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Monday, June 13, 2022

Dem leaders are so old, they call baby boomers "sonny"

President Donald John Trump celebrates his 76th birthday tomorrow.

He is still too young to be a Democrat House leader.

Those three stooges are Pelosi, 81; Jim Clyburn, 82; and Steny Hoyer, 82. Their combined age is 245. Congress has existed for only 233 years.

By contrast, the Republican House leaders are Kevin McCarthy, 57; Steve Scalise, 56; and Elise Stefanik, 37. 

Their average age is 50 -- more than 30 years younger that their Democrat counterparts.

For the most part, the media ignores the age issue.

Oh, 2 years ago, reporters went after Dianne Feinstein, the 88-year-old Einstein who headed the Senate Intelligence Committee even though her chauffeur was a spy for Red China. I can imagine the secrets she told when he was Driving Miss Daisy.

In December 2020, the New Republic wrote, "Feinstein’s declining health points to a larger problem. The Democratic Party is ruled by a gerontocracy. Much has been made of Joe Biden being the oldest first-term president in history, but he is younger than Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats continue to win young voters by huge margins but look nothing like them. Instead of grooming younger talent, House and Senate leadership is full of members in their seventies and eighties who seem hellbent on retaining their plum positions. This is a party that desperately needs to get younger, or else it will continue to bungle basic governance and alienate both its future leaders and the base."

That issue quickly died when the media realized it could not push her out. 

But the New Republic's analysis is correct. The perks and power of Congress have evolved so much that 8 of the 13 longest serving members in the history of Congress served in this century. 4 died in office. 2 (Leahy and Grassley) still serve.

In many ways, Congress resembles the Politburo. The average age of a Politburo member was 70 when Brezhnev died in 1982. Gorbachev took over and tried to drop that number but it was too late. The Soviet Union collapsed on December 25, 1991.

The octogenarians leading the Democrats in the House stand in stark contrast to the Supreme Court, which often is described as 9 old men.

But 4 of the 9 justices are in their 50s. When Breyer leaves next month, his successor will become the fifth 50-something justice and she will drop the average age by 3 years, pushing it below 70. She also will be the fourth woman justice.

Bloomberg described the Court as young and conservative, much to the chagrin of the agency's owner, Mini Mike Bloomberg.

The problem with the gerontocracy that runs the Democrat Party is not that it has no new ideas. Far from it. New ideas are plentiful. The problem is having three people who predate Pearl Harbor are so afraid of losing power that they refuse to say no to the mind-numbingly dumb ideas of AOC and the rest of her anti-American sisters.

AOC wants to regulate cow farts and end airline travel.

Not that age is a guarantee of wisdom. Democrat Don Beyer, 71, of Virginia wants to impose a 1,000% tax on scary-looking rifles. (I no longer call them AR 15s because the only reason people do not like them is how they look.)

Clyburn, Pelosi and Hoyer do not lead. They just do what is necessary to hang on to their jobs. They perfectly represent a Democrat Party that will do anything to seize power -- open riots in the street and intimidating the young children of justices -- and then use that power against the American people.

Perhaps a good whupping in November will force Democrats to put AOC and the rest of the squaws in charge. You reap what you sow, Democrats.

Till then, the Gollum and her Goblins run the show.


  1. Squad,er,Squaws? good one Don.

    1. Sas-squaws. Hairy primates with big flapping pieholes, and the moral clarity of seagulls in a tug of war over a sandy knotted condom.

  2. Squaw is such a rude, insulting word. Derogatory in fact. However, it fits them perfectly.

    1. Squaw is derogatory??? Well, son of a bitch!!!

    2. Randy says: What ever happened to the good, old-fashioned word, “Wench”?

  3. The biggest squaw of them all, Liawatha Fauxcahontas Warren turns 73 next week. A young whippersnapper. She is poised to take over.

  4. "This is a party that desperately needs to get younger, or else it will continue to bungle basic governance and alienate both its future leaders and the base" their younger members are even dumber. AOC makes peat moss seem brilliant.

  5. Prollem is, most of the younger Demos fall in the Chlamydia, Spartacus, Buttpeg, Occasional Cortex folder.

  6. Perhaps a good whupping in November will force Democrats to put AOC and the rest of the squaws in charge.

    Sorry Don, but I respectfully disagree. I believe there is going to be a "false flag" between now and November - I told my wife last week that 'mass shootings' will increase - False Flags will serve as justification of the imposition of martial law and 'postponing' elections.

    1. Not in West Virginia, buddy. NOT IN WEST VIRGINIA.

    2. You make a good point, we cannot assume they will allow the election to occur normally. Things that were previously unthinkable have already happened, it’s not much of a stretch to think they will create a crisis to stop the elections.

    3. Randy says: A big fire in the House chamber of Congress should do it. Worked for Hitler in 1933.

  7. Good column Big D. It hearken the current state of the black family in America. Fifty years ago, grandmas and grandpas still had YUGE moral authority and brought the yungins into line (with a switch, if necessary - shout out Adrian Peterson) if they fooked up. Today, the memaws are about 40 years old and have been thoroughly schooled in the ways of the Alles Heil = Victim Culture. It’s no wonder we had MPLS and Kenosha, and Chicago, AND Philly, AND Balto, AND Detroit, AND NYC…my fingers are getting tired…

  8. "Dem leaders are so old, they call baby boomers "sonny"".

    Sadly, we don't yet call enough silents "dead".