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Saturday, May 14, 2022

"Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump," which wins in November

The New York Times reported, "Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump."

OK, who told them?


Lu Ann?

Schløngtaviøus Lärdmâster? Sounds like something Schlongy would do.

After years of depicting Trump supporters as ill-educated, racist followers of a cult of personality, Big Media finds itself unable to explain why Trump supporters are not falling in lockstep to the polls to vote for Mehmet Oz simply because Trump endorsed him. This really must blow minds at NYT because gee, isn't Oz one of those TV celebrities the deplorables worship?

The full headline was "For Many Pennsylvania Voters, Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump. 

"Interviews show Dr. Mehmet Oz struggling in the G.O.P. Senate primary, despite a Trump endorsement. Voters remain devoted to Donald Trump but seem less swayed by his guidance."

Hmm, those conservative rats are not following their Pied Piper. Maybe -- just maybe -- they are not rats and Trump is not a Pied Piper.

The story said, "Like other Republican primaries throughout the country, the Pennsylvania Senate race is testing just how strong Mr. Trump’s grip remains on the party. But unlike other primaries this year, the Senate contest in Pennsylvania has suddenly pivoted into something else — a case study of whether the movement Mr. Trump created remains within his control.

"In interviews with more than two dozen Republican voters in western Pennsylvania, many echoed Mr. Testa’s ambivalence and uncertainty about Dr. Oz — despite Mr. Trump’s backing, they view him with suspicion, call him too Hollywood and question his ties to the state. Those Republicans, including Mr. Testa, said they were instead voting for or considering voting for Kathy Barnette, the far-right author and conservative-media commentator who has surged in the polls on a shoestring budget.

"In a race that could determine control of the Senate, many Republicans in the state find themselves deeply devoted to Mr. Trump yet, at the same time, less swayed by his guidance. Trumpism, as Ms. Barnette herself has put it on the campaign trail, is bigger than Trump."

Of course Trumpism is bigger than Trump.

If I were Salena Zito I could trace it back to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1793 when the hillbillies of western Pennsylvania refused to pay Washington's whiskey tax. And by Washington, I mean the real one whose presidency ended 4 years before Washington DC became our capital.

Moonshining is embedded not in any prohibition on alcohol but on a refusal to pay the tax. Long before the creation of the FBI, "revenooers" from the Treasury Department went after the moonshiners.

But I would trace the whole thing back a generation to the War of Independence itself when "Live Free Or Die" were not just words on a license plate but a way of life. It is in the DNA of Americans no matter where their ancestors were on July 4, 1776.

NYT reported, "In many ways, the vote for the Senate seat is as much a battle over the perception of authenticity as any ideological or policy debate. For months now, the leading candidates have each tried to align themselves closely with Mr. Trump and promote their conservative credentials. In the tight contest between the leading contenders — Dr. Oz, Ms. Barnette and Mr. McCormick — all three of them have tried hard to cast themselves as the true MAGA warrior.

"Some voters have clearly made up their minds about which one they believe is more authentic. But others are still deciding.

"One glance at John Artzberger’s auto body shop along Highway 8 in Butler County makes his political leanings clear: A Let’s Go Brandon flag flies from the shop’s marquee, and Trump paraphernalia covers a large wall near the entrance. When one customer asked him to place a Barnette lawn sign out front, he did not hesitate to agree. Still, the sign was just a sign — he said he was undecided and considering voting for either Ms. Barnette or Dr. Oz."  

Trump supporters are just that. Supporters. But many of us disagree with him on the Oz endorsement.

That hardly is a cult of personality.

No, for that you have to go to Obama.

When was the last time a Democrat publicly criticized Obama or even disagreed with him?

NYT has caught on, which puts the whole cult narrative in the dustbin of history -- alongside the Russian Collusion hoax and (someday) the January 6 Insurrection lie.

Trumpism is bigger than Trump and because of that, Tuesday's winner in Pennsylvania should have an easier time of bringing the party together and winning in November because the last person anyone wants in the Senate is John Fetterman, the Bernie Bro who serves as the state's lieutenant governor. 

Vox reported, "A mostly powerless office, it’s nevertheless given him broad name recognition, and he’s used the post to advocate for marijuana legalization, gay and trans rights (he was in the news for hanging a pride flag from his office in Harrisburg), and prison reform.

"That last area was one where he could actually make a difference as the head of the board of pardons. Under his leadership, the board waived the application fee for those seeking clemency, encouraged more people to apply, and significantly increased the number of recommendations for pardons and commutations."

Trump supporters -- not Trump -- will choose between Oz, McCormick and Barnette on Tuesday. A movement bigger than Trump then will put aside petty differences after the primary and make sure this little LGBT-supporting, pro-abortion Marxist Fetterman does not go to Washington. I don't think NYT knows this yet. I hope Zregime, Lu Ann and Schløngtaviøus Lärdmâster don't spill the beans before November 8.


  1. "...which puts the whole cult narrative in the dustbin of history -- alongside the Russian Collusion hoax and the January 6 Insurrection lie."

    If the January 6 Insurrection is a lie, now residing in the dustbin of history, why are people still sitting in a DC jail? Where are the Republicans?

    If a Republican Congressman lived next door to you, could you count on him to help you with anything that wasn't a photo op? Primary these turncoats at fast as we can.

  2. It's not an issue of date, but of disposition. Like the colonial farmers and shopkeepers, Trumplicans think for themselves, which explains why the Gray Lady can't fathom them.

    Lefties are herd animals. Notice how, once some Commie poobah pronounced from on high about something hitherto repugnant to "right-thinking people", the herd supported it without question; homosexuality, trans, hate America, anti-Caucasian?

    We think, therefore, we am.

    As it were.

    1. Good analysis. Trump is great but we don't know who's been blowing in his ear with this Oz situation.

    2. Can't forget Trump picked some real losers for his cabinet, staff and pentagon during his term....his attorney general, sec of defense, mad dog mattis, list goes on. People can judge for themselves who to vote for.

  3. Trumpism is indeed a movement bigger than Trump. You are right, Don -- the right thing to do is to put aside petty differences after the primary and make sure the LGBT-supporting, pro-abortion Marxist Fetterman does not go to Washington. Then primary the RINOs. (Been swamped with work between yesterday and today. Reading but not taking the time to comment until now.)

  4. Trumpism should win in November. (Notice I say should because weird things can happen. Remember 2020?) Every country should put its own citizens first. Every country should make things. Every politician should truly represent citizens wishes. If this is Ultra MAGA, so be it.

  5. Let Trump supporters decided who wins in Pennsylvania. Then get behind the winner to win in November.

    1. That’s what will happen. If either not the two losing candidates don’t back the winner, we know they were a fraud.

  6. The New York Times is beyond help. I am shocked that story was published. As for who told them, who knows??

  7. I suppose that it is incomprehensible to the undeviating leftist media that an endorsement for a candidate is just one factor in a multitude of factors that conservatives compile to assess their choice. Obviously, some endorsements weigh more than others but sometimes even the weightiest endorsement doesn't balance out the other factors. The media is so accustomed to controlling the liberal narrative that they really do not understand that the great unwashed masses have individual opinions.

    1. Like the great American middle class, that uses dedication, innovation, simple hard work and self interest to keep the country ticking. Boy, do they hate those tens of millions of Deplorables. If these people turned on them, en masse, their collective goose would be cooked - maybe literally. I live for that day, because working within the system isn't getting to first base, is it?

  8. "Trumpism" did not start with Trump, not even its modern manifestation. Angelo Codevilla published his book "The Ruling Class" in the summer of 2010, that laid out the real divide in the US. The Tea Party movement was also part of the beginning. The Establishment tried to shut the Tea Party down, but they did not go away. And more and more people seem to be catching on.

  9. The Tea Party was one, huge focus group for Trump. No, he didn't start the ball rolling but he sure represented it well - all the way to the White House. One guy saying - in everyday English - what everyone was thinking. Very powerful. DeSantis is proving it wasn't a fluke. So are the school mothers. Drop your fear of the chattering bitches and employ common sense. What a concept! Next step - chase them back down the hole they emerged from, pour gas into it and light it up.

  10. We are seeing the Demorats fleeing the S.S.Brandon.can't seem to find a Dem pol in Oregon
    supporting President Depends . It's fascinating to watch.

  11. "Trump supporters are just that. Supporters. But many of us disagree with him on the Oz endorsement.

    "That hardly is a cult of personality.

    "No, for that you have to go to Obama.

    "When was the last time a Democrat publicly criticized Obama or even disagreed with him?"

    Going through long-postponed piles of saved articles (save some, toss most. Let time determine what is important).

    Found this one, which gives you a wonderful recap of what Don S. is talking about.

    By Michelle Malkin, on October 29, 2008: "Obama's Slobbering Scribes" ["journalists" in the tank]