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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bring back Little Golden Books

Ken Olin mockingly tweeted, "It’s 2028 and at Clarence Thomas Elementary School a classroom full of unwanted children is pledging allegiance to Jesus, being led by President DeSantis on the class television monitor, safe in the knowledge that their heavily armed teacher with the AR-15 will protect them."

One can dream.

The reality is Jesus is out, drag queens are in, and Biden sits at the Resolute Desk. Children are indoctrinated into a watered-down version of CRT, which preaches that white people are evil and the Constitution is illegitimate.

Yes, I get that Critical Race Theory is taught in college, not directly in K-12. But the teachers attend those classes in college and bring their prejudices against white people and the Constitution into the classroom.

They also bring in perverts.

Fox reported, "Schools and organizations across the country have marked the beginning of Pride Month with drag shows and events targeted at children, drawing criticism and questions about the appropriateness of such gatherings.  

"In Erie, Colorado, the DEI Committee of Meadowlark Elementary's Parent, Teacher and Student Association partnered 'with 4 other Erie Elementary School's DEI Groups' to pass out rainbow flags at the entrances of the town’s Pride celebration, according to a Meadowlark PTSA Facebook post. 

"The Pride month event featured Drag Queen Story Time with Shirley Delta Blow, who, according to an article in Westworld, is a schoolteacher by day and drag queen by night."

Fact-check: Mr. Blow is a drag queen by day as well.

He said, "We tend to giggle a lot in my classroom, and there is always glitter, much to the chagrin of some parents. But hey, a drag queen is your child's teacher. This is what you signed up for."

Fact-check: No one signed up for anything. Colorado requires children to attend school and then the state hires drag queens to teach them. The Supreme Court ruled long ago that you cannot promote religion in school. Liberals have made LGBT an exception.

Most parents did not know in advance that degenerates run some of the schools. Their attempts to protest land them on the terrorist list under goofball Attorney General Merrick Garland, who would have been the craziest Supreme Court justice in history.

The Daily Mail reported, "New York City has been spending heavily on sending drag queens into its public elementary schools, dropping more than $200,000 on appearances since 2018. 

"Just last month, records show the city paying $46,000 to send Drag Story Hour NYC to public schools, libraries, and street festivals, according to the New York Post.

"Some parents say the programs were booked without their consent, while city officials have responded with outrage, according to the Post.

"The news comes as debates rage across the country about how gender identity and young children should interact."

We need a Christian Story Book Hour to offset the drag queens.

Instead of Heather Has Two Mommies, the Christians could read The Little Red Hen and other Little Golden Books. They are still in print.

The Little Red Hen taught us that you must work to earn your keep. Remember?

Who will help me bake the bread?

Not I, says the pig.

Not I, says the dog.

Not I, says the duck.

Ah, but when the bread is finished, they all want to eat. She tells them no. The bread is for her and her chicks.

What a dangerous book. Not only does it promote the idea of work but it promotes the idea of a mother tending the needs of her children. It doesn't take a village! Considering her village (well, farm) was filled with lazy losers, the villagers are the last people you want raising your chicks.

Or how about The Little Engine That Could? He taught perseverance and determination. His self-esteem was earned by deed, not a participation trophy.

The Ant & the Grasshopper taught children the value of work and thrift. It also taught them business cycles. You have to reap while the sun shines because winter is coming. This title was published by a competitor of Little Golden Books.

And of course Chicken Little (the original, not the revisionist tale they used in a recent flick) teaches children the madness of mobs. Say what you will about Foxy Loxy, but he did thin the herd of its idiots.

Bring back How To Tell Time.

Not all the Little Golden Books are worthy and some of the more recent ones do not impress me.

But enough are. We need to teach children American values, not LGBT or CRT ones.


  1. Say what you wish about America back in the 50's. THAT is the model we should strive for.

    1. America back in the 50's was a lot better than what you've given us, Jeffery.

  2. Berenstain Bears were our favorites. That kid had a case of the Get the Gimmies....lasting impressions, esp at the Grocerty Store checkout....

  3. I think you’re too optimistic about the reach and teaching of CRT. It is said to be some rare and abstruse theory in the dusty halls of law school. In practice it is taught throughout the school system. After all, how rigorous or persuasive can a subject be that has to assume its own conclusion?

  4. Back 70 years ago when I was a little boy, my family played "Manners Can Be Fun" on the turntable. It taught me to say "please" and "thank you" when I wanted and received something, to play fair with my peers, let adults handle hazardous objects, even to be kind to our animal pets, among many other lessons taught in song. Now, it is on YouTube for the listening pleasure of young children and their parents. I cannot praise it enough.

  5. I’m sorry, but who the fuck is Ken Olin?

  6. Actor. I think he was in the Thirty Something show that I never watched..

  7. I remember the Little Golden Book about Rin Tin Tin.

    You always want to live on an Army post in Apache country.

  8. Dr. Seuss is the GOAT!

    I do not like your mental haze
    I do not like your lefty ways
    I do not like your son on blow
    I do not like you SLEEPY JOE!

  9. Shirley (Surely) Blow? Surely does. Surely will. Surely has. Surely can't stop!!! Shirley Blow needs to go fine a meat grinder and insert her...Dick isn't a fan!

    1. Excuse me...I said "her". No, I should have said "That Thing"...with a thing.
      Richard Hertz

  10. The civil war will clear the riff raff. We are armed!

  11. "heavily armed teacher with the AR-15 will protect them." sounds like a plan to me, Israel adopted that plan and there has never been a school shooting there. I suggest the AR-16 which shoots a 306 round and makes a much bigger hole ;-)

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