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Monday, May 23, 2022

To drain the swamp, remove the water

John Durham's first trial of the Russian Collusion Hoaxers has revealed he has proof that Team Clinton manufactured this scandal to enable Team Obama to use the FBI to spy on Donald John Trump.

The prosecutor's work is admirable.

But a conviction relies on a jury from a jury pool that is 95% anti-Trump. A conviction could be held up in appellate courts for another decade.

This is the wrong approach to draining the swamp. This is like trying to hunt alligators into extinction. Hunting alligators takes skill but it also takes time. I mean it can be done I suppose, but the easiest way to rid Florida of its 1 million alligators would be to remove the water and turn the Everglades into an industrial park.

I am not advocating that of course. I am just saying they almost did that once. 

That should be the model for ridding Washington of its massive corruption. The water of this swamp is money. The federal government is too large, too expensive and too powerful. Republicans need to reduce it drastically if we are to remain a free country.

The nation's capital is really Washington DNC.

The area is overwhelmingly Democrat which gives it 4 senators (two from Virginia and two from Maryland as well as a slew of House members.

Washington is the 3rd richest metropolitan area in the country after San Jose and San Francisco. There are 384 metropolitan areas across the USA, which puts Washington in the upper 1%.

Median household income in DC in 2019 was $105,659, which was 61% above the national average of $65,712.

The real power is in the bureaucracy, which is run by Democrats thanks to civil service protection and the unwillingness of Republican presidents to dump lifers such as Tony the Phony Fauci.

Lobbyists target the bureaucracy, not Congress. The promulgation of rules by the bureaucracy is where the power and the money are. Some obscure paragraph in the Federal Register can be worth millions to a corporation as it solidifies some regulation that will protect the business from competition.

The Federal Register publishes more than 70,000 a year. 200 a day. That is a million pages of new regs every 15 years. And oh yes, citizen, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Congress is even worse. It exists to protect special interests and collect bribes through foundations, campaign donations and no-show jobs for relatives. Hunter Biden is one of hundreds of loafer sons and daughters raking in the bucks for being related to some senator or congressman.

Both the Senate and House intelligence committees are compromised by Red Chinese spies. The Democrat chairmen of these committees do not provide oversight. They provide cover. They hampered, as ranking members, the investigation of Russiagate. The intelligence committee is an arm of the DNC. Chuck Schumer even bragged about the intelligence community having six ways to Sunday to get back at you.

Money attracts crooks. Bank robber Willie Sutton went to banks because that's where the money is.

Today he would live in Washington because money is a magnet for crooks. And he would live very, very well.

The draining of the swamp comes not from prosecuting crooks, although we should, but in draining the money and the power of our federal government.

Budgets need to be slashed beginning with the Pentagon. Dump half the $170,000-a-year generals and admirals. Freeze promotions above captain and above E-6. Continue to spend on R&D, of course. Today's weapons will be obsolete soon. But let's slow down on purchases of armament because Democrats keep giving our stuff away to the Taliban and Ukraine.

Some agencies need to be turned over to the states. EPA, education and transportation top my list. Federal funding of education has soared in the past 50 years. Results haven't. Teacher pay hasn't. Screw it. Let the states run public schools and higher education without interference from Washington.

Social welfare programs are not where the money or the power are. Keep food stamps with one minor change: ban using the money to buy potato chips and other snacks. Do this not to drain the swamp but to reduce child obesity, which is highest among the poor. Food stamps are a nutrition program, not a snack industry subsidy.

Republicans need to understand that all these agencies are arms of the DNC. Drain them of money and power. Watch the gators slink off to Tallahassee, Florida, and the capitals of 49 other states.

Or better yet, watch the crooks go back to robbing banks.


  1. Don, you have once again brought clarity to an issue that the uniparty loves to leave murkey- no amount of term limits oversight boards will keep out the crooks when $50 billion slush funds can be created overnight to flow through companies run by the relatives of congressmen.

    You are a national treasure.

  2. Did you have to ruin a good post with that picture of all that toxic masculinity on display? So male of you.

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  3. The Mitch McConnell’s of the senate love this setup as much as the democrats. We MUST elect MAGA republicans to drain the swamp.

  4. The real power is in the bureaucracy, which is run by Democrats thanks to civil service protection

    Term limits. For the bench and civil service, as well as Congress.

    Dump half the $170,000-a-year generals and admirals. Freeze promotions above captain and above E-6.

    That's the way it was 140 years ago when Garnet Wolseley called the US Army the finest army in the world

    1. Move most of the agencies OUT of DC. Spread them across the country. This will reduce the size of the agencies (as most people will not relocate) and give people around the country new jobs to look for.

      Also, remove unionization. Not federal employee should be part of a union.

  5. A little Jerry Reed…

    “Well, Amos Moses was a Cajun
    He lived by hisself in the swamp
    He hunted alligators for a livin

    The reason the LibCommies got so scared about J6 is because they thought we just might do it.

    Well, we should.

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  6. get rid of d o e too. but you need to move the govt. to central location in the middle of nowhere. build barracks and a meeting hall and a cottage for the prez to stay in for the two months they'll be in session. term limits, no lobbyists, no office remodeling budgets. salary raises voted by referendum of the voters. for every law passed at least one must go way. but number one, 10th amendment. abolish the fbi, cia, nsa all the 3 letter agencies. abolish the ndaa. no insider trading! but like you said, cut off the money first.

  7. In the age of instant communications, we certainly can decentralize the government and put ALL of the agencies
    throughout all of the 50 states. If you have no center of government you will have no swamp. Turn DC into a tourist attraction and place the reins of government in the hands of the states and the public who live in those states.
    And while we are at it institute the following:
    1. Term limits for any public office, including the Supremes;
    2. Repeal the 17th amendment so state legislatures are able to elect their own senators;
    3. Enact the ability for a congressional supermajority to override a Supreme Court decision;
    4. Spending limits based on GDP;
    5. Taxation capped at 15%;
    6. Congress shall not unfunded or underfunded liabilities;
    7. Extreme term limits (serve out your current term an then unable to be reelected or work in any capacity for the government for a period of 20 years) go into effect if ANY of the following occurs:
    - the federal government operates without a budget for more than 60 days;
    - the federal government spending exceeds 10% of the previous years GDP in time of peace;
    - the federal government spending exceeds 15% of the previous years GDP in time of declared war;
    - the federal government debt exceeds 10% of the previous years GDP in time of peace;
    - the federal government debt exceeds 15% of the previous years GDP in time of declared war;
    (Hat Tip to Red State Rebellion by Joseph L Bear)

    1. Not just term limits for gov employees, step them as well. After five years require all salaried hacks to have a five year separation. In that time they cannot work for any other government, state local or foreign. They cannot work for any organization that lobbies, contracts, or receives grants from any government purse nor can they be employed by any contractor who derives more than 10% or $1 million per year from the government.

    2. Thus, they would be able to work five on, five off, five on, etc. Retirement after 20 limited to 50% of their average yearly income but not able to collect until age 70.

    3. We already have number 3 if the court rules on something congress disagrees with congress can write a new law. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

    4. Actually, Congress can't eliminate court decisions and precedent. While Congress may pass a new law that changes the impact of the court's decision, the precedent remains in effect. For example, in 1986 the Supreme Court ruled that a federal civil rights law that protected people with disabilities from discrimination did not apply to the airline industry. However, Congress meant for that law to apply to airlines. Congress responded to the decision by passing a new law, the Air Carrier Access Act, that applied specifically to air travel. While this had the effect of protecting the rights of disabled people traveling by air, it didn't overturn the court's decision. The earlier law still doesn't apply to the airline industry.
      I'm surprised you didn't know that.

  8. Those are alligator GARS, not real alligators. Eyes are all wrong, no legs, scales are wrong.

  9. Wouldn't be great to move the different departments to parts of the country where their focus is? Mines to Colorado, Agriculture to Iowa, Treasury to NYC, Labor to Detroit, Education to Boston, etc...

  10. Rid the swamp of gators? They were a designated an endangered species in '67, said designation removed in 1987. None this less under Florida law it's still a 3rd degree felony to maim or kill a gator.

    Alas DC's swamp creatures are even better protected, folks still in DC jails for simply walking into the swamp critters' nest 6 January.

    None the less, under Florida law, as I understand it, you can get a duly appointed, certificated, approved gator wrangler to remove a nuisance gator from your back yard, if said beast is longer than four feet. Would we had the same rule for any and all DC swamp denizens over four feet tall!


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  13. Remember when Trump tried to move the Department of Agriculture to the middle of the country? The Swamp Creatures had a collective cow! They had the option of moving with the current (overinflated) salary, or taking a golden parachute. Apparently, neither was palatable to them. And we were supposed to empathize with them!
    The ability for the swamp Creatures to unionize is from an executive order signed by Kennedy. If anyone tries to removed that EO, some judge would stop it. But it needs to go.

    1. Or congress could write a law banning labor unions from organizing government employees.
      Who am I trying to kid doing that would require COURAGE!


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