month materials for sale. But the Spanish version has none.'"

LGBT is for gringos only.

ITEM 14: The Morning Call reported, "A Lehigh County farmer recently called Kyle Kotzmoyer and said something like 'I’ve got a tractor hooked up to my corn planter out here, no diesel fuel, and I can’t afford to get any.'

"Kotzmoyer, who recalled the conversation Tuesday, said he responded to the request for advice with a joke.

"That’s about all he could do, he said, because the crushing reality of record diesel fuel prices is pushing farmers to the brink and may affect food availability."

Kotzmoyer, a legislative affairs specialist for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, told Pennsylvania lawmakers, "We have reached that point to where it is very close to being a sinking ship. We are teetering on the edge right now.”

There are no electric tractors.

Democrats were so sure when they tripled gasoline prices through their draconian restrictions on oil drilling and pipelines that they were doing the right thing that they overlooked the blowback on farms, manufacturing and even the government.

Or maybe that too is part of their deal. They want to break the American spirit.

ITEM 15: CBS reported, "Natela Dzalamidze, a doubles specialist, has figured out a way to get around Wimbledon's ban of Russian and Belarusian players. 

"The Russian-born player changed her nationality and is now listed as Georgian on the WTA website. She will now be allowed to compete with her Serbian partner Aleksandra Krunić when the tournament starts later in June.

"Wimbledon officials were aware of Dzalamidze's nationality change, but had no control over it."

I love it when someone eclipses the (bad word) virtue signalers.

ITEM 16: Variety reported, "Netflix is bracing for its next round of layoffs as the streaming giant looks to cut costs in the wake of its stock troubles.

"Impacted staff are expected to be told at the end of the week. It’s unclear what departments are going to be hit, but sources suggest that the cuts could be similar in size to the round of reductions undertaken in May. At that time, Netflix laid off 150 employees and dozens of contractors and part-time workers. When those cuts were announced, Netflix said that there would be other rounds of pink-slipping in 2022. Netflix maintains a global work force of roughly 11,000 staffers.

"Netflix’s stock has been on a precipitous slide and the company has lost nearly 70% of its value since it revealed this spring that it had shed nearly 200,000 subscribers. That spooked Wall Street and triggered a selloff. Shares of Netflix were trading at north of $600 in January. Today, they are hovering at roughly $175 a share.

"A spokesperson for Netflix declined to comment."

Juneteenth Sales Day! Get 70% off on Netflix stock!

ITEM 17: KVUE reported, "On Monday, KVUE and its news partners at the Austin American-Statesman exclusively obtained surveillance footage from inside Robb Elementary School on the day of the May 24 shooting.

"The footage shows that multiple officers were inside the building with rifles and at least one ballistic shield, 19 minutes after the gunman arrived. They didn't enter the classroom the shooter was inside for nearly another hour.

"Investigators believe this will prove to be a significant development as it indicates they had more than enough firepower and protection to enter that classroom before they actually did."

Holy cow.

Prosecute for aiding and abetting after the fact.


Kids Lives Matter.


  1. 5 - every day, Merrick Garland sets a new low as the worst Attorney General ever. That he was almost a Supreme Court justice is downright scary.

    18 months in and Xiden has several cabinet members who could qualify as the worst ever.

    By design.

    1. My guess is, it takes a lot of help becoming the worst president in history!

    2. Just wait until the affirmative action tsunami hits in about two years. I won't feel safe flying on a commercial airliner, driving across a newly constructed bridge or seeing a physician's assistant, let alone a "doctor." Of course, if the economy continues to crater under control of the Biden cabal, none of us save the well-connected elite may be able to afford to fly, drive or get health care.

  2. Item 3: Elon Musk's 18 year old son is petitioning to change his name, gender and distance himself from his father. Perhaps this is the wake-up call behind Musk's rejection of the left's mind virus and speech control.

    1. Sounds about right.

    2. Ask him if he's ok being written out of the will and the house locks changed behind him. Or is this just:

  3. "Kids Lives Matter" but not to demoNcrats who eschew protecting kids in favor of useless gun control.

  4. Item 11: “[China] imported around 8.42 million tons of oil from Russia [and] 7.82 million tons of oil from Saudi Arabia in May.” China is building its strategic oil reserve as FJB squanders ours.

    1. The US and Europe are declining powers.
      Russia is a rising power.
      Mainly due to environmentalism.

    2. Before environmentalism there was conservationism, the wise use of resources for the benefit of human beings.
      Environmentalism is the pseudo-religious worship of nature.

  5. 8 - perhaps the silver lining of Russia invading Ukraine is that the green movement will be a victim.

    14 - the Amish farmers will corner the Pennsylvania corn market this summer.

    Kotzmoyer responded with a joke to the poor farmer? Kotzmoyer is a joke.

  6. COVID-19 vaccines, stating that there’s no proven benefit for the controversial injections to be used in infants."

    94% of recently approved medications are not supported by high-quality evidence that demonstrates their benefits.
    Of the medical drugs approved since 2008, international researchers determined that just 87 of the 1,567 medications (6%) had clinical data that met the “high-quality” standard.
    The majority of these drugs could not even pass the ‘moderate-quality’ review,

  7. #12 I'm from Vermont, and have been up Mt. Washington (by car, it's rather scary if you don't like heights!). The danger on Mt. Washington is primarily to hikers who go out unprepared for rapidly changing weather. It can be nice at the base of the mountain but rapidly change while on the hike up to the top and if you don't have the proper gear, tragedy can happen - even in the warmer months.

    1. Big D, that story is one more piece of evidence that our first President was a racist and Sinophobe and should be cancelled immediately. The mountain range it’s a part of - called the Presidential Range - also needs to go. We need to rename all of them. Mt. Mfume sounds good to me. I am a LibCommie and this is how I spend my life.

  8. #17: Add that fact that they let the shooter shoot up the school outside for 18 minutes before responding. I am glad that these cowards were not in that boat with my dad on D-Day. Same thing happened in Florida. How do they live with themselves?

  9. 9. I've read so many stories concerning pilots since the forced jabs began.
    Off the top of my head since I don't have the links saved anymore:
    A pilot/doctor who crashed his plane in California. Traffic control reporting erratic flying before he went down.
    A massive number of pilots dying in 2021 shortly after mandates began.
    Commercial flights being diverted for medical emergencies.
    Articles about how pilots are more prone to heart conditions and blood clots because they spend so much time in a low pressure environment.

    Call me conspiratorial, but I think these pilots are finally starting to realize the risk of losing their jobs for refusing the jabs pales to losing their lives if they do.


    1. The biggest problem was that the adverse reaction reporting followed the mandates by several months. Call it the “learning curve” or “too late smart,” but pilots (and everyone else) did not know the risk, so could not properly evaluate the risk:benefit ratio. “Job vs. no job” was the calculation back then. The “dead vs. no job” trade off was not known at the time.

  10. Johnny from ClevelandJune 21, 2022 at 8:16 AM

    Item 7 - Failure to defend women is just a small part of a bigger picture. The failure of countries around the world to confront the violence and intolerance of radical Islam threatens civilization.

    Muslims in majority Muslim countries routinely persecute non Muslims and treat them as inferior humans. As this behavior spills over into countries with Muslim minorities the only acceptable response is prosecution and incarceration (or deportation). There is no other way to end the medieval behavior of Muslims.

    1. Execute them using bullets dipped in pig blood and feed the carcass to hogs. The Pershing story may be a folk tale, but if they fear hell, it might scare them into behaving.

    2. I'll add one more thing, they attack women because they are easy prey.
      Oh, and it's not radical islam, it's what is right there in their satanic verses.

    3. Should you ever run for office I will gladly campaign for you . But please tell me about the Pershing story , I am unaware of it even though I am a great Black Jack fan ( this is the guy that trained and mentored that group of commanders that won WW2 ) .

  11. #3. Give me people who don't commit abominations that offend our creator.
    #5. Get rid of every liar err lawyer at main justice then turn the building into a warehouse.

  12. Item 10 - George Gascon is leading the charge to do what Republicans have been unable to accomplish for decades - move all Hispanics to the Republican Party. This may be the only thing where he demonstrates competence.

  13. Item 17: Maybe I am ready to be fitted with a tin foil hat, but it seems possible that the 'intelligence' agencies are canvassing social media for vulnerable young people and then manipulating and supplying them, setting them up to commit these shootings, and then using that to push gun control. Just like BLM/Antifa the radicals create the conditions that provide the excuse to implement their agenda.

    1. You're not being paranoid, they've been doing some version of that for decades. Look into MK-ULTRA.

    2. I had the same thought, as the mountain of exculpatory evidence surrounding George Floyd's fentanyl overdoes was purged from the internet as it would detract from the narrative. Incompetent, evil, or evil and incompetent? So hard to tell.

  14. The name Dzhalamidzhe (actual proper spelling, or, to be more accurate, transliteration) is a Georgian name. Anytime you see a Dzh in the name of a Russian, you can be sure its a person from the Caucasus or a Muslim from Central Asia. And the last syllable "dzhe", along with "vili" is unique to Georgia .. the nation that is

    There is no "J" sound in Russian but there are citizens in Russia with j in their names. So Russian combines two consonants "дж" or d and zh (sounds like French "j") to make j.

    Fun facts: Joseph Stalin's actual name is Yusuf Dzhugashvili. Russian spell "jazz" as "djaz" And they spell the name of a certain mumbly, stumbly, child fondling President as "Dzho Baydеn" ... Джо Байдзн

  15. Seeing that picture of a helpless infant reaching out to that young birthing creature made me understand for the first time the true horrors of motherhood. Im told that these relentlessly needy, self centered so-called "infants" are in constant need of close physical contact and reassurance .. which greatly compromises the birthing creature's overarching need to self actualize in her Human Resources cubicle job

    There. I think I've caught up to actual proggressive surreality with that piece of satire ... Wait a minute, thats already the new normal!!

    1. The article about the twins was bullshit. They didn't mention the twins preferred pronouns or their gender identity

    2. They won't know their gender until they explore it with a drag queen at the library.

  16. How about if I say the twin babies "colonized her uterus" Would that get me out ahead of the current lunacy .. if only for a nano second

  17. 13: Has Charlie officially come out of the closet, at least for non-Spanish speakers?

  18. Item 14: From day one of the "Biden presidency" the Democrats have governed by the policy of what wouldn't Trump do. I think there intended consequences was to hurt us at the gas pumps and try to force us into electric vehicles. I think the farmer's issues are unintended consequences. It just shows they never think things through.

    1. You could leave off the last two words and be dead accurate.

    This is another example where you have to admire Trump's good (not perfect) political instinct. Do you remember Kerry wind surfing in the gay-ass tights or Obama on his bicycle in his sissy-girl helmet and gay-ass sneakers? Or Bush (the elder) in his wimpy workout clothes? Doesn't project a presidential image.

    I ride a bicycle; It is my only form of exercise. But I promise you that you will never see my wearing a gay-ass helmet and the gay-ass ensemble. But then I am not the POTUS either.

    1. Apparently, the sniffer in chief veered off course because he saw a little girl in the crowd, and got so excited at the prospect of sniffing/fondling/showering all over her that he lost control and fell off.
      Shout out to DANK MEMES for verifying this!!!

  20. Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head. If they had heeded the warning, they would have saved themselves.

    Ezekiel 33:5
    Something to consider as you go about your week. What warnings did we get and ignore?
    How much food do you have? What about fuel and a generator?
    Do you have a supply of wood and a stove or pit to burn and thus cook?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    1: I'll bet she could have gotten in her car and driven to CO or NM if she was so desperate.

    Funny how her conscience will remain clear.

    2: Banzai.

    3: DIE.

    4: Droll.

    10: Nostros amigos have had enough.

  23. "LGBT is for gringos only." The LGBT"QP", you left off the Q for "Queer" and the P for "Pedophile"(our latest self-proclaimed victim group).

  24. "Snow-capped mountains are for viewing, not climbing."
    Gotta disagree Don, they're also great fun climbing, but you weigh the risks and take your chances.