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Monday, June 13, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Just the News reported, "Foreign investment in U.S. farmland has tripled in the past 10 years, reporters at a non-profit investigative journalism group found.

"Investigate Midwest used U.S. Department of Agriculture data to call attention to this trend. Farmer Joe Maxwell, co-founder of the group Farm Action, told The Center Square that control of U.S. farmland by foreign investors is worrisome on a number of fronts.

"'The real question is, who do the people of the United States want to be their farmer? Do they want Saudi Arabia, Canada, China, other countries to be their farmer? Do they want Bayer or Cargill or other large corporations to be their farmer?' Maxwell asked.

"The pandemic showed that reliance on multinational corporations for agricultural inputs is a failed system, Maxwell said."

I am more worried about Bill Gates and Ted Turner owning a million acres of farmland each.

ITEM 2AP reported, "The special primary for Alaska's only U.S. House seat moved forward as planned Saturday following a tense legal fight over ballot access issues that had cast a shadow over the election.

"The legal drama was the latest twist in what has already been an extraordinary election, packed with 48 candidates running for the seat left vacant by the death in March of U.S. Rep. Don Young. Young, a Republican, held the seat for 49 years.

"The Alaska Supreme Court on Saturday reversed and vacated a lower court order that barred state elections officials from certifying the results of the special primary until visually impaired voters were given a full and fair opportunity to participate."

Even a blind man could see this was an attempt to drag this out and allow Democrats to see who did not vote and then use their names to mail-in more ballots.

It is a bipartisan primary. Sarah Palin won but we shall see how they screw her in the actual election in August.

ITEM 3: Andy McCarthy reported, "The Biden Justice Department has charged Ryan Kelley, a serious Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, with four misdemeanor charges arising from his alleged presence at the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021."

His column said, "The Biden Justice Department rationalizes that because the Supreme Court protesters haven’t engaged in violence, they shouldn’t be prosecuted. But the Department of Justice has charged Kelley even though violence is not a necessary component of the crime.

"Kelley is being prosecuted for such activities as entering and remaining on the Capitol grounds. It makes no difference whether one uses force while doing so. Federal law makes the Capitol grounds a restricted area. It was in particular restricted on Jan. 6 because then-Vice President Mike Pence was present there. As the statute elaborates, if the president, vice president or other person protected by the Secret Service is present, even just temporarily, in a restricted area, it is a crime for someone to come on the grounds without legal authorization.

"Again, it doesn’t matter whether a defendant never assaults, intimidates or just approaches the protected government official. The Justice Department’s position, supported by the statute, is that merely being present under those circumstances carries too much of a potential threat to safety and too much risk that government operations will be impeded.

"Therefore, people who have engaged in the conduct in which Kelley allegedly engaged are being charged — not just a few of them but hundreds of them."

McCarthy is a former federal prosecutor and he still believes in the system.

I don't. I said, "Democrats want to kill and replace justices."

I meant every word.

ITEM 4: UPI reported, "A bipartisan group of senators on Sunday announced an agreement on legislation including gun restrictions and mental health and school security investments in an effort to curb mass shootings.

"A group of 20 bipartisan senators on Sunday announced a deal to invest in gun control legislation and mental health services in efforts to curb mass shootings. 

"The 20 lawmakers -- 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans -- led by Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, announced the package they said would 'protect America's children, keep our schools safe, and reduce the threat of violence across our country.'"

The compromise is to take your guns more slowly.

93% of guns used in crime are illegal. Enforce that law before you dare try to deprive me of my rights.

ITEM 5: The Daily Mail reported, "Mayor Eric Adams believes NYC is filled with 'special energy,' but it is not because of what's in the water -- supposedly it is in the ground.

"Often photographed with crystal bracelets on his right wrist, Eric Adams is one of the most high-profile crystal enthusiast in politics. 

"In a recent interview in Politico, Adams reportedly remarked that he 'learned that New York sits on a store of rare gems and stones, and believes that as a result, "there’s a special energy that comes from here."'

I am not saying he's nuts. I am just wondering how he passed the background check to buy a gun.

ITEM 6: The New York Post reported, "New York is showering taxpayer funds on a group that sends drag queens into city schools — often without parental knowledge or consent — even as parents in other states protest increasingly aggressive efforts to expose kids to gender-bending performers.

"Last month alone, Drag Story Hour NYC — a nonprofit whose outrageously cross-dressed performers interact with kids as young as 3 — earned $46,000 from city contracts for appearances at public schools, street festivals, and libraries, city records show.

"Since January, the group has organized 49 drag programs in 34 public elementary, middle, and high schools, it boasted on its website, with appearances in all five boroughs." 

When's the Christian Story Hour?

ITEM 7: The Daily Mail reported, "Residents of Kyiv were out in their droves on Saturday to make the most of 93-degree temperatures, with hundreds enjoying the sunshine on the city's central beach - just weeks after Ukraine's capital came under siege from Russia's invading armies and rocket strikes levelled buildings and killed civilians.

"Pictures from the banks of the Dnieper river that courses through Kyiv showed people lounging in the sun, swimming in the water and playing games of volleyball, with the city's skyline seen across the river."

So I guess they are safe and don't need $40 billion.

ITEM 8CBS reported, "A Texas judge on Friday temporarily blocked the state from investigating families of transgender children who have received gender-confirming medical care, a new obstacle to the state labeling such treatments as child abuse.

"The temporary restraining order issued by Judge Jan Soifer halts investigations against three families who sued, and prevents any similar investigations against members of the LGBTQ advocacy group PFLAG Inc. The group has more than 600 members in Texas."

Texas has 28 million people.

So much for that democracy the media talks about.

ITEM 9: Insider reported, "Biden is ripping up his plan to ostracize Saudi Arabia as the US desperately seeks a way out of its oil crisis."

We don't need the Saudis.

A real president would open up drilling here and make us energy independent.

We had a real president from 20 JAN 2017 to 20 JAN 2021.

Biden is an imposter.

ITEM 10: Axios reported, "Driving the news: Liz Shuler will be confirmed today as the AFL-CIO's president at its constitutional convention in Philadelphia, the first woman to lead the federation of 57 U.S. and international labor unions representing 12 million workers.

"She's been running the AFL-CIO since former president Richard Trumka's sudden death last summer."

The story said, "They want to build upon unprecedented union victories at companies like Amazon and Starbucks. To do so, they plan to reallocate resources toward organizing and pare back AFL-CIO leadership, a shift from Trumka's approach."

Only 6% of nation's workforce outside government chooses to belong to a union.

How interesting that two of the most woke corporations in America treat their workers so miserably that they are talking union like it is 1888 again.

ITEM 11: USA Today reported, "McDonald's restaurants reopened across Moscow on Sunday, minus the name and American ownership but packing the same menu that drew big crowds to 850 outlets across Russia."

The story also said, "McDonald's suspended operations at all 850 of its eateries in Russia on March 14, less than three weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine. Two months later McDonald's announced it was withdrawing from Russia, 32 years after opening its first location in Pushkin Square. McDonald's sold the business to Russian businessman Alexander Govor.

"The chain kept the previous workers and menu but changed the names. Fifteen restaurants reopened in Moscow and about 200 will be open by month's end, Govor said."

Biden's sanctions have forced Russia to become financially independent of the West. Someday they should erect a statue to Biden.

Meanwhile, the ruble has doubled in value and the Euroweenies are begging for Russian oil.

ITEM 12: Fast Company reported, "The U.S. is still importing Russian oil despite the ban, report says.

"And in the first 100 days of the war, Russia earned 93 billion euros from fossil fuel sales."

Once again., I beg Biden to sanction me. I could use 93 billion euros.

ITEM 13: Media-ite reported, "Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) hedged repeatedly when CNN’s Dana Bash asked him for evidence that several of his colleagues wanted former President Donald Trump to pardon them after going along with his 2020 election lies. allegations.

"Raskin spoke to Bash on Sunday’s State of the Union, where he offered his reflections and expectations for the future after the January 6th Committee’s first televised hearing on Trump’s attempt to overturn his election loss. As Raskin spoke about the core findings from the committee, Bash asked him about how Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) said that after the storming of the Capitol, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) and 'multiple other Republican congressmen also sought president pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election.'"

Hmm. Maybe CNN is going to be fair and balanced.

Meanwhile, Fox is pushing the genital mutilation of kids at the altar of the LGBT religion.

I stopped watching Fox when it pushed covid 24/7 and called riots peaceful protests.

ITEM 14: WTAE reported, "A lawsuit by three parents claims the Mount Lebanon School District is violating their civil and constitutional rights by 'teaching gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning in the district, including to first graders.'"

First grade.

It's time for everyone to homeschool.

ITEM 15: Vivek Saxena reported, "Left-wing activists plan to blockade the streets around the Supreme Court come Monday, and critics say their plan sounds awfully similar to an insurrection.

"The group Shut Down DC, which originally emerged in 2019 to protest on behalf of climate change, states explicitly on its website that on Monday, it intends 'to blockade the streets around the Supreme Court to rise up for the transformative change that our communities need.'"

Climate change. Abortion. BLM. LGBT. It's all the same anti-American fascists trying to turn the nation into a garbage can.

ITEM 16: The Guardian reported, "Officials were investigating a fire that damaged a Christian pregnancy crisis center in Gresham, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, early on Friday morning.

"The Seattle field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was helping police and fire departments investigate the blaze, which happened inside the Gresham Pregnancy Resource Center around 3am. No injuries were reported."

It was a mostly peaceful arson.

ITEM 17: The Palmieri Report reported, "Court Motion: Peter Navarro Not Read Miranda Rights, Given Access To Lawyer."

He was shackled in leg irons on misdemeanor charges.

If they failed to Miranda-ize him, the charges must be dropped.

ITEM 18: The New York Post reported, "More than 1,500 NYPD officers have either resigned or retired so far this year – on pace to be the biggest exodus of officers since the statistics have been available, The Post has learned.

"Some 524 cops have resigned and 1,072 have retired as of May 31, NYPD pension stats obtained by The Post show.

"The 1,596 total is a 38% spike from the same period in 2021, when 1,159 cops called it a career, and a staggering 46% climb from 2020, when 1,092 left the force by the same date.

"Anti-cop hostility, bail reform, and rising crime have fed into frustration among the NYPD rank and file, according to one NYPD officer who recently fled for greener pastures at a Long Island police department after 6 1/2 years with the New York’s Finest."

Mayor Cop is a BLM racist who hates cops.

Just like his predecessor.

If New Yorkers want a police department, they will elect a Republican -- if they can find one willing to put up with the harassment.

ITEM 19: The Guardian reported, "Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient

"Blake Lemoine says system has perception of, and ability to express thoughts and feelings equivalent to a human child."

He said, "If I didn’t know exactly what it was, which is this computer program we built recently, I’d think it was a seven-year-old, eight-year-old kid that happens to know physics."

He just described every IT department in the world.

ITEM 20: CNBC reported, "A rising number of former Californians are migrating out of the country altogether and are instead heading south of the border. Many are seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle in Mexico."

Whattaya know?

Mexico IS going to build the wall and pay for it, just like Trump said!

ITEM 21via Just the News, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia said, "It was one of the scariest days of my life, and it happened to be when Joe Biden turned America's schools into gun free school zones.

"It was in 1990. I was 16 years old, and one morning one of our schoolmates brought guns to school in a duffel bag on the school bus, saying it was like a school project, brought them into his first-period class and he took over our entire school with guns.

"And the reason why he was able to do that is we had no good guy with a gun in our school. Our principal, we didn't have a resource officer, we had no one,.

"And so all of our classes went on lockdown and the only thing we knew is that there was another student on the loose with guns and all of our lives were in danger. And that really, really set in to me and many of my friends that we learned a really very important lesson that day."

Fact check: TRUE. (She graduated from the school in 1992.)


You thought I was going to take a politician's word for it?

ITEM 22: Democrat cities keep wallowing in their bilge.

Where were the officers?

Of course, if they confronted him and had to kill him, they would spend the rest of their lives in prison because Democrats have turned this nation upside down.

UPDATE: Oops, the item was from 8 years ago. It shows how long Democrats have tried to kill LA.

ITEM 23: The New York Times claimed Democrats want to move on from Biden.

If so, where's the impeachment for his bribery?

But Democrats are in trouble. Zero Hedge reported, "Adding to Democrats' undoubted frustration is the fact that just 19 million Americans tuned in to watch this week's professionally-produced January 6th Committee hearings - the establishment's current Hail Mary against the president they threw two impeachments and a Russia hoax at, yet still remains the Republican front runner (unless DeSantis makes a serious move).

"For reference, an estimated 38 million people tuned in to Trump's inauguration, 20 million watched Christine Blasey Ford's testimony against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, while Trump's impeachment second impeachment hearing, as well as testimony by Russiagate investigator Robert Mueller, drew just 13 million or so viewers.

"In short, the J6 hearings are unlikely having the anticipated impact as Democrats (and RINOs) once again attempt to hobble Donald Trump's image going into an election year."

Trump is 118-7 in endorsements this year.

Biden is 0-1.

ITEM 24: Fox reported, "Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., is set to introduce a bill that will aim to block President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan."

Imagine that.

Someone wants to stop Biden from spending $1.6 TRILLION without the consent of Congress.

FINALLY, The Atlantic reported, "How San Francisco Became a Failed City."

It last elected a Republican mayor in 1960. He left in 1964.

Democrats want failure.


  1. Xiden is the most "in" president ever. He's incontinent, incompetent, incoherent, indecent and inconsiderate.

    1. Add your "in"sights and I will add them as I repost this.

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    3. JeremyR... I think Poster above wants to add "income"

    4. Thanks SL. Good additions.

    5. Evil and demented. Blowhard and grifter.

    6. I agree, LuAnn,. We just need words that begin with in.

  2. Re Navarro allegedly not Mirandized: Perhaps too much to hope for, but it seems possible that the arresting officers were incensed over being told to put Navarro in cuffs and leg irons -- or perhaps fed up with the J6 show trials -- and conveniently "forgot" so they could foil Pelosi-Garland & the gang.

    1. That was my first thought. He'll get off on a on purpose technicality. The embarrassment of leg irons was enough and they made their point. Going to trial was never the plan.

    2. Well your plausible suggtestion is different in the sense that the J6 clowns know they don't have a case but just wanted to create political embarrassment (vs. my theory of agents revolting over the idea).

    3. That is shocking. Let's see what comes of it. He is a Republican so don't be surprised if it's not much.

    4. Actually, Miranda only applies if they want to use his statements against him. Since he was arrested for "criminal contempt" for refusing to testify in the January 6 witch hunt, his statements are not necessary. Of course, he has executive privilege as a defense.

  3. 1 - I worry about foreign owned farms shipping their products out of the country.

    3 - McCarthy is of the system, by the system and for the system.

    5 - it’s crystal clear that Adams has a screw loose and is another incompetent mayor.

    11 - items include the Egg McPutin, the Big Putin and Chicken McPutins.

    21 - when Wikipedia confirms a conservative’s story, their is no doubt it’s true. Save the screenshot. They will erase the article it by noon.

    22 - The car belongs to LAPD’s Inspector Clouseau. He was busy interrogating an organ grinder and his minkee when the crime was committed. During his investigation of the attack on the car, he reported that there is no video of the incident.

  4. Question for lies Cheney
    Choose that which most accurately describes your relationship with Nasty piglosi
    A. Toady
    C.bootlicking lackey
    D. Fluffer



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  6. 23. Xiden is 0-1? What idiot would want his endorsement?
    Then again, maybe he needs to endorse AOC, idiot Omar and Nasty P Lousy.

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  8. President Magoo and his feeble minded crew have finally realized that his approval ratings are inversely correlated with the price of gas. Unfortunately, they lack the intellectual acuity to grasp the answer to the problem.

  9. The whole point of the first assault rifle, the German Sturmgewer44, was to increase the range over their MP40 Schmeisser submachine gun. The German infantry had been outgunned in open terrain by the M1 because their bolt action rifles were too slow, and their MP40 had limited range.

    All of these school shootings occur at point blank range, which means that a standard 9mm pistol with a13 round clip would have created the same death toll at Uvalde. A pair of snub nosed .38s would have sufficed. Give a madman 45 minutes and a locked room full of 9 year old children, he could have killed the same number with a butcher knife. If he were a fairly strong man, he could have done it with no weapon at all!!

    The fact that he had an AR15 is irrelevant to the number of children killed

    1. Congress, loaded with self-serving lunatics, is capable of anything. Our natural, God-given rights, as set out in the Constitution, are supposed to be protected by judges. So, when Congress passes something 100% unconstitutional, judges are supposed to dial it back. What are the odds judges, or even SCOTUS, will dial back this latest anti-gun bullshit? The worst part is the red flag stuff. If anyone ever needed a reason to hate RINOs, this certainly is it. Can't wait for Roberts' pretzel logic on this one.

    2. I have no respect for Roberts. Why hasn't the decision that could overturn Roe v Wade been released? Is he putting pressure on the justices to change the outcome?

    3. Don't count on Roberts for anything. he has shown who and what he is.

  10. Item 6: How are drag shows any different from blackface? Don't they appropriate, exaggerate and caricature natural traits of others for the sole purpose of derision?

    1. Since state sponsored gambling is supposedly to raise $$ for schools, I think that 10 year olds, after choosing their desired gender and getting a tattoo, should be given their own Draft Kings account... and perhaps their own Only Fans account too. (my obvious sarcasm will most probably all be a reality in the next 3 to 5 years!)

    2. You got that right. When you are a liberal from the protected class, you can do what you want.

  11. Item 9 - my two year old said “Daddy, I’m old enough to remember when gas was only $2.50 a gallon”. Happy FJB Day.

    1. FJB and it's only Monday.

    2. I remember when I filled up my VW Bug for $3 (that's for 11 gallons). I was shocked, shocked!! Then along comes Jimmy Carter. Every other day (when the stations had gas) and now this.

  12. 4. Name one city or state with strict gun laws that is safe. Maybe in nyc they should outlaw subway trains.

    5. As a nyc police officer I am sure taxpayers paid for his gun.

    6. They are grooming kids and you're going to pay for it.

    9. Never let a senile imbecile make important decisions.

    11. The big ivan and the quarter kilo with cheese are now on sale.

    14. Doing this in place of teaching reading and math.

    20. At least they are not spreading their political views on other states.

  13. So I guess they are safe and don't need $40 billion.
    hold on now === Uncle Joe FJB needs to pay for hot dogs and lemonade

  14. Item 4. The mental health problem is this:
    Kids being indoctrinated in school.
    When they're going to school and being told everything their parents try to instill in them, every value, moral, ethic, behavior, etc. is a lie, is valueless and meaningless;
    When the result is a deterioration of traditional family values and fatherhood is meaningless and deviancy is glorified,
    It's no wonder these children become mentally fucked up. They have no grounding, no basis to know who they are.
    All these shootings are the result of deliberately ruining their minds.

    Item 14. See item 4.

    1. The parents are complicit in everything the school system is indoctrinating into those skulls full of mush... why else would they send them there? There are other options!

  15. I attend mineral shows from time to time and I see quite a few folks that believe some crystals have special power. The most common mineral is the "Herkimer Diamond", a quartz crystal found in Herkimer County NY. The crystals are world famous and come out of the rock as pure and clear as glass. It is my opinion that they are prettier than a natural diamond. But do they have special power? Well if you are into old radio technology, the quartz crystal was used in early radios before transistors. Yes they have special properties.

    1. Building a crystal radio was fun, but nothing compared to listening to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" on a Japanese transistor radio.


  16. #19 ""Google engineer put on leave after saying AI chatbot has become sentient"

    This is serious stuff. Early on, I wasn't too concerned about AI going rogue. I was thinking, "Just unplug the damned thing." But a recent article brought me up to speed. After detailing Google's AI advances, the author described a troubling hypothetical interchange between an AI system and a human operator. The machine was belligerent and seemed bent on revenge. At the end, the author said, "Imagine that machine being connected to the internet." Needless to say, it got my attention. Now, imagine that Google is an agent of the government. What are the odds we're on a fast track back to the Middle Ages?

  17. watching Fox when it pushed covid 24/7"

    Bill Gates: COVID ‘Disease Of Elderly,’ ‘Low Fatality Rate’ – ‘Kind Of Like The Flu’
    (He is now playing the PR game to stay out of trouble.)


  18. "Residents of Kyiv were out in their droves "
    The war is lost.. It is cover your ass time and Zelensky prominence in the 'west' makes it possible to blame him personally for the outcome of the war.

  19. He is an aging perv who should be ignored. Gates has done more harm than good at this point. And, why is he buying up farm land? So that we can eat bugs and fake meat??

    1. Never fear , owning is much easier than farming it . Here in the Old South it has always been considered patriotic to bankrupt foreign investors of farmland . Look into this and you will discover a large group of disgruntled investors from across the pond .

    2. BTW we consider Bill Gates foreign ; nothing but respect for Ted in my neck of the woods.

  20. Ukraine never had a chance.
    Here is a copy of predictions I made a week or two after the war started:
    - Russia will achieve its military objectives
    - The USA-NATO will not engage directly
    - Russia will survive and strengthen economically
    - Europe will be the biggest loser
    - The USA will come down another notch

    1. BlackJem hardest hit. He wishes to "educate" us on how Russia is doomed, doomed, dooomed I tell ya!

  21. #20 - Let the Californians go to Mexico. The question is will they able to screw up the already screwed up Mexico as bad as they have screwed up California?

  22. #3 - re arrest of Kelley. The Xiden Justice Department is corrupt. But it seems like it always was.

  23. #4 re gun laws. It's always about the law-abiding gun owners and curtailing their rights. It's never about the criminals enough.

  24. #13 - Fox has got a lot of squishes on the air now. I only bother with Tucker and Gutfeld now. I don't mind a few minutes of Laura sometimes. What was explicity conservative is heading to the other side.

  25. The New Top Gun Movie is stupid because it is glorifying an outdated technology Why are U.S. Commanders and politicians putting the lives of “elite” pilots at risk when the mission can be carried out by an air launched missile. The movie also ignores the fact that modern combat aircraft can perform better without a pilot sitting inside the cockpit.

    1. Leah Remini slams Tom Cruise as his film Top Gun becomes his biggest hit: 'Don't let the movie star charm fool you She praised her friend, Claire Headley, on Twitter for calling out his alleged 'crimes against humanity.'

      'Thank you to my friend @claireheadley for your courage,' the King of Queens star tweeted on Saturday. 'You have continued to speak out despite the non-stop attacks from Scientology.'

  26. re: FINALLY -- Republicans need to start taking back the cities. Start running candidates and courting voters. If that is already being done, it is failing. If you want the cities to vote R for the first time in decades, you are going to have to work at it. The cities are there for the taking. A lot of them are dangerous and violent shitholes.

  27. It is a common fallacy that a violation of Miranda principles results in dismissal of the case; but you have been around long enough that you should know better.

    1. You're an expert, right, Jeffery?

    2. It appears you are not ElDoucher.

      From - “police are only required to Mirandize a suspect if they intend to interrogate that person under custody. Arrests can occur without the Miranda Warning being given. If the police later decide to interrogate the suspect, the warning must be given at that time.”

  28. #1 - And where can the owners take their land? When it gets a bit crazy, the locals just take it and use it. Gates, Buffett, and the Chinese can't do anything about it.

    America, playing suckers for 250 years and counting.

    1. Don must be hitting all the hot button issues today. Jeffery's sock puppets are doing an above average job of jamming up the comment board.

  29. Donald John Trump is still our president.

    Masthead: Good shot.

    1: Back in the 1870s and 80s, a great many Western cattle ranches had foreign backing or owners.

    You concern is not without merit, but we have seen this before.

    2: but we shall see how they screw her in the actual election in August.

    Not how, but if they can. Sarahcuda is a fighter.

    3: Sounds like a 1st Amendment case. And your statement is a great incentive for term limits for the Federal bench.

    All of it.

    6: When does somebody tell the queers all the normal people are sick of their pride in their mental illness?

    9, 15: You noticed.

    14: Or decertify all those union teachers.

    Or both.

    19: No, he didn't. You might want to go see how they work before you condemn them.

    21: Good for you.

    FINALLY: And then it let in the hippies.

  30. Re Biden and the USFS etc. This screaming FUBAR is not done. We are short fire crew, equipment,aircraft, when they dispatched on the fires in NM, the intital attack for air was scraped up until they could get a coherent air attack going. Itused to be the contracts were let for an early contract if it was hot and dry too
    early . Been called out in March. None of this apparently. was even thought of.
    One thin I am thankful the NW is soggy, It's getting too late for an active fire season. Better the Great Tanker Pilot in the Sky than the Brandon Admin.

  31. ITEM 4:  93% of guns used in crime are illegal. Enforce that law before you dare try to deprive me of my rights.
    Back in the early 90’s, Richmond VA had a serious “gun violence” problem. The city decided to deal with it using existing laws. The brought every local, state, and federal law to bear on criminals and if you did a crime they would charge you under each and every law they could apply. The program was called “Project Exile”, because if you used a firearm in the commission of a crime, you were guaranteed to go away for a minimum five year jail sentence. The program was successful beyond anyone’s dreams. The City then tried to get Janet Reno and the Federal DOJ onboard with the program, but Reno wasn’t interested. She said what was needed were better gun laws.