Monday, May 09, 2022

Party like it's 18-94!

Democrats are in deep trouble 6 months away from the midterm election. How bad will it be? 2010 Tea Party bad? 1994 Gingrich Revolution bad?

Try 1894.

In 1894, West Virginia had 4 congressmen. All were Democrats. All lost re-election. It was part of a sweep in which Republicans gained 130 seats in a 357-seat House of Representatives. Democrats lost more than half their seats as Republicans re-gained the House -- and would control it for the next 16 years.

West Virginia was not alone in wiping themselves clean of Democrats. Illinois went from an 11-11 split to a 22-0 shutout by Republicans. Indiana went from an 11-2 advantage by Democrats to a 13-0 shutout by Republicans. Michigan went 12-0, Minnesota 7-0, Nebraska 6-0, New Jersey 8-0, and Wisconsin 10-0. (That's Wisconsin's state capitol above.)

The House historian quoted one of the losers, Democrat Champ Clark of Missouri, who said, "It was the greatest slaughter of innocents since the days of King Herod."

Well, it was not a shift of biblical proportion but it was the greatest political shift in congressional history. Republicans should stockpile their brooms because Democrats are due an ousting. From her perch in the hills of Western Pennsylvania, Salena Zito sees a possible 1894-level leveling of Democrats.

Zito outlined why Grover Cleveland and his party lost.

She wrote, "The Democrats had woefully handled every crisis that came their way that year. And their use of the press as a weapon against the people had backfired. America was in the middle of the Gilded Age — when agricultural markets crashed, the railroads were the next domino to fall, then the steel industry, and then manufacturing.

"Cleveland hesitated to act. When he finally tried to repeal the Silver Purchase Act in an attempt to strengthen gold, it was too late. His move caused a bank run and a stock market crash, unemployment neared 20%, and voters wanted the lot of his party thrown out.

"Making Democrats' problems even worse was a new populist movement — a left-wing faction of the party that was siphoning off the support of farmers and laborers especially. They were furious over Democrats being in bed with big business."

Many of the issues of 1894 have echoes 128 years later. Supply chain issues (railroad strikes), food shortages (farm problems) and there also was a war (Cuba). 

This year, there are the party's hare-brained stands on social issues such as CRT and grooming kindergarteners. Moms and grandmas are likely more worried about the shortage of baby formula than they are about blocking abortions after 15 weeks.

But the pandemic looms over this election like storm clouds. 

The Center Square reported, "Voters in Wisconsin, by large margins, want to see more parents involved in their kids' schools, more police officers on the streets, and more people getting back to work in the state.

"The Badger Institute on Tuesday released results from a poll conducted by the State Policy Network. The poll shows broad support for education and welfare reforms, and shows support for a return to more policing."

The sudden interest in education stems from Zoom classes. Parents discovered what their children really were learning in school. Parents did not like it. School issues (including two rapes by a transgender in the girls room) led to the first Republicans sweep last year in a state election in Virginia's history.

Between CRT and the push of LGBT propaganda, parents are voting to flip school boards back. This should carry over into congressional races.

People in Wisconsin also saw what BLM wrought in Kenosha and Waukesha. This may lead to a 5-3 Republican advantage in Wisconsin's House delegation to an 8-0 shutout.

Ah, but what about abortion?

Reuters reported, "Laura Wilson is a mother of three who lives in the sprawling suburbs of north Phoenix, a hotly contested electoral area of Arizona that could decide which party controls the U.S. Senate after November's congressional elections.

"Wilson, 61, is pro-choice, voted for Democratic President Joe Biden, and knew all about the news last week that the U.S. Supreme Court is likely poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision giving women the right to an abortion.

"Yet Wilson said she is undecided about who she will vote for this November, and abortion rights are not a priority for her.

"'It's the economy and jobs,' Wilson said. She said she was disappointed in Biden, because of high inflation and 'too many homeless people on the streets.'

"Wilson was one of 21 women interviewed by Reuters in the northern suburbs of Phoenix -- a key area for Democratic Senator Mark Kelly's efforts to hold onto his seat -- after news of the Supreme Court draft ruling broke. Most of the women said inflation, not abortion, was the galvanizing issue for them."

Salena Zito is seldom blatantly partisan. She is a smart cookie who knows you should show, not say.

But she has had it.

She wrote in her 1894, "Democrats are treating the crime issue like it's a parlor game. Spend any time listening to the police scanners in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., or Chicago, and you will find the problem is very real and out of control. The blame lands right in the hands of Democrats, who thought it was a great idea to spend two years either calling for the police to be eliminated or defunded in their cities.

"Democrats' negligence at the border is having an effect as well — not just on Texans in the Rio Grande Valley but also on the suburban parents in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Butler County, Pennsylvania. They are suddenly finding that fentanyl has made its way into their circles and taken hold of their children or their friends. Democrats seem not to understand that voters see a crisis with no plan to remedy it.

"Meanwhile, no one is shaking off inflation as a passing phase — it is real, and it is hurting all of us. Hardest hit are the working poor and the middle class. No one in Biden's administration or the Democrats' House and Senate majorities seems to have a message that they are in control of this — that there is some sense of a clear economic plan, at least to get things moving along the right path."

She does not believe it will be 1894, but rather a 2010.

However, she wrote, "Grover Cleveland, like Joe Biden, remained both stubborn and stuck — both ahead of those midterm elections and in his final two years in office. He tried to weaponize the press against the farmers and the working class. He continued to hold the same positions, including a commitment to free trade, that turned voters away from him."

The only buffer for Democrats this year is that states like West Virginia and Wisconsin already have Republican congressmen.

But what about Illinois? 14 of its 17 seats are Democrat. 

What about New York? 18 of its 26 seats are Democrat.

What about California? 42 of its 52 seats are Democrat.

Democrats hold 74 seats, Republicans 21 in those states. What if that flipped? Unlikely? It was as unlikely as Alabama losing a seat to Republicans in 1894, but it did. In fact, it lost 2 seats to Republicans and 2 to the Populist Party.

In 1894, Democrat incompetence cost Democrats their strongholds. They lost 16 House seats in New York, which almost wiped out Tammany Hall because there were no patronage jobs to hand out or pork barrels to roll. 

1894 led to Democrats abandoning Cleveland in 1896 and handing over the White House to Republicans, who held it for 16 years.

Republicans may not have as big a gain this year but even a 40-seat gain would give them their largest majority in nearly a century. And certainly 16 years of a Republican White House would Make America Great Again.

The issues are there. The foundation is laid. It is up to Republicans to build. 


  1. It's not just the incompetence and mishandling, but the overt arrogance and willingness to put people in a hole.

    Not only did they screw it all up, but the Demos did everything they could to make it worse.

    Don't think 1894, think Hiroshima.

    1. Agree. They aren't that incompetent. They know exactly what they're doing in their attempts to "Fundamentally Change America'

  2. I believe the people recognize the deliberate effort by the Left to destroy their country. They know the southern border was deliberately opened without control, that Marxists drive the agenda and that they just hate us. Throw in the ridicule of Biden and it's a perfect storm.

    With election integrity, I believe it will substantially exceed the 63-seat gain in 2010.

    1. I worry about election integrity.

    2. I worry about the RINOs. They too must go - in the primaries.

    3. I don't believe a lot of the people recognize the deliberate effort by the Left to destroy the country. I think we still have almost half a country to convince!!!

  3. 1930-32 marked the end of the "Post Civil War" era and society then changed profoundly, not just politics.
    The "Post WWII" era is ending now.

    1. The 30 years since the cold war ended had us drifting foreign policy wise. WWII also had an affinity for big institutions and joining together to get things done. The left has pretty much exhausted that sentiment.

      So, yeah, I think you have characterized that accurately. We are moving to a reincarnation of the nation state political preference, and a healthy skepticism of the federal government.

    2. Let's hope. The left is a complete and corrupt disaster.

  4. Great commentary, Don. Just one small problem:
    You're assuming the November elections will be honest.
    The last election used software originally designed for elections in Venezuela (the very epitome of integrity) before getting bought up by Dominion (and how appropriate is that name).
    We've got evidence of mules stuffing ballot boxes (at least one of which was tracked out of Stacy Abrams office in Georgia).

    Fair and honest elections are passé, now.

  5. The markets are tumbling at just the right moment. Voters are looking at their retirement funds and come away frightened. The most observant of them remember how their balances soared during the Trump years. This is a nightmare scenario for Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest. THEN add to this the absurdities of CRT, grooming, trans-wtf, Russia! and the Biden RICO indictment, and one is left with, "how the hell did we get here?"

    1. Bingo... The teacher retirement funds and other governmental worker retirement funds have to be in the tank. Gonna be hard for Dems to get their union supporters to vote for them if this continues.

  6. "Democrats seem not to understand that voters see a crisis with no plan to remedy it "

    So true, yet there seems to be NO worry among the corrupt dems running for re election, as if they have it in the bag. Much like Brandon sitting in his basement all through 2016, knowing the fix was in and gloating about it!. Very leery here of just saying "we got this", when history may well bite us in the cojones. Why isn't peolsi, brandon, schiff, schumer worried?? Why don't they care about this upcoming November?? If they cared, wouldn't they back off on their disastrous policies that is wrecking everything??

    1. There is either a plan for cheating or they don't care or both. At this point, I don't know what to expect. It should be a a rout for the Rs, but it's hard to say at this point.

  7. "It was the greatest slaughter of innocents since the days of King Herod." democrats? Innocents??? Bwahahahahaha.. cough, gasp, bwahahahahaha.

    1. Psychopathy has been around for the Demos since WAY back when…

    2. Z, ain't that the truth. They went over the top nuts when Lincoln won. I'm just glad they didn't succeed in starting a second civil war when Trump was elected.


    1. Gave Barnette's campaign $25 today. I hope and pray she can pull off the upset.

  9. What would fuel a huge Republican gain would be an honest election. The Democrats have put all their political eggs in the vote-cheating basket. In so doing, they have declared war on all law abiding Americans. Accordingly, it would require citizen intervention to thwart that party's crooks and criminals, just as parents of schoolchildren are confronting that party's perverts and pedophiles.

  10. I think cancelling student loans would backfire on the Dems. There are a lot of young people who have already paid their loans back, parents who gave up a lot of things to send their kids, or young people who decided not to go or went with their third or fourth choice because of cost who would be really angry if other people were allowed to skip out of paying their loans back.

  11. Don, you HAVE to understand…for the LibCommie Hard Left, climate change is their RELIGION. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. They are going to SAVE THE WORLD and could not give a FOOK about anything else. All the problems you covered mean NOTHING to them.

  12. Time to steal another election! We'd better be prepared for an "upset".

  13. "The issues are there. The foundation is laid. It is up to Republicans to build." I wonder, will the Republicans build or just expect that the rejection of Biden and the Democrats is a ticket to sit on their rear ends and be a do nothing alternative? Trump won the first time for two reasons: 1. HRC was a terrible candidate. 2. He promised to address the concerns not of the Republican party but of millions of voters that felt for the first time in along time they were voting for someone that cared about them. He made a lot of political enemies in 4 years. He was hated by the DC crowd from before day one. The media attacked him relentlessly but he still got things done. If this midterm election is not stolen by voter fraud like the 2020 election most certainly was stolen. The Republicans better come up with a new contract for America, like Newt Gingrich did back so many years ago. If you want people to support and follow you...You must be a leader, not a lap dog. Need an example? Check out Florida's governor.

  14. -- And certainly 16 years of a Republican White House would Make America Great Again. --

    Don't be so sure of that. The GOP Establishment is not on board with the MAGA agenda. Those legislators did everything but throw tantrums to impede President Trump's initiatives. That's why he had to do so much by executive order -- and why the Usurper Regime found it so easy to reverse all his gains.

    Were the Establishmentarian Republicans replaced by genuine conservatives eager to assist Trump or DeSantis, the probabilities would be different. However, that's not in the cards, at least not at the moment.