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Friday, June 10, 2022

Highlights of the News

OK, who did this?

ITEM 1: WFLA reported, "A large plume of dust will move into the Gulf of Mexico from the Sahara desert this weekend and into next week. Strong winds kick up the dry dirt from the desert, and as it mixes into the upper levels of the atmosphere, those winds carry it thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean."


First Biden abandons Afghanistan and arms Al-Qaida. Then he triggers inflation. Then he triggers shortages. Now this.

Worst Democrat president since Jefferson Davis.

ITEM 2: The Washington Post reported, "AAA fielded 50,787 out-of-gas calls in April, a 32 percent jump from the same month last year. More than 200,000 drivers have been similarly stranded this year, the automobile club said. And gas prices have risen precipitously since April, making the financial pain even more acute.

"Fuel prices began their most recent surge after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, upsetting energy markets. The U.S. average for a gallon of gas has swelled 62 percent, to $4.96, since last year, AAA data shows. Motorists in 16 states are paying at least $5 a gallon on average, while California has breached $6. Filling up a tank of gas, depending on the vehicle, can cost more than $100, which is the equivalent of 14 hours of after-tax income for certain low-wage workers.

"The escalating expense, combined with the rising costs of food, housing and other essentials, has consumers playing inflationary whack-a-mole, making tougher choices on how much they can spend and when. Some drivers may do a partial fill-up if they’re pressed for cash at the end of a pay cycle, says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy."


What happens when a car runs out of electricity? It's not like you can bring a can of electricity.

ITEM 3: The New York Post reported, "Two employees at a Mars food processing plant in Pennsylvania needed to be rescued after they fell into a tank of chocolate Thursday, according to reports.

"The pair fell waist-deep into a tank at the candy giant’s facility in Elizabethtown just before 2 p.m., reported, citing Lancaster County dispatchers.

"The chocolate-coated victims weren’t hurt, but couldn’t get out of the tank on their own, dispatchers told the outlet. They were identified as workers at the facility by WHP-TV."

As prophesized by the Smothers Brothers 60 years ago

ITEM 4Post Millennial reported, "A Disney chairman who voiced his opposition to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ anti-grooming bill has been ousted from the company.

"According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rice said that he saw the Parental Rights In Education Bill as 'a violation of fundamental human rights.'

"Rice, who has worked at Disney since its acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, was 'chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content (DGE) which creates original entertainment and news programming for The Walt Disney Company’s streaming platforms Disney+, Hulu and Star, and its cable and broadcast networks,' according to the Walt Disney Company’s website."

I notice that anything that upsets a lefty now is "a violation of fundamental human rights."

Excuse me, but grooming children is a fundamental human wrong.

ITEM 5:Sharron Davies won a silver medal for England in the 1980 Olympics for a swimming event. The East German who won later admitted to using a performance enhancing drug.

At least the East German was female.

ITEM 6: CNBC reported, "The recession will hit in the first half of 2023 and the Dow is headed lower: CNBC CFO survey."

The story said, "Many economic prognosticators and Wall Street stock pickers have made it clear where they stand on inflation and the Federal Reserve policy response: the economy and markets will get worse before they get better. Many chief financial officers at top companies agree with them, according to the results from the latest CNBC CFO Council survey.

"Over 40% of chief financial officers cite inflation as the No. 1 external risk to their business, and going deeper into the results from the Q2 survey, the links between geopolitics and food and energy prices, and inflation, are clear from the C-suite ranking of the external factors that are weighing on their current outlook. Almost one-quarter (23%) of CFOs cite Federal Reserve policy as the biggest risk factor, and as the Biden administration struggles for ways to increase oil supply and Russian ships sail with seized Ukrainian wheat amid concerns about a severe global food insecurity crisis, additional CFOs cited supply chain disruptions (14%) and the Russia-Ukraine war specifically as their No. 1 business risk."

It will either be a short recession that does little to lessen inflation or a long one that causes a lot of pain.

ITEM 7: While the media and Democrats pursue their Fake Insurrection, the news of Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Byrd's actual murder of an unarmed an unthreatening Ashli Babbitt goes unpublicized.

Judicial Watch announced that it "received productions of new records from the Department of Justice related to the shooting of January 6 protestor Ashli Babbitt that include a memo recommending 'that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee [Babbitt],' also noting that the shooter, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, 'did not create a police report or documents' related to the shooting of Babbitt.

"The documents also reveal that in the press release announcing the decision not to prosecute Byrd for the killing of Babbitt, the DOJ replaced the words group and crowd with the word mob several times and refer to Babbitt as the rioter.

"The unarmed Babbitt was shot and killed as she climbed through a broken interior window in the United States Capitol. She was a 14-year Air Force veteran. The identity of the shooter was kept secret by Congress, the DOJ, and DC police for eight months until Byrd went public to try to defend his killing of Babbitt."

This is Stalinism with a palace police and of course an NKVD called the FBI.

ITEM 8: Fox reported, "FBI agents executed search and arrest warrants at his home in Allendale, near Grand Rapids, and took Kelley into custody, a spokeswoman for FBI Detroit, initially confirmed to Fox News Digital.

"Ryan Kelley, 40, of Allendale, Michigan, was arrested Thursday morning on misdemeanor charges stemming from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach, FBI Detroit spokeswoman Mara R. Schneider said in an update.

"Kelley is charged 17 months after the Jan. 6 breach and on the same day the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is to hold a primetime hearing Thursday.

"The criminal complaint charged Kelley with: knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds; knowingly engaging in any act of physical violence against person or property in any restricted building or grounds; willfully injure or commit any depredation against any property of the United States.

"All are misdemeanor offenses."

I don't want to hear the media whine about Putin's handling of political opponents ever again. Kelley is a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan.

ITEM 9: CNN reported, "The Washington Post fires reporter Felicia Sonmez after a week of feuding publicly with her colleagues."

She was a national reporter who was after Dave Weigel's job. She saw he retweeted an old joke, "Every Woman Is Bi. You Just Need To Find Out If It's Polar Or Sexual."

She complained. He apologized. She complained. WaPo suspended him for a month without pay. She continued to complain. WaPo fired her.

Flashback to January 27, 2020, when the New York Times reported, "Washington Post Suspends a Reporter After Her Tweets on Kobe Bryant.

"While social media praised the N.B.A. star after his death, Felicia Sonmez posted a link to an article on the allegations of sexual assault made against him in 2003."

Class act.

Look for her to join The View.

ITEM 10The National Desk reported, "A man tried to enter an Alabama elementary school Thursday morning and was shot, according to officials."


The clock is ticking on the 24 Hour Rule.

ITEM 11: UPI reported, "Police in a Colorado town are pleading with the public to stop trying to take selfies' with a moose who is on the loose in the area.

"The Erie Police Department posted a short video to Facebook showing the moose that wandered into town walking down a road with a police escort."


Let Darwinism work and purge the human herd of these vain creatures.

ITEM 12: The Washington Free Beacon reported, "A single incident of anti-transgender harassment on the Washington, D.C., metro in the past two years has prompted an ad campaign to fight such hate across the city.

"The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in May launched a campaign—funded with money from its $2.9 million annual advertising budget—at stations across the D.C. area pledging to make Metro safer by reducing harassment of transgender passengers. One advertisement features a white male with a man bun and beard yelling 'transphobic slurs' at a gender-ambiguous person sitting on a train."

I want to know: What politician's political consultant got the ad contract?

By the way, the First Amendment protects yelling transphobic slurs.

ITEM 13: National Review reported, "National Average Gas Price Surpasses $5 Per Gallon for First Time Ever."

Just two weeks ago, Autoweek reported, "A number of industry experts predict that gas prices will reach an average of $5.00 nationwide by the July 4 travel week, with some expecting an even higher average."

Retrofitting all those gas pumps to handle $10 a gallon gasoline will be expensive and I say the deadline will be Labor Day.

The good news is there is a noticeable decrease in traffic on my topdown drives and remember, it is all about me.

ITEM 14: Just the News reported, "A Republican congressman who spent months investigating U.S. Capitol security after the Jan. 6 riot said Wednesday that former President Donald Trump is not to blame for the violence that occurred that day and warned Democrats' politicization of upcoming hearings has harmed the ability of Congress to improve security after the harrowing episode.

"Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) the ranking member on the House Administration Committee, is a unique voice on the Capitol riot for two reasons: Trump has endorsed his opponent in an upcoming Illinois GOP primary, and Davis survived a prior act of violence targeting lawmakers when a deranged gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball game in 2017."

Pelosi and her Palace Guard (aka the Capitol Police) are solely responsible for the violence.

Meanwhile, the Babylon Bee reported, "Miley Cyrus To Perform Halftime Show At Jan. 6 Committee Hearings."

The Bee was kidding.

I think.

ITEM 15WFLA reported, "Pinellas woman Irish folk dances during field sobriety test, deputies say."

Yes, that will get you off the hook because we all know that stereotype of Irish sobriety.

ITEM 16: The Washington Examiner reported, "Hunter Biden paid a full-time salary to the exotic dancer with whom he fathered a child in 2018, according to deleted payroll files recovered from a copy of his abandoned laptop.

"Lunden Roberts earned $1,500 for 40 hours of work from Biden's company, Owasco PC, on Nov. 16, 2018, according to a recovered payroll file obtained exclusively by Washington Examiner. Two other recovered files show Owasco spent an additional $521.37 to provide health, dental, and vision insurance coverage for Roberts for the same month."

Forget January 6. We need prime-time congressional hearings on Hunter's laptop and why the FBI failed to investigate.


  1. Who did this? BRILLIANT!

    4. Not to worry. Disney's still actively grooming as evidenced by the kangaroo-court-post-game show that was on abc last night.

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  2. Randy says: Item 1: “A large plume of dust will move into the Gulf of Mexico from the Sahara desert” It’s just the world telling America to pound sand.

    1. Gulf coast solar panels are going to have a bad summer. Get ready for rotating blackouts just when you need that air conditioning.

    2. With great sadness I bring the news that the Sahara dust will cool the gulf and reduce the intentsity and # of Hurricanes.. No screaming
      headlines .

    3. And those Sahara sands bring with them many minerals that fertilize the woods and lands of the American continent. Without them the forest in the Amazonia would be in serious trouble. Hurricanes are also beneficial, but that for another occasion.

  3. 2 - I see that the Washington Compost is still loyally sticking to the lie that gas prices are high because of Russia.

    7&8 - I wonder if the truth of the FBI’s role in inciting the protesters and inviting them into the Capitol will ever be revealed.

    16 - the common thread on all things corruption - the FBI.

  4. #3. Ma'am, we regret to inform you that your husband fell in a vat of chocolate and perished.
    Why weren't you able to get him out?
    Ma'am, we pulled him out eight times.

    1. hahaha... Ma'am, your husband fell into a huge distillery of beer... and eventually drowned.
      "Why didn't you go in to save him?"
      "We didn't think he was in trouble... he did get out three different times to pee"

  5. Item 2 - gas prices were way up before the scary Russian "invasion". Don't let wapoo fool you.

  6. Item 1: “A large plume of dust will move into the Gulf of Mexico from the Sahara desert” Expect a slight dip in temps as the dust reflects sunlight back to the heavens and then an algal bloom sometime later this summer as the dust acts as fertilizer for the Gulf.

    Item 2: “"Fuel prices began their most recent surge after Russia invaded Ukraine in February….”
    Wrong! Prices started rising January 20, 2021 when Biden committed to “clean” energy by shutting down the XL pipeline and cutting back on leases and permits for drilling.

    Item 3: Good memories! The Smothers Brothers I mean. I personally have never fallen into a vat of chocolate. Eaten one, maybe.

    Item 11: Between moose, bears and Yellowstone bison, the Darwin awards will be a tough one to choose in 2022. Of course, if we include Arkancide or political suicide the field will be even larger.

    Item 15: I guess it depends upon the policeman’s heritage. (Also, makes as much sense as the Jan. 6th hearings. In the latter, all that’s missing is the dog and pony.)

  7. Randy says: Item 2: “Fuel prices began their most recent surge after Russia invaded Ukraine in February” Well of course the WaPo would say that, but in truth, fuel prices began to rise as soon as FJB killed the Keystone Pipeline, his first day in office. And by the way, getting gas from AAA is worse than getting it at a gas station. They will bring you about 2 gallons when you run out, which works out to $50/gal for your $100/year membership.

    1. I like my AAA service... it's not the two gallons that cost me $100. I'm paying the $100 to avoid walking 10 miles to the nearest gas station. I joined AAA about 15 years ago, when changing a tire, the jack broke and car wheel rim crashed down two inches from my ankle. Would have cut my foot clean off had it made direct hit. (I know, it was my fault but still)

    2. Randy says: Yes, I’ve also had AAA for a long, long time. Mom got it for me when I went off to college, and I’ve renewed it every year since. They saved my ass several times back when I was driving old, POS cars. Lately, though, their service has suffered. You now have to call for service via the Web or navigate a voicemail service, but no live operator. The last time I used them, to pull my vehicle out of a mud hole, I found out that “pull me out of a mud hole” is not an option on their automated system. I had to schedule a wrecker to pick up the vehicle and transport it somewhere else. So I scheduled it to transport it to the address next door. Two hours later, I was still waiting. Fortunately, a guy with a tractor came by and offered to pull me onto the pavement at no charge. If something like that happens again, I’ll start looking for an emergency services company with a live operator, like AAA used to have.

  8. #6 “ It will either be a short recession that does little to lessen inflation or a long one that causes a lot of pain.”

    Don, it looks like you’ve got economic forecasting figured out.

  9. 3: Why did you yell fire? No one would come if I yelled chocolate.

  10. They also.have Not the Bee because Clownworld.

  11. Kudos for whoever made that graphic. I've been looking at Cheney all this time (shudders) and something was nagging me but I couldn't figure what it was. And this put the icing on the cake for me. This is it. She looks juust like Ms Piggy. Absolutely. Once you've seen this you can't not see it forever.

    1. I always thought she looked like MISTER rachel levine.

    2. Rachel Levine looks like Henry Kissinger in drag.

  12. And we're gonna have to learn what to do without electricity because this summer there will be brown outs, black outs all over the country even places it doesn't usually happen because it will be as a result of the purposefully raised fossil fuel prices. Done willfully by the Democrats. They're laughing at us cause we're so up on knowing they're going to lose in Nov. Because they know we'll still be stuck in this concocted economy. Plus we'll be getting a hit of another epidemic of some sort also concocted. And the Republicans will be in charge and taking the blame all the way up to 2024 which is what they really will plan for.

  13. Re: #8 FBI is our KGB
    I agree about disparaging Putin when we're just as bad. The PGA tour has a controversy with a new Saudi run golf tour. And the talk about the Saudis human rights abuses and murdering Keshogi (sp?) etc.
    Well what about the killings of Babbit, Rosanne Boyland, how about Seth Rich? We recently murdered a family of 10 during debacle in Afghanistan. How about the dozens and dozens of death related to the Clinton crime family. So spare me. We suck too and need to clean our own house first!

    1. The rot runs deep through all sectors of society and all Western countries. It will not be enough to elect the right people. They're too strong and well entrenched. Here is what happens next:

      "Defenders of the status quo are always stronger than reformers seeking change,
      UNTIL the status quo self-destructs from its own corruption, and the reformers are free to build on its ashes."

    2. If you are going to quote someone, please attribute. Thank you.

  14. #10 - man shot trying to enter school. With all the lockdown protocols needed to protect children, what if it goes too far. For example, what if my daughter texts me saying she's being assaulted by a classmate or I find out one of her leftist teachers is going over the line and I want to pull her out of there ASAP! I go to the school to get my girls and they don't let me in? Now I'm going to lose my shit!
    The real solution = END GOVERNMENT RUN EDUCATION. let the private sector COMPETE for our education dollars!

    1. Agreed. This guy could be a mad man or a distraught parent. Will we be told the truth before they sweep this under the rug?

  15. “…remember, it is all about me.”

    Don, that’s so far from the truth. You wank and crank these columns out like freaking clockwork. I’ve always found writing rewarding but EXTREMELY time consuming. I don’t know how you do it and still manage to have a life…except that, like Jordan and Mike Trout and Jack and Timmy Brady and The Great Number 99, you’re a consummate pro and the great ones make it look easy. It’s NOT, of course, but they make it LOOK that way. So thanks.

    BTW, if you could, please keep us apprised of any developments on the Gargle brushback pitch. I consider this a sign that either we’re going Full Fascist or there are still some sane people left in the country.

    1. shhhh Z... he's going to raise the price on his blog if he thinks we like it.
      BTW - I think Don should do a once a year 'donation' so we can show our appreciation. Perhaps call it the Bentley fundraiser. Best Blog EVER

    2. It's not possible for one person to produce so much. He must have help.

    3. TO, I’ve been suggesting that for a few years now but he always says no. Maybe we just go ahead and do it anyways. But ONLY on GiveSendGo.

    4. I tend to agree with this sentiment. However, Don is retired and might want to work (or play) at his leisure. As a retiree I understand this.

  16. There's a stereotype of Irish alchoholism? And all this time, ever since I was a child, I thought that was an indisputable fact. Hey, Im allowed to say that, I'm half Irish. I also witnessed it with my own two eyes

    It was certainly the case with the turn of the century Irish, ie, my grandparents generation.
    Whenever they'd gather for some event, they'd get rip roaring drunk. In a way it was interesting because they were all friendly, but were they loud!

    1. Difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral = one less drunk

  17. Felicia Sonmez also made radioactive a male reporter, and destroyed his life. She was using it as a stepping stone.

    1. You obviously have never heard of Tim Finnegan's wake.

  18. I don't want to hear the media whine about Putin's handling of political opponents ever again.
    quite a few of them are in Ukraine

  19. "Hunter Biden paid a full-time salary [and benefits] to the exotic dancer
    this is praiseworthy for him = being a responsible employer.

  20. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: I dunno, but he needs to do one of the Hildabeast and Granny Boxwine.

    1: Buchanan was worserer.

    6: So it will be very much an issue in '24.

    The Demos should admit they stole it, reinstate Trump, and punt.

    8: I'm waiting for the Night of the Long Knives.

    9: As a great cavalry tactician reminded us all, "Never apologize, mister. It's a sign of weakness".

    11: Bet they've named him, Bullwinkle.

    13: Thank you, Senator Stabenow.

    15: Stereotype, my ass. The Micks are proud of their rep as the world's greatest drunks.

  21. I can't wait to vote for Liz Cheney's opponent in August.

  22. #6 We should wait for the forecast from Paul Krugman of the NYT. Whatever he says, we'll know it'll be the opposite.

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  24. #3. As soon as I saw the headline I thought of Tommy Smothers.


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